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Physical therapists help evaluate and record the progress of a patient. They help ill or injured individuals manage pain and improve their movement. Generally, physical therapists play an essential role in providing preventive care, rehabilitation, and other essential treatments for patients with chronic illnesses. As a physical therapist, you are exposed to different conditions that endanger your health and career. Therefore, just like acupuncturists need liability coverage in their acupuncturist insurance, it is vital for you to have physical therapy liability insurance.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you should know about physical therapy insurance, including liability insurance and physiotherapy indemnity insurance. We will also discuss the other types of physical therapy insurance policies you should consider and what they cover.

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Physical Therapy Liability Insurance

Physical therapy liability insurance is vital because it will provide protection when third parties file a claim against you. Liability insurance is available in different forms. Common ones available for physical therapists like you are:

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

General Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists 

General liability insurance is one of the primary protections for you and other professionals such as aromatherapists and hypnotherapists. Insurance companies always include this physiotherapy liability insurance in their tailored coverage for physical therapists. This coverage will shield you against the following perils:

  • Third-party personal injuries-Accidents will happen within your physical therapy clinic’s premises. Visitors and customers will sustain cuts, lacerations, fractures, and other injuries as a result. General liability insurance will cover the medical expenses of injured third parties who file a claim against you

  • Third-party property damage-Visitors, customers, and other third parties will sustain property damage due to an accident that happened due to your physical therapy clinic’s fault. In this scenario, general liability insurance will help you reimburse the value of the property that got damaged 

  • Legal expenses-General liability insurance will ensure that you experience quality legal defense in personal injury and property damage lawsuits. This insurance pays for attorney fees, settlements, administrative costs, and other related expenses

General liability insurance has public liability insurance included in its terms, so you are covered from any lawsuits or claims coming from members of the public. In addition, this physiotherapy insurance covers you from other perils such as:

  • Advertising injury or reputational harm-General liability insurance for physical therapists has an optional advertising injury coverage. This will take care of attorney fees, compensatory payments, and other legal expenses if you’re sued for slander, libel, copyright infringement, etc. 

  • Damaged to rented premises-Rented premises liability coverage is another optional policy in general liability insurance. The job of this insurance is to refund the property owner if the space you’re renting or leasing becomes damaged due to a fire 

  • Products and completed operations coverage-Products and completed operations coverage will cover claims filed because the physical therapy service you provided resulted in personal injuries

General liability insurance for physiotherapists provides $1 million - $2 million to cover personal injury claims. You can ask the insurance company to give you more coverage. Understand that this will result in more expensive premiums. 

Another thing to note is that general liability insurance will not cover claims filed against you by assistants and other related business entities. Also, this coverage won’t help if you caused personal injuries or property damage to third parties intentionally. 

Physical Therapy Professional Liability Insurance

Physical therapy liability insurance provides professional liability coverage in case of lawsuits. In simpler terms, if you are sued in your capacity as a physical therapist for valid reasons, your physical therapy liability insurance will protect your career against these claims. As a physical therapist, it is necessary to have physical therapy professional liability insurance coverage.

This is by far the most common type of insurance for physiotherapists. Also known as malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance protects you in case of lawsuits filed against you by your patients. A patient might claim that you gave them inaccurate advice that affected them or negligent services that worsened their conditions. Having professional liability insurance will protect your career against such lawsuits.

In many cases, patients file lawsuits against their physical therapists based on valid reasons that could be incriminating. This is common, especially when a physical therapist makes a mistake that affects them. Therefore, should you make a mistake in your role as a professional physical therapist, this policy will protect your finances and career from costly lawsuits. It is important to note that you can still face a lawsuit even when you didn't make a mistake. While you might be innocent, you will still spend money on legal bills. Having a physiotherapist insurance cover will protect you against spending money on such unnecessary bills.

Unless you have so much money that you can independently cover the costs of court fees and compensate your patients for damages, you should get physiotherapy insurance. Before assuming that you can probably do without this insurance, you should know that the average settlement made against a physical therapist is $99,500. This sum of money could easily hurt your finances significantly. Besides, your career will be dealt a massive blow due to a bad reputation. It could take several months for your career to regain stability after suffering the impacts of a lawsuit. 

Physiotherapy Indemnity Insurance

Physiotherapists are professionals tasked with reducing a patient's pain and improving their mobility. A physiotherapy indemnity insurance cover is essential because it offers financial protection. It does so by covering all the legal defense costs and damages in case of lawsuits. As a professional physiotherapist, you handle a wide range of patients suffering all sorts of pain. You help reduce the pain through total rehabilitation, a process that demands high standards of professionalism. 

However, like any other business, there are risks in performing your duties as a physiotherapist. Some incidents could be so severe that they cost you all of your money in settling damages. This could bring your practice as a physiotherapist to a sad stop. To prevent such occurrences, you should consider getting physical therapy liability insurance coverage covering all the possible damages. You can also consider customizing your physical therapy business insurance for better protection.

 As a physiotherapist, not every situation that takes place in your practice is under your control. For instance, when you use authorized treatment on your patient and their bodies end up reacting badly, the patient could sue you for damages. While you might be innocent, you could spend a lot of money settling such lawsuits. Having an appropriate insurance policy in place will make things easier for you, taking charge of all the lawsuit's expenses. This will also go a long way in maintaining your image as a professional. 

Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance  

When you purchase a professional indemnity cover, you will enjoy these benefits;

  • You will concentrate on your work more, not worrying about the risks involved. As a physical therapist, you have to take risks when treating your patient. However, with the thought of a possible lawsuit, you could avoid doing some things that could be what you need to do to improve your patient's condition. A professional indemnity insurance cover gives you the confidence to perform such procedures

  • If a patient files a claim against you, all you have to do is inform your insurance provider. This allows you to continue with your practice, other than dropping everything and spending a lot of time in court 

  • When faced with legal actions, your insurance provider will get experienced lawyers specialized in handling such cases. This increases the chances of defeating the complainant in court

  • With a professional indemnity insurance cover, you will spend less money when faced with a lawsuit. Without this policy, you will have to hire a lawyer and carter for all the legal expenses. Purchasing this cover will balance your business's cash flow, maintaining your financial stability

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Commercial Property Insurance for Physical Therapists 

You have to insure the rented, owned, or leased commercial space you’re using as a physical therapy clinic. The only way to do so is to get commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance is another common inclusion in the specialized coverage for physical therapists. This insurance will protect you against:

  • Building destruction-You can use commercial property insurance to recover financial losses and pay for reconstruction costs if your physical therapy clinic is destroyed by fire or extreme weather

  • Building damage-Commercial property insurance will cover repair or replacements if your physical therapy clinic’s door, flooring roofing, siding, wall, and other structures become damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

Commercial property insurance for physiotherapists also covers the items inside the clinic through the following inclusions:

  • Stocks and contents coverage-Stocks and contents coverage will take care of expenses if the furniture, installations, and other valuable items, not considered specialty tools or equipment, become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils 

  • Business equipment and tools coverage-Business equipment and tools coverage will take care of financial losses if computers, scanners, physical testing instruments, and other physiotherapy equipment become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

The amount of money you’ll get from commercial property insurance will depend on the value of the covered properties. That said, always ask the representatives of the insurance company so that you’ll get a clear idea of the limits of your commercial property insurance. 

Also, you must know that commercial property insurance will not take care of destruction or damage caused by mudslides, floods, and earthquakes. You need endorsements to get covered against these perils. 

Commercial Auto Insurance for Physical Therapists 

Commercial auto insurance is useful if your physical therapy clinic has a commercial vehicle registered under its name. The features of commercial auto insurance for physical therapists vary from one company to another. Nonetheless, expect it to have any or all of these coverages:

  • Auto liability coverage-Your physical therapy clinic must provide coverage if its commercial vehicle causes an accident, resulting in personal injuries or property damage to third parties. Auto liability coverage takes care of this problem. It will cover the medical expenses of injured third parties and provide reimbursements to individuals who had their property damaged

  • Physical damage coverage-Physical damage coverage will take care of expenses if your clinic’s commercial vehicle got damaged. You can purchase this as a collision and comprehensive physical damage coverage. Comprehensive physical damage coverage will cover replacement or repair expenses if your commercial vehicle sustains damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. On the other hand, collision physical damage coverage will cover costs if your commercial vehicle got damaged after colliding with an object or another vehicle

  • Rental reimbursement coverage-Rental reimbursement coverage will recoup out-of-pocket expenses if you need to lease or rent another commercial vehicle because the one under your clinic’s name is currently under repair 

  • Non-owned auto/hired auto coverage-This will cover your liability if an employee’s vehicle or a hired vehicle is used for business purposes and then causes an accident on the road

  • Medical payments/personal injury protection coverage-When your commercial vehicle causes an accident or gets involved in an accident and the driver, as well as any passenger, sustains injuries; medical payments and personal injury protection will kick in. Medical payments coverage will take care of medical or funeral expenses. On the other hand, personal injury protection covers funeral expenses, medical expenses, after-hospital visits, lost wages, medication, etc.

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage-Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will cover expenses on your behalf if another driver rammed your commercial vehicle and he or she isn’t insured or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover expenses 

The physical damage coverage in commercial auto insurance doesn’t shoulder the repair or replacement of aftermarket parts. Auto liability coverage doesn’t help if your commercial vehicle caused an accident after getting involved in a criminal activity. 

Workers Compensation Insurance for Physiotherapists 

Workers compensation insurance is another physiotherapy coverage you need to consider bundling together with general liability insurance. This is required when you have one or more employees. But note that, you might also be required to purchase this insurance for yourself depending on which state you’re currently in. The function of workers' compensation is to take care of:

  • Medical treatment/procedure-Workers compensation insurance will cover surgeries, therapies, and other related expenses if you or an employee sustains a work-related injury or disease

  • Hospitalization-This insurance will cover hospital bills if you or an employee needs to stay in the hospital to recuperate from a work-related injury or disease 

  • Medication-You can use workers' compensation insurance to cover the cost of the medicines an employee needs to take in order to recover from a work-related disease or injury 

  • Rehabilitation-Workers compensation insurance will help an employee recover from impairment or adapt to it. It will cover therapist fees, expenses for rehabilitation, and other related costs

  • Lost income compensation-Workers compensation insurance covers lost wages if you or an employee can’t work due to a work-related injury or disease. Coverage for lost wages is equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage. This will be received until one is fit enough to resume duties 

  • Death benefits-Workers compensation insurance will pay for funeral expenses if you or your employee dies from a work-related injury or disease. Allowance to dependents will be provided too

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Physical Therapy Insurance Cost

Physical therapy insurance costs $45.07 per month or $540.84 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage. Factors that determine the cost of insurance are location, claims history, business experience, number of employees, and more. Note that the cost we provided is just an estimate. Your rates will vary significantly. That said, it’s best for you to compare quotes in order to get a better grip on how much you need to pay for premiums. Start by clicking the “Get Quotes” button on this page. 

Take a look at this table showing the rates of the best physical therapy insurance companies:

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest for
CoverWallet$38.15$457.80Physical therapy insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble$45.42$545.04Physical therapists looking for an on-demand business owner’s policy
Hiscox$51.65$619.80Physical therapist's BOP with loss of income coverage

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Best Physical Therapy Insurance Companies

Read the reviews below to know the pros, cons, and monthly $1 million general liability insurance rates of the best physical therapy insurance companies.

CoverWallet Physical Therapy Insurance


  • Pay premiums online

  • Compare quotes for an informed purchase

  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • Add clients or landlords as additional insureds


  • Doesn’t underwrite its own policies for physical therapists

CoverWallet is an insurance broker that provides tailored coverage for physical therapists with the help of its partners. You have four insurance plans to choose from with this company-general liability insurance only, general liability with commercial property insurance, a business owner’s policy with professional liability insurance, and a custom plan. Note that CoverWallet provides coverage for certificate acts of terrorism. You can also add hired/non-owned auto coverage to your commercial auto insurance.

Best for: Physical therapy insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $38.15 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Physical Therapist Insurance


  • On-demand coverage for physical therapists

  • ACORD 25 certificates of insurance

  • Get a quote within 60 seconds

  • Pause or cancel a policy anytime


  • Some Thimble policyholders report that the company doesn’t respond to emails quickly

Thimble’s physical therapist insurance is available as an on-demand business owner’s policy consisting of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. This company allows you to add additional insureds anytime. Moreover, you can choose to pause or cancel a coverage at your convenience.

Best for: Physical therapists looking for an on-demand business owner’s policy

Average cost: $45.42 per.month

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Physical Therapy Insurance


  • Online quotes

  • Has terrorism coverage

  • Worldwide coverage

  • In-house insurance adjusters


  • Doesn’t resolve disputes with customers well

Hiscox’s physical therapy insurance comes in the form of a business owner’s policy covering the loss of business income, third-party personal injury and property damage claims, damage to business property, and advertising or reputational harm. Your general liability insurance will have a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit.

Best for: Physical therapist's BOP having loss of income coverage

Average cost: $51.65 per month

Our rating: 8/10

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