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Physical therapists help evaluate and record the progress of a patient. They help ill or injured individuals manage pain and improve their movement. Generally, physical therapists play an essential role by providing preventive care, rehabilitation, and other essential treatments for patients with chronic illnesses. As a physical therapist, you are exposed to different conditions that endanger your health and career. Therefore, just like the acupuncturist needs acupuncturist insurance to protect their business , it is vital for you to have physical therapy liability insurance. And it doesn't matter if you work at a spa or from home.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you should know about physical therapy insurance, including liability insurance, physiotherapy indemnity insurance and the importance of having this policy. We will also discuss the different types of physical therapy insurance policies you should consider and what they cover.

Physical Therapy Liability Insurance

If you manage or own a physical therapy clinic, getting general liability insurance for physical therapists will be of great help. Physical therapy liability insurance coverage is a great addition to your financial toolkit and safety-net. Physical therapist liability insurance is vital because it protects you against claims of damages or physical injuries. For instance, when a patient gets involved in a fall accident at your clinic and sustains injuries, they might file a lawsuit. Furthermore, this policy is essential if you are a physical therapist that visits patients in their homes. A patient could sue you for damages in case you accidentally damage something in their home. Most general liability insurance policies have public liability included in them, so you are covered from any lawsuits or claims coming from members of the public, your customers. In addition, Physiotherapy liability insurance also covers you from claims coming in from vendors, employees and other business owners. Therefore, getting general liability insurance for physiotherapists is vital for your role as a physical therapist.

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Physical Therapy Professional Liability Insurance

Physical therapy liability insurance provides professional liability coverage in case of lawsuits. In simpler terms, if you are sued in your capacity as a physical therapist for valid reasons, your physical therapy liability insurance will protect your career against these claims. As a physical therapist, it is necessary to have physical therapy professional liability insurance coverage. 

This is by far the most common type of insurance for physiotherapists. Also known as malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance protects you in case of lawsuits filed against you by your patients. A patient might claim that you gave them inaccurate advice that affected them or negligent services that worsened their conditions. Having professional liability insurance will protect your career against such lawsuits.

In many cases, patients file lawsuits against their physical therapists based on valid reasons that could be incriminating. This is common, especially when a physical therapist makes a mistake that affects them. Therefore, should you make a mistake in your role as a professional physical therapist, this policy will protect your finances and career from costly lawsuits. It is important to note that you can still face a lawsuit even when you didn't make a mistake. While you might be innocent, you will still spend money on legal bills. Having a physiotherapist insurance cover will protect you against spending money on such unnecessary bills.

Unless you have so much money that you can independently cover the costs of court fees and compensate your patients for damages, you should get physiotherapy insurance. Before assuming that you can probably do without this insurance, you should know that the average settlement made against a physical therapist is $99,500. This sum of money could easily hurt your finances significantly. Besides, your career will be dealt a massive blow due to a bad reputation. It could take several months for your career to regain stability after suffering the impacts of a lawsuit. 

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Physiotherapy Indemnity Insurance

Physiotherapists are professionals tasked with reducing a patient's pain and improving their mobility. A professional indemnity insurance cover is essential for physiotherapists because it offers financial protection. It does so by covering all the legal defense costs and damages in case of lawsuits. As a professional physiotherapist, you handle a wide range of patients suffering all sorts of pain. You help reduce the pain through total rehabilitation, a process that demands high standards of professionalism. 

However, like any other business, there are risks in performing your duties as a physiotherapist. Some incidents could be so severe that they cost you all of your money in settling damages. This could bring your practice as a physiotherapist to a sad stop. To prevent such occurrences, you should consider getting physical therapy liability insurance coverage covering all the possible damages. You can also consider customized insurance like physical therapy business insurance and reflexology insurance that covers common risks in your practice. 

As a physiotherapist, not every situation that takes place in your practice may not be under your control. For instance, when you use authorized treatment on your patient and their bodies end up reacting badly, the patient could sue you for damages. While you might be innocent, you could spend a lot of money settling such lawsuits. Having an appropriate insurance policy in place will make things easier for you, taking charge of all the lawsuit's expenses. This will also go a long way in maintaining your image as a professional. 

Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance  

When you purchase a professional indemnity cover, you will enjoy these benefits;

  • You will concentrate on your work more, not worrying about the risks involved. As a physical therapist, you have to take risks when treating your patient. However, with the thought of a possible lawsuit, you could avoid doing some things that could be what you need to do to improve your patient's condition. A professional indemnity insurance cover gives you the confidence to perform such procedures.

  • If a patient files a claim against you, all you have to do is inform your insurance provider. This allows you to continue with your practice, other than dropping everything and spending a lot of time in court. 

  • When faced with legal actions, your insurance provider will get experienced lawyers specialized in handling such cases. This increases the chances of defeating the complainant in court. 

  • With a professional indemnity insurance cover, you will spend less money when faced with a lawsuit. Without this policy, you will have to hire a lawyer and carter for all the legal expenses. Purchasing this cover will balance your business's cash flow, maintaining your financial stability.

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