Verifly Drone Insurance: Login, Reviews & Quotes From $11

Around 30% of all drone pilots crash their aircraft at some point. If you own a drone, those odds should be scary because, first, these crewless aerial vehicles are pretty expensive.

And to make matters worse, drone accidents often cause extensive third-party property damages and bodily injuries, all of which can cost you copious amounts.

But you can use a solution like Verifly drone insurance to protect yourself or your organization from most of the adverse financial outcomes associated with drone accidents and crashes.

Dive in to find out more concerning what Verifly has to offer.

What is Verifly?

If you need on-demand liability insurance for recreational or commercial drone flights, Verifly is the platform to choose. Verifly is a startup company founded in 2015 with one primary objective: offering insurance to drone pilots. But it later rebranded into Thimble. Today, the company caters to a diverse clientele by offering drone insurance and small business insurance solutions. Below is a brief overview of the company based on numerous Verifly reviews.


  • On-demand policies

  • Affordable prices

  • Flexible options

  • Immediate proof of insurance


  • No Verifly app customer service number is available

Best for: Pilots that need on-demand liability insurance coverage for their drones

Average cost: Starting at $10 per hour

Our rating:8/10

What Does Verifly Do: Verifly Insurance Services

Those who use drones have diverse insurance needs and preferences, making one-size-fits-all solutions ineffective and inconvenient. Verifly understands that and tailors services to fit different customers. This platform mainly offers drone liability insurance with a $10 million limit. Briefly, the policy covers you against the following incidents:

  • Property damage - Drone activity may cause or trigger an event that leads to extensive property damage. For instance, your aircraft may malfunction and fly right into a high-voltage power line or crash on private grounds and damage items worth thousands of dollars. The Verifly drone insurance helps you insure your investment and protects you from financial and legal repercussions after your drone crashes into vehicles, structures, etc

  • Bodily injury - Drones move fast. Plus, most have sharp edges, rotating parts, and dangerous blades. These can harm people and inflict severe injuries on impact, including facial lacerations, eye injuries, hand injuries, and concussions. If you think drone injuries are uncommon, it's time to reconsider. According to official reports, around 4,250 drone injuries occurred from 2015 to 2020 alone. If the uncrewed aircraft system you use hits another person and injures them, they may file a claim. The reason is that the incident may lead to pain/ suffering, medical bills, emotional trauma, and other punitive damages. All these issues are grounds for financial compensation

  • Unintentional flyaways - Your drone has components like transmitters and antennas that determine how far it can fly. Generally, most advanced, top-notch drones fly between 3 - 7.4 miles away from the controller. However, several issues may cause an unintentional flyaway. These include flying too close to a robust electromagnetic interference source or too far from the controller's location. An insurer that provides flyaway coverage may replace the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) when such incidents happen

  • Unintentional invasion of privacy - Some places are sacred and private to people, including bedrooms and closed backyards. Suppose a hitch causes you to fly your drone into these spaces. In that case, the owners may perceive that as a privacy invasion and take legal action. The Verifly drone insurance covers you against invasion-of-privacy concerns that may arise in the future. So, if, for instance, a neighbor takes offense at you for flying your aircraft too close to their property, the company may take care of compensatory damages and other relevant fees

How Does Verifly Work?

According to most Verifly review, its drone insurance offers 1,4, and 8-hour policies. Therefore, if you want to fly once or do it all day, you won't have trouble finding a suitable option. The only catch is these policies exclusively apply to locations that permit drone flights.

Here's what you need to do to enjoy Verifly insurance services:

  • Pick your flight area or take-off point on a map

  • View real-time, geolocation-based prices (policies cover a maximum of 8 hours and up to 2 miles around you)

  • Fill in credit card details (instant approval supported)

  • Buy drone liability insurance

  • View the policy via email or in-app

  • Use a countdown timer and notifications to monitor policies

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Does Verifly Offer Other Products?

Since rebranding into Thimble, Verifly doesn’t only offer tailored coverage for recreational or drone flights. The company has long transitioned into providing small business insurance for drone operators and businesses. This section will talk about the insurance products Verifly is now offering to customers after changing its name to Thimble. 

Small Business General Liability Insurance 

Verifly now underwrites general liability insurance for drone business as well as other ventures in different industries. This company’s general liability insurance offers $1 million up to $2 million in coverage and covers the following perils. 

  • Third-party bodily injuries- Verfly’s general liability insurance provides comprehensive protection when a drone business or any other ventures inflict injuries to clients, vendors, customers, and other third parties. You can get $1 million up to $2 million bodily injury coverage from their general liability insurance with a minimum deductible of $250.  But note that, if you want it, Verily will allow you not to have a deductible 

  • Third party property damage - General liability insurance from Verifly caters to property damage a commercial drone business or any other ventures inflict to customers, vendors, and other third parties. You also get $1 million up to $2 million coverage having a $250 minimum deductible or deductible at all

  • Personal and advertising injury - Verifly’s general liability insurance comes with advertising injury coverage, which covers cost if your commercial drone business or any other venture is sued for slander, libel, copyright infringement, and other types of reputational harm 

General liability insurance premiums start at $17 per month but the actual price will vary depending on the customer’s business. Verifly states that its general liability insurance is especially underwritten for customers who want to do the following:

  • Obtain an office lease

  • Bid for other company’s projects 

  • Apply for licensure or certification

Small Business Professional Liability Insurance

Drone operators and other professionals can commit mistakes resulting in economic or financial loss to a client. It’s also possible for a client to make a false or baseless claim citing errors and omissions. Aside from general liability insurance, Verifly also underwrites professional liability insurance that provides protection against such incidents. This company's professional liability insurance covers the following:

  • Actual or alleged commission of negligence and other acts constituting errors and omissions 

  • Legal defense fees

  • False or frivolous accusations and claims for negligence and other acts considered errors and omissions 

While most businesses usually pay $45 per month or $540 per year for their professional liability insurance, Verifly’s pricing starts at $36 per month or $432 per year. Professional liability insurance is available to customers living in states where Verifly provides coverage except in New York and Washington.

Small Business Errors and Omissions Insurance

Verifly offers E&O insurance to specific customers. Nonetheless, this is just another term for professional liability insurance that the company underwrites. Verifly typically offers errors and omissions insurance to carpentry contractors, drywall contractors, construction contractors, and others. 

Small Business Inland Marine Insurance

Verifly also offers inland marine insurance, otherwise called business equipment insurance. This is an insurance policy that provides reimbursements if business equipment becomes damaged or lost due to fire, theft,  vandalism, and other covered perils. For example, if your commercial drone becomes damaged or lost while being used, business equipment insurance will provide money for its repair or replacement. Verifly business equipment insurance provides $1,000 - $5,000 in coverage with deductibles set at $500. 

So how much is business equipment insurance? Verifly’s stand-alone business equipment insurance starts at $6 per month or $72 a year. However, you have the option to bundle it with general liability insurance and premiums will be $23 per month or $276 per year. 

Small Business Workers Compensation Insurance

Small commercial drone businesses and other ventures have the liberty to get workers' compensation from Verifly after it rebranded into Thimble. Workers' compensation insurance is a requirement if your drone business or any other enterprise has one or more employees. 

Verifly’s worker's compensation insurance provides coverage for employee accident or injury, employee illness, employee disability, and repetitive stress injuries. In practice, the company underwrites its workers' compensation insurance to take care of the following:

  • Employee medical treatment/procedure - Verifly’s workers' compensation insurance will cover expenses if an employee becomes injured or sick and needs to pay for surgeries, therapies, or other medical treatments/procedures

  • Medication - Workers compensation insurance Verifly underwrites will take care of medicines and other related substances an employee needs to fully heal from an injury or illness 

  • Missed wages - With a workers' compensation insurance from Verifly, there’s no need to worry about compensating an employee’s lost wages if he or she needs to take a break from work. The policy is underwritten to supplement a fraction of the employee’s weekly income

  • Death benefits - Verifly’s workers' compensation insurance provides death benefits such as funeral payments and cash aid to dependents if an employee of your commercial drone business or any other venture dies because of a work-related accident

Verifly doesn’t provide information about the starting rate of its workers' compensation insurance because premiums depend on the type of business and the number of employees. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide coverage to all business types catered to. But still, one thing’s for sure. Verifly’s workers’ compensation insurance is available for sole proprietors, self-employed professionals, and contractors. 

Small Business Commercial Property Insurance 

Verifly underwrites commercial property insurance for your drone business and other types of small ventures.  Commercial property insurance reimburses your losses if business physical assets become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils. Verifly underwrites its commercial property insurance to provide coverage for the following:

  • Building exterior - Verifly’s commercial property insurance will provide money if your business’s siding, signage, glass panels, and other exterior structures become damaged or lost 

  • Building contents - Office furniture, computers, documents, and other valuable items inside your commercial building are also covered by Verifyl’s commercial property insurance in case of loss or damage 

  • Outdoor business assets - If your building has installations outside such as sheds, parks, etc. Commercial property insurance will also take care of reimbursing investments when loss or damage happens 

  • Equipment used to provide a service or maintain business premises - Verifly’s commercial property insurance will cover costs if business generators, air conditioners, and specialized tools and equipment become damaged or lost within the business premises

In case you want to protect your business’s equipment against loss or damage while being used,  Verifly’s commercial property insurance can be added with business equipment protection insurance and other related endorsements.

Business Owner’s Policy 

The final insurance product Verifly offers for your drone business as well as other business types is a business owner’s policy.  A business owner’s policy combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. However, Verifly’s BOP includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business interruption insurance in its terms. But note that if you want to get more protection, Verifly allows you to add professional liability insurance, business equipment protection, and workers compensation insurance.

Does Verifly Provide Online Insurance Quotes?

Verifly provides online quotes of its drone insurance and small business insurance to customers. The quotes provide accurate information about the coverage each insurance product provides for your business and the estimated pricing.


Getting a quote is easy and you can have it within minutes. All that you have to do is provide a zip code, tell Verifly’s quotes generator what type of business you’re running, and the insurance and amount of coverage needed. Afterward, the company will then send its quote via email. 

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What is Verifly App?

Verifly has an app that both commercial and recreational clients can exploit. You can instantly buy your liability insurance policy using this simple and intuitive application.

The Verifly app combines real-time conditions and mapping technology. Its features guide people flying drones and inform pilots about potential flying risks. Currently, the Verifly app has the following features:

  • Real-time, geolocation-based pricing

  • Drone contests or racing options

  • Indoor flight support

  • Up to 60 days of pre-book policies

  • Certificates of insurance


This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. So, you can download it from Google Play or the App Store, depending on the device at your disposal. 


Verifly Login

Before using the Verifly drone insurance app, you must create an account. The process requires filling in your email address, password, and invite code (optional). Then, you may key in your full names and the company you wish to include on the policy, and hit save and continue.

The app also asks for your credit card information. After signing up and submitting all personal and payment details, you're good to go.

In the future, use the email address and the password that you specified during sign-up as your Verifly login credentials.

Verifly Phone Number

If you have a question or issue that needs addressing, we have some bad news: no Verifly contact number is available for that purpose. But you can reach out to their support services by submitting an online request via the website.

Although no Verifly customer service number is available, you can call 1(888) 228-2281 when you want to report a drone claim. Global Aerospace, Inc. is the policy underwriter responsible for processing Verifly drone insurance claims.

Who is Verifly Insurance Best for?

Verifly drone insurance is suitable for all recreational and commercial UAV flights. But it's best for pilots that prefer paying for the exact period they want to fly commercially or for fun, be it 1, 4, or 8 hours.

Verifly Insurance Cost

Verifly has newer options that let you decide the right coverage depending on the time and area you want your drone to fly. Most importantly, their rates start at $10 per hour, without annual commitments.

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Other Verifly FAQs

Can You File a Claim Online with Verifly?

Verifly processes your claim for drone insurance and other products it sells online. You only need to use the Verifly app to file a claim online. You can also use the app to track your claim. Additionally, Verifly’s app also allows you to get a free ACORD 25 certificate of insurance and name additional insureds for free

What is an ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance from Verifly?

An ACORD 25 certificate insurance is the most common format of proof insurance upon getting general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and other coverages. This is a document that’s useful for state licensing and state filing.

Does Verifly Have an Affiliate Program?

Verifly might be able to work with you if you’re into e-commerce as it has an affiliate marketer. You’re eligible to sign-up if you have a high-traffic website or a very popular social media profile. To start the process, visit and go to the affiliate sign-up page then provide the necessary details. Once approved, you’ll get $30 per successful transaction. Also, note that Verifly is also willing to work with you if you’re an insurance broker. You also need to sign up for this and provide basic broker information such as your address, name, and agency name. 

How Fast is It to Get Insurance from Verifly?

Customers only buying one insurance product from Verifly only take 50 seconds or so to get insured. Those buying comprehensive insurance policies take at least 1 minute - 2 minutes to buy their coverage. 

If you want to compare Verifly insurance costs with other options online, use our online quotes generator. Start by clicking the "Get Quotes" button on this page. The numerous insurance quotes you’ll receive will help determine if Verifly drone insurance is reasonably priced and if there are other better alternatives. 

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