John Deere Tractor Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $15/month

If tractors and other farm equipment are an integral part of the operations at the farm, having a tractor insurance policy could be the difference between keeping your farm operational and everything coming to a halt. 

Consider getting John Deere insurance if you own tractors and other farm equipment manufactured by John Deere. While you might be tempted into buying the policies of commercial insurance companies, realize that John Deere provides the tailored coverage for the tractors of their customers. 

When you go for John Deere tractor insurance (there are many types, by the way), your John Deere tractor and other farm equipment is protected during and after the loan agreement. The insurance product protects you from any financial consequences of damage and theft, among other covered perils.

It is prudent to mention that tractors get covered under your homeowner’s policy while it’s on your property. However, homeowners insurance doesn’t provide coverage if your tractor or any other farm equipment is at the farm or is with someone renting it. 

Before we get started, you must know that John Deere has a subsidiary called John Deere Insurance Group Inc. which was founded in 1999. As a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Deere & Company, John Deere insurance company only underwrites John Deere’s crop insurance. Some specialized insurance policies for tractors and other John Deere farm equipment are underwritten by a partner company, Sentry.

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What Are The Different Types of John Deere Tractor Insurance?

John Deere tractor insurance can be classified into two-UltraGard and SentryGard. Let’s discuss what these are in the next sections. 


John Deere Physical Damage Insurance 

UltraGard is a specialized John Deere physical damage insurance for individuals who bought their tractors or other farm equipment through John Deere Financial. With just a one-time fee, you will be able to protect yourself from any future potential costly repair bills. Note that this policy attracts zero deductible, which means that you receive the full amount of coverage when using the insurance to cover the expenses on parts repair or replacements due to damage or mechanical breakdown.  


As a John Deere UltraGuard insurance policyholder, you get to enjoy the following perks that commercial insurance companies don’t offer:

  • Instant coverage provided by a John Deere dealer-All customers who opt for John Deere’s UltraGuard to cover a John Deere tractor get immediate coverage from a John Deere dealer. This means that coverage is automatically provided without any paperwork as soon the unit is bought

  • Stable rates for the term of the loan-The rates of John Deere’s UltraGard remain the same while your John Deere tractor is under a loan. In other words, expect that no mails or emails will come your way stating that your premiums need to be adjusted for questionable reasons

  • Pay your insurance and your monthly loan at the same time-Your UltraGard premiums can be included in the monthly payment of your tractor. For example, if your tractor’s monthly loan payment is $3,500 and UltraGard costs $150, then you can opt to pay $3,650 on the due date

  • Quality repairs-The repair coverage of John Deere’s UltraGard doesn’t only mitigate costs. It also ensures that repair is conducted using genuine John Deere parts 

  • Available in the entire United States-You can purchase the insurance and file a claim no matter where you are in the United States. The only thing important is that the tractor must have been damaged by a covered peril 


Note that if the attachments and trailers of the tractor are also sold or leased under a loan contract, this will still be covered under this type of John Deere equipment insurance, provided such is done through John Deere Financial. 

So why UltraGuard and not a random commercial insurance company’s tractor insurance? Here’s a table that lays out the differences:

UltraGuard Standard Tractor Insurance
Fire Covered  Covered 
Collision  Covered  Covered 
Tornado  Covered  Not Covered
Rollovers Covered  Not Covered
Damaged Incurred in Transit  Covered  Not Covered
Earthquake  Covered  Depends on the insurance company underwriting it 
Theft Covered  Covered 
Foreign Object Ingestion  Covered  Not Covered
Vandalism  Covered  Covered 
Hail  Covered  Covered
Flood and Water Damage  Covered  Depends on the insurance company underwriting it
Wind  Covered  Covered
Lightning  Covered  Covered
Animal Damage  Covered  Not Covered


As you can see, UltraGard is the more comprehensive option when insuring a John Deere Tractor as it covers costly perils.  But note that the policy is far from perfect as it also has exclusions. For instance, wear and tear and mechanical breakdown are not covered under this arrangement. Additional perils excluded in the terms of UltraGard are:

  • Government, war, and military action

  • Nuclear hazard

  • Faulty workmanship

  • Unexplained disappearance of the covered tractor

  • Damage incurred because the tractor was used on pulling events

  • Wrongful conversion

  • False pretense 

  • Delay or loss of market

  • Wrongful conversion


Also, high wear and maintenance items are  not covered:

  • Belts 

  • Light bulbs

  • Shock absorbers 

  • Fuses 

  • Filters

  • Seats 

  • Windshields

  • Exhaust systems

  • Gear transmissions 


In addition, parts or components covered under a different manufacturer’s warranty are excluded. These include:

  • Tires

  • Batteries

  • After-market replacement parts 


You must understand that UltraGard doesn’t cover your liability for personal injuries or property damage arising from your tractor’s operation. For example, in accidents, UltraGard will only cover repair costs if your tractor got damaged. It won’t cover any claim filed by parties who sustained injuries or property damage because of your tractor. 

John Deere didn’t say if UltraGard covers any damages incurred by your tractor while it’s being used by another person. 

So what types of tractors can you insure using UltraGard? You can use the policy to cover any tractor you bought under a loan contract with John Deere Financial. Some examples are:

  • Compact tractors

  • Lawn tractors 

  • Specialty tractors

  • Row crop tractors

  • 4WD tractors

  • Utility tractors


Another thing, UltraGard doesn’t only cover tractors but other equipment manufactured by John Deere. And so, you can use this as a John Deere gator insurance. 

It is prudent to mention that when filing the UltraGard insurance claim, you will submit it the same way you would a warranty. John Deere makes available to its customers the JD Warranty System that ensures that your claim is submitted within one business day. Once approved, payouts will be made within 2-3 business days. 

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John Deere Sentry Insurance 

You’re not eligible for UltraGard once you’ve fully settled the loan for your tractor with John Deere Financial. In case you still want to insure your unit with John Deere, then you can do so through another type of John Deere insurance coverage-SentryGard 

SentryGuard is able to build your payments into your financial plan and offer you multi-peril coverage, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Fire 

  • Earthquake

  • Extreme weather events including hail, floods, lightning, and strong winds

  • Floods and water damage 

  • Upset or overturning 

  • Vandalism 

  • Collision

  • Animal damage 

  • Theft 

  • Damages while in transit

  • Foreign object ingestion

So what are the perks of John Deere’s SentryGard? By purchasing this policy, you enjoy:

  • Shorter downtime and hassle-free claims filing-The dealer that enrolled you to SentryGard will be the one to file a claim and will expedite the process so that you get your insurance money quick

  • Quality repairs-Similar to UltraGard, SentryGard sees to it that the damage to your tractor is repaired using genuine John Deere components 

  • Easy and convenient payment options-You get to choose to go for monthly or annual payments. Plus, SentryGard can be paid through the John Deere site 

  • Claims are handled by tractor experts-Tractor experts handle your SentryGard insurance claim. And so, approving a claim is faster. And if ever your claim is rejected, you’ll get a reasonable explanation 

  • Adjust your limits-The amount of coverage you get from SentryGard can be adjusted. And so, you don’t run the risk of being underinsured if you’re using high-end John Deere tractor units. A downside with this is that you’ll pay more for premiums if your limits are adjusted

SentryGard also has exclusions. Again, similar to UltraGard insurance, the policy doesn’t help if your tractor is damaged due to:

  • Government, war, and military action

  • Nuclear hazard

  • Faulty workmanship

  • Unexplained disappearance of the covered tractor

  • Damage incurred because the tractor was used on pulling events

  • Wrongful conversion

  • False pretense 

  • Delay or loss of market

  • Wrongful conversion

As you can see, the perils included and excluded in SentryGard and UltraGard are the same. But note that both are still different. And so, for you to understand:

  • SentryGard is John Deere’s physical damage insurance for tractors that have been fully paid

  • UltraGard is John Deere’s physical damage insurance for tractors that are still being paid under a loan contract

Another important thing to mention is that you can avail SentryGard even if your John Deere tractor wasn’t financed by John Deere Financial at the time of purchase.

So does SentryGard only cover tractors? The answer is no. You can purchase the policy to cover other equipment made by John Deere such as mowers, loaders, excavators, and more.


John Deere PowerGard Extended Warranty

Another product you should know about is PowerGard extended warranty. This is a coverage for old and new John Deere tractors that are under a loan agreement or paid in full. Note that PowerGard provides two types of coverage:

  • Comprehensive coverage-Covers repair or replacement of the entire tractor

  • Limited-Only covers the repair or replacement of the tractor’s engine and drivetrain 

The comprehensive coverage of PowerGard is only available to new John Deere tractors used for normal agricultural applications and still under warranty. On the other hand, limited coverage is for used John Deere tractors whose warranties have already expired. 

Before talking about how it works, you must understand that PowerGard isn’t a John Deere insurance policy. It’s just a protection plan but we should discuss it as it’s a good alternative to John Deere’s UltraGard and SentryGard insurance. 

There are two types of PowerGard protection: residential and agricultural. The Residential PowerGard protection plan covers utility tractors, lawn and garden tractors, zero-turn mowers, gator utility vehicles, compact utility tractors, and commercial mowers. On the other hand, the Agricultural PowerGard protection plan is a warranty for compact tractors, 4WD tractors, row crop tractors, harvesters, and sprayers. 

Both types of PowerGard are available in two options – Plan A and Plan B. 

Plan A PowerGard protection plan can be further classified as a 3-year, 4-year, 5-year, or 6-year coverage for new John Deere tractors. It provides protection for 36 months, 48 months, 60 months, or 72 months. 

Plan B PowerGard protection plan covers used John Deere tractors against damage for 6 months to 34 months. However, note that you must meet the following requirements to become eligible:

  • The used tractor you want the warranty to cover must be less than 10 years old since being bought from the original dealership. Additionally, it’s engine hours must not be more than 5000

  • Previously covered by PowerGard comprehensive policy before being sold as a used unit to you

  • Not covered by any PowerGard protection plan at the time it was sold to you

  • Must have been part of a dealer’s inventory or sold by a customer under conditions meeting the standards set by John Deere

Even though it’s just a warranty, PowerGard has deductibles depending on the type of tractor you decide to cover using it. Here are some quick notes you must remember:

  • The deductibles of PowerGard are set at $100 if it covers utility tractors

  • PowerGard will have a $250 deductible if it covers 5000 and 6000 series John Deere tractors

  • Your deductible will be $500 if the tractors covered by PowerGard are 6R’s, 7000, and 8000 series John Deere tractors

  • The deductibles of PowerGard is $750 if it is used as a warranty for 9000 series 4WD tractors

You should know that PoweGard is available even if your John Deere tractor is already insured with SentryGard or UltraGard. We recommend you do this so that you get the most comprehensive coverage for any old or new John Deere tractor you own. 

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John Deere Crop Insurance

John Deere has been in the crop insurance business for about 9 years. During this time, John Deere Insurance Company has risen to become a top-10 crop insurance provider with national distribution. The crop insurance is meant to indemnify you against the loss of crops due to unavoidable circumstances with a particular focus on natural disasters, including hail, drought, and floods. John Deere aims to help with increasing farmer resilience. That helps you weather through poor harvests and changing climate. This product is approved by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC). The latter is also responsible for the premium rates and insurance terms and conditions adhered to by John Deere.

The cost of your crop insurance will be determined by the county you are in, the acreage of your farm, the type of crops grown, and the growing system, specifically whether it is rain-fed or irrigated. 

Consider filing a crop insurance claim if the planted crops are damaged, or there is a loss of production, if there is revenue loss without a production loss, if you incurred prevented planning or if you end up with end of late planting period. Overall, these will be explicitly stated within your policy document. 


General Exclusions of John Deere Insurance Policy 

Some risks will not be covered under a John Deere insurance policy. While this list does cover a lot of what’s excluded, it would be best if you consulted the agent before signing your policy. Here’s a list of what you must be aware of. 

  • Damages arising from general wear and tear of the insured tractor 

  • Damages to the insured tractor if the driver was under the influence of any drug

  • Any damages caused by the insured tractor when the driver was not in possession of a valid driving license

  • Losses to the insured tractor due to electrical or mechanical breakdown

  • Damages that occur when the tractor is driven outside of the geographic location listed within your insurance Schedule 

  • Damages caused when the tractor is used for any purposes other than farm or residential work 

John Deere Tractor Insurance Cost  

On average, John Deere tractor insurance cost $35 per month or $420 per year. This John Deere insurance cost depends on several factors, including the year and model of the tractor. An online search of the different review boards yields comments where previous customers point to having been required to pay $1 per $100 value for additional policies that were meant to cover the tractor while it was being used for commercial purposes. 

Note that for each covered repair event, you are required to first pay the deductible indicated within the schedule of coverage. Any other work performed will not be subject to any additional deductibles. Further, any covered repair event will include all covered parts and labor charges included under a single work order. Keep in mind that the policy’s aggregate liability over the coverage term for covered repairs or replacement of the covered component never exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. 

The John Deere insurance policy claim procedure is relatively easy. When you want to file a John Deere Insurance claim, the first step is to inform the insurer through its toll-free number. For the John Deere cashless claim settlement, you have to make time for an appointment with the insurer’s surveyor. 

After the survey, the tractor will be taken to any of the network garages of the insurer to repair. Make sure you have all the required documents at hand for the surveyor. After this, the insurance company will come to evaluate.

If you decide to go with the cashless service, John Deere will directly settle the claim with the network workshop. On the other hand, if you choose to go with reimbursement, you will be required to settle the claim cost first. Later, you will submit all the original bills along with the claim forms, which will help settle the claims. 

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Customer Reviews of John Deere Tractor Insurance 


  • You receive no-hassle, immediate overage

  • Easy and convenient payment options

  • You can get certified, genuine John Deere parts 

  • There’s only one deductible if more than one piece of equipment listed within your contract is damaged

  • Fast, fair claims handling

  • Dealerships report your claims, thus minimizing your downtime


  •  Only covers John Deere tractor owners

Our Take

Right off the gate, we like that John Deere tractor insurance covers animal damage. Suppose you are having a problem with chipmunks or other rodent types that particularly target the wiring of your tractor. In that case, John Deere is able to provide you with sufficient protection against such. 

What stands out the most about John Deere insurance company is its commitment to building strong and secure relationships. They have created a practice that ensures the creation of long-term business partnerships with farmers, agents, and reinsurers. The consequence has been the consistency of services virtually unmatched within the industry. 

Following our review, we give John Deere Tractor insurance a score of 8/10. Before we end the discussion, here are our insights. 

  • That John Deere expands its coverage for old and new tractors manufactured by John Deere 

  • UltraGard is physical damage insurance for new John Deere tractors under a loan agreement with John Deere Financial. On the other hand, SentryGard is physical damage insurance for fully paid John Deere tractors 

  • John Deere’s PowerGard protection plan is a warranty that as comprehensive as its two physical damage insurance products

  • SentryGard, UltraGard, and PowerGard don’t only cover tractors but also utility gators, mowers, and other machinery manufactured by John Deere

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