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Nail technicians , tanning salons , beauty salons, barber shops, makeup artists and cosmetologists are all part of the beauty industry, and they share pretty similar business insurance policies across the board with some minor differences in terms of price and add-ons. In today’s guide, we’re going to cover everything that you need to know about beauty therapist insurance and beautician insurance.

We’re going to start by taking a look at the details of beautician liability insurance policies before moving on to how you can get insured as a self-employed beautician. Finally, we’ll also see what some of the top beautician insurance companies have to offer as well as help you compare beauty therapist insurance quotes from them and other top beauty therapist insurance companies online by clicking the 'Get Quotes' button on this page.

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Beautician Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for beauticians and beauty therapists is one of the most crucial forms of coverage because it protects these type of professionals from some of the most common lawsuits that are filed against them. General liability insurance for beauticians covers your business from any claims coming from the public (customers), employees, vendors and business owners. 

The majority of liability insurance policies are designed to pay out when someone sues you for either property damage or medical bills.  For example, if one of your clients falls out of the chair while you’re working with them, they might end up pressing charges against you. At this point, your liability insurance policy will kick in and pay out for your legal expenses as well as the lawsuit itself, up to the policy’s coverage limit, of course.

Beautician liability insurance is handled a little differently than it is for liability insurance a full-fledged beauty salon . In the vast majority of cases, independent beauticians can expect to pay a bit less for their liability insurance policies because they see fewer clients per month, reducing the risk of the insurance company.

Public Liability Insurance for Beauticians and Beauty Therapists

Public liability insurance is one of the more common forms of coverage that beauticians opt for because it’s more of a bargain than general coverage. While general liability coverage will protect you from lawsuits originating from additional parties, public insurance protects you from the most likely parties to sue: the public.

Members of the public include any customers that come into your store, though they might also include people working for delivery companies or even people walking through your store premises. Its one weakness is that this kind of insurance won’t cover you from suits filed by your employees.

Public liability insurance for beauty therapists is handled in much the same way as it is for beauticians, and it covers them from the same kinds of incidents. Both property damage and bodily injury lawsuits from the public members (aka customers) are covered by public liability insurance for beauty therapists, though they share the same shortcomings that most public liability insurance policies do.  This shortcoming is that the policy will only apply to suits filed against you by members of the public. 

However, as general liability insurance for beauty therapists and beauticians covers you from any lawsuits coming from members of the public, but also from employees, vendors and business owners, we strongly recommend GL, as it is mostly affordable enough while providing you with great enough coverage from a broader spectrum of financial risks.

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Self employed beauty insurance is usually a lot more affordable than other forms of coverage, though it depends on the kind of beauty professional insurance coverage that is required. Along with liability insurance for beauty therapists and beauticians, many beauty therapists decide to get their hands on other types of beauty treatment insurance coverage.

Professional Indemnity for Beauty Therapist

Professional indemnity for beauty therapists is also known as professional liability coverage and it will apply when a beauty professional makes a mistake while they’re doing their job and gets sued. If a beauty therapist is unqualified or negligent in their duties, professional indemnity will protect the business from any charges that are due to it.

Aesthetic Insurance for Beauty Therapists

Aesthetic insurance for beauty professionals tends to bundle together multiple kinds of coverage, almost like a BOP. Some of them may combine it with mobile beautician insurance coverage (which includes commercial auto, general liability, etc.), and every policy is different depending on the carrier and what they’d like to include, as well as what the client requests.

Mobile Beautician Insurance

As a mobile beauty therapist that provides beauty treatments at your clients home m ainly, mobile beauty therapist insurance will cover you from the damages that involve your work. Depending on the size of your mobile beautician business, we either recommend public liability or general liability insurance for mobile beauticians. If your business have no employees other than you and no other business owners, then public liability insurance for beauticians is possibly the best option if it significantly cheaper than a general liability policy which will provide coverage from other risks as well.

Beautician Insurance Cost

Beauty therapist and beautician insurance cost varies depending on multiple factors as with all insurance cost estimates, including the size of your business, how many customers and employees you have, your history and more. That said, in general, the average beautician insurance cost is about $27 per month or $324 per year for standard general liability insurance for small beauty therapist businesses.

Here are some average rates of the cheapest beauty therapist insurance providers:

Provider Cost / month Cost / year Best for
Next $23 $276 Fastest Policy
Hiscox $21 $252 Larger Beauty Business
Thimble $20 $240 On-Demand Policies
Coverwallet $17 $204 Quote Comparison
Beauty Insurance Plus $13 $156 Cheapest Policy

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Best Beauty Therapist Insurance Companies

When looking for beauticians insurance, it’s a good idea to research the best beauty therapist insurance companies to end up working with. Some companies are specialized carriers while others are risk purchasing groups composed of other people working in the beauty industry and looking for coverage. To maximize the value of your money, we recommend you to click the 'Get Quotes' button and compare cheap beauty therapist insurance quotes and coverage options online from the best commercial beauty insurers.

Beauty Insurance Plus Beauty Therapist Insurance

Beauty Insurance Plus is an insurance provider that specializes in the beauty industry, as their name would suggest. The company also has an exclusive partnership with Allstate Business Insurance so that they can provide their customers with Business Owner Policies.

Beauty Insurance Plus Policy Details

Beauty Insurance Plus offers flat rates for their members, and insurance is available in both one-year and two-year plans. Their policies come with both professional and general liability coverage and they have a limit of $2 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate.


  • High policy limits

  • Great price

  • Offers both professional and general liability coverage


  • BOPs only available through Allstate

Average cost: $13 per month

Best for: Cheapest rates

Hiscox Beauty Therapist Insurance

Hiscox started off as a marine insurance underwriter for Lloyd’s of London in the early 1900s, but since then, the company has been known to handle specialty insurance. Along with a wide range of other niches, Hiscox is also one of the major players when it comes to beauty insurance companies.

Hiscox Policy Details

Hiscox has both professional liability and general liability insurance available for beauty professionals, and they offer worldwide coverage as well as quick responses to claims. The company specializes in customizing insurance policies so they match the exact needs of your business, but you’ll have to get in touch with them to hammer out the specifics.


  • Worldwide coverage

  • Quick responses to claims

  • Flexible payment options


  • Relatively pricey

Average cost: $21 per month

Best for: Larger beauty businesses

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