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Real estate agents typically need E&O insurance , though real estate investors might need additional coverage to ensure that they don’t end up in an unfavourable financial position. However, real estate investor insurance is a pretty complicated field that many investors aren’t even well-acquainted with.

To make things easier for our readers, we’ve put together this guide to getting insured as a real estate investor. We’ll explore policies like liability insurance as well as E&O insurance for real estate investors. We’ll also go over the average real estate investor insurance cost and more.

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Real Estate Investor Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for real estate investors is a form of coverage that applies to lawsuits filed against you, and it ensures that a real estate investor won’t have to pay out of pocket if they’re found liable for damages. Along with property damage, medical expenses are also covered by liability insurance, so you’ll be covered if someone gets injured on your property.

There are several forms of liability insurance, though general liability coverage is one of the most common ones for real estate investors. General liability insurance is more expensive than other kinds of liability insurance because it covers nearly anyone who steps on your property, including people who work for you.

However, investors with smaller real estate portfolios typically opt for public liability coverage because it is more affordable and it still applies to members of the public. Members of the public include people who work for third parties as well as tenants who reside in an investor’s properties.

Real estate investor liability insurance is a lot more common than other forms of coverage because of the potential expenses that can result from a lawsuit. Instead of losing everything because of an accident that an investor was found liable for, most property investors prefer to simply pay a monthly premium for their peace of mind.

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Real Estate Investor E&O Insurance

Along with liability insurance, E&O coverage is a popular choice for real estate investors because it protects them from a whole other range of risks. Whereas liability insurance applies to property damage and bodily injury that you’re held liable for as an investor, E&O insurance is designed to make up for mistakes.

While it may sound like liability is meant to cover mistakes, it actually won’t apply if you’re found to be negligent, and that’s why E&O coverage is so necessary. E&O insurance is also known as professional liability coverage, and it can also be referred to as professional indemnity insurance.

Real estate investor E&O coverage will also apply to accusations of breach of contract as well as discrimination against your tenants. For example, if someone alleges that you did not allow them to rent your property due to their age, race, handicap, or religion, E&O insurance will cover you.

Along with paying out for any damages that are taken out against you, E&O will ensure that you don’t have to pay your legal fees out of pocket. This ensures that you won’t end up losing money even if you win the case that’s levied against you.

Real Estate Investor Insurance Cost

Real estate investor insurance cost is dependent on a wide variety of factors that insurance carriers will carefully examine before they give you a quote. One of the main things that influences the cost of your insurance is the size of your real estate investment portfolio, since larger portfolios mean that there’s a higher chance of things going wrong.

Typically, you'll be looking on an average real estate investor insurance cost of $46 per month or $552 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage.

The amount that you pay for any insurance premium is directly related to the amount of risk that the insurer takes on when they agree to cover you. If there’s a higher risk of the insurer needing to pay out for you, it’s a lot more likely that you’ll end up paying more for your investor insurance.

However, your history as a landlord or investor will also be considered by your insurer when they determine your rates. To ensure that the following info is as close to reference values as possible, we gathered these quotes with a medium-sized investment portfolio and an investor who has a clean history.

Company Cost per month Cost per year
NREIG $41 $492
Zurich $57 $684

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Best Real Estate Investor Insurance Companies

There are many different companies that operate in the real estate insurance industry, and picking out the right one can ensure that you get the best rates available. The right insurance carrier will also ensure that you benefit from improved customer service and even quicker claims responsiveness. Read the reviews below to know the best companies, pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage.

NREIG Real Estate Investor Insurance

NREIG has been in business since 1999, and they have spent that whole time working in the real estate investment field. NREIG is known for creating custom policies for property investors, landlords, rehabbers, property managers, and more. NREIG is supported by A-rated carriers on the AM Best scale.

NREIG Policy Details

This company covers real estate investors through its Insurance Program for Real Estate Investment Properties. This kind of coverage is designed to pay out for rental properties, renovations, vacant properties, new construction, condos, vacation rentals, and a lot more.


  • Covers a wide range of properties

  • Also applies to renovations

  • Good price


  • Not a carrier itself

Average cost: $41

Best for: Real estate investors with a variety of properties

Zurich Real Estate Investor Insurance

Zurich is a Swiss insurance company that has existed for nearly 150 years, founded in Zurich, as their name would suggest. Its real estate investor insurance policies in America are handled by Zurich NA, which is their North American subsidiary.

Zurich Policy Details

Zurich’s policy is mainly targeted at larger real estate investment portfolios, and they offer both property and general liability as well as monoline property coverage. Optional coverage includes wind and hail damage, flood damage, and even earthquake insurance. Their coverage applies all around the United States, so you won’t be geographically restricted.


  • Covers acts of god

  • Several add-ons

  • Property and general liability coverage


  • Expensive

Average cost: $57

Best for: Larger portfolios

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