How to Become a Spin Instructor & Cycle Instructor

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Indoor cycling, an activity ranging from spin cycling and cycling (soul cycling and peloton), has garnered popularity in the past years. According to the research of LesMills that was conducted on 12,000 research participants all over the globe , 20% of the global fitness market would prefer to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle through indoor cycling.

And so, a career as a spin or cycling instructor might be great for earning a stable income in the years to come.So how do you become a spin or cycling instructor? This guide teaches you all of the steps involved.

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How Do I Become a Spin Instructor?

Many would say that you need to get good schooling then find clients. However, such a statement is just a very simplistic way of describing the road on how to become a spin instructor. In truth, here are the steps that you should take in how to become a spin class instructor.

  • Internalize

  • Look for topnotch spin instructor training

  • Look for an internship

  • Start your spin cycling class

  • Get spin instructor insurance to safeguard your career


If you want to be successful, you should love what you’re doing. Because as long as you’re passionate about the goal or the purpose, you’ll strive to achieve it no matter how hard things get.

Before thinking of becoming a spin cycling instructor, you should be clear if it’s what you want to do, or at least if it's close to something you want to do for the rest of your life. Spin bike instructors earn up to $33 - $40 an hour, which is decent considering it’s not a very stressful job.

Still, as many research studies have shown, salary isn’t the reason why a person excels at their job. It’s passion instead. When you work as a spin cycle instructor for the sake of money only, it might be easy for you to experience:

  • Work that seems too lengthy or demanding even if it’s not

  • Pressure and lack of enjoyment

  • Being unable to apply inherent skills that make you potentially good at work

So, take time to ponder before making a decision. Ask yourself if you’re willing to invest time and money to become a spin instructor. Also, don’t forget to consult friends and family as they provide valuable insights and advice. Ultimately, talk with a career coach to get an expert’s opinion.

Look for Top-Notch Spin Instructor Training

The only way to become a good spin instructor is to get good schooling and get certified. And if you’re asking how to get spin certified, there are no shortcuts to doing that but attend each class as if your life depends on it.

It’s not only you, but there’s a mass of people out there who also want to become spin instructors to earn money, help other people pursue healthier lives, and feel the joy of the spin bike. As a result, numerous spin instructor training classes have emerged.

Spin instructor training aren’t phones or laptops that you can try before buying, and many don’t have trial periods that will help you test efficacy and efficiency. That’s why we searched the web for the most popular and effective ones to ensure you enroll in classes that provide the best foundations.

Our top recommendation is Spinning® , which has certified more than 250,000 instructors and is the leading training right now. It also promises that it only takes between 7 and 9 hours to become a certified spin instructor through its online course and videos. Attend this class online or live for just $355 to have comprehensive and practical knowledge of the following:

  • Choosing the correct bike profile for yourself and others

  • Riding techniques to prevent physical injury and enhance exercise efficiency

  • Understand how heart rate, cadence, and power affects the riding experience on the spin bike

  • Motivational techniques to boost students mood in spin classes

  • Using Spinning® class profiles so that classes are results-oriented

  • Create a playlist according to the intensity, terrain, and rhythm of the class

ISSA spin instructor training is your second choice if Spinning® doesn’t provide what you need. What’s good about this is that it comes from an organization that has provided health and exercise education for 30 years. You can opt to pay for this class yearly, bi-yearly, and monthly Pricing is $468, $78, and $39, respectively. You’re free to finish the lessons as quickly or as slowly as you want using ebooks, videos, and NCCPT accredited exams, which assess how much you’ve learned. ISSA spin instructor program teaches you:

  • Principles of human anatomy and movement

  • Human energy system and bodily performance

  • Nutrition best suited for spin bike riders

  • Riding techniques

  • Class design and theory

  • Riding techniques for preventing injuries

Start attending any of the above classes if you’re wondering how to become a certified spin instructor. It’s good that you’re looking for certification because it’s what’s badly needed to start working on gyms and get clients. On another note, it’s good that the United States isn’t as strict as the United Kingdom that requires spin bike instructors to acquire different levels of certifications.

Look for an Internship

So you got certified and have gained theoretical and practical knowledge about the spin bike. Is it now the time to stamp your foot on the pedal and start teaching? The answer is no. There’s still one thing you need to have, and it’s something that even schooling can give - experience. Thus, gaining experience is the third step in how to be a spin instructor.

We’re sure you already know that everything works differently once applied in real-life situations. It’s essential to build some of your foundations before doing paid spin biking sessions so that your first clients are satisfied and happy.

The only way to gain experience is to work as an intern spin instructor. You might not receive a salary, and even if you do, what you’ll receive will only be a fraction of what professional instructors make.

You can start your internship by looking for gyms with spin bike dedicated facilities nearby. Craft a letter and attach a copy of your certification, then send it to the gym administrator. If this doesn’t work, look for internships on Spinning, Linkedin, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Job2Careers, Monster, and Glassdoor.

The ideal length of your internship should be 3 - 4 months, and working at such a length of time will allow you to use all theoretical and practical knowledge. By the time your internship ends, you will already have developed techniques and teaching styles that bring concrete results to clients.

Start Your Spin Class

Starting your spin class is the climax of your journey in how to become a spinning instructor. There are three ways to do this; get employed by a gym, use Youtube, conduct online classes through a website, and set up your spin gym.

Applying to a gym is your first option in starting a spin class if you don’t have money. When looking for a place that will take you in, it’s best to go for big gyms that accommodate more than 100 clients a day. Why? It's because these are the ones that need spin instructors most of the time.

The second option is to start your online spin class if you don’t want to get shacked up by an employer. If you’re not willing to invest money, the platform we recommend to you is Youtube. However, the downside is that you might not make money immediately as you have to get numerous views and subscriptions to be monetized.

If you’re willing to invest a bit in IT and public relations, then start spin classes through a website.Through this method, you will start earning money through the subscriptions of your student. You can also have extra income by enrolling your website as an affiliate to manufacturers selling spin biking equipment. Starting a spin class website is easy, and you can do it on your own. However, if you want to see tangible results as quickly as possible, consider having at least an assistant who can make scripts, take videos, and edit. You can hire cheaply in different ways. For instance, you can get a freelancer's work or outsource someone abroad with the help of an agency.

The final method to start your spin class is to build a spin bike gym. You’ll need a considerable amount of money for this. A spin bike studio will cost at least $50,000. And if you want to realize a more ambitious project, expect costs to reach $100,000 - $300,000.

Get Spin Instructor Insurance to Protect Yourself

The journey to becoming a spin instructor is long and arduous. That’s why you have to make sure you don’t fall once you have reached your goal's summit. One way to do this is to get insurance,which is the final step in how do you become a spin instructor.

Riding the spin bike can cause injuries, especially to the legs. One good example is rhabdomyolysis, a condition characterized by severe cramps, fatigue, and minor kidney failure. If left for long, this condition might require surgery to be reversed. When found irreversible by surgeons, then the leg with rhabdomyolysis might be amputated .

Injured clients can sue you for mistakes, and expenses for lawsuits aren't cheap. Worse, you’ll have to siphon more money if you lose and be demanded by the court to pay.

Insurance won’t necessarily save you, but it will help you mitigate the drastic impact of problems related to your career as a spin instructor. You have two types of insurance to choose from; professional liability insurance and general liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance will account for the costs associated with a client’s lawsuit against you. This applies to situations where you’re at fault arising from the failure to exercise due diligence and professionalism while working as a spin instructor. On the other hand, general liability works the same way as professional liability. However, what makes it different is that its coverage doesn’t apply to clients only but to third parties and, if you’re running your own spin gym, employees and assistants.

Aside from protection, insurance is required by gyms before deciding to hire you. Gyms have their coverage. However, they will avoid using it for their employees’ mistakes. And so, to ensure that they don’t have to wrap up problems on their own, they require spin instructors to get at least professional liability insurance as the first line of defense.

If you want to get the best insurance for spin instructors, the best way is to compare quotes online. Our website will help you do so simply. Just click the “Get Quotes” button on this page, fill-up the form, and after that, the system will generate all the quotes from different companies showing respective pricing and perks.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Spin Instructor?

Becoming a certified spin instructor will only take a few hours up to weeks or months, depending on the duration program you decide to enroll in and the frequency of the classes. On the other hand, if you're wondering how long it takes to become a professional spin instructor who earns money and helps clients, then it might take a year or even longer. Looking for a gym you can work on will take at least two to six months. On the other hand, it will be another six months or one year before you can build a reputation and network of clients and other spin instructors.

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How to Become a Cycle Instructor?

Aside from riding the spin bike, cycling is another activity that has garnered popularity in the past years. > In 2016, about 12.4% of Americans cycled on a daily basis, and an increase of at least 7 million was observed in the number of cyclists way back in 2017 .

Cycling has its tips and tricks to maximize efficiency and safety on the bike. Cycling instructors exist because of these. And if you’re planning to become one, these are the steps you must take in how to become a cycling instructor:

  • Tone your body

  • Become part of the LCI

  • Look for an internship 

  • Start teaching

  • Get cycling/indoor cycling instructor insurance

Tone Your Body

When cycling, all parts of your body get to work. The heart beats faster, the lungs work extra hard to bring in more oxygen, the torso works to keep balance, the legs exert effort on the pedal, the hands stabilize the bike’s direction, and the brain exerts extra attention to look for changes in terrain and speed. 

With all that said, it’s safe to say that cycling is a tiring activity. And if you’re not cut out for it - meaning that you just proceed to ride without any preparations; then it’s sure that you’ll suffer from fatigue.

There’s only one effective way to prevent fatigue while cycling - tone your body.  Simply put, you have to do routines such as planks, leg lifts, lunges, burpees, squats, and weight lifting. With that said, exercise is the first step to becoming a cycling instructor. 

You’re ready to start your cycle instructor training when you’ve built the endurance needed to combat fatigue while riding the bike. Indicators are the lesser onset of cramps in the legs, less erratic heartbeat, higher lung capacity, etc. 

GET LCI Certification

Just like spin instructors, cycle instructors also need a certification to get employed and teach. So how to become a certified cycling instructor? Certifications are granted as soon as you have online or live classes.  But still, you should aim high and don’t just grab any certifications available. Go for certifications granted by reputable cycling organizations to compete better with existing professional cycling instructors. 

We strongly recommend you get certification from the League of American Bicyclists to become a League Cycle Instructor. For a brief background, the League of American Bicyclists was founded in 1880 to promote cycling for fun, fitness, and transportation. The organization is well known and is linked to the  Bikes Belong Coalition, America Bikes, Alliance for Bicycling and Walking as well as federal agencies such as Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and NCUTCD.

The LCI certification is a three-day seminar led by an LCI certified coach that aims to teach students how to ride bikes safely and legally. There are no specific modules that comprise the class. But still, the LCI certification is sure to provide practical knowledge about the different techniques in riding the bike to ensure safety and confidence.

LCI is a short seminar, so it’s okay if you think it might not impart all the comprehensive knowledge needed to become a great cycle instructor. With that said, after getting your LCI certificate, opt to join the American Sports and Fitness Association’s (ASFA)  cycling class

ASFA® certification in cycling instruction will allow you to teach indoor and outdoor cycling classes. It’s a program that will educate you about the research-proven benefits of cycling and how to create results-oriented and challenging cycling classes for your students. Classes are held live. But there’s no one stopping you if you want to learn online. 

Look for an Internship

You can start teaching the moment you get your cycling certification. However, it’s better to further hone your skills by working as an intern first. An internship will help you build your network and gain practical knowledge, as well as gain techniques that classes can’t impart. 

Ideally, you should apply for an internship at cycling clinics. If not cycling clinics, then you can apply at state parks and private recreational parks with dedicated trails for recreational cycling.  To save the work of finding where to work on foot, you can use job online portal sites. You can also look for such job posts on:

Start Your Class

After working as an intern for at least three months, it’s now time to get out of your comfort zone and start a cycling class.You can do this by applying to cycling clinics or asking your current internship employer to absorb you into the organization. 

Another way to start things is to make your cycling clinic. You can start for as low as $10,000 - $20,000 dollars provided that you’ll just rent a building and all that you have to spend on are equipment such as bikes and safety gear. On the other hand, if you want to make a biking facility, expect costs to scale up to $350,000 or more. 

How to Become an Indoor Cycling Instructor? 

Becoming an indoor cycling instructor is the same as becoming a cycling instructor.  However, when looking for an internship, an indoor cycling instructor will have to consult gyms. And when starting a class, an indoor cycling instructor can choose between offline and online means.

The final step in how to become a cycling instructor or an indoor cycling instructor is the same - get insured. Insurance for these professions is general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Additional options for more coverage are to get excess liability insurance or umbrella insurance.

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How to Become a SoulCycle Instructor

SoulCycle is getting popular right now. The reason for this is that it offers enjoyable classes featuring a lively instructor, energetic music, and moody lighting.  With that said, if you’re into what’s hip and trendy, becoming a SoulCycle instructor is worth all the effort. Here’s how you become a SoulCycle instructor:

  • Build your portfolio and network

  • Apply for the SoulCycle training program

  • Get SoulCycle instructor insurance

Build Your Portfolio and Network

The company, SoulCycle, requires aspiring instructors to have a background as fitness instructors before enrolling in its training program.  To leverage yourself from the competition, it’s best if you get certifications in spinning or cycling as their fundamentals closely relate to SoulCycle. 

SoulCycle requires at least 1 or 2 years of physical training experience to qualify for its instructor program. Therefore, within that time frame, document your achievements by taking pictures of you and your clients and gathering reviews. It will also help greatly if you join fitness organizations such as the National Association for Health and Fitness, International Health Racquet and Sports Association, and Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Be a member because such organizations can make a referral, which increases your chance of passing SoulCycle’s screening procedure.

Apply for the SoulCycle Training Program

The SoulCycle training program spans for eight weeks, and it will teach you all that you need to know about soul cycling.  As for when the training will happen, we don’t know, but what’s certain is that the company will post on its website or its Instagram page about when they’re hiring and which cities the hiring process will take place.

Documents you need to prepare for the SoulCycle instructor hiring process are a resume, a portfolio, and a picture (showing your shoulders and head only). We almost forgot, you also need to craft a letter that comprehensively explains why you want to be a SoulCycle instructor. 

After sending all the documents, SoulCycle will then review your application. If you qualify, then you’ll be asked to join a face-to-face screening process. Prepare your nerves for this because you'll have at least 30+ people coming from different parts of the United States looking to get the chance to join SoulCycle’s training program other than you. 

So what is the face-to-face screening process like? This consists of a bike riding round and a podium round. In the bike riding round, you’ll be required to demonstrate skills and familiarity in riding a stationary bike. Someone will coach you on what to do. However, at this stage, the panels don’t really care about your practical knowledge as there’s training that will take care of that. 

If you pass the first round, then you will proceed to the podium round. In simple terms, the podium round is where you show what you got in front of the panel. In this stage, you will be required to prepare two tracks that will play as you simulate teaching in a SoulCycle class. Here’s a tip, by the way; be sure to pick tracks that get you pumped up because it will help to boost your energy and confidence. 

When you pass the podium round, you’ll then be required to join the SoulCycle training program. Be prepared to move because the training won’t happen in your hometown in most cases. Training will commence for two months, wherein the first five weeks will be very tiring. Instructors will teach you SoulCycle techniques, how to manage space, how to motivate students, how to create the right playlist, and many more. 

When you’ve finished the training, SoulCycle will award you with a certificate. Also, if you show enthusiasm and talent while being trained, then you might be hired. For this reason, take your training seriously because even if you complete the training, SoulCycle won’t guarantee employment if you perform poorly.

Get SoulCycle Instructor Insurance

Teaching SoulCycle to a class has its fair share of risks. For example, since the room is dimmer than usual, students can miss the pedal and injure their feet as a result. When this happens, you might be held liable. In effect, you might be required to pay for medical fees on behalf of the student. 

It’s not bad for SoulCycle instructors to get professional liability insurance as it will account for legal expenses and settlements whenever a client gets injured. Moreover, customers are more inclined to work with an insured instructor as it indicates that they got their backs covered in case an accident happens. To get the best value for your money, click the 'Get Quotes' button, complete the questionnaire and compare spin instructor insurance quotes online from the best spin instructor insurers for your SoulCycle business!

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How to Become a CycleBar Instructor?

There’s a new trend in spin called the CycleBar. To put things straightforwardly, CycleBar is a variation of spinning wherein weighted bar exercises are incorporated. The steps involved in becoming a CycleBar instructor (Cycle Star) are:

  • Join auditions and get accepted

  • Join the Cycle Star boot camp

  • Look for a studio

  • Get CycleBar insurance

Join The CycleBar Training Program

The CycleBar training program is your only gateway to become an instructor. Unlike SoulCycle, CycleBar’s guidelines for admission on its instructor program are very easy. All that you have to do is visit their website, look for the application page, provide personal details, and answer questionnaires asking why you want to become an instructor, how many years of experience you have teaching indoor cycling, and so on. 

If there’s an opening, the company will contact you for an initial audition either by phone or email.  In the initial audition, master instructors and lead instructors will look at your form while on the bike and whether or not you can ride to the beat of the music. Practical knowledge isn’t very important at this stage, so don’t worry if you haven’t had prior experience joining CycleBar sessions before. 

When you pass the initial audition, you’ll then receive an invitation to join a formal audition. The formal audition and initial audition are pretty much the same. However, the difference is that in the formal audition, you’ll be required to simulate teaching a group of at least 50 students while riding the bike. That’s why it’s best to research one up to two cycle bar choreographies to ace this stage of the hiring process.  Also, don’t forget to pick tracks that pump you up. 

Join The CycleStar Boot Camp

When you pass the formal audition, you’ll then proceed to join the CycleStar bootcamp. This runs from Thursday to Sunday, and you’re required to join without skipping any sessions. Things that you will learn include keeping a good form in the CycleBar, preventing injuries, riding according to the beat of the music, and the twelve-song series that make CycleBar unique. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification that'll make you a professional instructor. 

Look for a Studio

CycleBar will help you land on your first class by assigning you a studio. Now, the studio is either one you prefer or one that the company suggests you work to. Before saying yes to a studio, be very mindful of your decision because you can’t work in any other CycleBar gyms. 

Why is that anyway? The reason why you’re stuck to one studio is due to the business model of CycleBar.  CycleBar only acts as an umbrella company for individually owned gyms. Simply put, all CycleBar gyms have different owners. As a result,  you can’t work for other CycleBar gyms unless they’re also owned by the person who owns the studio you’re working in. 

Get CycleBar Instructor Insurance

Last but not the least, don't forget to  get insurance for CycleBar instructors. You can opt to avail general liability insurance policies or professional liability policies. For more coverage, get umbrella policies and excess liability policies too. To find the best rates online, click on the "Get quotes button " and complete the questionnaire.

How to Become a Peloton Instructor?

Here’s how to become a peloton spin instructor:

  • Get a personal trainer certification

  • Train yourself

  • Get peloton instructor insurance

Get a Personal Trainer Certification

Being a peloton instructor might be the easiest thing to do. It’s because you don’t need to get specialized peloton training. Instead, what you only need to furnish is a personal training certification issued by the National Academy of Sports of Medicine (NASM).

Before opting to get personal trainer certification from NASM, you need to have these for your application to get approved:

NASM will only hand over your certification the moment you complete modules and pass an assessment exam. Don’t worry, completing the modules won’t take much of your time, because NSAM designed them as digital learning materials that you can work on at your own pace. NSAM’s module will teach you:

  • Professional development and responsibility

  • Client relations and behavioral coaching

  • Basic and applied sciences and nutritional coaching

  • Exercise technique and training instruction

  • Program design

NASM's certification exam will cover all the topics covered in the module. There are 120 questions total, and you’re required to get at least a score of 70. By the way, take time to review everything that you’ve learned, as the exam is time pressured. Specifically, you are only given 2-hours maximum to finish it. 

Train Yourself

You need further training before proceeding to teach. And by saying “training”, we mean to say that you have to condition your body and your personality first. 

Apply all that you’ve learned to yourself.  Try different diet routines and take note of their effects on your health. Also, exercise regularly to make your body a living symbol of why clients should listen to your advice. Of course,  build a professional image by checking traits that need to be reinforced and suppressed. 

Apply and Get Interviewed

Starting your first job as a peloton instructor is straightforward. All that you have to do is look for a gym to teach, hand out your credentials, and wait for an interview. By the way,  it might help if you seek recommendations from personal trainers you know. 

You can also start teaching by posting on Youtube or making a website.  To do these methods, you need to invest some money for cameras, computers, and other equipment. Also, you also need to learn a thing or two about content creation.

Get Peloton Instructor Insurance

Don’t hesitate to avail of an insurance policy the moment you get a constant number of clients. With an insurance policy, you can teach with more confidence and provide better services. Also, it will be easier for you to teach at multiple peloton gyms too. Specific policies you might need are professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. To find the best companies that offer these, click the “Get Quotes” button and complete the questionnaire to get and compare cheap insurance quotes online and save time, money and trouble.

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