Camera Insurance: Cost, Quotes, and Guide

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15 Best Camera Insurance Companies

We all have smartphones with built-in cameras to take photos with. However, they mostly can’t beat the photo quality of professional cameras. And those of you who own a camera, will be very wise to get camera insurance as part of a property insurance policy, be it separate or with other property they own.

This guide will discuss camera insurance coverage for videographers, photographers, and filmmakers and why it is essential. We’ll also take it further and discuss everything you need to know about cameras such as where to buy, how much does a nice camera cost, and a lot more. 

What is Camera Insurance?

A camera insurance policy, to put it simply, functions to recover monetary losses if something ever happens to your camera. Insurance for camera differs from carrier to carrier and is part of property and home insurance for equipment, be it as a standalone coverage or along with other property.  It’s important to get your camera insured, though not an obligation. But doing so will help a lot,  whether you bought your camera through a camera pay monthly plan or in one installment. Similarly, you will also be able to pay for your camera insurance monthly or annually.

Camera and Phone Insurance

Camera and phone insurance is a policy that’s usually part of specialized multi-gadget insurance programs. This one doesn’t only cover the camera but also the mobile phone. The main advantage of camera and phone insurance is that you don’t have to buy two insurance policies for insuring a phone and a camera. By having this policy, you get phone and camera floater coverages that can take care of:

  • Accidental damage ( e.g. you dropped your camera or phone on hard concrete)

  • Malicious damage (e.g. someone took your phone or camera during an argument and destroyed it)

  • Breakdown (e.g. your old camera or phone’s battery leaked and caused damage)

  • Cracked screens

  • Theft

Drone and Camera Insurance

Carriers also offer drone and camera insurance. You might have guessed what’s covered as it’s already evident with the term.> “What does this insurance do for my camera or drone?” – good question.

The aforementioned policy will account for any damage to the camera or drone. But note that there’s additional liability coverage, which accounts for the damage you’ll cause while operating a drone. Specific liability coverages, carriers include in their camera and drone insurance are third-party injury liability, premises, and fire legal liability. Note that drone camera insurance is required for those who make money by operating drones.

If you’re thinking of insuring your drone, we suggest you try drone insurance from Geico. Geico drone insurance coverage is bundled in Geico’s homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policy. It’s very cheap and provides comprehensive protection from all risks associated with operating a drone. 

Camcorder Insurance

Mobile devices have built-in video recorders for filming. However, they can’t beat the recording quality of commercial and personal camcorders. 

Camcorders are a must for content creators who make money through Tiktok, Youtube, Discord, and Twitch. If you’re one of them and using a camcorder for work, why not consider getting camcorder insurance?

Insurance for camcorders will take care of repairs in case the camcorder got damaged because of your fault or someone’s fault. Camcorder repair can be expensive. The average repair cost for old models starts at $100 – $180. On the other hand, newer models require $200 – $300 to get fixed. 

But note that insurance for camcorders won’t only take care of repair costs. It also provides coverage if:

  • You lost your camcorder because of theft or your fault

  • The camcorder broke on its own because of usage of factory defect

  • The camcorder got wet because of rain or flood

  • Unauthorized usage of your camcorder

  • Someone broke your camera by accident 

By the way, there’s another way to insure your camcorder and that is through video camera insurance or film camera insurance. Video camera insurance offers coverage against theft and accidental damage and even has worldwide insurance coverage that lasts for 30 days. However, if you wish for it, the carrier can extend the effectiveness of worldwide camera insurance coverage to 1 year. 

How Much Does a Camcorder Cost?

Camcorder cost for personal use is  $200 – $450 on average. Just so we’re clear, this is the common consumer camcorder most people own. On the other hand, the best personal camcorder – one with HD features and can be used for business purposes – is expensive. It costs $1,000 – $1,800 on average. 

DSLR Camera Insurance

A DSLR is the handy dandy camera for those who like to travel and take photos. And so, carriers offer specialized photo camera insurance that specifically covers the risks of owning DSLR cameras. 

DSLRs are very popular right now. Teens and adults want to have one. Since it’s popular, it’s very susceptible to theft. Here are some interesting DSLR theft statistics that will convince you to get insurance as DSLR protection :

  • 27% of DSLR theft happened while the camera was left in the car

  • 24% of DSLR theft happened because of burglary

  • Robbery and public transport theft accounted for 9% of recorded DSLR theft

Getting DSLR insurance is important as it will account for the theft of your DSLR, whether it happened in a restaurant, in the car, at home, or any other place. The policy is quite comprehensive as it gives $40,000 – $60,000 when your DSLR becomes stolen. We recommend you get this camera insurance cover if you enrolled in a DSLR monthly payment plan. 

Understand that your DSLR insurance will only take care of the DSLR unit and will exclude its attachments. If you want to get insurance for your DSLR camera gear or DSLR camera equipment – external flash, lens hood, camera cleaning kit, and so on –  then you’ll have to get a separate camera equipment insurance or camera gear insurance (scroll down if you want to know more about this). 

Do Travel Insurance Companies Insure a DSLR?

You can insure your DSLR using travel insurance with camera cover. However, note that DSLR travel insurance will not account for many risks. In most cases, the policy will take care of theft or unintentional damage but will exclude liquid damage and intentional damage. Aside from coverage for DSLRs, travel insurance companies also offer SLR camera insurance coverage. 

Do I Have to Take Out My DSLR Camera at Airport Security?

The general rule is this;  you don’t have to take your camera out if it’s no bigger than a regular mobile phone. However, DSLR cameras and other similarly sized cameras have to be taken out as they obstruct the screening process. 

Note that, in some airports, the officers will also require you to take a picture of the floor using the camera to prove that it’s working and not hollow inside.

Speaking of camera inspection, companies offering travel insurance for camera and laptop also provide coverage if the airport security officers unintentionally damaged the DSLR camera while checking it. Proceed reading to the next subsection if you’re asking,” How do you know if a camera is on ?”

How to Know if a Camera is On?

Since we mentioned that airport security will require you to turn on a camera, you might be wondering , “How do I know if my camera is on?”. A digital camera is on if the LCD lights up the moment you press the power button. Its green or red LED power indicator will also do the same. For an analog camera, there should be a LED indicator on its body that will flicker the moment you press the power button. 

Is My Camera a DSLR?

Look through the viewfinder and press the shutter release button. If the viewfinder goes black for a split second, then your camera is a DSLR. If it does not, then your camera is not a DSLR. 

Where Can I Sell My DSLR Camera?

These are the best places where you can sell your DSLR camera:

Camera Insurance for Non Professionals 

“How do I insure my gear as a non-professional photographer? – c arriers offer personal camera insurance policies to help you insure your camera gear even if you’re not a pro. 

Personal camera insurance offers camera breakdown coverage, liquid damage coverage, and theft coverage. However, note that not all cameras can get insured using this policy. Cameras the policy excludes are commercial filmmaking cameras, studio-type DSLRs, and other similar devices. In contrast, an ins camera or instant camera can easily get insured through personal camera insurance. 

Another way to get personal photography camera insurance is to insure your camera in your homeowner’s policy. This depends on the carrier actually. If your carrier allows it, you can get coverage for your camera by treating it as an important household object. 

There’s one last method we want to share with you, and that’s to qualify for camera enthusiasts insurance. This is a policy that’s common in photography organizations having camera club insurance programs. Camera enthusiasts insurance will take care of intentional or accidental damage to your cameras and theft.

Professional Camera Insurance

Pro camera insurance offers the most comprehensive protection for photographers who use high-end cameras. With this insurance policy, a professional photographer can get his camera and equipment insured for local and international use. It’s even possible to receive hefty reimbursements from the carrier if ever repairing a camera becomes very costly. Last but not least, some carriers also offer professional liability insurance in their professional camera insurance so that the policyholder can get covered aside from his device. 

Camera Rental Insurance

You don’t need to get your own camera to start taking pictures for insurance purposes or to start taking pictures as a hobby. Just  rent a camera if you can’t buy it right now. Renting works because it’s not only cost-effective but also because doing so makes it easier to get one’s hands on the latest units. 

Sometimes, businesses renting out camera equipment require you to get camera rental insurance. What this policy does is give you the minimum amount of money needed to replace a broken or stolen rented camera.  In practice, people  who commonly purchase this camera coverage are those involved in filmmaking and commercial photography. Note that rental insurance for cameras is commonly offered as temporary insurance for rental equipment.

Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Camera for Vacation?

Yes, rental businesses will also require you to get insurance on camera having theft coverage if you’re taking their cameras out of town.  When renting cameras, theft and other causes of the camera being lost while traveling is common. And so, rental businesses require you to get insurance so that you can successfully reimburse them if you lost a rented unit. Without insurance, you might have to pay $5,000 – $10,000 to replace a lost rented camera.  You can find the best coverage from companies that offer camera travel insurance. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Red Camera?

Renting a red camera for a full week costs $1,237 – $2,513 depending on its make and model.  Camera rental businesses also charge a $240 – $530 additional daily rate if you continue to use their camera when the 1-week rental duration expires. 

Camera Travel Insurance

Insurance for camera for travel has policies that provide coverage if something happens to your camera as a tourist.  You can add this policy as an additional option to your travel insurance. Risks that camera travel insurance accounts for are liquid damage, robbery, accidental damage, and intentional damage to the camera. On an additional note, this policy can also serve as camera insurance for holiday vacations or staycations. 

Underwater Camera Insurance

Are you a scuba diver or a marine biologist? If so, don’t make the mistake of thinking that scuba diving insurance will have camera accidental damage insurance coverage. Remember that the terms of scuba diving insurance take care of injuries. Therefore, the policy excludes anything that might happen to the underwater camera.>

Aside from offering digital camera insurance, carriers also offer insurance for underwater cameras. This policy doesn’t only account for the damage to the camera but to its attachments. Getting this is very important as the attachments of a diving camera, such as its housing and strobes, can be three times more costly than the actual unit itself.  

Where to Get Underwater Camera Insurance?

It’s best to get underwater camera insurance from Divers Alert Network (DAN). DAN camera insurance works wonderfully for insuring underwater cameras, underwater camera gears, diving equipment, and diving computers. DAN’s camera and equipment insurance coverage apply wherever you are. 

One important thing to remember is that DAN will only provide the money you need to repair an underwater camera or diving equipment and will not directly replace them through insurance. 

Will a DP2 Policy Coverage Work as Camera Insurance?

DP2 policy coverage is a landlord property insurance policy that pays for the replacement or repair of a building’s damaged primary structures. DP2 doesn’t cover personal belongings inside a building. And so, if you’re a landlord and want to get camera insurance, know that you can’t get covered through a DP2 policy. 

What is Theft Coverage in Camera Insurance?

Camera and laptop insurance always cover instances of theft. To be clear, camera theft insurance coverage kicks in when your camera got lost because of a burglary, robbery, or fraud.  

Note that it depends on the carrier whether or not the theft coverage applies when you’re in another country. 

One thing you can do to ensure your carrier covers your camera against theft while you’re traveling abroad is to ask whether or not the policy comes with an international camera insurance coverage or worldwide insurance coverage. 

“So how does stolen camera insurance coverage work when I insure my camera?” In practice, this policy provides money equal to the current market value of stolen cameras. 

For example, if you bought a camera for $500 in 2019, and it got stolen in 2022, then the carrier will have to give you money based on its depreciation value. As a result, the money you’ll receive might be lower than the camera’s original value. But note that there are also insurance carriers that will reimburse the original value of the camera.  

Image Some Words About Stolen Cameras and Insurance

Cameras are commodity items in the United States. However, not all Americans can afford the latest units. As a result, some decide to buy stolen cameras from illegal sellers. This perhaps is the reason why camera theft is rampant in some parts of the US.  If you look online, you’ll see reports of people robbed at gunpoint for their camera gear , being followed in a robbery attempt to get their camera, and so on. 

Remember that your theft insurance for camera excludes any damage you sustain because of a robbery attempt. If this happens in the future, what we recommend you do if you have theft insurance coverage  is to not resist and give your camera to the other person because you can always file a claim. 

Also, get camera insurance for theft (camera insurance theft) if you’re owning expensive cameras. Never think that, “ My cameras will be safe ”, because they can always get stolen from you while you’re in a cafe, at home, at the workplace, or casually chilling out in your vehicle. 

What is a Serial Number On My Camera?

Just like vehicle engines, cameras have a serial number too. New camera models have serial numbers that are twelve digits long while older ones have shorter serial numbers. ” Where can I find the serial number of my camera” –  glad you asked that.  Here’s a table as your guide. 

Brand  Where to Find the Serial Number?
Sony Bottom of the camera, on the sticker on the box, and the original invoice or receipt
Canon On the bottom of the camera printed in black, gray, or white; behind the LCD screen; and On a white sticker on the box your camera came from
Nikon On the bottom of the camera, on the back of the camera, at the side of the camera (the portion where the camera LCD touches upon folding), on top of the camera
Fujifilm  On the battery compartment, there’s the serial number printed on the label attached to the bottom of the camera
Olympus On the sticker located at the battery compartment
Panasonic On the back or bottom of the camera
Leica On the mount of the camera for the lens

What is Camera Breakdown Insurance?

All photo camera insurance programs from different carriers include camera breakdown coverage or accidental damage insurance camera cover. This policy will kick in if you dropped the camera in water, spilled water on it, dropped it on the floor, slept on it,  or sat on it. 

The terms of camera breakdown insurance differ from carrier to carrier. And so, we recommend you compare camera insurance quotes. 

So is accidental coverage for the camera worth it?  Yes, it’s worth it because a camera can easily get broken. In case you want to get more answers, we suggest you create a camera accident insurance worth it reddit thread.

Camera Insurance Cost 

There are many factors that affect the cost of a camera. The same also applies if you’re planning to insure it.  A carrier insures your camera and determines the cost of doing so according to:

  • Camera list price

  • Whether it’s brand new or secondhand

  • Its purpose (whether for business or for personal use only)

  • Features

What we can do to give you an idea of how much it will cost to insure a camera is to give you the cost of insurance of the most popular camera models right now. 

Long Term Insurance Cost Short Term Insurance Cost
Canon EOS Rebel TY DSLR Camera $37 $250
KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera $28 $124.78
Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera $41 $145.32
OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 Underwater Camera $55 $187
Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera w/ 42x Optical Zoom – Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled $38 $156.89

Here’s another table showing the pricing of the best camera insurance companies:

Cost Per Month Cost per Year Best for
Lemonade Camera Insurance $25 $300 Professional and non-professional camera insurance
Hill and Usher Camera Insurance $41.66 $499.92 Camera insurance with instant coverage for theft
Ripe Camera Insurance $23 $276 Camera insurance with business insurance policies
State Farm Camera Insurance $31 $372 Camera insurance with zero deductible
Geico Camera Insurance $21 $252 Drone and camera insurance
Allstate Camera Insurance $33 $396 Insuring a camera using renter’s policy
USAA Camera Insurance $20 $240 Cheap stand-alone camera insurance
Best Buy Camera Insurance $15.42 $185.04 Transferable camera insurance
Aviva Camera Insurance $26 $312 Personal camera insurance
Professional Photographers of America Insurance (PPA Insurance) $20.83 $249.96 Insuring expensive cameras with low deductibles
NPPA Camera Insurance – National Press Photographers Insurance $25 $300 Membership-based camera insurance
PPIB Camera Insurance – Professional Photographers Insurance Brokers $36 $432 Camera insurance that’s easy to cancel
Progressive Camera Insurance $42 $504 Insurance for high-end cameras and low-end cameras with low deductible
Athos Camera Insurance $12.50 $150.00 Camera insurance that applies to a wide range of different situations
Hiscox Camera Insurance $35 $420 Camera insurance with an unlimited number of claims
AAA Camera Insurance $38 $456 Camera insurance with public liability coverage
Thistle Camera Insurance $27 $324 Camera insurance bundled in homeowner’s insurance
Alfa Camera Insurance $40 $480 Leica cameras
Leica Camera Insurance (Leica Wetzlar Store Only) $24 $288 Insuring multiple cameras

How Much Does Camera Rental Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance for those renting DSLR or any other type of camera is $24 a month or $288 a year.

How Much Will Camera Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost to insure a camera for travel is very cheap. Some only pay $7 for an $11,000 coverage. On the other hand, if you want to get camera coverage in your traveler’s insurance, then expect carriers to add $15 – $22 to your rates. 

Best Camera Insurance Companies

All carriers claim to offer the best camera insurance. That’s why we’re here to give you thorough feedback on the companies that online reviews recommend for the best camera insurance in the USA.

By the way, if you’re tired of reading, know that you can use our online quotes generator. Using it is very easy. 

All you have to do is find and click the “Get Quotes” button and fill-up the form. Shortly after, our online quote generator will give you all camera shop insurance and camera insurance quote from accredited carriers in the US, so that you can get cheap camera insurance and save money. 

Also, just in case you proceed to buy insurance from the companies we recommend here (like Lemonade for example),  don’t forget to leave some camera insurance reviews here. Doing so might be a small thing but it will greatly help others make the best decision when buying camera insurance in USA.

Lemonade Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Lemonade?

  • Easy insurance for your camera

  • $0 deductible on camera insurance

  • Former best camera insurance in 2020 according to third-party reviews

  • Best camera insurance for professional photographers and non-professional photographers

Why Take Lemonade with a Grain of Salt?

  • There’s no Lemonade equipment insurance that can cover photographic gear

  • There’s no Lemonade photography insurance that offers liability policies for professional photographers

Lemonade allows policyholders of its homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance to get their cameras covered. However, coverage only applies to named perils in Lemonade’s homeowner’s and renter’s policies such as:

  • Fire or lightning

  • Windstorm or hail

  • Explosion

  • Riots

  • Aircraft

  • Vehicles

  • Smoke

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Falling objects

  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet

  • Accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam

  • Sudden and accidental tearing, cracking, burning, or bulging

  • Freezing

  • Sudden and accidental damage due to short-circuiting

  • Volcanic Eruption

Lemonade’s basic homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t allow you to insure a camera against accidental damage. However, this doesn’t mean that the company can get you covered. If you get scheduled personal property coverage, then you can insure your camera against damage accidents cause.

“ I have Lemonade’s renter insurance and am using them for the condo insurance when I close this month. I have my Leica gear added under my policy worth about $15,000. I luckily haven’t had to replace any camera gear but I did have to file a claim when my car was broken into and about $3,000 worth of off-roading and camping gear was stolen. I never thought I’d ever say this but… it was a breeze filing a claim and they deposited the funds into my bank account within a month. They were easily available by email or phone to answer my questions too. 10/10 highly recommended! Hence why I’m sticking with them for my new condo ” – source

Best for: Professional and non-professional camera insurance

Average cost:   $25

Our rating: 10/10

Lemonade and Lenses: Can You Get Your Camera Lens Covered Using Lemonade’s Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance?

Lemonade won’t provide coverage to your camera lens if you only get a basic homeowner’s or renter’s policy. The company will only cover your lens if you get scheduled property coverage or extra coverage. 

Hill and Usher Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Hill and Usher?

  • Offers instance coverage for camera breakdown and theft

  • Accounts for the replacement cost of the camera

  • International camera insurance coverage in its  DSLR and SLR Insurance

Why Take Hill and Usher with a Grain of Salt?

  • $1,000 deductible is too much for some customers 

Hill and Usher insure cameras using its Package Choice. Package Choice is an insurance program insuring photographers and videographers since 1988.  The policy offers instant coverage for theft and breakdown, pays for the replacement cost of the camera, has international camera insurance coverage, and a deductible not exceeding $1,000. In addition, Package Choice comes with camera hire insurance coverage. 

“I decided to buy camera insurance from  Hill & Usher as a full-time wedding photographer for myself and my separate studio. All of the well-established pros who I know locally in the same field do as well. They are the gold standard in wedding photography (and very well respected in events and commercials as well). As a pro, their service is outstanding and I use their online portal to submit COI requests frequently (functionality is acceptable but could be improved, but the design is dated). However, the website is lacking. Good on them to spruce it up.” – source

Best for: Camera insurance with instant coverage for theft

Average cost: $41.66

Our rating: 9/10

Ripe Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Ripe?

  • Has business insurance policies as additional options on its camera insurance

  • Offers camera floater insurance with a $27,000 and $80,000 policy limit

Why Take Ripe with a Grain of Salt?

  • Some customers say that Ripe charged them additional rates

Ripe’s camera and lens insurance offers theft coverage, accidental damage coverage, and in-vehicle coverage. The company’s theft coverage and accidental damage coverage has an $81,534 policy limit and will replace your camera if it’s under three years or will reimburse you for the full value of the camera if it’s more than three years old. 

On the other hand, Ripe’s in-vehicle coverage will cover up to $27,000 if your camera got accidentally damaged or stolen while in a car. On an additional note,  Ripe allows you to get temporary camera insurance. 

“I need camera insurance as a professional photographer, is Ripe good for me?” – wonderful question. Ripe might be good as it doesn’t only offer policies that insure your camera but you as well. 

Ripe camera and lens insurance have public liability insurance coverage, camera rental insurance coverage, employer’s liability insurance coverage, and professional indemnity insurance coverage, which are commonly included in standard photographer’s business insurance. 

“The process of getting a quote [ from Ripe ] was super easy and I like how they made the total visible straight away. No waiting for emails with the total to come through. The price is also very competitive and covers everything I need as a semi-professional photographer” source

Best for: Camera insurance with business insurance policies

Average cost: $23

Our rating: 9/10

State Farm Camera Insurance

Why Get Covered by State Farm?

  • No deductible 

  • Insures a camera for 1.5% of its annual replacement value

  • Camera insurance applies even if you’re traveling

Why Take State Farm with a Grain of Salt?

  • The insurance application process is a bit troublesome as State Farm agents will do a physical inspection of the camera

State Farm allows you to cover your camera with its homeowner’s insurance. But perhaps, the best coverage is through the company’s personal articles policy.

The personal articles policy of State Farm will cover your camera for 1.5% of its annual replacement value. With State Farm, you can insure for less because the company doesn’t impose any deductible. Furthermore, camera insurance from State Farm covers theft, accidental loss, and intentional or accidental damage. 

On another note, aside from insuring cameras, you can also use State Farm personal articles policy for drone, computers, and other personal electrical devices. 

“I have all my gear insured through State Farm – a “personal articles policy.” No deductible, and it’s pretty cheap. It came in handy when my 100-400mm hit the concrete” source


Best for: Camera insurance with zero deductible

Average cost: $31

Our rating: 9/10

Geico Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Geico?

  • Covers cameras through its homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance

  • Offers the cheapest drone insurance

Why Take Geico with a Grain of Salt?

  • Camera insurance from Geico doesn’t account for all incidents of loss, theft, or damage

  • Photography insurance from Geico only has professional liability coverage

You can get camera insurance from Geico through its renter’s and homeowner’s policies that come with personal articles policy.  With Geico personal articles policy, you can get your camera covered against winds, hail, fire, and water. However,  the personal articles policy from Geico has a drawback too. And that is, it can’t provide coverage if the camera got damaged while traveling.  

This car insurance company can get you covered too if you’re a photographer. While there’s no such thing as a stand-alone Geico photography insurance, Geico has stand-alone professional liability insurance for photographers. 

If your car has a dash camera, then Geico can also get it covered if you decide to get a comprehensive car insurance policy. On another note, in case you want to get car insurance aside from Geico camera insurance, understand that there’s no Geico dashcam discount even if the company does offer discounts for the installation of safety driving devices. 

Best for: Drone and camera insurance

Average cost: $21

Our rating: 9/10

Allstate Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Allstate?

  • Allows you to insure your camera using a renter’s insurance policy having personal property coverage

  • Has two types of personal property coverage

Why Take Allstate with a Grain of Salt?

  • Not the best camera insurance for photographers who are professionals

Allstate has a renter’s insurance policy having personal property coverage that can account for the damage or loss of your camera. The company offers two types of personal property coverage: replacement cost coverage and actual value coverage. Replacement cost coverage will give you money (a set amount) to buy a new camera in case you lost or damaged your own. On the other hand, actual value coverage will give you money equal to the current list price of your lost or damaged camera.

In case you want to get more comprehensive camera insurance, Allstate also allows you to have more coverage by getting a scheduled personal property policy. For more info about this, take a look at cheapest renters insurance reddit threads that talk about Allstate. 

Best for: Insuring a camera using renter’s policy

Average cost: $33

Our rating: 8/10

USAA Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by USAA?

  • Very cheap insurance coverage for cameras

  • Applies even if you’re traveling abroad

Why Take USAA with a Grain of Salt?

  • Doesn’t offer short term camera insurance

  • Only available for photographers or camera enthusiasts who are current or former military members

USAA covers cameras through its valuable personal property insurance (VPP insurance). The policy accounts for loss or accidental damage and also gives worldwide coverage, which USAA renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance don’t cater to. 

Best for: Cheap stand-alone camera insurance

Average cost: $20

Our rating: 8/10

Best Buy Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Best Buy?

  • Insures the camera and improves its warranty

  • Camera insurance from best buy is transferable

Why Take Best Buy with a Grain of Salt?

  • Best Buy’s camera insurance might be underwritten by a third-party company

  • Some customers say that best buy is not the best for Sony camera insurance

Best Buy offers insurance coverage for DSLR mirrorless cameras, digital camcorders, and point-and-shoot cameras through its GeekSquad Protection program.  The policy works in tandem with your camera’s warranty and offers further coverage the moment the warranty expires. Best Buy also allows you to transfer the insurance coverage to the new owner in case you sell your camera.

Best for: Transferable camera insurance

Average cost: $15.42

Our rating: 8/10

Aviva Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Aviva?

  • Offers up to $10,000 coverage when insuring a camera for personal use

  • Camera insurance can be added as an optional policy in any personal insurance products of Aviva

Why Take Aviva with a Grain of Salt?

  • Doesn’t insure the cameras of professional photographers

“Can I insure my camera with Aviva?” – The answer to this question is yes even though the company specializes in business insurance.  Aviva camera policy has personal belongings coverage. One thing to note though is that the insurance policy only works for cameras for personal use. Furthermore, you’ll have to name your camera in the insurance policy’s terms if it’s worth $2,000 or more. 


Best for: Personal camera insurance

Average cost: $26

Our rating: 8/10

Professional Photographers of America Insurance (PPA Insurance)

Why Get Insured by PPA?

  • Offers low deductibles 

  • Specializes in insuring expensive cameras

  • Buying insurance from PPA includes membership

  • Has single trip camera insurance for photographers

Why Take PPA with a Grain of Salt?

  • PPA equipment insurance is expensive

  • Some customers report that PPA doesn’t offer the best insurance for photographers and their cameras

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) doesn’t only review American camera company but offers insurance too. The organization covers cameras through its photography equipment insurance which offers up to $15,000 equipment coverage with a $50 flat deductible for camera repair and a $350 deductible for camera replacement. 

PPA camera insurance, together with its partner, Lockton Affinity, allows customers to get another policy called PhotoCare Plus, which some say is the best photography insurance right now. PhotoCare Plus covers owned and rented cameras. Furthermore, it offers $100,000 in coverage with a $250 deductible. 

Best for: Insuring expensive cameras with low deductibles

Average cost: $20.83

Our rating: 8/10

NPPA Camera Insurance – National Press Photographers Insurance

Why Get Insured by NPPA?

  • Implements a flat deductible

  • Affordable professional camera equipment insurance policies

  • Very generous member discounts

  • Many recommend this company for Canon camera insurance

Why Take NPPA with a Grain of Salt?

  • Expensive insurance option for non-NPPA members

NPPA specializes in providing pro photographers insurance. And so, its policies work well with photojournalists and other similar professionals. NPPA covers cameras through its photography equipment insurance with a $100,000 maximum policy limit and a $250 flat deductible. The policy provides coverage whether the camera is damaged or lost at home, at a faraway location, or at the studio. Finally, NPPA offers discounts when insuring cameras of its members. 

Best for: Membership-based camera insurance

Average cost: $25

Our rating: 8/10

PPIB Camera Insurance – Professional Photographers Insurance Brokers

Why Get Insured by PPIB?

  • Provides automatic coverage

  • Offers a minimum of $10,000 insurance coverage for your camera

  • Allows you to cancel your policy and receive a refund

  • Insures your rented camera

Why Take PPIB with a Grain of Salt?

  • It’s unclear how PPIB processes claims

You can cover your camera with PPIB’s photographic equipment policy. PPIB’s photographic equipment policy protects your camera from accidental loss or damage, theft while in a vehicle or building, and damage or theft while in transit. PPIB determines the cost of  insuring your camera through these factors:

  • The types and value of goods to be insured

  •  Sum insured

  • Your insurance and claim/incident history and experience;

  • PPIB’s obligation to pay relevant government taxes and charges. For example, GST payable in relation to your policy.

Best for: Camera insurance that’s easy to cancel

Average cost: $36

Our rating: 8/10

Progressive Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Progressive?

  • Low deductibles on camera insurance

  • Offers coverage for high-end cameras and low-end cameras

Why Take Progressive with a Grain of Salt?

  • Doesn’t insure analog cameras or offer holiday camera insurance

Progressive’s electronic device insurance offers coverage for digital cameras. The policy covers simple point-and-shoot cameras to high-end DSLR cameras and SLR cameras.  With its policy, Progressive literally says, “I can insure you and your camera from things like ”

  • Theft 

  • Accidental drops

  • Water damage

  • Vandalism

The minimum deductible of Progressive’s camera insurance is $50. This is the main reason why the company wants you to get this separate insurance policy even if you can cover your camera in Progressive’s renter’s and homeowner’s insurance.  

Progressive renter’s and homeowner’s insurance has hefty deductibles. As a result, you’ll receive a very small payout if you insure your camera using these policies. 

Best for: Insurance for high-end cameras and low-end cameras with low deductible

Average cost: $42

Our rating: 8/10

Athos Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Athos?

  • Includes coverage for incidents that are usually excluded in most camera insurance policies

  • Former best camera insurance in 2019 according to third party reviews

Why Take Athos with a Grain of Salt?

  • Short-term insurance is too expensive

Athos offers both long-term and short-term camera insurance for hobbyists and professional photographers. The company covers cameras through its photographer’s camera and lens insurance that accounts for:

  • Accidental Damages

  • Theft

  • Lightning and/or Explosions

  • Fire

  • Earthquakes

  • Windstorms

  • Hail and Flood

  • Nationally Declared Acts of Terrorism

  • Smoke and/or Water Damage

  • Falling Objects

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Transit and Shipping

  • Replacement Cost Coverage

Best for: Camera insurance that applies to a wide range of different situations

Average cost:   $12.5

Our rating: 8/10

Hiscox Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Hiscox?

  • Unlimited claims to camera insurance

  • No need to list an expensive camera on the insurance policy

  • Offers coverage for the retrieval of videos and photos from a damaged camera

Why Take Hiscox with a Grain of Salt?

  • Some report that Hiscox can be stubborn when it comes to policy cancellation

Hiscox has a camera kit insurance policy that can either cover a camera only or cover a camera and its attachments. The policy can automatically cover a camera that’s under $15,000.> Furthermore,  you can enjoy an unlimited amount of payout from Hiscox’s camera insurance policy unless you tell the company not to do so. Additional features of Hiscox’s camera insurance are worldwide coverage, digital media coverage, and accidental damage coverage.


Best for: Camera insurance with an unlimited number of claims

Average cost: $35

Our rating: 9/10

AAA Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by AAA?

  • Offers numerous discounts to save costs on camera insurance coverage

Why Take AAA with a Grain of Salt?

  • Not available in all parts of the United States

AAA covers cameras through its travel insurance and homeowners insurance. However, the company only insures customers from Alaska, Arizona, Northern California, Nevada, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Best for: Camera insurance with discounts

Average cost: $38

Our rating: 8/10

Thistle Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Thistle?

  • Offers camera insurance that suits the needs of all kinds of users

  • Includes public liability coverage with a generous policy limit

  • Transparent claims process

Why Take Thistle with a Grain of Salt?

  • Some customers report that Thistle’s customer service department is very unresponsive

Thistle’s PhotoGuard coverage will insure your camera. The policy includes in-vehicle coverage and camera damage insurance coverage. The company claims that its camera insurance suits the needs of professionals, semi-professionals, non-professionals, students, and videographers. Aside from policies that cover the camera, Thistle’s Photoguard also offers public liability insurance and inland marine camera insurance with a $5 million policy limit. 

Best for: Camera insurance with public liability coverage

Average cost: $27

Our rating: 7/10

Alfa Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Alfa Insurance?

  • Doesn’t put a huge increase in premiums even if customers cover their cameras using homeowner’s insurance

Why Take Alfa Insurance with a Grain of Salt?

  • Many say that Alfa Insurance isn’t what immediately comes to mind when thinking of camera insurance

Alfa insurance allows you to cover your camera if you purchase homeowner’s insurance without any significant increase in rates. With this company, your camera can get replaced or repaired easily from all kinds of damage. 

For a quick trivia, did you know that Alfa insurance might be the only insurance company to invest in weather systems? The Alfa insurance camera network is made of 96 cameras and extends from Alabama, Mississippi, then to some parts of Georgia. 

Best for: Camera insurance bundled in homeowner’s insurance

Average cost: $40

Our rating: 7/10

Leica Camera Insurance (Leica Wetzlar Store Only)

Why Get Insured by Leica?

  • Leica Insurance premiums are determined according to the list price of your camera

Why Take Leica with a Grain of Salt?

  • Not available in the United States

Leica’s store in Wetzlar allows customers to insure their cameras. By doing so, those who get their Leica cameras in Wetzlar won’t need to find insurance companies. Leica’s camera insurance offers protection from:

  • Burglary, robbery, vandalism, malevolence     

  • Theft from car     

  • Damage caused by impact or liquid not covered by the warranty against material or manufacturing defects     

  • Operator error, ineptitude or willful intent, unpredictable events

Best for: Leica cameras

Average cost: $24

Our rating: 7/10


Protect Your Bubble Camera Insurance

Why Get Insured by Protect Your Bubble?

  • Covers cameras through its gadget insurance and renter’s insurance

  • Many customers find it easy to get insured with Protect Your Bubble

Why Take Protect Your Bubble with a Grain of Salt?

  • Very limited amount payable when insuring a camera using renter’s insurance

  • Gadget insurance’s theft coverage can only be claimed twice

Protect Your Bubble covers cameras through its gadget insurance and renter’s insurance policies. If you decide to insure your camera using Protect Your Bubble’s gadget insurance, you can:

  • Have worldwide insurance coverage

  • Insure up to 3 cameras for only $20

  • Unlimited repair coverage

  • Get coverage against theft

The single article coverage of Protect Your Bubble’s renter’s insurance also covers cameras. However, it only provides $2,800 coverage for loss, intentional damage, and accidental damage. 

Best for: Insuring multiple cameras

Average cost: $20

Our rating: 7/10

Is There a Specialized Insurance Policy for Nikon?

The company, Protect Your Gadget, offers a Nikon camera insurance program.  The key features of this Nikon insurance are instant coverage and an unlimited number of claims. Nonetheless, note that Protect Your Gadget’s insurance for Nikon has the same features as the generalized camera insurance of the companies we reviewed.  Additionally, this company also has specialized GoPro insurance. 

Camera Protection Plans

Asurion Camera Protection Plan 

Asurion doesn’t have insurance policies that cover cameras. Nonetheless, you can still get coverage from the company through its camera protection plans – extended electronics warranty and Asurion 3-Year Camera Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support. 

Asurion’s extended electronics warranty protects digital cameras and other electronic devices from accidental damage. Moreover, it will take care of the cost of shipping broken electronics to Asurion service centers. There’s more. Aside from shipping costs, extended electronics warranty will also take care of the repair cost of broken electronics. 

Let’s talk about Asurion 3-Year Camera Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support. This is a camera protection plan you can purchase at Amazon. Asurion 3-Year Camera Accident Protection Plan sees to it that you spend nothing for the shipping and repairing of a broken camera. Additionally, it includes free customer support in case you need help in troubleshooting, solving errors on camera etc. 

You might also get your camera insured if you go for Asurion Home Plus. Asurion Home Plus reviews state that customers have managed to get their cameras covered aside from common household digital devices. 

Canon Camera Protection Plan

The Canon protection plan is also a warranty and not an insurance policy. However, it’s worth talking about because it’s wonderful for those looking for other ways to get their Canon cameras covered.

Canon offers coverage through its CarePAK Plus protection plan that takes care of normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and image recovery. Additionally, CarePak will take care of service cost but only if the camera is brought to Canon service centers. 

Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Camera? Let’s Consult the Front Page of the Internet

Here on Insuranks, we say that you need to get your camera insured. But still, we know that you can’t make a decision with only our opinion. And so, let’s take a look at some comments on camera insurance reddit threads. 

“If you’re not using the camera professionally, add it to your homeowners or renters insurance. It’s cheap and worth it. If you are using it professionally, you’ll need a separate policy. Still worth it, but more expensive.” – JustTheFactsMaam

“I would say without a doubt insurance is worth it, especially considering you have $5,000 worth of gear. Assuming you are not a professional you should be able to get a pretty cheap rider plan through your homeowners/renters insurance that has coverage for lost and stolen equipment, as well as accidental damage. My plan covers all of that and I pay less than $7/month, which is a very small price to pay for peace of mind” –  Hankey

“How likely are you to break/lose any of your gear/how much do you rely on it for income, if you need it or have a high possibility of breaking it then I’d say it is probably a worthy investment. Otherwise, I think insurance on cameras is just a huge scam, they basically rely on you paying them more than you will ever claim to make money, so if you just put a certain amount of money aside each month so if something ever does happen to your gear, you will have enough to cover it and you will probably end up paying less than if you had an insurance” – KingTauntz

“I have camera kit insurance. Last week, my D7000 and lens got smashed when the wind knocked my tripod over, nowhere near home, mind you. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with them that same day, told the whole truth, and had the money in my account within 3 days. I pay $17/month and it covers pretty much everything I own, so long as I don’t make a living off it. The one drawback is that there was a $500 deductible, and they went with the lowest price they could find online for a new body.”   – BelgianWaffle

How Can You Protect Your Camera from Damage?

Insurance carriers can cancel your camera coverage if ever you repeatedly make a claim. And so, it’s best to take care of your camera even if you got it covered with an insurance policy. In this section, let’s talk about how can you protect your camera from damage.


Always Use The Strap

All cameras have a strap that you can wear on your neck or wrist. While it’s true that the strap feels uncomfortable, it’s undeniable that it perfectly protects the camera against theft. 

There are also instances where other users didn’t use the strap and then dropped camera in water. With that said, never underestimate how helpful the strap can be. It’s useful and that’s why manufacturers always put a free strap on their 1000 dollar camera.  

Buy a Camera Bag 

Most like to store their cameras together with clothes in the luggage and don’t realize that by doing so, the camera’s lens or shutter can easily get damaged.  If you own a camera, it’s a good decision to get gear up camera bag as it will keep the camera free from dust, moisture, and breakage.

Buying Your Camera: A Guide

If you’re researching camera insurance because you’re about to get a camera soon, then here’s a guide that answers all of your questions about buying a camera. 

What Kind of Camera to Buy?

To determine what kind of camera to buy, first answer the question,” What kind of user am I ?”. Are you a casual traveler who loves to take photos? The camera collector? Someone who shares the beauty of the world with others through pictures? A photojournalist maybe? 

If you’re a traveler and loves blogging, then you’ll want to get a life blogging camera  like the Sony A6500 or the Canon Rebel T7i, which have a slim design that makes them very portable and the best log camera right now. But what if you’re not a travel blogger but are someone interested in taking snapshots of places? In this case, the camera for you are point-and-shoot cameras like the Canon PowerShot Elph 180 / IXUS 185 and Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800.

Now let’s say you’re running a construction business or landscaping business and need a camera to survey an area. In this case, you’ll need a camera for business purposes like a camera drone or an econ camera for example. 

How about if you’re a video content creator working from home? In this case, the generic blog cameras are what you need. Most agree that the best blogging camera right now is the Sony ZV-1. Another famous blog camera for video creation is Osmo Action.

“What kind of camera do I need if I’m an insurance adjuster?”, – good question since we’re talking about insurance earlier. The best camera for insurance adjuster according to the post of agents in insurance drip reviews is the Fujifilm XP that’s waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, and dustproof. 

How Much Does a Nice Camera Cost?

So how much do cameras cost? The average cost of brand new digital cameras in the United States is $189.54 as of 2022 . On the other hand, second-hand cameras cost 5%  or 10% lower than the list price of brand new digital cameras. 

How Much Does a Photography Camera Cost?

Brand new cameras used for commercial photography costs $2,500 – $3,000 on average. On the other hand, photography cameras for personal use cost $250 – $1,000 on average. 

How Much Does a DSLR Camera Cost?

The latest statistical data on the cost of DSLR cameras state that a DSLR unit is  $536.93. 

A DSLR camera is expensive. However, there’s no need to save money and wait to get a brand new one. Camera stores offer DSLR camera pay monthly plans for those saying “I need a camera right now!”

Nonetheless, to pay monthly for a DSLR camera has drawbacks too. Camera shops put an interest in their customer’s DSLR camera monthly payment plan. As a result, the customer pays more than what’s intended. 

How Much is a Professional Camera?

So how much does a professional camera cost? High-end cameras – those that professional photographers use – cost $2,000 to $5,000 including all attachments. 

But then again, the price varies from source to source as there’s no set definition for what is considered a professional camera.

For some, a professional camera is one that comes with all the advanced features the usual consumer camera doesn’t have. 

On the other hand, others say that a  professional camera is one  that works well and lasts long for its price regardless of whether comes with advanced features or not. Prasanna Bhalerao, an amateur photographer sheds light on this.

A professional-grade camera, or for that matter any equipment of that grade, is something that is robust, long-lasting, very reliable, guaranteed to return the same (quality) results time after time .” – source

Where to Buy Professional Cameras?

The best place to buy a professional camera is Cameras Etc Newark. Here are some online reviews about this store. 

OMG I love this place, they’re a veritable playroom for adults who love camera gear.  Staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced source

Always enjoying coming to Cameras Etc in Newark. The staff is always helpful and friendly.  Their knowledge about professional camera gears is outstanding and they are patient and customer-oriented source

As a photo major at UD, I practically lived here and knew almost everyone who worked here by name.  It was always my go-to for new gear.  I found all the employees, particularly Dain, to be knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about photography.  I’d support this store over the big box stores any day !” – source

When Do Camera Prices Drop?

Since cameras are common giftable items, their prices drastically drop during the Christmas season. During such times, sellers sell their cameras for 5% – 10% lower. Black Friday is another time when camera prices drastically drop. 

Best Places to Buy Cameras That are Brand New in US

Many say that it’s best to go to San Francisco, New York, or Sioux Falls when buying brand new cameras. These three places have a lot of shops with the latest cameras from all brands at competitive rates.


Where to Find Brand New Cameras in New York City?

B&H and Adorama are the best places to buy a camera that’s brand new in New York City. B&H is the best camera shop in NYC that garnered a lot of awards. In 2018, it was named the leading online electronics retailer It was also named by Forbes magazine as America’s Best Midsize employer.

On the other hand, Adorama is the best camera shop in New York that ranks 7th in the rating of photography equipment sites. In case you’re looking for the best canon shop in New York City, Adorama or B&H is still the place to go. 

Where to Find Brand New Cameras in San Francisco?

The best camera store in San Francisco, if you’re looking for brand new cameras, is Samy’s Camera.  While in San Francisco, many photographers like to visit Samy’s Camera because it has an extensive collection of different camera models, implements very fair pricing, and employs a very knowledgeable workforce. 

Where to Find Brand New Cameras in Sioux Falls?

A Sioux falls camera store with a lot of good Google reviews is Harold’s Photo, which is a brand new camera shop and a photo studio. Another camera store in Sioux falls that online sources recommend you try for brand new cameras is Bodnar Studio & Camera Shop.


What are The Best Online Stores Selling Brand New Cameras in the USA?

The best online camera stores in USA that allow customers to pay monthly for cameras.

  • Econ Cameras

  • Best Buy

  • Walmart

  • Ritz

  • Newegg

  • Peace Street Camera

How to Buy a Cheap Camera that Works Well?

If you like cameras but can’t afford to spend much, then why don’t you try buying second-hand cameras?  Contrary to the popular notion, second-hand cameras still work well (provided you have a keen eye). 

So how much does a second-hand camera cost? Used camera values depend on  camera depreciation life. According to experts, cameras depreciate 4% – 31% annually.  For example, a $1,000 camera will cost $300 or $400 in the next 10 years. 

That being said, buying a second-hand camera is the most viable option if you’re thinking,” I need the camera immediately “. Let’s talk about how to buy a working second-hand camera and avoid wasting money. 

First off, watch out for age if you’re buying a second-hand digital camera. It’s best to set a standard like refusing to buy a digital camera that’s more than 5 years old. Michael Wright, a camera enthusiast, comments on this:  

“The one thing to watch out for with digital cameras is that age matters. If I were to go back to shooting film, I’d happily use a 60-year-old Leica, Nikon, or Canon, because they’re mechanical, and if anything goes wrong, it can be fixed. Electronics can’t be fixed, only replaced, and after a while spares just won’t be available. The rate of improvement in electronics has slowed down a bit, but newer is still better. I would be a bit cautious about buying a digital camera more than five or six years old.”   – source

The second rule is to prioritize buying second-hand cameras from people who are selling their cameras for upgrading purposes. Amit Srivastava, CEO of Pixean, comments on this:  

“If someone is selling cameras because they want to upgrade to newer and better versions, then don’t think twice about buying. Else, don’t buy a used DSLR as there could be various reasons behind it. There could be some problem with the sensor, the shutter curtains, or the firmware might be corrupt ” – source

A rule to follow, when buying a second-hand camera that uses a shutter, is to ask the seller how many clicks the shutter has had.  James Linn, a photographer and IT consultant, shares his thoughts on this:  

“Each camera has an expected lifespan for the shutters in terms of the number of shutter clicks. Do not buy a DSLR with more than half of the expected shutter clicks used.” – source

Finally, if you’re buying a camera from a second-hand online store, then take time to post in forums to ask for suggestions on how to spot defects quickly. 

Where to Buy Used Cameras in New York?

If you can afford to travel, we suggest you try buying from a New York used camera store. New York  was the birthplace of American photography, and within the city, you can find a lot of camera stores that are highly dedicated to preserving the value of old cameras. This section will show you all of the places to buy used cameras in NYC.

The Photo Village

At first glance, the Photo Village might look like it’s an old store for a used camera in New York. However, don’t get fooled because this business just started in 2014. But despite being a new player, the Photo village has numerous collections of second hand cameras in NYC such as Sony, Leica, Kodak, Fuji, Polaroid, Voigtlander, and other brands. Those looking for the cheapest place to buy cameras in New York never fail to visit here. 


Willoughby’s is an electronics store where you can’t only find a new or used camera in NYC but also other electronic devices such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, computers, and more. If it’s second-hand cameras, this place is a wonderful option for it will give you the best used camera bodies from  Nikon, Sigma, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, and Leica.

KM Camera

KM Camera is an accredited dealer of popular camera brands. It has a store at Orchard Street and an online store where you can find used cameras in NY. The KM Camera team is not only committed to becoming the best place to buy camera in NYC but also to becoming the best camera shop in terms of customer reviews. 

Foto Care

Foto Care is an iconic used camera store in NYC. The store takes pride in its cameras from top brands such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon. With Foto Care, customers can buy used cameras in New York, trade their old camera, or rent. 

Where to Buy Used Cameras in San Francisco?

Aside from New York, you can also try San Francisco for buying second-hand cameras. Photographers highly recommended are Fireside Camera, Camera Heaven, and Camera Zone and Art Gallery. 

Fireside Camera 

Fireside is one of San Francisco’s oldest independent camera dealers. This humble store that’s known for selling high-quality used cameras in San Francisco is an accredited dealer of popular camera brands like Leica, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Tamron. Fireside has a website. However, client transactions are all done at its store. 

Camera Heaven 

Camera Heaven is another independent dealer of used camera in San Francisco. Aside from taking pride as the best used camera store in San Francisco for buying vintage cameras of renowned old camera companies, Camera Heaven also takes pride in being one of the few shops that cater to complex camera repairs. 

What Do Redditors Have to Say About the Best Places to Buy Used Cameras?

Companies always mentioned in “ where to buy used cameras” reddit threads are:

  • B&H

  • Adorama

  • eBay

  • Keh Camera

  • MPB

  • Peace Camera Used Items Store

Is It Good to Buy or Sell Broken Cameras?

What for? If you plan to buy broken cameras and get them repaired to save cost, then we tell you that doing so is more troublesome and the amount of money you’ll save is the same as when buying second-hand cameras. On the other hand, if you’re planning to buy broken cameras to repair yourself and sell, then doing so is a good idea. Try Used Photo Pro, this online store has a lot of broken cameras for as low as $7. 

It’s also a good idea to sell a broken camera rather than get it repaired. This is because sometimes, repair costs can be as expensive as buying a new camera. If you’re planning on selling broken cameras, we suggest you sell them to BuyBackWorld or Peace Camera Used Store. 

Should You Get Second Hand Camera Insurance?

There’s no need for you to get stand-alone used camera insurance for your second-hand camera. The smart thing to do is to get it insured through your renter’s or homeowner’s policy. Both will already cover your camera in case of damage. However, there might be exclusions.

Are There Stolen Second-Hand Cameras and How to Spot One?

Online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores selling valuable old cameras strictly condemn theft and never sell stolen cameras to customers. However, though the chances might be slim, you can still buy a stolen camera from someone. And in this section, we’ll teach you how to check if a camera is stolen. 

You can always do a stolen camera serial number check. A serial number is a series of numbers unique to every camera unit. Manufacturers engrave this so that owners can track their cameras in case of theft. 

The Sony a7iii and Nikon D7000 are perhaps the most stolen cameras. The Sony a7iii serial number is at the bottom of its body, near the battery compartment. The location of the Nikon D7000’s serial number is the same. 

Once you know the serial number of the camera in your possession, visit websites having a stolen camera serial number list. The best website for Sony a7iii serial number check is Stolen Camera Finder . On the other hand, the best website to check Nikon serial number stolen is Lenstag

Where to Sell Old Cameras for Cash?

Some people value old cameras and will be more than happy to have the one you’re having right now. However, before you wonder about ,“where can I sell my camera for cash near me?”,  figure out how much to sell your old camera first, so that you can make the most money and buy a better one. And so, let’s have a quick talk about camera appraisal. 

How to Appraise a Camera?

Those who make a living by selling used cameras determine the price of their goods according to the model unit, the longevity of use, possible defects, and looks. However, you don’t have to do the same. Experts say that those who only sell second-hand cameras on rare occasions can determine old camera value by:

  • Determining the camera make and model

  • Visiting online marketplaces or brick-and-mortar stores to see the current list price of the camera make and model 

If you don’t want to do the legwork, then ask yourself “ Is there a camera appraisal near me ?”. Usually, what you should look for is a pawn shop or a second-hand camera store employing someone experienced with antique cameras appraisal.  

But know that there’s no need to go out and look for a camera appraisal service as some appraisers render their services online. Try visiting and is owned by Dr.Lori, a professional specializing in vintage camera appraisal. To get your camera appraised, all you need to do is schedule a video call or send the photo of your camera to Dr.Lori via email. is another website that helps people determine the value of old cameras to sell. We don’t know who runs this website. However, what we know is that it offers 2 levels of appraisal for old cameras, which don’t take more than 48 hours.  The cost of appraisal service from this website is $5 – $12 and you have to pay using PayPal. In case of disputes, says that it’s willing to give a refund. 

How to Sell Your Old Camera?

You can list your camera on eBay. If not eBay, then try Amazon. Obviously, if not eBay or Amazon, then you can sell your old camera on camera shops.  Not all camera shops will be happy to purchase an old camera. And to know which ones buy and which ones don’t, look for a sign that says “we buy cameras” or something similar on their storefront  or their website. 

Where is The Best Place to Sell Camera in NYC ?

Now let’s talk about where to sell a used camera in NYC. According to reviews, B&H is serving as the best place to sell cameras aside from being the best used camera store in NYC (best used camera store nyc). Here are some proofs:

“B&H, very quick and professional! I am a photographer myself though, so when I sold my gear it was just to get credit towards what I was buying” source

“I recently sold a 4-year old used DSLR body and kit lens to B&H. Their online estimate was $75 more than what their ultimate quote was, but I was happy with it overall” source

Repairing Your Camera

Cameras last for long but not forever. And there will come a time when you’re breaking the camera because of carelessness or too much use. 

We understand that you might be just like others who can’t afford to get a new camera right then and there. Can you get a camera repaired in the USA? Absolutely. Cities like New York and San Francisco have a lot of camera repair shops for Nikon, Sony, Canon, and other brands. 

I’m Using Nikon, Where Can I Take My Camera to Get Fixed in NYC?

Look for these businesses if you’re looking for Nikon camera repair in NYC:

  • Camera Doctor

  • Nippon Photo Clinic

  • Photo Tech 

Just in case you’re using Sony instead of Nikon, then these are the best shops for Sony camera repair in NYC:

  • Camera Doctor

  • Chrysler Camera

  • Photo Tech 

As you can see, we didn’t include iDropped as one of the best places to get a camera fixed in New York. Here’s the reason; It’s true that Idropped prices are very low and range from $50 – $99+ depending on the repair work needed. But the company doesn’t repair cameras but only laptops, android phones, laptops, and iPhones. 

Where to Get My Canon Camera Repaired in San Francisco?

Repair shops that many recommend for Canon camera repair in San Francisco are:

  • Seawood Photo Incorporated

  • Kamera Korner

  • Wolf Camera

Sony A7iii Shutter Replacement Cost

The average cost of shutter replacement for Sony A7iii is $500 – $650. 

Do Insurance Companies Take Pictures of Your House?

Insurance companies take pictures of their customer’s house. An insurance photo will help with  the approval or rejection of an insurance application or  insurance claim. Let’s talk about security cameras and home insurance. 

Can You Make Money Taking Pictures of Insurance Companies?

Some take pictures for insurance companies and earn money. However, the process is not easy. You’ll have to find a carrier that’s hiring photographers. After this,  you’ll have to prove that you’re a good photographer by sending a portfolio. If you’re hired, then expect to earn $19.56 an hour by taking pictures for insurance companies.

Do Security Cameras Lower Home Insurance?

“I am in the insurance industry in the USA. Most companies I work with give discounts for fire/burglar systems that have central reporting. So home cameras that go to your cell phone, etc won’t qualify but an ADT like system that notifies a dispatcher will .” – source

Security cameras can lower home insurance premiums. Many insurance carriers offer a discount to customers who install the right security cameras. But know that there are no commercial laws in the United States that dictate insurance companies to give lower premiums to customers who have security cameras at home. Simply put, it all depends on the carrier. 

Home Insurance Discount for Security Cameras Insurance Companies Offer

Here’s a table that shows the home insurance camera discounts of different carriers in the US:

Company Camera Discount for Homeowner’s Insurance
Lemonade Security camera discounts
Progressive Safety and alarm discounts
USAA Protective device credit ( you are only eligible for this if you buy and install ADT® home security system from USAA)
Amica Alarm system discounts
Allstate Protective device discounts
State Farm  Home security insurance discount

Do Security Cameras Depreciation Life Affect Insurance?

Carriers might not give you a discount if your house uses an outdated security camera the moment you get homeowner’s insurance. Security camera depreciation life doesn’t necessarily affect insurance premiums. What’s certain is that it will affect your eligibility for homeowner’s discounts. 

Where to Get Home Insurance with Free Security Camera?

The insurance company, Hippo, will give you a free security camera if you decide to qualify for its Smart Home insurance program. Hippo claims that customers who decide to get insured save $64  – $91 on their insurance premiums. 

USAA and American Family don’t really have home insurance with free camera. Nonetheless, they’re worth mentioning as both sell ADT security systems to their policyholders  at very cheap prices, which almost equates to getting a free security camera from USAA or American Family upon buying a homeowner’s insurance. 

Can You Get CCTV Insurance?

Insurance companies right now don’t have a dedicated insurance policy that covers a drop camera pro and  other CCTV cameras.  But know that your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance has personal property coverage that can serve as a CCTV camera protection cover.

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Aside from The New Version of the Camera Which I Got Last Year, I Also Plan to Insure Its Accessories. What’s The Best Method to Do So?

If you’re into hardcore photography, then chances are you have several new or old camera gears. A camera is already good for taking photos. However, its capabilities might be limited. And so, camera gears are available to further improve a camera’s functionalities. 

Your photo camera equipment needs protection as much as your camera does. However, your carrier might not cover camera gears or camera equipment in its standard camera insurance policies. And so, you’ll have to get separate insurance for camera gear or insurance for camera equipment.

What is Insurance on Camera Gear?

An insurance on camera gear or insurance on camera equipment functions to protect your camera’s attachments. Many professional photographers and hobbyists say that this is the best way to insure camera equipment. The most common camera accessories the policy covers are:

  • Camera lens

  • Lens hood

  • Tripod

  • Polarizing filter

  • Camera repair/cleaning kit

  • External Flash

  • Flash transmitter

  • External hard drive

Just like other insurance policies, insurance for camera gear insurance for camera equipment have exclusions. Carriers, who will insure your camera equipment, will not provide coverage for the following accessories with their camera equipment insurance:

  • Shoulder strap

  • SD card

  • Power bank

  • Remote

  • Memory card case

How Much is Camera Equipment Insurance?

Camera equipment insurance cost is $45 a month or $540 a year. Cost depends on factors like your location and the total value of camera gear to be insured.

What are The Most Important Considerations When Insuring My Camera Gear?

The first thing you have to do when insuring a camera gear or insuring a camera equipment  is to ask the insurance company, broker, or agent about how their claim process works. Having a clear idea about the claims process is very important to avoid rejection if you need to use your insurance in the future. Confirm if you need to submit a photo or video, submit copies of the original receipt, or submit the serial numbers of the camera gears to prove you own them. 

The second consideration when you insure a camera gear  or insure a camera equipment is to think about how much you’ll get from your insurance policy. Will your insurance  account for the full value of your camera gears? Or will it only account 60% – 80%? Also, it’s important to know if the policy limit applies to all gears insured or if there’s a sub-limit for particular camera gears. By the way, the will account for the full value of insured camera equipment and will have sub-limits for comprehensive coverage. 

“What’s the third consideration when planning to insure my camera equipment?”, The third consideration – for finding the best insurance for camera gear – is the number of claims you can make.  Some camera gear insurance companies allow you to make an unlimited number of claims – these are the best by the way. On the other hand, others will only allow you to make 3 claims or 5 claims then cancel your policy. These are the ones that you should avoid. 

By the way, if you’re looking for live tips about camera gear insurance, we suggest you go to camera equipment insurance reddit threads or camera gear insurance reddit threads. Just post a question, and soon enough, hundreds of answers will be posted. 

Where to Rent Camera Equipment in San Francisco or New York?

The best places where you can rent camera lenses, tripods, and other camera accessories in San Francisco are Looking Glass Photo & Camera, Studio B Camera Rentals, and Chater Camera. On the other hand, the best shop for renting camera equipment in New York is Borrow Lenses NYC. 

What is Camera Equipment Rental Insurance?

A renters insurance for camera equipment works the same way as a camera rental insurance. The policy will help you pay the real owner in case their camera equipment got damaged in your possession. 

Is There Travel Insurance for Camera Equipment?

International travel with camera gear can be problematic. Your camera gear bag might get lost in the airport, get taken by a thief in a restaurant or tourist location, or  get left in a taxi. And so, you should consider insuring camera equipment for travel.

There are carriers that offer travel insurance for camera equipment.  This policy is basically a standard travel insurance with an optional coverage that accounts for your camera gear.  But there’s a limit on how many accessories you can insure and travel insurance carriers will only allow you to cover $400 – $600 worth of camera gear. 

Where to Get The Best Travel Insurance for Camera Gear?

The best travel insurance for camera equipment right now are Holiday Travel Extras, World of Nomads, and Protect Your Bubble. Many have been insured by these companies and enjoyed hassle-free international travel with camera gear. 

Holiday Travel Extras provides the best option to insure camera equipment while traveling as it can give you $1,000 – $3,000 coverage for accidental damage, theft, and malicious damage or loss. 

World of Nomads, on the other hand, is great for insuring only 2 – 3 camera accessories. Note that this company allows you to add camera gear coverage to your standard travel insurance. 

Protect Your Bubble is the best if you’re planning to have numerous camera equipment covered by photo gear insurance. The company uses a set pricing and doesn’t determine insurance premiums based on the number of camera gears to be insured. 

Where to Buy Camera Equipment?

The best places to buy camera equipment  – not the mainstream overrated ones – are Abe’s of Maine and Precision Camera and Video

Go to Abe’s of Maine if you’re looking for one of the best places to buy camera gear in New Jersey. This one doesn’t compare to the popular Adorama or B&H. However, Abe’s of Maine has a wide collection of camera equipment in its inventory and sells them at very cheap prices. 

Precision Camera and Video is the best camera equipment store in Texas. If you’re far from Texas, take the time to travel as this store is worth the visit. Precision Camera and Video puts generous discounts on its camera equipment. This store even has a photo studio where you can test your newly purchased gears. 

How to Get Free Camera Gear?

New businesses give freebies on their opening day to their first customers. And so,  one simple thing to do to get  your old camera equipment replaced with a new must have camera gear is to explore cities or ask people online for new camera shops. 

Look for a buy-one-take-one offer when you plan to buy camera equipment. For example, during the holidays, some camera stores give promos and sell camera lenses together with a free camera hoods

The final method is to scour the internet for freebies. Through search engines, you can find a lot of websites that give photo camera equipment for free. Examples are Camera Giveaways and Tomoson. 

Camera Giveaways might not look much as its website looks very simple. However, there are online testimonials that prove that it does give camera equipment for free.

Unlike Camera Giveaways, Tomoson looks very legit even at first glance. However, there’s a catch. You can only get free camera equipment from Tomoson if you’re an influencer. Getting a camera from Tomoson is very simple. All you have to do is register, file an application for free camera equipment, and wait for the products to be shipped if approved.  Note that Tomoson is very good as its freebies are not the usual generic cheap camera equipment or cheap camera gear but are the high-quality pieces of the best brands. 

What to Do with Old Camera Equipment?

If your old camera equipment works fine, it’s best if you sell them as second-hand items. By doing this, you can recoup 60% or 80% of your total investment to have those old camera gears in the past. We suggest you sell first to someone you know, so that it’s easy to negotiate how much you want to get from selling your used camera equipment. 

If you want to sell to strangers, then we suggest you sell used camera gear online. The best methods for doing this arei by listing your camera gear on Facebook marketplace (no listing fee required) and eBay. How about Amazon? Amazon sells cheap photography accessories and cheap photography supplies so it’s a good option too.  

Are you not good at sales talk? If this is the case, then you should visit stores where old camera equipment are wanted. Examples are pawnshops and stores buying used camera equipment in NYC.

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Photography Equipment Insurance

Note that camera gear insurance will only cover the attachments on your camera.  It will not provide coverage for photography lighting, photography backdrops, softboxes and reflectors, and photo editing computer. The insurance policy that provides coverage for these is photography gear insurance or photo equipment insurance. 

Those running a photo studio opt to get coverage for their camera, camera accessories, and photo equipment through photographic equipment insurance. This is because the policy provides coverage to all devices used in photography. 

Insurance for photography equipment is only available as a stand-alone policy or as additional coverage in photographer’s business insurance.

Just like camera insurance, photographic insurance can cover all types of photography equipment against theft, intentional damage, and accidental damage. 

Does Geico Have Equipment Insurance for Photography?

Geico equipment insurance can serve as photo gear insurance. However, coverage is only possible if you’re running a photo studio. This is because the company only allows you to insure photography gear by getting optional equipment breakdown coverage on standard photo insurance for business.

Which is Better? Camera Insurance or Photographic Equipment Insurance?

If you’re only insuring a camera, then a camera insurance policy is better than a photographic equipment insurance policy. It’s because the former provides a more straightforward process in insuring a camera than the latter. 

On the other hand, if you want to get coverage for your camera, camera accessories, and photography kits, then it’s best to get professional photography equipment insurance because it has higher policy limits. 

Where to Get the Best Insurance for Photography Equipment?

We suggest you try Full Frame Insurance. Full Frame covers all types of photographic equipment used in photo studios at a set fee. Also, its photographic equipment insurance policy doesn’t have any deductibles. 

Full Frame insurance reviews are very positive and many photo studios recommend this company. By the way, aside from insuring equipment for photography,  the company also offers Full Frame photography insurance, which includes liability coverage with no deductible. 

You can buy Full Frame equipment insurance online or through full frame agents. By the way, if you’re only insuring a camera, go for Lemonade instead. 

Can I Use Travel Insurance to Insure My Equipment for Photography?

A camera and its accessories are the only equipment for photography that can be covered by travel insurance. Other photographic equipment are excluded by carriers. In simple terms, there’s no travel insurance for photography equipment. 

But know that even if you can’t get photography equipment travel insurance, you can still get covered. But how? You can insure equipment for photography using inland marine insurance. 

Can You Buy Photographic Equipment as a Set?

You can buy photography equipment for studios as a set. This includes a lighting box, backdrop, photography umbrella, lighting kit, and more. 

How about cameras and other photography equipment? Are these sold as a set? The answer is no. A professional photography kit from stores rarely includes a camera or camera accessories. Cameras are sold individually or may be sold with a free lens or tripod as a freebie. 

Is It Good to Buy Used Photography Gear?

The answer depends on where you’re buying.  Buying used photographic equipment from a stranger is not good as they always come with issues. On the other hand, photography gear from second-hand stores  were checked for quality and repaired before being  displayed for sale again. Therefore, buying them is a good option. 

Where to Look for Cheap Photography Equipment?

Look for cheap photography equipment in New York. Visit shops like Pro Image, Shotkit, and Robert’s Cameras, which also happen to be part of the best places to buy used photography equipment in NYC. 

You can also look for cheap photo equipment in San Francisco. The store we recommend you visit to find photography equipment that’s cheap is Digital Powell which sells professional cameras and equipment  for newbies, hobbyists, and professionals. 

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Film Equipment Insurance

If you’re into photography or filmmaking, know that the equipment in your possession right now might not be covered by photographic equipment insurance. The reason is obvious. Photography equipment and professional filming equipment are not the same. 

The insurance that will cover your possessions is film equipment insurance or video equipment insurance. Equipment you can cover using this policy are video cameras, external video camera lights, three-point lighting kits, shotgun microphones, shock mounts, XLR cables, and more. 

Note that aside from brand new movie equipment for filmmaking, you can also use this policy to insure used movie equipment. 

By the way, if ever you only want to get your DSLR film gear covered,  like the audio recorder attachment, hood loupe, density filter, slider, and  shoulder rig; Then you can also qualify for a video camera equipment insurance, which is a least comprehensive version of insurance for film equipment. 

You can get video production equipment insurance or film equipment insurance as a stand-alone policy. But you need to also know that it’s available as an optional coverage in business insurance policies like video production insurance or videography insurance. 

Where to Get Production Insurance in NYC?

Companies that offer production insurance for filmmakers and videographers in New York are Eaton Insurance and Rowin Insurance. 

Eaton Insurance offers a production insurance policy with film equipment hire insurance coverage. Aside from insuring your film equipment, Eaton Insurance also insures you against legal liability, extra expense, and more. In case you’re looking for temporary production insurance with worldwide coverage, know that Eaton has this too. 

Rowin Insurance, on the other hand, has 40+ years of experience insuring filmmakers, producers, and videographers. This company has production insurance with film equipment rental insurance coverage. 

What is Video Equipment Rental Insurance?

A video equipment rental insurance or a film equipment rental insurance is a policy that provides coverage to any rented film equipment. Through this insurance policy, you can afford to pay the owner if ever the equipment got damaged or stolen in your possession. 

How to Get the Best Film Equipment Insurance?

Try comparing insurance quotes. By doing so, you’ll find the carriers that offer cheap production insurance quotes offering stand-alone or bundled film equipment insurance coverage. Start your comparison using our page. Click the “Get Quotes” button, fill-up the form, and receive quotes from the top carriers in the United States. 

Camera Lens Insurance

The United States doesn’t have insurance companies with specialized insurance policy that covers camera lenses. You can get your camera lens covered using your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. Another way to get coverage is to qualify for a camera and lens insurance policy. 

How Much Do Camera Lenses Cost?

The cost of standard-zoom lenses is  $240 – $2,314. On the other hand, exclusive lenses for professional photography cost $1,500 – $30,000. If you’re buying a professional lens, it’s best to ask the seller if you can have it through a camera lens payment plan. 

Where to Get Camera Lens in New York?

There are two places we recommend if you want to get the best lenses in New York City, Lomography Gallery Store and Audio46. 

Where to Buy Used Lenses in NYC?

The best stores for buying used camera lenses in NYC are Eliz digital, Panorama Camera Center, Sell Camera and Lens NYC, and Marcy Camera & Electronics. 

Where  Do You Find Canon Lens Repair in NYC?

The best stores to visit if you’re looking for canon camera lens repair in NYC are Advance Camera, Photo Works, and Peak Design. 

Where to Sell Camera Lenses for Cash Near Me?

It’s hard to sell broken camera lens. However, you can try listing it on eBay for a very cheap price. You can also visit camera repair centers and ask the technician if they pay for a broken camera lens. 

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