Handyman Salary: How Much Do Handymen Make $$$

Whether you’re considering becoming a handyman or looking at the advantages to picking up more work in the field, chances are, you’re wondering how much do handymen make. In this guide, we will address your questions. 

The average handyman salary can depend on a number of factors, including whether they work on their own or for a larger company, their geographic area, or what type of work they do. Handyman salary may also depend on how many jobs the handyman is able to pick up and even how fierce competition is in the local area. 

How Much Does a Handyman Make Per Hour?

How much do handymen make an hour? It may depend on where they work. In some states, hourly salary for a handyman may be as low as $20 per hour. Across the nation, however, handymen make an average of between $40 and $100 per hour, with an average of around $60 per hour being the norm. Hourly rates may depend on:

  • The type of work being done. While a handyman tends to be a “jack of all trades,” some handymen will naturally take more highly-skilled jobs than others. 
  • How many hours a project is anticipated to take. Some handymen may choose to charge on a per-project basis based on the estimated hours to completion, rather than charging an actual hourly rate.
  • Location. In some areas, handymen can recover much more for their services than they can in others. 

As you consider how much do handymen get paid, make sure you take a careful look at what kind and what spectrum of services you can offer to your potential clients. 

How Much Do Handymen Make a Year

So how much does the average handyman make? well, the average handyman salary is between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. However, the average self-employed handyman makes $80,000 a year. These figures may be much higher or lower depending on the area as well as the experience of the business or the professional. 

How Much Can a Handyman Make Per Year?

So how much money can you make as a handyman every year? well, a self-employed pro handyman can make as much as $110,000 or more per year. As you consider, how much money does a handyman make a year,  make sure you consider the averages for your area, including how much work is available. Because when determining how much does the average handyman make a year, we take geographic area and those critical averages into consideration. 

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How to Make More Money as a Handyman

When considering, “How much do handymen earn?” what most people are really interested in finding out is, “How much can I earn as a handyman?” You may need to ask yourself questions like, “How much does a handyman earn per hour?” early in your journey, ultimately, you may need to ask yourself, “How can I bring in more as a handyman?” There are several key strategies you can use to increase your overall earnings. 

1. Seek out the right clients.

As a handyman, you may want to start by clearly defining your target audience. If you want to earn more money as a handyman, you may want to market yourself to more affluent areas of your city with clients that can pay well. Target those clients with your marketing efforts. Once you do make your way into those neighborhoods, focus on doing a great job for your new clients so that they’ll help spread the word for you.

2. Focus on the right projects.

As a handyman, you may find yourself engaged in a wide variety of projects and taking on any number of services. Some clients may need to bring you in to repair a crack or hole in a wall, while others may bring you in to take care of more complicated projects that take several months and are more likely to generate greater income than short-term projects. Focus on marketing the projects that may play most to your particular skills–and the ones that are most likely to bring in the profits you really want and need.

3. Be amazing at what you do.

To explode your annual income, you must be incredible at every aspect of your business. You must give incredible service from responsiveness to clients to the quality of your work to make sure that your clients tell more potential clients about your excellent, reliable and professional service. This will bring in more income over time as more people will acknowledge it and your reputation will skyrocket. You may also want to consider the benefits of increasing your certifications so that you can go on to get more work. 

4. Get the right licenses and insurance.

Get a General Building Contractor License to be able to take on larger jobs. Having the right licenses as well as sufficient handyman insurance coverage will make it much easier for you to find work and generate greater income. General liability insurance and commercial auto insurance may be a must to protect from unexpected financial expenses that may lower your margins. If you have a team working under you, workers’ compensation insurance can prove critical. Those policies are usually bundled in to a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy) on a discounted rate. Insurance may cost you money up front, but over time, it can help you significantly increase your income–and if you do end up needing that coverage, it can provide a high degree of protection that will allow you to keep your handyman business operational despite potential challenges. 

5. Hire other people to work with and for you.

As your handyman business grows, you may find that you’re ready to hire other people to work alongside you. Working as a solo handyman may mean that you have less to juggle and less to worry about. However, as you start to bring in more jobs, you may need more than just you to cover them all! Consider working with other professionals who are willing to partner with you on your handyman journey. Hire reliable employees who have the skills and talent necessary to stand for your brand. 

6. Avoid the “friends and family” discount.

When you work as a handyman, it’s all too common for people to call you to take care of everything that goes wrong around the house–and of course, they want you to give them the “friends and family discount.” However, if you want to earn more as a handyman, it’s important to avoid falling into that trap. Instead, make sure you’re charging your friends and family a reasonable rate for your services–especially when taking care of their homes may take you away from other, more profitable work. Do not charge less than $85 per hour, and ideally, not less than $100 per hour.

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