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1. Why A ll Fitness Trainers Must be Covered Under a Business Insurance Policy  2. Fitness Instructor Insurance Requirements3. Different Types of Group Exercise Instructor Insurance4. Fitness Training Insurance FAQs4.1. How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost? 4.2. Do I Need Personal Trainer Business Insurance? 4.3. What is Professional Indemnity Insurance for Trainers? 5. Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers vs General Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers6. Best Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers6.1. NASM Liability Insurance 6.1.1. Pros: 6.1.2. Cons: 6.1.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.1.4. Premium Cost:  6.1.5. Rating:  6.2. Ace Personal Trainer Insurance 6.2.1. Pros: 6.2.2. Cons: 6.2.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.2.4. Premium Cost:  6.2.5. Rating:  6.3. GEICO Personal Trainer Insurance 6.3.1. Pros: 6.3.2. Cons: 6.3.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.3.4. Premium Cost:  6.3.5. Rating:  6.4. USAA Personal Trainer Insurance 6.4.1. Pros: 6.4.2. Cons: 6.4.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.4.4. Premium Cost:  6.4.5. Rating:  6.5. Philadelphia Insurance Personal For Personal Trainers 6.5.1. Pros: 6.5.2. Cons: 6.5.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.5.4. Premium Cost:  6.5.5. Rating:  6.6. Marsh Personal Training Insurance 6.6.1. Pros: 6.6.2. Cons: 6.6.3. Who It’s Good For:  6.6.4. Premium Cost:  6.6.5. Rating:  6.7. Personal Trainer Insurance ISSA 7. Cheap Personal Trainer Insurance Companies7.1. Do These Companies Provide Health Insurance for Personal Trainers? 


If you’re a fitness instructor or you’re thinking of becoming a fitness instructor, then you’re bound to have fitness or personal trainer insurance coverage sooner or later. Whether you do one-on-one classes or group classes, in-person training or online fitness classes, most legal professionals will recommend that you maintain at least a basic personal trainer insurance as a “cover your back” assurance. 

In today’s article, we’ll explain some of the reasons why all licensed personal trainers and fitness instructors should be covered under a business insurance policy as well as the various types of fitness training-related policies you’ll be able to shop for. We’ll also give your our expert review of a few of the top fitness business insurance providers on the market along with an easy-to-read table breaking down the average personal trainer insurance costs of some of the top insurers out there for this line of business. 

Why All Fitness Trainers Must be Covered Under a Business Insurance Policy 

As a professional fitness trainer, we assume that you are operating under a legally licensed business. This means that your business is registered in your state, you have a federal EIN number, and you pay your taxes as required by law. As long as you have your business paperwork straight, you’ll be able to apply for at least some basic business insurance coverage that will help take care of you if the unexpected happens. 

Insurance is often one of the most overlooked aspects of starting a new business. However, it’s critical as it can save you big money on unexpected financial expenses! Here’s why we believe that all fitness trainers (and every other type of business for that matter) should, at least, have general liability insurance

For the most part, fitness training is safe. As long as the instructor knows what they’re doing and their student (or students) are following instructions, the chances of injury or misfortunate are relatively low. However, accidents can always happen.

Injuries that you may be held accountable for are fractures, strains, splints, and fatigue. We must emphasize fatigue, by the way. Fatigue is caused by overexertion. And according to a study,  there' at least 36.2% chance of overexerting oneself while being physically trained. 

Without insurance, you could be facing a tough (and expensive) legal battle. However, with fitness instructor liability insurance, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Your insurance policy would pay for any legal fees associated with the incident, and if your business was found to be “at fault,” then your insurance would pay for any associated medical bills from the case. 

Maintaining a reliable personal trainer insurance policy is crucial if you want avoid any unnecessary legal headaches down the road. Obviously, in a perfect world, you’ll never have to actually use your insurance coverage. Many trainers and fitness instructors are able to go through their entire careers without facing a single problem or falling victim to legal charges. 

However, all it takes is that one time to make or break you. Given this, the small monthly premium you’ll pay in personal trainer liability insurance costs is well worth the trouble.

Fitness Instructor Insurance Requirements

So, what exactly are the insurance requirements for a fitness instructor? Although most state governments don’t explicitly require trainers to maintain insurance, it’s a smart idea to have it. Additionally, if you’re providing your services inside of a gym or studio, then the gym’s owner may require you to show proof of insurance, so make sure that no blame falls on them. 

Fitness instructor insurance is straightforward. Most trainers maintain a general liability policy. These policies provide protection against medical/injury claims (like we discussed above) and may also be able to provide you with compensation for lost income if your business closes down due to causes like severe weather or re-emergence of a dangerous virus. 

In addition, many trainers also opt to purchase a professional liability policy as well. This covers clerical and professional errors that you could encounter, such as:

  • The client claims that you over-billed them. 

  • The client claims they’re unsatisfied with their results.

  • The client tries to unjustly slander you or your business. 

  • The client suffered an injury and says that it's caused by your inability to provide clear instructions or tips

Professional liability is designed to protect you from actual and alleged accusations. Whether it’s a simple paperwork error or a more direct accusation of wrongdoing, this type of insurance will pay for legal defense fees and other costs that come up while dealing with these charges. 

Should you decide that you would like both of these coverages, then you may be able to ask your provider for a comprehensive policy that includes both of these types of insurance. Mostly these are included in a Business Owners' Policy, aka BOP. You may even get a discount for bundling the two business insurance types together!

Different Types of Group Exercise Instructor Insurance

These are the most common types of fitness trainers who should consider purchasing an insurance policy. 

  • Zumba instructor insurance (or Zumba liability insurance). 

  • Spin instructor insurance.

  • Gym instructor insurance. 

  • Aerobic instructor insurance. 

  • Sports trainer insurance.

  • Group fitness instructor insurance (teaching general group fitness). 

  • Online fitness coach insurance / Online personal trainer insurance

  • Pilates instructor insurance / Pilates teacher insurance. 

Fitness Training Insurance FAQs

Before we get into reviewing the best personal trainer insurance companies and policies, we’re going to take a minute to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that policyholders are asking regarding fitness training insurance. 

How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost? 

Generally speaking, fitness trainer insurance costs are quite affordable. Of course, quotes will vary from one location to another and depend on how much coverage you need. However, many personal and group fitness instructors are able to get low monthly premiums anywhere between $10/month and $50/month! That’s a small price to pay for the thousands that it could save you down the road. 

Do I Need Personal Trainer Business Insurance? 

Most states don’t have a law that requires personal trainers to have business liability insurance. However, the gym you train in or the shopping center where you rent a training space may require you to show proof of insurance before they allow you to start training on their property. Additionally, having insurance provides your clients with a sense of security and makes you look more professional. This, in turn, can get you more clients. 

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance for Trainers? 

Professional indemnity insurance provides you with protection if a client ever claims that your services “don’t work.” As you can imagine, these claims are common in the health and fitness industry. When it comes to fitness, results can vary significantly from one individual to another. Some clients will achieve great results, while others don’t put in the necessary work. This type of coverage is usually included under the professional liability insurance we discussed above.

Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers vs General Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

If you’ve been shopping around for different personal trainer insurance policies, then you’ve likely come across these two terms. They sound very similar to each other, so many people end up confusing them with one another. However, they do differ slightly in terms of the type of coverage they provide.

Public liability insurance provides protection for business owners from claims of injury or property damage made by customers and third-parties. General liability insurance, on the other hand, provides public liability and additional coverage when your business is accused of causing trouble or ends up actually causing trouble to community members. 

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Best Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Now that you know a little bit more about how fitness trainer insurance works and why you need it, let’s take some time to look over the best liability insurance companies and policies for personal trainers out there! 

NASM Liability Insurance

Many personal trainers receive their certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM. In addition to providing top-of-the-line education and certification programs for trainers, NASM has also partnered with Next Insurance Group to provide low-cost NASM personal trainer insurance. 

The insurer’s most basic policy starts at just $11 per month for a $500,000 general liability policy. However, if you need additional coverage, then you can sign up for one of their Pro or Pro Plus plans that provide $1 million or $2 million worth of liability coverage. 

NASM insurance is easy to sign up for and provides the basic coverage that most personal trainers or online fitness instructors need. 


  • Easy to sign up for. 

  • Offered by NASM (where many trainers receive their certification). 

  • Several easy-to-understand policies. 


  • May not be good for larger fitness training groups that need a broader policy. 

Who It’s Good For: 

One-on-one personal trainers, small group fitness instructors, online personal trainers. 

Premium Cost: 

Policies start at $11/month for a general liability policy. 


5/5 stars

Ace Personal Trainer Insurance

Ace is another popular personal training certification program. In addition to transforming students into high-performing coaches, though, Ace also provides aspiring fitness trainers with simple, easy-to-understand insurance. As a former Ace student, you’ll be able to apply for a discounted rate. However, if you’ve received your certification from another program, you can still apply for Ace insurance at the company’s regular rates. 

Unlike NASM/Next insurance, though, Ace gives policyholders the option to purchase both general liability coverage and personal liability/personal indemnity insurance. This makes it a great choice for personal trainers who teach large classes or interact with a greater number of clients, where the potential for negligence claims is higher than traditional one-on-one training. 


  • Discounted rates for former Ace students. 

  • Multiple options for coverage. 


  • Applicants who did not receive Ace certification may have to pay slightly higher rates. 

Who It’s Good For: 

  • Great for group fitness instructors, dance or Zumba instructors, or trainers who work in a large gym. 

Premium Cost: 

  • Premiums range from $14 to $18 per month, depending on the level of coverage you need. 


  • 4.5/5 stars. 

GEICO Personal Trainer Insurance

Geico is one of the country’s largest insurers, so it comes as no surprise that they also provide insurance policies for certified personal trainers. The one downside of Geico is that it may be slightly more expensive than some of the other policies we’ve looked at (which are sponsored by personal training certification programs). However, these prices can often be offset by bundling your Geico personal trainer insurance with other policies such as your Geico auto or home insurance policies. 


  • Large national brand. 

  • Claims are easy with the easy-to-use Geico app. 

  • You can bundle with your other Geico policies to save money. 


  • Individual policies can be a bit pricey. 

Who It’s Good For: 

  • Online personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and one-on-one trainers. 

Premium Cost: 

  • Premiums start at $40/month for a general liability policy. 


  • 4/5 stars

USAA Personal Trainer Insurance

If you are active or retired in the military, or you have a spouse who’s in the military, then you can apply for USAA’s business insurance. They offer some of the best rates on the market and are regarded as one of the cheapest personal trainer insurance providers you can work with. The one downside is that they only provide insurance for people in the military. 

However, if you are in the military, then you’ll be rewarded with superior customer service, low rates, and USAA’s remarkably easy-to-use platform. If you already have USAA insurance for your home or auto, you can even bundle your new business policy with your existing policies! 


  • Low-cost coverage. 

  • Great customer service. 

  • Reputable, military-oriented insurer. 


  • You must be on active duty or retired in the military to apply. 

Who It’s Good For: 

  • Any personal or group fitness instructors. Any online personal coaches. 

Premium Cost: 

  • Policies start at just $20 per month for general liability coverage. 


  • 5/5 stars

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Philadelphia Insurance Personal For Personal Trainers

Like NASM and Ace insurance, Philadelphia Insurance has custom plans designed to cater to the specific needs of health and wellness professionals and personal trainers. This means that you can rest easy with the knowledge that all of your bases (however small) are covered. Additionally, with the advent of COVID-19, Philadelphia has made great strides to improve and customize its small business insurance policies for online personal fitness trainers and wellness professionals. 


  • Custom plans for all fitness/health-related businesses. 

  • Custom plans for online fitness instructors. 

  • Coverage in the U.S. and for international business trips. 


  • No ability to bundle policies with existing auto/home policies. 

Who It’s Good For: 

  • Any private or group personal trainers. Online trainers can apply for custom policies. 

Premium Cost: 

  • Policies start at $15/month for general liability policies with $1,000,000 worth of coverage. 


  • 4/5 stars.

Marsh Personal Training Insurance

If your personal training business is based out of Australia, then Marsh is one of the best insurers you can work with. They have a proven record of helping personal trainers, gyms, and dance studios secure all of the coverage that they need. The biggest reason to go with Marsh is that they have a number of custom-formulated plans that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of Australian fitness instructors and gyms. Whether you’re a one-on-one trainer or a group fitness instructor, you can have 100% confidence that you’re covered against general liability and personal indemnity claims. 


  • Custom plans for all fitness professionals. 

  • Policyholders aren’t required to be a part of a fitness organization. 

  • Over ten years of experience insuring the fitness industry. 


  • Expensive. 

  • Only available in Australia. 

Who It’s Good For: 

  • Large group fitness instructors, specialty fitness instructors. 

Premium Cost: 

  • $140/month for the lowest general liability coverage ($10 million). 


  • 3/5 stars

Personal Trainer Insurance ISSA

ISSA is the International Sports Sciences Association. This group offers training and certification courses for many of today’s leading CPTs. Like NASM, ISSA is regarded as one of the top certification programs in the country. Upon earning their final credits, ISSA students can start their personal training business and purchase their first insurance policy. 

Although ISSA doesn’t provide its own insurance for students, they are able to connect students with a number of different insurance policies that are designed specifically for ISSA trainers. By using these resources, ISSA students can often qualify for policies at a discounted or reduced rate. 

Cheap Personal Trainer Insurance Companies

Please find a fitness instructor insurance comparison by company and rate for some of the best and cheapest personal trainer insurance companies. You can also find the average cost for public liability insurance for fitness instructors for each of these companies. 

Personal Trainer Insurance CompaniesFitness Instructor Insurance Cost (per month)
NEXT (through NASM)$11/month

- Rates vary depending on multiple business-specific factors

As you can see, the cheapest fitness instructor insurance (based on average monthly premium) is through Next insurance. Providing that you’ve received your NASM CPT certification, you’ll be able to apply for premium rates as low as $11 per month. For the majority of personal trainers, this is the best deal on the market! 

In order to find the most affordable personal training insurance for your specific business, maybe even cheaper than those above, the best thing you can do is to hit the get quotes button at this page and follow the process to receive free personal trainer insurance quotes from top business insurers at the best possible rates! This way we match fitness professionals to the best fitness instructor insurance on the market.

Do These Companies Provide Health Insurance for Personal Trainers? 

Typically, health insurance policies are totally separate from business insurance policies. While some of these personal trainer liability policies will pay for certain medical bills or compensate you for on-the-job injuries and lost wages, they only provide this as a business-related coverage.

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