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Running a ranch or dealing with livestock is one of the oldest professions in history, and it’s also one of the most challenging. The last thing you need when you’re running your own farm is to deal with situations that you’re held liable for, especially those that can potentially ruin you.

It’s pretty unfortunate that a single occurrence can result in so much heartache for the owner of a dairy farm, but there’s a way to ensure that you don’t end up on the wrong side of one of these situations. In this article, we’re going to go over everything that you should know about dairy farm insurance.

We’re going to start off by addressing the differences between various forms of dairy farm insurance, including liability and business insurance. After that, we’ll look at what you need to know abou how much it costs to insure a dairy farm, including the factors that come into play. We’ll finish off by taking a look at some of the top carriers in the dairy farm insurance industry.

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Dairy Farm Liability Insurance

If you’re looking for dairy farm insurance that will protect you from litigation and charges that can possibly ruin your business’s financial situation, you’re likely looking for liability insurance. This is one of the more common forms of coverage that are available for dairy farms because of the wide range of situations in which it applies.

Liability insurance is designed to pay out when you’re found liable for someone damages and are then ordered to pay out for them. If you end up being truly at fault, this policy will kick in and pay costs on your behalf thereby saving your business.

Keep in mind that liability insurance policies won’t protect you from everything, as all of them come with a coverage limit. If you exceed that limit, you’re going to have to pay for costs that were not accounted for.

Situations in which you can expect this kind of insurance to pay out include when someone gets injured at your dairy farm and they come after you for their medical expenses. However, liability insurance can also cover you if someone sustains property damage.

Liability insurance for a dairy farm comes in many different forms depending on what you want to be covered from. Public liability insurance is a relatively popular choice because of its affordable premiums and because it covers you in most situations where you’ll need coverage.

A public liability policy only applies to members of the public who are at your dairy farm. These members of the public can include customers and people working for other companies who are there to restock you. 

General liability insurance for one of these farms will protect you from charges stemming from anyone, even your own employees. The key difference is that general coverage will be more expensive than public liability insurance.

Dairy Farm Product Liability Insurance

When you run a dairy farm, you have to be wary about more than just people getting injured on site, you also have to worry about what happens when they consume your product. Selling dairy products can sometimes be risky because there’s always a chance that a product has been accidentally mishandled.

If someone ends up getting sick because some of your milk or cheese was mishandled, then they may be able to sue you for damages. By having a product liability insurance policy, you can make sure that you won’t end up getting charged for the role you played in producing the product.

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Dairy Farm Business Insurance

Business insurance isn’t actually a form of coverage of its own but rather a policy that combines several forms of coverage. Insurance carriers like to use business owner policies (or BOPs) to ensure that their clients remain loyal.

Dairy businesses that get their hands on a business insurance policy will usually benefit from superior rates for the constituent policies that come with a BOP. This means that you’ll usually end up paying less for the several policies that make up your business insurance coverage than you would for them individually.

The exact kind of insurance that comes with a BOP depends on the exact policy and the insurance company that you get it from. However, there are a few kinds of policies that are more common in a BOP, including liability insurance coverage like a public or general liability policy.

Another common form of insurance that comes coupled with a BOP is commercial property insurance, which will pay for any repairs to the dairy farm itself. Some commercial property insurance policies may also cover some of the items that you have within your farm but that varies from policy to policy.

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Dairy Farm Insurance Cost

Determining the cost of dairy farm insurance in advance can be a bit of a challenge when you’ve never gotten a quote before. While some might argue that getting an estimate is as simple as getting a quote, getting quotes has hardly ever been a simple process, especially if you’re trying to figure out the cost of insurance from multiple companies.

The difficulty involved in getting an accurate quote for dairy farm insurance is because there are so many factors that go into figuring out how much your dairy farm insurance will cost you. One of the single most significant factors that you’ll have to account for when determining the cost of your coverage is the size of your dairy farm.

Larger farms are usually more expensive to insure because they have larger herds and they may have more clients coming to them over the course of a day. This adds up and increases the risk that the insurance company is taking when they cover you, so they’ll charge you a higher premium.

On the other hand, a smaller dairy farm will have a smaller property to cover, less people that could hold them liable, and less contents that they may want to cover. All of this means that they are less of a risk for the insurance company to cover and the carrier will provide them with cheaper service.

CompanyCost per monthCost per yearBest for
Nationwide$84$1,008Complete coverage
GDI$80$960Customers looking for insurance options that can be customized to best fit their business model
Markel$91$1092Established and thriving dairy farms
Average Cost$194.33$2,332

We’ve used a medium-sized dairy farm to gather these numbers because that ensures that you have a baseline to compare your quotes to. We’ve also ensured that the farm has no prior claims that could make the premiums more expensive. The average cost of insurance for a dairy farm of this size comes out to about $194.33 per month or $2,332 per year.

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Best Dairy Farm Insurance Companies

Dairy farm insurance gets a lot easier to get your hands on when you know which company you should be going to. Unfortunately, figuring out the best companies in the industry isn’t always as easy as it may seem, especially if you’re new to getting insurance for your farm.

We want to make the process of buying insurance as simple as possible for our readers, and we’ve gone ahead and gathered together some of the best dairy farm insurance companies out there in this section of our guide. We’ll cover the details of each company, their rate for a $1 million general liability coverage, and their pros and cons.

Nationwide Dairy Farm Insurance

Nationwide is an insurance company based in the United States that was founded in 1926 when farmers wanted better auto insurance rates due to their lower accident rates compared to city drivers. Over the years, Nationwide has expanded into property and casualty and life insurance.

Nationwide Policy Details

Nationwide covers dairy farms under their AgriChoice policy, which offers a wide range of coverage for things including accidental shootings, electrocution, food loss, wild animal attacks, and more. AgriChoice also features farm home and contents cover, general liability coverage, and equipment breakdown insurance.


  • Very comprehensive coverage
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Quick to respond to claims


  • Doesn't offer discount options

Average cost : $84

Best for : Complete coverage

Our rating : 5/5

GDI Dairy Farm Insurance

The GDI Insurance Agency is based in Turlock, California, and they operate on a principle of providing their clients with personalized insurance coverage. They specialize in accurately assessing risks so that they can offer their customers the best possible rates without compromising themselves.

GDI Policy Details

GDI offers a variety of coverage options for dairy farms and dairy farmers, including workers’ comp, business liability coverage, equipment insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more. They also ensure that their agents and employees always keep up with the latest developments in the agricultural field.


  • Good rates
  • Online agents for consultation
  • Customizable coverage


  • Sets low limits on insurance coverage

Average cost : $80

Best for : Customers looking for insurance options that can be customized to best fit their business model

Our rating : 4/5

Markel Dairy Farm Insurance

Markel has spent over 70 years working in the agricultural insurance space, and they always try to remain on the forefront of the industry. They do this by making sure that their agents keep a close eye on changes in how dairy farms are run and they go on to adjust their insurance policies accordingly.

Markel Policy Details

Markel allows you to choose between several forms of coverage when it comes to loss of property on your dairy farm, ranging from Basic, to Broad, to Special. They also offer personal liability for dwellings that you occupy, commercial general liability, and limited professional liability coverage.


  • Has numerous liability coverage
  • Offers business disruption coverage to dairy farm insurance policies


  • Expensive

Average cost : $91

Best for : Established and thriving dairy farms

Our rating : 4/5

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