How to Become a Cycling Instructor: Outdoor, Indoor, Spinning®, Peloton, SoulCycle, & CycleBar

If health and fitness are your passion, then consider working as an indoor cycling instructor. Indoor cycling instructors earn $20-$39 per hour. Outdoor cycling instructors, on the other hand, make $26 per hour. 

Here’s a guide that will teach you how to become a cycling instructor. Particularly, an outdoor cycling instructor and indoor cycling instructor for Spinning®, Peloton, CycleBar, and SoulCycle. 

How to Become an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

Indoor cycling pertains to a fitness activity utilizing recumbent or stationary bikes. Throughout the years, different types of indoor cycling have emerged. So how to become an indoor cycling instructor? You can choose to be a:

  • Spinning® instructor

  • SoulCycle instructor

  • Peloton instructor

  • CycleBar instructor

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What is a Spin® Cycling Instructor?

A Spin  cycling instructor is an instructor certified by Mad Dogg Athletics to teach Spinning®  classes in Spinning® accredited studios.

They teach students how to ride Spin  bikes and conduct indoor cycling sessions that emulate outdoor conditions. Spinning®  sessions consist of high-intensity to low-intensity indoor cycling, which can be modified to match a student’s physique. 

How Do You Become a Spin® Instructor?

So how do you become a Spin instructor? Before we begin, a Spin cycle instructor isn’t any generic indoor cycling instructor. 

Therefore, you can’t become one by getting any random indoor cycling certification. That said, here are the steps to answer your question on how do I become a Spin  instructor:

  • Enroll in Spinning® Instructor Certification

  • Enroll in Rockstar Spinning® or SpinPower®

  • Enroll in Spinning® Bridge

  • Find a Spinning® certified indoor cycling studios

  • Audition

Enroll in Spinning® Instructor Certification

One of the steps in how to become a certified Spin instructor is by enrolling in the Spinning® Instructor Certification. Only those with Spinning® Instructor certificates are the real or actual Spin instructors. 

Spinning® Instructor Certification provides the foundations you need to handle a Spin class safely and effectively. It’s available as a live training or online training that will:

  • Teach you how to find the right bike setting for yourself and for others

  • Fix the bike settings of others

  • Understand core Spinning® concepts such as heart rate, cadence, and power

  • Learn how to handle classes energetically

  • Understand Spinning® profiles and utilize them for classes

  • Design your own Spinning® class profiles

  • Choosing songs and creating a playlist that matches student preference and Spinning® class profiles 


The live training works best if you’re near a Spinning® studio that hosts training sessions. On the flip side, go for the online training if a studio isn’t near.

When you complete the Spinning® Instructor Certification modules and pass the final assessment, you’ll be given a Level I Spinning® instructor certificate with a validity of two years. 

Rates are higher for Spin® cycle instructors with more experience. And so, take another class to increase your Spinning® certificate’s level. 

Enrolling in Rockstar Spinning® or SpinPower®

Rockstar Spinning® and SpinPower® upgrade your level 1 Spin®  instructor certificate. By completing both, you’ll get the highest Spinning® certification. Note that this is one of the ways on how to get Spin® certified. 

SpinPower® enhances your theoretical and technical know-how of Spin cycling. It will teach you to:

  • Describe the pros and cons of power-based training for all kinds of riders

  • Explain what makes Spinning® bikes better than the normal indoor cycling bikes when it comes to determining calorie burned

  • Teach students how to set their bikes

  • Improve students’ riding technique and pedaling mechanic

  • Figure out a student’s riding limits through ramp tests

  • Learn more cues and Spinning®  terminologies

  • Learn how to create SpinPower® profiles

Note that SpinPower® is available as a face-to-face or online training session. Upon completing it, you get continuing Spinning® education credits and become eligible for the Spin® membership program. 

Another step to take in how to become a Spinning®  instructor is enrolling in Rockstar Spinning®. This certification helps Spin® cycle instructors ace their game. The following are what you’ll  learn from it:

  • Incorporate exercise science into your Spinning® rider profiles

  • Craft performance-oriented Spin®  cycling classes

  • Learn cues in other languages for a better rider experience

  • Learn to use voice delivery and body language for more rider engagement

You can join Rockstar Spinning® in any designated training facility of your choice. But if you’re far, there’s also an online session you can join. Upon completing this, you get continuing education credits and become eligible for the Spinning® membership program. 

Enrolling in Spinning® Bridge

The path to becoming a Spin instructor isn’t only for those who want to initially kickstart their fitness career with it. SoulCycle, CycleBar, and other types of indoor cycling instructors can also become Spinning® instructors. 

So how to become a Spin class instructor provided that you have a related background? You have to enroll in the Spinning® Bridge Certification Program. On this one, you’ll learn things unique to Spinning® such as:

  • Riding techniques and mechanics inspired by outdoor cycling

  • What makes Spinning® bikes different from normal indoor cycling bikes

  • Spinning® coaching method

Finding a Spinning® Studio

You can’t just go to any random indoor cycling studio to become a Spin instructor. You have to find ones that are accredited by Spinning®.

After getting certified, Spinning® will help you find studios, provided that any are looking for new instructors. Considering that such isn’t the case for you, we’ve made a table showing the different locations of accredited Spinning® studios in some capital cities of the US. 

Phoenix-Fitness West, 1505 E. Bethany Home Rd. 
-Village Racquet & Health Club, 4444 East Camelback Road
-Metro Sport & Health Club, 4444 E Camelback Rd
-Phoenician, 6000 E. Camelback Scottsdale
Montgomery-YMCA-Montgomery, 2345 Bell Road
-Gold's Gym, Montgomery, 2300 Berryhill Rd.
Little Rock -Conway Regional H & F Ctr, 700 Salem Road
Sacramento-California Family Fitness Center, 8569 Bond Road Elk Grove
-15th Street Fitness, 109 15th Street West Sacramento
-Arden Hills Country Club, 1220 Arden Hills Country Club Ln.
-Gold's Gym, Rancho Cordova, 11327 Folsom Blvd Ste 140 Rancho Cordova
-GTI Fitness, 8030 Sacramento Street Fair Oaks-Peak Performance
-Davis, 2795 2nd St.Davis
-Fit House, 630 PENA DR STE 500 Davis
Get Fit Davis Sport, 1809 Picasso Avenue Davis
-Holland Pro Fitness
-Granite Bay, 6925 Douglas Blvd Granite Bay
-In Shape City, 7920 Kelley Drive Stockton
-Total Fitness, 11768 Atwood RoadAuburn
-Courthouse Athletic Club, 11558 F Ave.Auburn

Denver-One Boulder Fitness, 1800 Broadway Suite 190Boulder
-Pure Energy Fitness, 1401 Wewatta St Unit 302
-Athletic Cycling, LLC 1620 E. 36th Ave. 
Tallahassee-Parkway Family YMCA, 2001 APALACHEE PKWY
-FAMU Recreation Center, 2101 Wahnish Way
-Florida State University Campus Rec., Leach Center 118 Varsity Way
-Premier Health and Fitness, 3521 Maclay Blvd

Atlanta-YMCA - Metropolitan Atlanta, 100 Edgewood Ave Ne Suite 902-Georgia Tech
-CRC, Board of Regents 750 Ferst Drive
-Nations Bank Executive Club, 600 Peachtree Street Ne
-Indocycle Studio, 3401 Norman Berry Drive, Ste. 146 East Point
-Buckhead Athletic Club, Atlanta Financial Center
Honolulu-Diamond Head Therapeutic, 211 Kawaihae St
-RIDE Kailua, 354 Uluniu St., Suite 100A Kailua,
Boise-Gold's Gym - Boise, 7316 West Fairview Avenue
-Gold's Gym
- Fairview, 7316 Fairview Avenue
-YMCA - Boise, 1050 W. State St.
-Power House Pilates & Gyrotonic, 1310 Vista Ave
Springfield-COX HEALTH, 3545 S National Ave
-St. John's Fitness Center, 202 E. Walnut Lawn
-The Meyer Center for Wellness & Rehabilitation, 3545 South National Ave.
-Skaggs Health and Fitness Center, 1500 BRANSON HILLS PKWY
-Cox Monett Wellness Center, 801 Lincoln Ave
-Cox Monett Hospital/YMCA Studio, 115 South Lincoln Ave
Indianapolis-Fitness Clinic Of Indianapolis, 1717 W. 86Th Street
-Pro Motion Training Systems, 13461 Clifty Falls Dr.Carmel
-Fitness By Design, 9135 North Meridian, Suite C6


Auditioning to Become a Spin® Instructor

Once you’ve found a Spin® studio, get their contact details and send an email asking if they’re accepting new Spin instructors. If the answer is yes, ask about the application requirements. What you’ll surely need to prepare are:

  • Resume showing your background and experience

  • Printed or digital copy of Spinning® certificates (any of the three we mentioned above) 

  • A copy of a college or high school diploma 

  • Medical certificate 

If your profile and skill match with the studio, then you will be invited for an audition, which is the final step in how to be a Spin instructor. The audition is divided into three phases that will test your:

  • Confidence and mannerism 

  • Ability to handle your Spin class

  • Positioning on the Spin bike and how you use it 

  • Knowledge of the basic and advanced theoretical and technical aspects of Spin cycling 

In the first phase of the audition, professional instructors will look to gauge your confidence and mannerisms while handling a Spin class. Your riding technique will also be evaluated. 

Don’t expect to be alone as there will be others too. Keep calm because the instructors aren’t expecting you to know everything. That said, be yourself and just enjoy it. 

As for the second and final phase, they will evaluate your ability to handle a class and technical knowledge about Spin cycling. If you nail these two, then you’ll have a considerable chance of being hired. 

How Long Does It Take To Become a Spin®  Instructor?

So how long does it take to become a Spin instructor? The initial Spinning® online training program takes 7-9 hours to be completed. Applying will take about two months or more depending on the number of studios that need a new set of hires. 

What to Do if You Don’t Make the Cut?

When applying for a job, you either get hired or not. Of course, everyone wants the first to happen. But if you experience the latter instead of the former, then don’t dwell on it. 

Don’t be hard on yourself and move on. There are thousands of Spinning studios in the United States. In fact, some cities have more than 10 facilities. That’s why it’s not the end if you get rejected by one. 

So considering that you don’t make the cut right away, we suggest you do these things:

  • Review your Spinning® certification modules-All Spinning® courses provide you with modules. And even though you’re already certified, reviewing is good practice so that your knowledge and understanding in Spin cycling are always on point

  • Work as a private instructor-Studios are where most Spin instructors shine. However, if it’s not your time to be employed by one yet, then consider working as a private instructor. Many are looking for one

  • Don’t stop Spin cycling-This is important. Don’t stop from doing Spin cycling routines. Keep your physique in tip-top shape. That said, if you’re not teaching yet, then join Spin classes three or four times a week. That way, you won’t become rusty and even learn from the instructor

  • Keep your certification valid-As we said earlier, your Spin® instructor certification is only valid for two years. And if you decide to take another job in the meantime, then don’t forget to renew when the expiration date is nearing 

  • Ask for an internship-Internships are a great way for you to gain experience even if not officially employed as an instructor of a particular Spinning® studio. You can approach private trainers and become an assistant or ask studios to let you stand in if an instructor can’t work

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What is a Soulcycle Instructor?

SoulCycling is a type of indoor cycling that incorporates choreography into the use of stationary bicycles. 

Sessions are done in studios owned or accredited by SoulCycle, a fitness company operating under Equinox Group. As such a SoulCycle instructor is one who is certified by the same company. 


How to Become a SoulCycle Instructor?

There’s only one thing to do in how to become a SoulCycle instructor-join the company’s training program. You need to meet these requirements to enroll successfully:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older

  • A citizen of UK, Canada, or US 

  • Working visa if you’re an expat in any of the countries mentioned above 

  • Background on anatomy, kinesiology, and exercise modifications

  • Willing to learn and continue his or her professional career with SoulCycle 

  • Can be easily contacted by phone or email

  • Must own a computer, preferably the latest versions (intel i5, M1, or Ryzen 5 and above)

  • A resume and application letter sent to

You must know that SoulCycle is more likely to approve your application for its program if you have 1-2 years of experience in indoor cycling. But note that an experience as a personal trainer or coach is as advantageous. 

But still, even if you don’t have experience, consider applying because SoulCycle highly values newbies who know how to sway with the beat, have strong people skills, and love music more than anything else.

As you can see, SoulCycle is a bit particular in its requirements for instructors. This is because the company assures a lot of perks for those who qualify. The benefits of being an instructor are:

  • Paid time off

  • Retail discount

  • Pre-tax transit and parking options

  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Technology and cell phone stipend

  • Paid membership to Equinox

  • Health savings account

  • Accidental dismemberment and death insurance

  • Maternity and paternity leaves

  • Job training

  • Competitive salary(Starting salary is $150 per class but some SoulCycle instructors make $1,000 per class)

Soulcycle Training: A Closer Look

Upon submitting your resume and application letter, it will take 1-2 weeks for SoulCycle’s management to inform you if you've made or didn’t make the cut. 

But assuming you made it, SoulCycle will ask you to join sessions at any facility nearest to your location. You will learn the ins and outs of SoulCycling for eight weeks straight, Monday to Friday. 

As many say, the training isn’t a walk in the park so it will help a lot if you condition your mind and body before it starts. Be watchful of what you eat, lose some weight, and improve strength, endurance, and stamina. 

Just like other indoor cycling training, SoulCycle will teach you proper riding positions, techniques, and mechanics. You’ll also learn how to adjust the position of students, rile them up, and create a playlist.

You’ll also learn stationary bike choreographies and how to execute them according to the music’s beat. After all, these two elements make SoulCycling unique. A certificate will be given once you complete the training. 

The Hiring Process

You’re eligible to teach in all SoulCycle-accredited facilities in the USA, Canada, and UK.

The hiring process is very straightforward; send application papers to a studio of your choice, wait for a phone call or email, do an interview, and then audition. 

SoulCycle is always hiring because instructors come and go. And so, expect a call within 1-2 days of sending your application. On the other hand, the interview will take at least 1 and a half hours. 

The final step in the hiring process is auditioning. Here’s what happens at this stage in a nutshell:

  • You wait with a group of other applicants for your turn

  • When it’s your turn, you’re asked to introduce yourself, why you’re fit for SoulCycle, what’s your take about relocating if accepted, etc. 

  • After the Q&A, then there’s the demo where you do SoulCycle choreographies on a stationary bike in tandem with two songs you’ve chosen

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What is CycleBar?

CycleBar is a company and a variety of indoor cycling that incorporates weighted bar choreographies in stationary bikes where students do low-intensity to high-intensity training. This is popular in Europe, Asia, and the USA. 


How to Become a CycleBar Instructor?

There’s one thing to do if you’re wondering how to become a CycleBar instructor, and that is joining the CycleBar Instructor training program. You do this online by visiting this page

After clicking the apply now button, you’ll be redirected to the applicant information page. Provide the necessary details and submit. Then wait for a call or email asking you to audition. 

If you pass the audition, then you’ll attend the CycleBar boot camp. This is a four-day training program where you’ll learn bar and stationary bike choreography, do routines in a 12-song sequence, and create a playlist. 

Once you’ve completed the training with flying colors, you’ll become a bonafide CycleBar instructor. Apply to any CycleBar studio and get started. 

How to Become a Peloton Cycle Instructor?

Here are the steps in how to become a peloton cycle instructor:

Secure an Indoor Cycling Certification

Peloton only hires cycling instructors with experience. And so, what you need to do first is get an indoor cycling certification from organizations such as:

  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America

  • International Sports Sciences Association

  • National Exercise Trainers Association


Note that you’ll need at least 500+ hours of study and experience. Therefore, getting multiple certifications and working momentarily for a non-peloton cycling studio is ideal. 

Send Your Application

Send an application to Peloton when you’re ready. Visit the company’s careers page to see if it’s looking for aspiring instructors right now. 

Get a Peloton Bike

Of course, you can’t teach peloton cycling without a peloton bike so you’ll need to buy or rent one. Rental costs $60 per month. Buying it costs $1,445 (can be paid in installments). 

Join the Audition

You’ll join an audition if the company is looking for instructors and you make the cut. The audition is where you must show your technical and theoretical knowledge of indoor cycling. Your ability to handle a class is also evaluated.

Join the Bootcamp

You then join the boot camp if you pass the audition. The boot camp is an online class where you’ll learn peloton cycling, strength training, and cardio training. 

Get Hired 

After completing the training and earning your certificate, you’ll then get hired as a Peloton instructor who can teach freely online. You make $500-$750 per class. Note that based on your performance in the boot camp, the management can also ask you to teach cardio or tread.

What is a Cycling Instructor?

A cycling instructor is a person who provides fitness training services to clients using mountain bikes or road bikes. 

Cycling instructors conduct classes on different trails, parks, roads, and other locations. They teach proper bike riding techniques. They also devise outdoor cycling fitness programs that improve the stamina, endurance, and bodily constitution of students. 

How to Become a Cycle Instructor?

So how to become a cycle instructor? You need to:

  • Get a sports bicycle 

  • Train yourself

  • Enroll in cycling classes and get certified

Getting a Sports Bicycle

Getting a sports bicycle is the stepping stone in how to become a cycling instructor. After all, you can’t start training or teaching without it. 

You have two options- a mountain bike or a road bike. Go for a mountain bike if you want to teach cycling on rough and rocky uphill, flat, or downhill terrains. Choose a road bike instead if you want to hold cycling sessions on paved roads. 

A good mountain bike will cost $700-$1,500+. Popular brands are:

  • Canyon

  • Juliana

  • Trek

  • Santa Cruz

  • Specialized

  • Liv

  • Cannondale

  • Kona 


If you want a road bike, then prepare $1,000-$3,000 for a decent piece. Trusty brands to consider are:

  • Giant

  • Trek

  • Cannondale

  • BMC

  • Pinarello

  • Scott

  • Colnago

  • Cervelo

  • Bianchi

Training as a Cycle Instructor

Cycling is a demanding activity. All body parts are involved. And so, even if you’re fit, it’s important to train to build endurance, strength, and stamina. After all, the least that you want to happen is to end up writhing with pain due to a sprain. 

So how do you prepare yourself to become a cycling instructor? Here are the steps:

  • Start with your legs as they’re the most involved. Of course, nothing beats jogging when it comes to doing this. You must jog for at least 1 hour or 2 hours five times a week and give yourself two days of rest. 

  • Cycling also takes a toll on your core and arms. You train these by lifting weights at the gym

Of course, aside from moving, diet is part of your training too. And so, it helps if you learn to eat meals comprising of:

  • Eggs

  • Milk

  • Yogurt

  • Whole bread

  • Beans

  • Legumes

  • Brown rice

  • Chicken

  • Tuna

  • Spinach

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Lean jerky 

You need to reach a specific weight when training. Ideally, a cycle instructor’s weight shouldn’t be more or less than 155-176 pounds.

Enrolling in a Cycling Class and Getting Your Certification

No one will let you teach them if you can’t show proof of expertise. And so, it’s important to enroll in a cycling class and get a certification. 

So how to become a certified cycling instructor? Many cycling organizations in the United States provide a certification online. What you need to do to get certified is download resources or join an online class and then take assessments. If you pass, then a certification will be given. 

In connection, here are the best options for getting certified as a cycling instructor:

  • American Sports and Fitness Association-No online class. All you need to do is buy their resources and take an exam. If you pass, you’ll get certified. The cycling certification will cost $245, $275, or $699

  • Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association-Pick this if you want an exclusive certification for cycling with mountain bikes. Your certificate carries weight because this organization is recognized by other groups such as  Whistler Bike Park, IMBA Canada, C.A.S.I., P.S.I.A., Skills Active New Zealand, and MTBA

  • Bike Instructor Certification Program-Another good option for certification for fitness cycling with mountain bikes. Classes are held face to face. You’ll learn bike maintenance, bike riding techniques, hand-eye coordination, and more 

  • USA Cycling-Certification for mountain cycling and road cycling coaches. To become eligible for its cycling instructor program, you must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check, and complete safesport training 

Don’t Forget to Be Insured

Don’t forget to purchase insurance as soon as you start working as a professional instructor. Insurance protects your finances when the unexpected happens. The following are the most useful policies:

  • General liability insurance-Covers settlements and legal defense costs if a student accuses you of causing injuries and property damage while conducting a class. 

  • Professional liability insurance-Provides refunds and covers legal costs if a student sues you for negligence and inaccurate advice

  • Abuse and molestation insurance-You can use this insurance to cover settlements, administrative costs, and other legal expenses if a student sues you for sexual harassment, abuse, and molestation

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