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Insurance companies underwrite musical instrument insurance and musician insurance for hobbyists and music professionals. Insurance can help when a lawsuit is filed or when the instrument you bought from the music shop needs to be repaired or replaced. In this guide, we’ll talk about what these two insurance products are, their costs, and the best companies. 

What is Musical Instrument Insurance?

Musical instrument insurance is an insurance product that protects musical equipment against damage, theft, and destruction. This insurance policy allows you to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your music instruments. 

Who Should Buy Musical Instrument Insurance?

Consider getting musical instrument insurance if you’re a hobbyist who owns expensive musical instruments such as piano, violin, french horn, saxophones, etc. 

Of course, musical instrument insurance is absolutely useful if you’re a professional musician. With the policy ready and waiting, you can avoid incurring heavy losses and be able to resume work in case something happens to your instruments. 

Musical instrument insurance is also beneficial if you’re a collector of musical instruments. By having the insurance, you can recoup some of what you spent in the event of the damage or loss of the musical instruments. 

Types of Musical Instrument Insurance 

Musical instrument insurance can be sold in two forms-personal and commercial. Let’s discuss how these two differ. 

Personal Musical Instrument Insurance

Personal music instrument insurance is a coverage included in homeowners/rented insurance. This covers repair or replacement expenses if the covered musical instrument becomes lost or damaged within the premises of your house, condo, or apartment. Coverage doesn’t apply if something happened to the covered musical instrument while it’s away from home. 

Commercial Musical Instrument Insurance

Commercial musical instrument insurance provides comprehensive coverage and is useful if you’re utilizing musical instruments to make money as a musician or musical equipment rental business. 

Coverage applies even if the musical instrument got lost or damaged during a trip, during a performance, or while it’s being rented by someone. Moreover, some insurance companies allow you to add a liability policy to commercial musical instrument insurance to have protection against third-party claims. 

What Instruments Are Commonly Covered By Musical Instrument Insurance?

The following are the instruments commonly covered by the musical instrument insurance underwritten by different companies:

  • Violin

  • Guitar

  • Cello

  • Harp

  • Clarinet

  • Flute 

  • Saxophone

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone

  • Horn

  • Drums and percussions

  • Piano and keyboards

  • Electric instruments

  • Musical equipment such as amplifiers, mixers, midis, and more 

When Does Coverage Take Effect?

You can claim your musical instrument insurance policy when a covered musical instrument got lost or damaged due to the following: 

  • Damage caused by humidity and changes in temperature

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Damage caused by floods or water 

  • Earthquakes

  • Vandalism

  • Damage caused during shipping

  • Damage due to a collision

  • Baggage check during air cargo transportation

  • Consignment and entrustment

  • Poor workmanship during repair

There might be other perils covered by your musical instrument insurance. That said, we suggest you always read the fine print of your coverage. 

What is Not Covered In Musical Instrument Insurance?

Here is a list of things not covered by your musical instrument insurance policy. While this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a good idea of what you should not expect:

  • The government seizing or confiscating your musical instrument(s)

  • Loss due to war or insurrection

  • Damage due to dry or wet rot, mold, or rust

  • Deterioration of the instrument due to time and wear and tear

  • Damage caused by insects, vermin, etc.

  • Illegally trading in or transporting musical instruments

  • Inherent defect in the instrument 

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What is Musician Insurance?

Musician insurance is a tailored coverage that grants a shield against the associated exposures of working as a musician (e.g. teaching and performing). The following policies are the common inclusions:

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Commercial property insurance

General Liability Insurance for Musicians 

Insurance companies include a general liability policy in musician insurance so that you’re protected when any of these happens:

  • A commotion happened because of your performance and people got injured. Those who sustained injuries want you to take responsibility

  • You injured someone with your musical instrument during a performance. The person wants you to pay for his or her medical treatment

  • You unintentionally caused injuries to a student while teaching music 

General liability insurance can help you in many ways. Here’s a quick summary of its functions:

  • Pay the medical treatment of the person who sustained bodily injuries because of you 

  • In case you caused property damage, general liability insurance will reimburse the losses of the claimant

  • Cover the cost of the settlement demanded by the claimant 

  • Cover attorney fees, defense costs, investigation fees, and other legal expenses in case the claimant refuses to settle

Insurance companies allow you to include additional coverages to the language of general liability insurance so that it becomes more comprehensive. Such add-ons are:

  • Advertising injury coverage-Advertising injury coverage takes care of settlements or attorney fees, investigation fees, administrative costs, and other legal defense expenses if you’re sued for slander, copyright infringement, or libel

  • Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage-If you caused an accident while driving a rented or borrowed vehicle, this will cover the medical treatment or reimburse the damaged properties of the victims. Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage will also pay for defense costs

General liability insurance provides $1 million-$2 million coverage for each claim. But still, you can find insurance companies underwriting a general liability policy for musicians that offers $500,000 in coverage. 

Short-Term General Liability Insurance

Some carriers that cover musicians underwrite a short-term general liability policy. A short-term general liability insurance provides protection for hours, days, weeks, or months. Consider getting this if you take part in gigs occasionally. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Musicians 

You can overlook important things while performing or teaching music. And if this resulted in economic or financial losses for the person who hired you, expect a claim to be filed. 

Insurance companies don’t want to leave you vulnerable to such a peril. And so, they allow you to avail a professional liability policy from their specialized musician insurance plans. 

Professional liability insurance allows you to cover expenses without incurring any losses if someone sues you because:

  • You performed poorly and the business that hired you lost a lot of money

  • You didn’t give appropriate advice while teaching and the student got injured as a result

  • You didn’t follow your end of the contract signed between you and a client

  • You misrepresented your musical background in order to get hired for a gig 

The professional liability insurance for musicians has a $1 million-$2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate. Also, it’s usually underwritten as a claims-made policy. 

Musician Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance can be included in the terms of musician insurance if you own a music studio. This insurance will recover losses if your music studio is damaged or destroyed by:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Civil commotion

  • Riot

  • Sinkhole collapse

  • Aircraft

  • Vehicle

  • Hail

  • Storm

  • Volcanic action

  • Impact

Commercial property insurance will also reimburse your investments if musical instruments and equipment got lost or damaged while in the premises of the studio due to the perils we mentioned above. 

The limits of commercial property insurance vary from carrier to carrier. But expect to get a minimum $10,000-$25,000 building coverage and $5,000-$15,000 contents coverage from the policy. 

Always keep in mind that commercial property insurance will not take care of costs if your music studio and its contents got lost or damaged due to floods, landslides, mudslides, and earthquakes. 

Workers Compensation Insurance for Musicians

Workers’ compensation insurance is a coverage for you and employees (if there are any). This kicks in when you or employees sustain a work-related injury or disease. The policy covers the following costs:

  • Medical treatment and ambulance fees-Workers compensation insurance reimburses or covers the expenses for treatment and ambulance fees in the event that you or an employee needs medical attention after sustaining a work-related injury or disease

  • Hospitalization-You or an employee might be required to stay in the hospital after sustaining a work-related injury or disease. In this case, workers’ compensation insurance will help by covering bills

  • Medication-Workers compensation insurance provides the money you or an employee can use to buy the medicines that the physician prescribes for a work-related injury or disease

  • Rehabilitation-In case of impairment, workers compensation insurance can help you or an employee get enrolled in a rehabilitation facility in order to find a new job or adapt to the impairment

  • Lost wages-Workers compensation insurance covers lost wages if you or an employee can’t work due to a work-related injury or disease. Coverage for lost wages is a weekly allowance equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage 

  • Death benefits-Funeral expenses and allowance to dependents are covered by workers’ compensation insurance in case you or an employee dies due to a work-related injury or disease 

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Related Insurance Products

In this section, we’ll discuss some insurance products related to music insurance. 

Concert Insurance

Concert insurance, also called music event insurance, is an events policy that offers ticket coverage, cancellation coverage, and liability coverage. 

The liability coverage included in concert insurance covers performers and you as well against claims for bodily injury or property damage filed by attendees. 

Concert cancellation insurance coverage reimburses what you spent for non-refundable costs such as food, lodging, equipment rental, and more. 

As for concert ticket insurance, this is a coverage that will reimburse what you spent for travel and other expenses in order to attend a concert as a performer. Note that this is also included as a coverage in concert promoter insurance. 

Festival Insurance

If you plan to hold a music festival, then insurance companies can provide coverage through festival insurance. This is also an events insurance policy that offers festival cancellation insurance coverage, liability coverage, and more. 

Musician Insurance Cost

Musician insurance costs $34 per month or $408 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage. Note that your actual rate won’t be the same. Location, number of gigs, claims history, and other factors determine the premiums each customer pays. 

To give a better idea of rates, we’ve made this table showing the premiums of the best musician insurance companies:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $16.67 $200.04 Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for musicians
CoverWallet $19 $228 Musician insurance quotes comparison online
Tivly $20 $240 Comparing musician insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $38 $456 BOP for arrangers and independent musical directors
Hiscox $47.65 $571.80 BOP for musicians that offers a crime insurance policy

Get the best musician insurance at the most reasonable rate by comparing quotes. See the rates of different carriers by clicking the “Get Quotes” button on this page. 

Musical Instrument Insurance Cost 

You can insure your musical instrument for as low as $15 or as expensive as $130 per month. If changed to yearly rates, premiums will be $180 and $1,560 respectively. Take a look at this table that shows the price of the recommended musical instrument insurance companies:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
ASCAP $12.50 $150 Easy and fast musical instrument insurance
Clarion $16.66 $199.92 Musical instrument insurance with no deductible

Always compare musical instrument insurance quotes to find the best deals. Start by clicking the “Get Quotes” button on this page. 

There are many factors that influence the cost of insurance for your musical instrument. While each insurer will have their own criteria, here are the most common factors that they keep in mind when calculating the cost of insurance:

The Instrument Itself

The most important factor that influences the cost of your insurance is the instrument itself. Musical instruments come in a range of values, so the cost of insuring one instrument may be dramatically different from the cost of insuring another. 

For example, it may cost only per year $300 to $500 to insure your guitar, but it may cost more than $3,000 to have your piano insured!

Usage And Condition Of The Instrument

Another factor that insurers take into consideration when calculating the cost of insurance is how frequently the instrument is used and what its condition is at the time of getting it insured. 

An instrument that is not in very good condition to begin with will have a lower value than a brand new one. And a more frequently used instrument will be more expensive to cover than a seldomly used one. 

Gear You Need Covered

The cost of insurance will also depend on the amount and kind of gear (accessories) you need covered. The more numerous the gears are, the higher will be the cost of music gear insurance. 

Is It Used Professionally Or As A Hobby?

A professionally used instrument is more expensive to insure than one which is used as a hobby. Of course, professional musical instruments are also usually more expensive than those that are used by hobbyists. 

As mentioned earlier, this is just a short list of factors that are taken into consideration when your insurance cost is calculated. To find out the exact details, it’s best to have a detailed discussion with your insurer. 

Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Musical Instrument Insurance

When you are deciding on which musical instrument insurance to buy, here are a few factors that can help you with your decision-making:


If you travel to other locations for performances, then you need to make sure that your insurance policy covers damage, loss or theft during these times. There are many insurance policies that will not offer coverage for musical instruments if you travel since the chances of them getting damaged, lost, or stolen are higher. 

The Value Of The Instrument

This is a tricky subject. Regular insurance policies such as homeowners’ or renters’ insurance will have a cap on how much they will pay out for such valuables. 

Specialized policies will use different methods to value your musical instrument. The calculation will depend on how you wish to have the value of your musical instrument calculated:

  • Do you wish to be paid based on the value of the instrument at the time of loss?

  • Do you wish to be paid based on the value of the instrument at the time that you got insured?


If the cost of the policy is more than the actual value of the instrument, then getting a specialized policy may not be the way to go. Instead, it would be a better idea to go for an add-on in your homeowners/renters policy. 

Choosing The Right Insurer

Just because an insurance company offers musical instrument insurance doesn’t mean that you pick their policy. While such policies may work for regular musical instruments, it may not be a good idea to settle for such coverage if you own a rare or expensive instrument. 

If you do have a very valuable musical instrument, it is best to find a specialist. There are insurers that specialize in musical instrument insurance and therefore will be able to evaluate your property much more accurately than regular insurers. 

Computer Accessories

If you use your laptop or computer to create music, then it would be a good idea to check with your insurer whether this piece of equipment can be insured. Most insurers will not insure computers as part of their musical insurance package. You may have to ask for an add-on to cover your state-of-the-art laptop and music software. 

Shop Around

It is never a good idea to settle for the first musical insurance policy you come across. It is best to get quotes from multiple insurers so that you can compare the costs, the benefits being offered and the amount of coverage you will get. 

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Best Musician Insurance Companies 

Let’s take a look at the best musician insurance companies. Know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability insurance. 

NEXT Musician Insurance


  • Best overall

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Excellent rates

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Get a 10% discount if you get musician insurance as a BOP


  • Couldn’t find any

NEXT offers its music entertainment insurance to musicians. It offers general liability and professional liability insurance. 

NEXT’s general liability insurance has a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate. Also, it doesn’t have any deductibles. Terrorism coverage is included in its terms. 

As for this company’s professional liability insurance for musicians, it has a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate. Though quite comprehensive, it has a $2,000 deductible. 

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for musicians

Average cost: $16.67 per month

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Musician Insurance


  • Compare musician insurance quotes online

  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • General liability insurance can have non-owned/hired auto liability coverage and terrorism coverage

  • No hidden charges


  • Not an insurance company but a broker 

CoverWallet’s musician insurance allows you to avail professional liability and general liability policies. The general liability insurance of this company has a $1 million-$2 million per occurrence limit with no deductibles. As for professional liability insurance, it has a $2 million per occurrence limit. 

The way this company sells insurance is very smart. To get covered, you must use its online quotes comparison platform that shows you the rates of other companies that underwrite musician insurance. In other words, CoverWallet helps you find the best coverage at the most reasonable price. 

Best for: Musician insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $19 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Musician Insurance


  • Compare musician insurance quotes over the phone

  • Create your musician insurance policy from the ground-up

  • Provides you with highly tailored coverage

  • Responsive customer service

  • Takes you to partners if your profile doesn’t match its underwriting appetite 


  • Doesn’t issue a quote online 

Tivly (formerly CommercialInsurance.NET) allows you to create a custom musician insurance policy from the ground up. 

You’re free to choose what business insurance products will be included. Types of insurance this company offers are general liability, commercial property, commercial auto insurance, and many more. 

Tivly enables you to apply for a quote online. However, a representative will be the one to provide the pertinent details of your policy and the rates as well. That said, call Tivly now and compare musician insurance quotes over the phone. 

Best for: Comparing musician insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $20 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Musician Insurance


  • Offers general liability and commercial property insurance for musicians you can bundle in a BOP

  • You get to choose how much deductible to have

  • ACORD 25 certificate of insurance


  • Doesn’t offer professional liability insurance for musicians as a stand-alone policy

You can get Thimble’s musician insurance if you’re an independent musical director or an arranger. 

This company’s musician insurance offers general liability and commercial property insurance that you can bundle in a BOP.  Thimble’s general liability insurance offers $1 million-$2 million per occurrence limit.

Also, Thimble underwrote its  professional liability insurance for musicians as a coverage in general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance you get from this company has a $1 million per occurrence limit. 

As for commercial property insurance, Thimble allows the policy to give $25,000-$500,000 building and contents coverage. 

Best for: BOP for arrangers and independent musical directors

Average cost: $38 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Musician Insurance


  • Upgradeable BOP for musicians

  • Numerous options for general liability and commercial property insurance limits

  • 14-day money-back guarantee

  • Worldwide coverage


  • Naming additional insureds on your policy isn’t free

Hiscox calls its coverage for musicians artist insurance. This is a business owner’s policy that has general liability and commercial property insurance as primary inclusions. 

Hiscox’s general liability insurance for musicians comes with a $600,000-$2 million aggregate limit and a $300,000-$2 million per occurrence limit. Additional insureds can be named at an additional cost. No deductibles apply.

On the other hand, this company’s commercial property policy that’s included in its musician insurance provides $10,000-$100,000 coverage for business personal property. 

Upgrades to your policy are available such as non-owned/hired auto liability insurance, crime insurance package, and terrorism coverage. 

Best for: BOP for musicians that offers a crime insurance policy 

Average cost: $47.65 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

Best Musical Instrument Insurance Companies

These are the best musical instrument insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly rate. 

ASCAP Music Pro Insurance  


  • 24/7 insurance application, payment of premiums, and claims filing

  • Coverage is underwritten by SterlingRisk

  • Insures computer hardware and software

  • Low deductible 


  • Only available to ASCAP members 

Created by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in 2000 in partnership with SterlingRisk to provide cheap and friendly insurance for all music professionals, including musical instrument insurance for students, music teachers, recording studios, sound engineers, temporary musical instrument insurance and even hobbyists and collectors. 

ASCAP Music Pro Insurance is the music industry’s main choice, and has around 7,000 customers, from music students to very popular musicians and bands that have over $2.5 million music gear value.

ASCAP MusicPro insurance coverage cost starts at $150 per year and it covers your instruments around the world.

ASCAP Music Pro Insurance has a very user friendly, fast, and easy sign up process which can be done fully online, from quote to payment. Once your application is submitted and paid for, it is normally approved and processed on the very same day. 

Best for: Easy and fast musical instrument insurance

Average cost: $12.50 per month 

Our rating: 10/10 

Clarion Musical Instrument Insurance


  • Provides coverage for common musical instruments used by professionals and hobbyists 

  • Doesn’t have a lot of excluded activities and perils in its musical instrument insurance

  • Includes an inflation guard in its insurance for musical instruments


  • Services aren’t available all the time  

Clarion music insurance is an insurance brokerage that assigns music insurance with an insurance company as per your needs. Clarion is very user friendly for musicians and has industry expertise, which means that it can cater to the special needs of each customer. 

Its average cost is $200 per year for a $35,000 coverage (including accessories) with no deductible. As long as each musical instrument of yours does not cost over $5,000, they don’t require much paperwork and documentation. 

Best for: Musical instrument insurance with no deductible

Average cost: $16.66 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

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