Beauty Business Name Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide

Most fashion-preneurs get so caught up in creating excellent products and services that they often ignore one crucial part of business which is figuring out how to attract loyal customers. Sure enough, you can’t get these paying customers without first winning their attention. 

And when it comes to winning customer attention, every entrepreneur needs to pour their heart and soul into understanding how to build a compelling brand for their business. Without proper branding, even the most innovative beauty product would fail. 

Having a solid brand identity would always attract customers to your business. And the first step to proper branding is finding exciting beauty business name ideas. Customers are drawn to notable beauty company names like Sephora, Urban Decay, ColorPop, and Avon because these names are unique, catchy, and attractive. 

If your beauty business must stand a chance in the beauty industry, you need to invest time in finding the perfect cosmetic business names, and to help you do that, we’d be taking a deeper look at: 

What Makes A Good Beauty Brand Name?

Although a great name is a vital part of any business, many fresh entrepreneurs often overlook it. Sadly, even those who realize the need for finding catchy makeup company names often end up with weak ones. And most of the time, this happens because they don’t understand the qualities of a powerful brand name. 

This lack of understanding negatively affects them whether they use a reputable business name generator or come up with catchy beauty salon names themselves. 

And to avoid falling into the same challenge, ensure you understand the essential qualities every captivating beauty business name must possess. The best way to do that is to choose a name that is:  

  • Simple and Sweet: A great business name is clear, straightforward, and easily remembered. 

  • Unique: Your brand name should not sound like those of your competitors. It should also not be strange or clumsy.

  • Not Trademarked: Your name shouldn’t violate another brand’s patent. It should be fully yours.

  • A Reflection of Your Brand’s Values: A good name captures the essence and personality of your brand.

  • Flexible and Scalable: It evolves with your beauty company; for example, let’s say you start a nail polish brand; a solid beauty business name would be able to accommodate the new products and services you release as your business grows.  

  • Not Quickly Degenerated: It remains cool and catchy irrespective of current or future market trends. (The last thing your brand needs is a name that’d be cool today and offensive tomorrow)

  • Positive In Meaning: It carries a positive connotation, no matter the translation.

  • Interesting: It’s captivating and triggers curiosity in the minds of your target audience.

Understanding what to look for in a name and what qualities a perfect beauty business name idea should have is an excellent way to not fall prey to the consequences of using a bland name for your tanning salon, or any other type of beauty salon

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Examples of Businesses That Leveraged The Best Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

Case Study 1: Urban Decay

Once upon a time, in 1996, customers were in need of soft, quiet, and neutral cosmetics rather than the conventional red, pink, and beige hues that had flooded the market. In their moment of need, only one beauty brand stepped up to the challenge.

Now understand that pioneering a trend was challenging, and the beauty brand understood that the best way it could entertain and capture its audience’s attention was by using a captivating brand name. And so, Urban Decay was born. 

Urban Decay’s name and its values set the company apart from other beauty brand names that tirelessly upheld the norms in the beauty industry. 

The company triggered a revolution in the beauty sector that allowed its customers to experience beauty in a new way. 

And although the name, Urban Decay, wasn’t the only contributor to the company’s success, we’ve often wondered why the name was so compelling. 

Now, the key to understanding that is that—even though it sounds catchy—the name exhibits these core attributes of powerful brand names:

  • Uniqueness

  • Isn’t abbreviated

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Immune to naming trends

  • Easy to say and remember

  • Reflects the brand’s core values

  • Interesting enough to make people check it out

And even though the name, Urban Decay, doesn’t communicate a positive meaning to the average listener, it does an excellent job of communicating the core idea of the brand, which according to co-founder Wende Zomnir captured in this statement; ‘Makeup is not about covering your flaws but about showing the world who you are.’

Case Study 2: Sephora

Sephora is another excellent beauty business with a solid brand name. The brand found the name by blending two words; ‘Seph,’ derived from ‘Sephosis,’ the Greek word for beauty and vanity, and ‘Ora,’ which was gotten from the Hebrew word ‘Zipporah,’ which happened to be the name of Moses’ wife in the bible, who many believe was extremely beautiful.

And even though Sephora was a French company at heart, the founders didn’t let that limit their search for the perfect makeup business names. They understood the value of an appealing and brandable name like Sephora would contribute to their cosmetic brand. 

And fast-forward 52 years after the company was founded, the brand hasn’t had any need to change its name. And that’s simply because Sephora is an excellent word that embodies the core attributes of a powerful brand name.

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How To Find The Most Exciting Beauty Brand Names In Three Steps

Now that you have a clear picture of what makes a great brand name, and examined two beauty businesses with captivating brand names, let’s take a deeper look at how you can find powerful beauty business name ideas for your company.

Just the same way brands like Urban Decay and Sephora found unique beauty business names for their companies; you too can create good names for beauty businesses by:

Envisioning Your Brand’s Future

Starting a generic cosmetic brand is one thing, but creating a powerful business that captures your customer’s attention is another thing altogether. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional makeup artist looking for captivating makeup store names, or a skilled hair stylist looking for creative beauty salon name ideas, the first step you must take is to envision what you want your brand to achieve. 

Envisioning your brand would help you know if the best name it needs would be a disruptive one like Urban Decay, an appealing one like Sephora, or a foreign one like La Roche Posay. 

Also, having a clear vision of what you want your brand to be will help you in the brainstorming process because it is easier to build a brand name from a concrete, well-crafted idea than from an unclear one.

For instance, when naming, instead of focusing on your state-of-the-art equipment or the next-gen procedures you’d be using to make your products, focus on the small details that make up your brand, like how you’re creating your makeup brand to help your customers proudly express their natural glow.

After identifying the core ideas that power your brand and what you want these ideas to achieve in the future, ensure you reduce these ideas to simple words or phrases that are easy to understand. 

Doing this would help you build your value proposition and make it easier to find a captivating beauty salon or makeup artist name ideas.

Create A Tone for Your Brand Name 

Tone is a very crucial aspect of all makeup store or beauty salon name ideas. The tone of your brand name provides a great channel to connect with your customers emotionally. One simple look at successful beauty or cosmetic businesses, and you’ll notice that their names communicate feelings of mystery, excitement, relief, or even fulfillment. 

The tone you choose for your brand determines how effective it’d be since it affects the kind of welcome your business will receive from your client base.

The best way to give your brand an exciting tone is to study your brand’s value proposition and figure out the emotion(s) you’d want your brand name to spark in your clients, then go ahead and pick a tone relating to it. 

And just in case you don’t know which ones to go for, here are a couple of tones you can choose from when crafting different beauty salon or makeup store names. :

  • Fun and playful: Traditional brands often take themselves too seriously, and that can quickly become uninteresting. Using a fun and playful tone like CoverGirl will help your beauty company lighten the mood.

  • Prestigious: Using a prestigious tone will help you communicate your brand’s excellence, expertise, and knowledge. This tone would help you build a trustworthy reputation for your brand like Dior.

  • Practical and pragmatic: Using this tone would help you communicate the skill and care your brand invests in its products and services just the same way BareMinerals does.

  • Modern and innovative: One way to capture your brand’s creativity is to use a modern and innovative tone like Neutrogena.

  • Emotionally impactful: This tone would help you instantly generate a positive emotional response from your customers, just like Dove.

  • Intriguing: This is the perfect tone for brands like Revlon, wanting to communicate mystery, depth, and curiosity.

Set Up Your Name’s Criteria

After setting the foundation of your brand, knowing your brand’s value proposition, and choosing a compelling tone for your business, the next thing you need to do is compile all this information into your brand’s naming criteria. 

Preparing your naming criteria or project statement would help keep you on track and assist you and your naming team while brainstorming. 

Here’s what your naming criteria should look like:

  • I’m looking for captivating cosmetics name ideas that communicate prestige, intrigue, and luxury. The name should be classy, inviting, and mysterious.

Getting a clear project statement that communicates the kind of name your brand name needs would go a long way in simplifying the naming process.

Start Brainstorming Lots of Ideas

Now that you’ve gotten the keys you need to get an appropriate brand name for your beauty business, it’s time you put those ideas to use and start brainstorming great names that align with your brand’s naming criteria. 

When finding a solid name, you can choose to either brainstorm alone, with a team, use a powerful business name generator, or engage the services of a trusted naming agency.

As you search for the right brand name, ensure you focus on words that satisfy your brand’s naming requirements. This is the best way to ensure your brand’s name communicates your brand’s personality and identity.

Ensure you build a list of every unique name idea you believe has the potential your beauty business needs. After listing these words, select just three to five of them that sound great and align with your business and test these words with a sample of your target audience.

And just the same way Charles Revson, who’d initially named his nail polish company Revlac, had to change the name to Revlon because Revlac didn’t sound right, ensure you get your name audience tested. This would help identify and pick the perfect brand name.

Brainstorming has helped many entrepreneurs in the beauty sector find attractive makeup cosmetic lines, or beauty products name ideas. 

Examples of Catchy and Memorable Cosmetic Company Names

We understand that brainstorming can be exhausting and challenging for new entrepreneurs with so much to do and so little time. So, to ease your naming process, here are some classy beauty business names to inspire you. 

  • Beauty Brands Name Ideas

    • Rare Berry

    • Ellixi

    • Bold and Belle

    • Novagia

    • Pretty Angel

    • Rarevi

    • Vivvic

    • Face Amour 

    • Alva

    • Sevoz

  • Beauty Product Name Ideas 

    • Go Glitter

    • Beauvia

    • Sepheri

    • Nuvvia

    • Bliss Lulu

    • Auvella 

    • Blush Theory

    • Earth and Pure

    • Eden and Luxe

    • Nuvenzi 

  • Stylish Names for Beauty Parlour

    • Anom

    • Fifth Flare

    • Femininity

    • CustomAF

    • Ragged

    • Untruth

    • In Crown

    • Full Hut

    • Loviton

    • Jaiu

  • Makeup Brand Name Ideas

    • Rare wink

    • Nulu

    • Olyxi

    • Bare Arrow

    • Bellaxio

    • Too suave

    • Sarabie

    • Flarevi

    • Bold Glitz

    • Skintle

  • Hair Salon Name Ideas

    • Golden Scissors

    • Beauty Coast

    • Beard Lux

    • Beauty Remedy

    • Curled

    • Hair Favourite

    • Whiskers and Beard

    • Shavest

    • Shave Pro

    • Clipzie

  • Funny Names for Hair Salons That Work

    • Julius Scissors

    • Ali Barber

    • Hair-Riffic

    • Mane Event

    • Shear Elegance

    • Hair Benders

    • Head Office

    • Cutting Edge

    • No Loose Ends

    • Hairitage

  • Beauty Page Name Ideas for Instagram and Facebook

    • Beard Lux

    • Curled

    • Clipzie

    • Nulu 

    • Ellixi

    • Sepheri

  • Makeup Page Name Ideas for Twitter

    • Cleopatra

    • Brush Lux

    • Teen and Green

    • Eternia

  • Names for Cosmetic Line

    • Amphora Cosmetics

    • Imber Cosmetics

    • Apricus Cosmetics

    • Aphrodite Cosmetics

  • Exciting Cosmetology Business Names 

    • Vytalify

    • Skinozi

    • Brushology

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Great Names Appeal To Customers

No beauty business would ever see success unless it can appeal to its target customers. And getting solid beauty shop name ideas is the best way to take your business to the next level. 

But even after finding a compelling brand name, ensure you get it secured by trademarking it with the USPTO. Finding and securing a great beauty brand name is the first step to building a memorable brand identity for your business.

Insurance is Important for Any Beauty Business

Just like a good business name, a good insurance policy is crucial to running a beauty business successfully. There are many types of insurance in the beauty industry. Let’s quickly discuss some of these. 

Beauty Therapist Insurance

Beauty therapist insurance is a tailored coverage for beauty therapists. Inclusions are general liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and commercial auto insurance. The premium for this insurance is $27 per month or $324 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage.

Esthetician Insurance  

Insurance companies underwrite this policy for estheticians. Primary inclusions are professional indemnity and general liability insurance. Some offer public liability insurance instead of general liability insurance. The average cost of esthetician insurance is $57 per month or $684 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

Nail Salon and Nail Tech Insurance

Insurance companies underwrite this specialized insurance plan for nail techs and nail salons. Policies offered are general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and professional liability insurance. Tailored insurance for nail salons and nail techs costs $43 per month or $516 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance coverage.

Hair Salon Insurance

This is a tailored coverage for hair salon owners. Hair salon insurance provides the policyholder with general liability insurance or public liability insurance. Additional protection can be purchased at an additional cost such as commercial property insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. 

Massage Therapist Insurance

Insurance for massage therapists provides the policyholder with a general liability insurance bundled with professional liability insurance. Premiums cost $18 per month or $216 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage.

Cosmetology Insurance

The primary Inclusion in this tailored policy for cosmetologists is general liability insurance with product liability coverage and products and completed operations coverage. Workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance can be added as additional protection. Cosmetology insurance costs $33 per month or $396 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance coverage.

Salon Insurance

This is a tailored coverage for all types of salons. Policies offered are general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial property, professional liability, and other business insurance products available. Salon insurance costs $15.80 per month or $189.6 per year for standard general liability insurance having $1 million coverage.

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