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Poultry farming is a business on-demand, with lucrative rewards. However, it has its challenges and is often prone to huge losses. If your birds contract a deadly disease and succumb, your source of income is disrupted and leaves your business on the verge of collapse. All these risks make it necessary to have poultry farm insurance, a policy that protects you against most of the risks associated with the business, even if you just need a chicken house insurance coverage. 

Since you cannot control these losses, a poultry farm insurance policy is an ideal risk transfer mechanism in exchange for a small monthly fee. To enlighten you on the importance of chicken farm insurance, this guide will discuss it in detail. We will mention poultry farm insurance cost and some of the best chicken farm insurance companies that you can choose from.

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Poultry Farm Insurance Cost

The average poultry farm insurance cost is around $80 per month or about $960 per year for $1m general liability insurance for poultry farms. It is important to note that several factors determine the poultry farm insurance cost. For instance, the location of your poultry business. Some states have set a minimum amount for chicken farm insurance, meaning you can't buy a policy below that amount. As a result, you could spend more money on poultry farm insurance in such states.

Just like with fish farm insurance , the number of chicken on your poultry farm also influences the cost of insurance. If you have thousands of birds, you will pay more on insurance costs than a farm with hundreds of birds. More birds mean you will endure more losses in case of a disaster. The number of poultry houses also affects the cost of insurance. If your poultry farm has several poultry houses, you could pay more on insurance. Some insurance companies ask policyholders to insure each poultry house separately. This is meant to provide comprehensive coverage.

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Poultry Farm Liability Insurance

Poultry farm liability insurance is crucial for your poultry farm business. Typically, standard poultry has many assets, and the risk of losses is high. As the owner, you oversee its equipment, birds, housing, and staff. All these factors could result in significant losses in case something goes wrong.


As an industry, poultry farming is crucial to the American population. In fact, every person in the country consumes an average of 220 pounds of poultry and red meat yearly. This means that what you do on your poultry farm affects many others. Just like you have farm equipment insurance for your farm equipment, getting comprehensive poultry farm liability insurance is vital because it covers a wide range of claims. Some of the areas this policy covers include;

Employee Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance for Poultry Farms

If you have a team of employees working on your poultry farm, you can get employee liability insurance and workman's compensation. This is a requirement for poultry farms almost in every state. Work's compensation insurance will help cover their medical expenses if any of your employees sustain severe injuries while working on your poultry farm. It also pays their salary in case they can no longer work due to injuries. This goes a long way in preventing severe financial losses.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance for Poultry Farms

A poultry farm has valuable equipment used to perform various chores. Some of these tools are costly and crucial to the farm's operations; in case of damages, operations could stop. It is essential to protect such equipment against damages and unexpected failure. The best way to do so is through equipment breakdown insurance that protects your poultry farm equipment. Losing such equipment to natural disasters like fires or theft can affect your poultry farm business significantly. This is why you should get comprehensive poultry farm liability insurance that covers such cases.

Loss of Income or Business Interruption Insurance for Poultry Farms

This policy is covered under commercial poultry farm insurance. It protects you if your poultry farm business sustains severe losses to the extent that it can no longer generate income. Everything from fires, weather events, or equipment breakdown can impact the flow of revenue on your poultry farm. Therefore, you should get a comprehensive poultry farm insurance policy that covers all these risks. By doing so, you will prevent the possibility of severe financial losses. 

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Best Poultry Farm Insurance Companies

With sufficient knowledge of the importance of chicken farm insurance, you could be thinking of buying this policy. Due to the high demand, many companies offer poultry farm insurance. While there are many options to choose from, not all companies provide lucrative policies that suit your poultry farm business. For that reason, we have sampled and reviewed some of the best poultry farm insurance companies.

Specialty Risk Insurance

This is an established insurance company with decades of experience. Specialty Risk has been ensuring poultry farm business for over five decades. This insurance company can help you manage the risks in the poultry farming industry through unique insurance cover. They can help you protect your birds, growing facilities, and income. Their services are also accessible in most parts of the country.

Specialty Policy Details

Specialty Risk offers tailored insurance cover for poultry farm businesses. Their comprehensive coverage ensures your business is protected against every kind of risk. Whether it is fire disasters or equipment breakdown, their policies cover them all.


  • Affordable

  • Tailored insurance cover

  • Fast claim responsiveness


  • Not available in some countries

Best for : Start-up poultry businesses

Average cost: $55 per month

Our rating: 8/10

UAP Old Mutual

Old Mutual is one of the top insurance companies in the world. With offices in most countries, you can access the services of this insurance giant from wherever you are. As a poultry farm business owner, you can benefit significantly from their insurance cover. 

Old Mutual Policy Details

Poultry farm insurance is covered under their livestock insurance. It is a comprehensive insurance policy covering most liabilities. Apart from general liability insurance, their policy includes professional liability that is vital for your poultry farm business. 


  • Available worldwide

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage

  • Covers third-party liabilities


  • Some policies could be expensive

Best for : Established poultry farm businesses

Average cost: $65 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Americana Insurance Group

Americana Insurance Group has been among the leading companies that provide quality protection for thousands of poultry farm businesses. For more than a century, Americana Insurance Group has been providing insurance services in most parts of the country. Striving for integrity and total customer satisfaction, Americana Insurance offers comprehensive insurance cover for poultry farm businesses. 

Americana Policy Details

Americana Insurance has tailored insurance that protects your poultry farm business against several liabilities. It offers a unique policy that covers damage to third parties. It also provides comprehensive general insurance.


  • Tailored insurance cover for poultry farms

  • It is affordable

  • Fast claim responsiveness


  • Not available in some states

Best for:  Local-based poultry farm businesses

Average cost: $50 per month

Our rating: 7/10

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