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Golf is a popular sport, with over 50 million adults playing golf over the last year. Playing golf is a relaxing and refreshing way for users to enjoy themselves and keep their bodies in shape. Therefore, just like the gym owner will seek gym insurance, a personal trainer must be covered with personal trainer insurance,  or a spa owner will seek spa insurance , you need to protect yourself and your clients from any unforeseen risks by seeking golf course insurance. Golf course insurance coverage helps you make repairs and lets you stay solvent when the unexpected occurs and causes a financial expense.

This guide gives deeper insights into golf course insurance and its importance. We will also discuss what golf course liability insurance covers, the average cost of purchasing it, and also review some of the best golf course insurance companies in America that you can count on.

golf course insurance

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Golf Course Liability Insurance

Golf course liability insurance coverage protects your business against third-party claims due to damages. Cases of personal injury, property damage, unintentional bodily injury, or advertising injury to third parties can result in claims against your business. It is vital to have golf course liability insurance due to the high number of visitors the golf course receives.

Vendors, customers, and other individuals are at risk of slip-and-fall accidents. They could also sustain injuries from golf cart collisions or wayward golf shots. While the players are partly responsible for the injuries due to their participation in the game, you should defend yourself in case of a lawsuit. Golf course liability insurance covers all the legal fees, including settlements. This protects your business from financial losses. It is important to note that golf course liability insurance also covers third-party property damage or bodily injury. For instance, if your golf course offers food services or sells other equipment, you could be liable for injuries or illnesses sustained. 

Furthermore, golf course liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits based on non-physical injuries. This includes cases of slander, libel, copyright infringement in advertising, among others. Also, golf course liability insurance offers financial protection when one of your employees damages a customer's property. 

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Golf Course Insurance Coverage Scope

Here are some of the cases golf course insurance covers;


This insurance policy covers any lawsuits your golf course faces. It pays for a lawyer for court proceedings and pays the settlements in case you are found liable. This is important because it prevents unnecessary experiences that hurt your finances. 

Theft and Vandalism

Like any other business, your golf course business could suffer the effects of theft and vandalism. Thugs could break into your golf course and steal valuable equipment, resulting in losses. Golf course insurance protects against such cases.

Natural Disasters

If vehicles, buildings, or the course are damaged by hailstorms, wildfire, or any other natural disaster, this insurance covers you. You won't spend anything out of your pocket to replace or repair damages. This is crucial because it helps you get back on your feet in no time. 

Work-related Injuries

If any of your employees sustain injuries while working on your golf course, a worker's compensation policy will help carter for their medical expenses. This underlines the importance of golf course insurance because you won't spend much money on medical bills. It also helps you save time.

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Golf Course Insurance Cost

The average golf course insurance cost is about $273 per month, or $3,276 a year. However, the cost varies from one golf course to another, making it hard to estimate accurately. Depending on the size of your golf course, you should budget for around $500 monthly or $6,000 annually. While mini golf course insurance cost is $33 a month or $396 a year for  a $1m general liability insurance for golf course; high-end and prestigious golf courses could need tens of thousands of dollars for their golf course liability insurance. 

It is also important to note that several factors affect the cost of golf course insurance. Some of these factors include the location of your golf course, its size, its vulnerability to disaster and crime, and the replacement cost of equipment and buildings. Some golf course insurance companies also ask whether or not you sell alcohol when calculating your golf course insurance cost.

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Best Golf Course Insurance Companies

So, you have seen the importance of golf course insurance and decided to purchase one for your golf course business; however, which insurance company should you work with? This is a challenging question that most golf course owners want to know the answer to. There are many insurance companies offering golf insurance, but not all are good for you. For that reason, we have researched a few companies that offer excellent golf course insurance coverage. Here are some of the best golf course insurance companies; To compare golf course insurance quotes online from these companies and other excellent insurers and get competitive rates from them, click the 'Get Quotes' online and complete the questionnaire!

Westfield Signature Insurance

Westfield Signature Insurance is an established insurance company with many years of experience. It has been in operation for over 70 years. What makes this insurance company ideal for golf course insurance is that it started as a country club. This means they know what policies work best for a golf course and offer them at the best prices.

Westfield Policy Details

This insurance company offers crucial protection against damaging lawsuits. It also offers tailored golf course insurance for the golf market. The company's claims team is only a call away, making them reliable for claim responsiveness. They also offer general golf course insurance that covers claims from third parties.


  • Coverage for clubhouse furnishings

  • Fast claim responsiveness

  • Affordable


  • Not available in all states

Best for : Established golf courses

Average cost : $350 a month

Our rating: 10/10

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All Sport Insurance

This insurance company is based in the UK. Having been in existence for over four decades, All Sport Insurance company prides itself in providing comprehensive insurance cover for all sports-related businesses. Golf course insurance is this company's specialty, making them one of the best in the industry. They offer insurance cover to golf clubs of any size, whether small or established ones.

All Sport Policy Details

All Sport has a unique insurance policy for golf courses. Its policy is tailored to cover exactly what you need in your golf course. For instance, you can purchase an insurance policy for vehicles, fairway, clubhouse, and greens.


  • Easily reachable claims line

  • Flexible monthly payment options

  • Includes pro shop coverage


  • Claim responsiveness could be slow

Best for : Multi-purpose golf courses

Average cost: $400 per month

Our rating: 8/10

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