Tanning Salon Insurance: Cost, Quotes & More

Beauty, nail, hair, microblading, tanning, and other types of salons all share something in common: they all need business insurance so that they don’t end up in a financially troubling situation. 

Picking out the best kind of tanning salon insurance is often a challenge, especially if you don’t have knowledge and experience shopping around for it.

For example, you’ll need to know the differences between the many types of tanning insurance policies that are available to you as a tanning salon owner. We’ll also explore the average tanning salon insurance cost so you can have a better idea of whether you’re paying a reasonable price for your policy.

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Tanning Salon Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a form of coverage that kicks in when something happens at your place of business. As a tanning salon, there’s no doubt that you’ll have plenty of customers coming through your doors, and there’s a chance that an accident might happen while they’re tanning.

There are many kinds of liability insurance, and the ideal type depends on exactly who you want to be covered by your policy.

Public Liability Insurance for Tanning Salon

Many smaller tanning businesses opt for public liability coverage which will only cover personal injuries and property damage third parties experience due to your tanning salon’s operations. 

Public liability insurance will come into play if someone ends up getting hurt or having their property damaged while they’re at your tanning salon. For example, if someone slips as they’re getting out of their tanning bed, they have grounds to come after you for their medical expenses.

If you do end up on the hook for that client’s medical costs, tanning salon public liability insurance will ensure that you don’t have to pay for the expenses out of pocket. If the expenses were considerable, this can mean the difference between your business going under or operating like usual after the incident.

Public liability insurance is popular with smaller tanning salons because it offers the basic protection at the cheapest rate. 

General Liability Insurance for Tanning Salon 

General liability insurance for tanning salons and sunbed shops is much more recommended as it doesn’t only cover personal injuries and property damage of third parties if something ends up going wrong. It has optional products and completed operations coverage, rented premises liability coverage, advertising injury coverage. 

While it’s slightly more expensive because of the enhanced protection provided, general liability insurance is worth the investment and won’t become obsolete as your business grows. By the way, below is a brief discussion of the optional policies we mentioned earlier:

Coverage  Function 

Advertising Injury Coverage 
Consider situations where you unintentionally damage a client’s or another business’s reputation verbally or in writing. Also, another business might accuse your tanning salon of copying its trademark, logo, slogan, or advertisement. Advertising injury coverage in general liability insurance will help in such situations. Specifically, these will cover legal  expenses when a third party sues your tanning salon for slander, libel, and other types of reputational or advertising harm 

Products and Completed Operations Coverage 
A client might develop skin problems after a session, and your tanning salon might be held liable for this. In connection, products and completed operations will provide help by covering attorney fees, compensatory payments, administrative costs, and other legal expenses 

Rented Premises Liability Coverage 
Not all have the money for the construction of a commercial building. And if you’re just renting a space for your tanning salon, rented premises liability coverage will be helpful. Add this to general liability insurance and it will take care of expenses if your landlord demands reimbursements because fire damaged the commercial space you’re renting

Tanning Salon Product Liability Insurance

Your tanning salon sells skin care products. You’re liable if such products cause allergies and other injuries to customers. General liability insurance won’t help with this. But don’t worry because you can turn to product liability insurance. Product liability insurance will cover attorney fees, administrative costs, court payment orders, and other legal expenses if a customer sues you for selling a defective or expired product. 

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Commercial Property Insurance for Tanning Salon 

Running a tanning salon means that you’re using an owned, leased, or rented commercial space. You need to insure your commercial space and not only the liabilities arising from business operations. And to do so, purchase commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance’s main functions is to cover the following:

  • Building destruction

    • Your tanning salon got burned after grounded wiring caused a spark and started a small flame which eventually developed into a raging fire. Another situation is when a strong storm settled in and battered your salon to bits. In these situations, commercial property insurance will allow you to recoup losses based on the actual cash value or replacement cost of the destroyed salon

  • Building damage

    • An arsonist might start a flame. Thieves might break something to get inside. And extreme weather might break or rupture your tanning salon’s roofing, siding, and other structures. Commercial property insurance will cover losses if your tanning salon becomes damaged. The amount you’ll recover will be based on the actual cash value or replacement cost of damaged structures 

Commercial property insurance doesn’t only protect your tanning salon. It has additional inclusions that cover other tangible assets of your business. These additional inclusions are:

  • Stocks and contents coverage – Stocks and contents coverage will recoup your losses if skincare products, decors, and interior installations become damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

  • Business equipment and tools coverage – Business equipment and tools coverage will cover your losses if the electric generator, tanning beds, and other related items become damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

Note that commercial property insurance doesn’t automatically provide coverage to all tangible business assets. To cover your business’s valuables, you have to schedule or name them in the terms of commercial property insurance.

In an additional note, commercial property insurance has no limit. The amount of coverage it provides will be based on the actual cash value or replacement cost of covered property. 

Moreover, commercial property insurance won’t provide coverage if your tanning salon’s building and other assets become damaged or lost due to earthquakes, floods, and mudslides.  For these, you need to endorse or purchase separate earthquake insurance, flood insurance, and mudslide insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Tanning Salons 

It’s only proper to help your employees if they experience a work-related injury or illness. And to avoid financial losses when doing this, get workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance does the following:

Coverage Function

Employee Treatment/Medical Procedure
Slip and fall accidents will inflict injuries to your tanning salon’s employees. Also, continuous exposure to tanning beds will result in illnesses. If an employee needs medical treatment/procedure to recover from a work-related injury or disease, workers’ compensation insurance will cover the expenses 

Your employee might need to stay in the hospital after sustaining a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance sees to it that the employee enjoys adequate medical attention. It will cover hospital bills no matter how costly 

The attending physician will require your employee to buy medicines. Workers’ compensation insurance provides the money he or she can use to make the purchase 

Rehabilitation will be needed if your employee sustains a work-related injury or illness that impairs specific bodily functions. Workers’ compensation insurance covers this too. It will pay for therapist fees, rehabilitation equipment, and other associated costs  

Lost Income Compensation
Your employee will need coverage for lost earnings if he or she can’t come to work due to a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance will help you compensate for the lost earnings of an injured or sick employee. Lost income compensation will be equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage

Death Benefits
Workers’ compensation insurance provides death benefits if your employee dies from his or her injury or sickness. Death benefits include but are not limited to funeral payments and allowance to dependents

Tanning Salon Commercial Auto Insurance 

Commercial auto insurance is useful if your tanning salon has a commercial vehicle.  Coverages included in this insurance are:

  • Auto liability coverage – Your commercial vehicle will cause an accident due to the driver’s fault. Your tanning salon will find itself in a messy spot if third parties got injured or had their property damaged as a result. Auto liability coverage functions to solve this problem. It will cover the medical expenses of those injured and reimburse the owners of properties your tanning salon’s vehicle damaged

  • Physical Damage Coverage – You surely don’t want to use business funds to repair the busted headlights, windows, windshield, hood, or bumper of your tanning salon’s vehicle. This is why commercial auto insurance has physical damage coverage. Physical damage coverage has two types – collision and comprehensive. Collision physical damage coverage will over parts repair or replacement if your tanning salon incurred damage due to a vehicular accident. On the other hand, comprehensive physical damage coverage will cover parts repair or replacement if your tanning salon’s vehicle got damaged because of fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. Note that both types of physical damage coverage don’t cover damage to aftermarket parts. Also, damage due to rollovers is excluded

  • MedPay/personal injury protection – MedPay and personal injury protection functions to protect you. If you got injured in a vehicular accident using your tanning salon’s vehicle, MedPay will cover medical and funeral expenses. Personal injury protection has the same coverage but includes additional cover for lost income compensation, after-hospital visits, and more 

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – If your tanning salon’s vehicle got involved in an accident another driver caused and you got injured, the driver must cover you using his or her insurance. However, this can’t be done if the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance. This is where uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage kicks in. It will pay for your medical expenses which the other driver should’ve paid for 

Other Tanning Salon Business Insurance

Tanning Salon Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance will ascertain that your tanning salon can get back on its feet when something happens that forces the temporary suspension of business operations. While income isn’t generated, business interruption insurance provides the money you can use to pay employees and cover loans, mortgages, taxes, and other operations costs. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance 

Employer’s liability insurance covers attorney fees, administrative costs, and other legal expenses if an employee sues your tanning salon after experiencing a work-related injury or disease.

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Tanning Salon Insurance Cost

Tanning salon insurance is available in many different forms and from many different companies and this will naturally affect the premium that you can expect to pay for your policy. Other factors that might influence the cost of your insurance include the size of your tanning salon and its history.

If an insurance company understands that your tanning business has a history of people getting injured on-premises, then they might charge you more for your coverage due to the increased risk. If your history is bad enough, some carriers may not even consider covering you because they think you’re too much of a risk to bring on as a client.

Generally though, the average tanning salon insurance cost is $46 per month or $552 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage.

We’ve gathered the following info based on a medium-sized tanning salon that has a relatively clean history. This can give you a good baseline idea of how much you should be paying for your tanning salon insurance, but keep in mind that costs may vary based on your location.

Company Cost Per Month  Cost Per Year Best for 
CoverWallet $24 $288 Tanning salon insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $27 $324 Short-term salon insurance for tanning salons
Insurtec $37 $444 Larger tanning salons
XINSURANCE $50 $600 Businesses that need customized coverage

Sunbed Shop Insurance

Sunbed shops are smaller than tanning salons, typically featuring fewer beds and sometimes offering spray tans alongside traditional UV tanning. This means that many sunbed shops also have airbrush tanning insurance, which can add to their expenses. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of sunbed shop insurance.

Sunbed Shop Insurance Cost

Insuring a sunbed shop tends to be a little more affordable than insuring a full-on tanning salon since sunbed shops tend to be a little smaller than tanning parlors. The average sunbed shop insurance cost is about $33 per month or $396 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage, but it will also depend on the kind of sunbed insurance policy you opt for and if you decided to purchase any add-ons.

As with tanning salon insurance, sunbed salon insurance varies based on the history of your business. Also, if your sunbed shop offers additional services like spray tanning, then you may need spray tan insurance. Insurance for spray tanning business tends to be a little more expensive because of the risk of something going wrong while the tanner is being applied.

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Best Tanning Salon Insurance Companies

Before you start looking for tanning salon insurance quotes, be sure to do some research about the tanning salon insurance companies that you might end up working with. Different carriers will have different prices, but they will also have varying levels of quality service, with some companies responding to claims quicker or offering superior customer support.  Read the reviews below to know the best tanning salon insurance companies’ pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

To get the best value for your money, click the ‘Get Quotes’ button on this page, complete the form, and you will receive quotes from the best insurers for sunbed shops and tanning salons and have them compete for your business!


CoverWallet Tanning Salon Insurance



  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • Compare tanning insurance quotes online

  • Buy insurance immediately


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 


Visit CoverWallet’s website and use its insurance quotes comparison platform. With the help of this insurance broker, you can easily find companies that offer coverage for tanning salons. What makes this carrier great is that you can buy the insurance products of carriers immediately through its website.


Work with CoverWallet and enjoy a lot of perks. Upon getting insured, you’ll get access to the MyCoverWallet app where you can pay premiums online. Also, you can name additional insureds without any fees. Last but not least, there’s no stopping you from canceling a policy anytime if CoverWallet isn’t a good fit. 


Best for: Tanning salon insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $24 per month 

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Insurance



  • Get an instant ACORD 25 certificate of insurance

  • Stable rates 

  • You can decide not to have a deductible 


  • You can’t contact customer service by calling


Thimble doesn’t have a tailored tanning salon insurance. However, you can get coverage from this company’s salon insurance. Thimble’s salon insurance is available as a short-term on-demand policy. Inclusions are commercial property insurance, business interruption insurance, and general liability insurance. 


Decide to work with Thimble because it allows you not to have any deductible while enjoying cheap premiums. Also,this company grants you an instant ACORD 25 certificate of insurance upon finalizing the purchase of an insurance product. 


Best for: Short-term salon insurance for tanning salons

Average cost: $27 per month 

Our rating: 9/10


Insurtec Insurance



  • Specializes in the tanning industry

  • All policies come with UV light coverage

  • Policies also come with an account representative

  • Competitive pricing


  • Not a carrier itself


Insurtec is an insurance company that has been in business since 1995, and they’re based in Rich Hill, Montana. While Insurtec isn’t a carrier itself, it is backed by several reliable carriers, and it specializes in the beauty and spa businesses, including tanning salons.

Insurtec’s insurance policies cover risks that are exclusive to the tanning industry, including coverage for UV, red, and blue lights. All of their policies also include professional liability coverage and they come with an account representative. 


Best for: Larger tanning salons

Average cost: $37 per month

Our rating: 8/10


XINSURANCE Tanning Salon Insurance



  • Responsive

  • Wide range of coverage types available

  • Free policy reviews


  • Relatively expensive


XINSURANCE is an insurer that specializes in less common industries that may not necessarily be covered by some of their larger competitors, and this includes tanning salon coverage. XINSURANCE also works with clients that have been canceled by other carriers, so they’re willing to take on nearly any client.


XINSURANCE’s tanning salon policy features a wide range of possible coverage types, including commercial general liability, premises liability, commercial auto insurance, and even true umbrella coverage. This insurance company also prides itself on prompt claims responsiveness, which is a major benefit of its tanning salon policies.


Best for: Businesses that need customized coverage

Average cost: $50 per month

Our rating: 7/10

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