Firefighter Insurance for Firemen & Volunteers

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Working in law enforcement or as an EMT means that you may very well end up saving someone’s life over the course of your career. This is one of the most altruistic acts that a person can perform, but unfortunately, like many other things in the world that we live in, it can be marred by litigation.

Far too many firefighters end up having to fight court cases against the very people that they were trying to save. Insurance can help ensure that you don’t end up spending inordinate amounts of money on settlements and trying to defend yourself when you were just trying to do the right thing.

To clear up some of the misconceptions about firefighter insurance, we’ve gone ahead and put together this comprehensive guide to this kind of coverage. We’ll explain the various forms of fireman insurance, how much you can expect your coverage to cost you, and we’ll look at some of the best insurance carriers out there.

Firefighter Liability Insurance

Out of every type of professional or volunteer firefighter insurance that you’ll come across, general liability coverage tends to be the most common as it provides semi-comprehensive coverage. 

Firefighter general liability insurance will account for all claims made by clients who suffered injuries while you're working or while at your workplace. It can also apply when someone sustains property damage while you're in the process of putting the fire out or setting up the hose to start combating the fire. 

Thankfully, individual firefighters don’t need to get general liability insurance of their own because their overseeing body typically has a policy that watches out for them. But still, it's best if you have your own general liability policy so that you're sure to have coverage whenever you need it. 

Public Liability Insurance for Firefighters

As the name suggests, public liability coverage only applies to members of the public who suffer bodily injuries or property damage.  Situations, where this insurance applies, are when you've purposely dismantled someone's property to effectively combat the fire or when the firetruck slightly hit some vehicles parked on the street while running fast to go to where the fire is. 

Car Insurance for Firefighters

Most fire department insurance policies have some form of commercial auto coverage to ensure that their trucks and other vehicles are covered in case of an accident. Keep in mind that these policies tend to be more expensive than other kinds of commercial auto insurance policies with higher limits.

This is because fire trucks tend to travel at high speeds while often ignoring the rules of the road (with good reason) to get where they need to be. This means that there is a much higher chance of a fire truck ending up in a collision than a company car for a beverage manufacturer.

If you’re a firefighter for an established city fire department, then you likely won’t have to worry about the insurance on the vehicles. That is usually handled by the fire department itself. However, there are cases in which a volunteer firefighter may have to get separate insurance for their own vehicle.

As a volunteer firefighter, you may be wondering if your personal vehicle insurance is enough to cover you when you’re on the way to the site of a fire. In most cases, your basic coverage will not be enough to ensure that you’re covered because you’re technically using your vehicle for commercial purposes.

Since this is an exclusion under most personal auto insurance policies, you’ll be in hot water if you end up wrecking your car while you’re on the way to a blaze. If you want to make sure that you’re covered when you’re using your car as a volunteer firefighter, you’ll need a separate commercial auto insurance policy.

As we’ve already mentioned, commercial auto insurance for firefighters tends to be more expensive because of the frequency that carriers expect company and business vehicles to be used at. However, it’s possible that your rate will be lower if you only work as a volunteer firefighter for a very limited amount of time.

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Firefighter Insurance Cost

The cost of getting insured as a firefighter varies dramatically based on who is being insured and what they’re getting insured for. If you’re a volunteer firefighter looking for individual insurance, then you likely won’t have to pay anywhere near as much as an entire fire station looking to insure its employees.

Even if you’re a station chief or a city employee looking to get an entire firehouse insured, the cost of insuring that firehouse can vary dramatically based on its size. A small station with a few ladders will cost quite a bit less to insure than a district station complete with a huge company of firefighters.

You’ll also need to consider what kind of firefighter insurance you’re trying to get your hands on. If you want to make sure that you have death and dismemberment coverage, it’s going to cost you quite a bit more than just ensuring that you have general liability insurance in case something goes wrong.

To make sure that our readers have a better idea of how much it costs to get firefighter insurance, we’ve gathered the following info. The numbers on this table represent how much it costs for a general liability policy for firefighters, as we’ve chosen to limit ourselves to a single policy type to keep the numbers somewhat uniform.

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
The Hartford$143$1716
Average Cost$153.30$1,840

All of these numbers were gathered using a relatively small firehouse that has no history of claims or accidents that insurance companies would worry about. The average cost of insurance per month for a firehouse comes out to about $153.30 and the average cost of insurance per year comes out to $1,840.

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Best Firefighter Insurance Companies

Finding the best insurance policy for firefighters isn’t always as simple as it may seem at first glance. This is because there are countless carriers that you can work with, and each of them has their own quirks and practices that set them apart from the other companies that they’re competing against.

To ensure that finding your insurer is as easy as possible, we’ve gone ahead and gathered up three of the top firefighter insurance companies out there. We’ll start off by looking at their history before getting into the details of their policies, their pros and cons, and the average cost of insurance from them.

The Hartford Firefighter Insurance

The Hartford is known for being one of the longest-lasting insurance companies out there, and the company gets its name from the city in which it’s based, Hartford, Connecticut. The company is notable for having survived some of the worst disasters to befall the United States (and some of its clients).

The Hartford Policy Details

The Hartford covers firefighters under its Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder Insurance program. They offer coverage like income protection in the event of disabilities, indemnity in case of loss of life, limb, or senses, and medical care coverage. The Hartford also offers some firefighter insurance discounts to members of specific departments or branches.

  • Discounts available

  • Low price

  • Disability coverage

  • Slow quote process

Average cost: $143

Best for: Firehouse insurance having extensive medical coverage

Our rating: 5/5

VFIS Firefighter Insurance

VFIS stands for Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services Inc., and they were one of the first companies in America to account for the unique needs of America’s firefighters, both volunteer and otherwise. The company has been working hard since 1969 to meet these needs, and they’ve done a stellar job of it thus far.

VFIS Policy Details

VFIS offers a wide range of insurance products catering directly to firefighters, including accident and sickness coverage, general liability insurance, commercial auto coverage, and property insurance. They also offer group term life insurance and specialty benefits to their clients.

  • Caters specifically to firefighters

  • Experts in their field

  • Experienced

  • A bit pricey

Average cost: $157

Best for: Volunteer firefighters

Our rating: 4/5

Provident Firefighter Insurance

Provident has been in business since 1902, but the company only started serving the exclusive needs of firefighters in 1928. They first started by providing accident and health insurance policies to firefighters but they expanded their coverage to include heart and illness coverage in 1962.

Provident Policy Details

Provident has a variety of insurance programs that cover the specific needs of firefighters, including their FirePlus program which offers comprehensive coverage. This program comes with property, commercial auto, casualty, liability, and optional insurance types that are designed to meet the needs of firefighters for a reasonable price.

  • FirePlus program contains everything you need

  • Optional insurance including group term life insurance

  • First Responder Assistance Program helpline

  • Expensive

Average cost: $160

Best for: Complete coverage

Our rating: 5/5

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