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Working as a glazier pays well and is as profitable as kitchen and bathroom fitting work. You install glass windows, mirrors, skylights, and other glass fixtures in residential and commercial properties. Your services are highly valuable in the construction sector, providing clients with solutions that complement their building needs -  from installing high-efficiency glasses that regulate a home's or commercial building's interior temperature to installing tempered glass fixtures that provide elegance and protection at the same time. 


However, there are times when your glass installation project might go awry. A client's property may get damaged, or an employee might be injured as they cut, install, or remove glass panels. Having proper glazier insurance coverage can protect your business when the injured parties file claims against your business. Besides, a glazier insurance coverage will allow you to bid and win contracts. 

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Why Do You Need Glazier Insurance Coverage?

As a glass installer, your work is physically demanding and technically challenging. You work with heavy and fragile materials that can fall and crush toes. In other situations, the sharp glass can cause deep cuts. In a nutshell, your profession is full of risks, and that's when glazier insurance comes in.


Sometimes you might work on a towering apartment complex. Usually, the only effective means of installing the windows is by working from the exterior. Should the straps holding the panel snap, the glass comes crashing down. If it falls and hurts the property owner or another third party, you'll be liable for their bodily injuries. You'll have to pay their medical bills.


In another scenario, the falling glass may not hit a person but the client's property (for instance, a car or any other property). These damages are due to your work, leaving you in a sticky situation that may gobble all your financial resources to the point you're forced to close your business.


These risks lurk in virtually all the projects you undertake. Imagine a tempered glass shatters, and a nosey kid or pet approaches the site with curious inquisitions. They become a liability. We operate in a litigious society. The parent will be forced to file a lawsuit against your business if their child gets injured. 


Obtaining liability insurance for glaziers is critical, as the coverage caters to third-party bodily injuries, property damages, and other exposures.

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Liability Insurance for Glaziers

There are many insurance options for glaziers.Liability coverage – primarily coming in the form of general liability insurance – is undoubtedly the most important. If you're wondering why you need general liability coverage, the answer is simple: it shields you and your business in case a client or a member of the public files a claim against your company because of damaged property or injuries.

To you, an accident might just be that – an accident. But in our litigious society, an incident offers a client the basis to take legal action. If your customer decides to file a lawsuit against you, you'll need to pay the court costs and lawyer fees. These expenses can quickly accrue to hundreds of thousands and will send your business into a downward spiral. If you have general liability insurance for glaziers, you can effortlessly get insurance money to cover legal defense and settlements.

But the helpfulness of general liability insurance doesn’t limit itself to personal injury claims or property damage claims. Insurance companies underwrite optional policies to general liability insurance. These are:

  • Advertising injury coverage

  • Rented premises liability coverage

  • Products and completed operations coverage

A business might accuse you of copying their ad. It’s also possible for someone to accuse your business of committing reputational harm. Just like personal injury claims and property damage claims, the expenses for these things can be very expensive. And so, it’s smart to add advertising injury coverage to general liability insurance. General liability insurance with advertising injury coverage will cover defense costs and settlements if someone files a slander claim, libel claim, or copyright infringement claim.

Do you use a rented space as storage for equipment and a business office at the same time? If this is the case, rented premises liability coverage will be absolutely useful. If ever the space you’re renting is damaged or destroyed, rented premises liability coverage will pay on your behalf if the landlord demands you reimburse his losses.

Trouble not only manifests while you're working. It’s highly possible for you to face personal injury claims or property damage claims filed after the service has been completed. Sometime after installation, the glass might develop defects and cause property damage or personal injuries to clients or other third parties. This is why it’s smart to get rented premises liability coverage, because it will take care of defense costs and settlements.

Public Liability Insurance vs General Liability Insurance for Glaziers

Some insurance companies don’t offer general liability insurance but instead offer public liability insurance for glaziers. Public liability insurance also takes care of personal injury claims and property damage claims from clients and other third parties. With that said, how do public liability and general liability insurance differ? Furthermore, which one is more comprehensive?

The function of public liability insurance and general liability insurance is the same. However, the latter is different from the former because it can be added with optional policies. Also, according to underwriters, the language of public liability insurance is included in general liability insurance's terms. Meaning that general liability is but an upgraded version of public liability insurance. Therefore, it’s more comprehensive, provides more comprehensive protection, and is the better insurance option.

General liability and public liability insurance aren’t the only liability policies for glaziers. There’s also professional liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. Let’s discuss these two in more detail.

Glazier Professional Liability Insurance

It’s possible for you to overlook something while installing or cutting glass. As a result, the client might need to hire another worker to correct your work. Furthermore, it’s also possible for you not to meet the deadline stated in the contract because of unforeseen events. If these cause economic or financial losses to your client, a claim might be filed.

Professional liability insurance will cover your back if a claim does happen. Particularly, this type of liability insurance will cover defense costs and settlements if a client files a claim because you committed or allegedly committed:

  • Negligence

  • Errors

  • Omissions

  • Violation of good faith

  • Missed deadlines

Professional Indemnity Insurance vs Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance - how do these differ? The answer is there’s no difference. Professional indemnity insurance is an alternative term for professional liability insurance.

Glazier Employer’s Liability Insurance

Assistants can sue you for negligence if they get injured while working. General liability insurance can’t help if this does happen. Instead, the policy that will come to your rescue is employer’s liability insurance. Employer’s liability insurance will cover defense costs and settlements if an employee files a claim against you.

Employer’s liability insurance doesn’t cover claims filed because an assistant experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination in the workplace. And so, it’s smart to get a liability policy called employment practices liability insurance. Employment practices liability insurance covers defense costs and settlements.

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What Other Insurance Policies Do Glaziers Need?

Having general liability coverage is not enough to ensure your glazier business is covered from all potential risks. Remember, you've recruited employees who are also prone to work-related injuries. You've also invested in assets that also need coverage. Don't operate like Evel Knievel and take all the risks; add the following policies to your glazier insurance and have peace of mind:

Commercial Property Insurance for Glaziers

This insurance policy protects you from incurring repair, construction, and other related costs if your commercial building or any assets inside it get damaged by a covered risk, whether it's an owned or leased property.

So how does commercial property insurance work in practice? Commercial property insurance will reconstruct or repair your commercial building that got damaged because of fire, extreme weather, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils.

In connection, business equipment coverage is the inclusion in commercial property insurance that will reimburse your losses if work tools and equipment stored in the commercial building get lost or damaged because of fire, extreme weather, and other covered perils. Another inclusion is stocks and contents coverage. This type of commercial glass insurance will reimburse losses if the glass and other products you’re selling to clients become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, weather, and other covered perils.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Glaziers

Suppose one of your employees falls off a ladder while installing a window on the second floor of a client's property and injures their back. In such a case, workers' compensation insurance provides the funds to cover their medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost income.

Most states require businesses that have employees to have workers' compensation insurance. Furthermore, each has specific penalties for not getting workers comp. Here are some examples:

  • In Oklahoma, the penalty of not having workers comp is equal to $1,000 multiplied by the number of days where coverage isn’t purchased

  • The penalty for not getting workers compensation insurance in New Hampshire is a fixed $2,500. But sometimes, if the nature of the violation is grave, authorities might impose a $1,000 fine multiplied by the number of employees not covered by workers comp

  • Rhode Island imposes a $1,000 penalty multiplied by the number of days workers comp isn’t purchased. Also, it’s possible for the employer to face felony charges, be imprisoned, and face a $10,000 penalty upon conviction.

Equipment and Tools Coverage

This coverage ensures your equipment and tools are covered regardless of where you store them. If a windstorm causes a tree to fall on your crane on the job site or your storage trailer gets vandalized, you can get the equipment repaired and replace any stolen tools using your equipment coverage plan. This insurance policy can also cover costs for renting equipment to get jobs done as you work on replacing your own.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Glaziers

You or your employee may be driving your business van and cause a collision that results in third-party property damages or bodily injuries. Commercial auto coverage covers the medical bills for the injured third party and the replacement or repair costs for their damaged property. In another instance, someone might manage to steal your commercial vehicle. If you manage to recover it, commercial auto insurance will cover what you’ll spend to replace or repair damaged parts.

Glazier Insurance Cost

Every glazier operates a unique business, which means one contractor's insurance is different from the other. Therefore, there is no standard cost for glazier business insurance. However, the average monthly premium for glazier general liability insurance costs can start from as little as $37 per month or $444 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage.

Your insurance provider will consider several factors to give you a specific insurance quote. Some of these factors include:

  • Your company's location - Premiums will be expensive or cheap depending on where your business is located.

  • The services you provide - Glaziers working on glass window replacements of high-rise buildings will pay more expensive premiums that glaziers working on one-story buildings

  • Your coverage limits - A coverage limit is the amount of insurance money you’ll get from any glazier business insurance we discussed. Having a $1 million limit means that you’ll pay cheaper premiums than when you decide to get a $2 million limit

  • Your claims history - Insurance companies will check how likely you are to make a claim. If you have no claims record before, then premiums will be cheap. However, if you made 5 or more claims, the carrier might classify you as a high-risk customer who needs to pay expensive premiums. It’s even possible for you not to get covered too.

  • The number of employees - Glaziers with only one employee pay lesser for premiums than glaziers working with two or more employees

  • Revenue estimates - Higher revenues could indicate that you have more clients which means more exposures and more expensive premiums

  • Your work experience - The longer you are in the business, the cheaper premiums get. It’s because most glazier business insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have been operating for three years or more

Here’s a table showing the pricing of the best glazier insurance companies and their pricing:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $28.44 $341.28 Glazier insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $46.81 $561.72 Short-term glazier insurance by the hours, days, weeks, or months
NEXT $67.33 $807.96 Glazier insurance with a live certificate of insurance

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Best Glazier Insurance Companies

Whether you're shopping for one business insurance for your glazier startup or planning to get a Business Owners' Policy (BOP), you can find renowned providers that will cover you. The only caveat is that not all providers offer glazier-focused coverage. Read the reviews below to know the best glazier insurance companies' pros, cons, and monthly rate for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

CoverWallet Glazier Insurance


  • Look for glazier insurance quotes and purchase a coverage immediately via CoverWallet’s website

  • Manage policies wherever you are via the MyCoverWallet app

  • A partner of companies offering the cheapest and most comprehensive glazier business insurance policies

  • File a claim online


  • Doesn’t craft its own tailored glazier insurance plans

CoverWallet doesn’t offer tailored glazier insurance. But still, check this company out. CoverWallet has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to find companies offering glazier insurance. Furthermore, the platform shows the features and pricing of each glazier insurance quote so that you’ll have an informed buying decision. If you want to get insured right then and there, CoverWallet has you covered because you can buy the glazier insurance quotes of its partners immediately.

Best for: Glazier insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $28.44 per month

Our rating: 5/5

Thimble Glazier Insurance


  • Short-term glazier insurance

  • Decide not to have a deductible

  • File a claim online

  • The process of buying glazier insurance is very quick


  • Tailored glazier insurance doesn’t include workers comp, tools and equipment coverage, and commercial auto insurance

Get covered with Thimble’s glazier insurance within minutes. Your glazier insurance from this company offers general liability coverage only. Not very comprehensive but this is fine. It’s because Thimble’s glazier insurance is available as a short-term policy that lasts for only hours, days, weeks, or months. Advantages you’ll experience when working with Thimble are online proof of insurance (Acord format), having the option not to have any deductibles, online claims filing, and more.

Best for: Short-term glazier insurance by the hours, days, weeks, or months

Average cost: $46.81 per month

Our rating: 8/10

NEXT Glazier Insurance


  • Stress-free online application

  • Offers up to 10% discount

  • Hassle-free access to online insurance certificates

  • Insurance provided by independent, licensed agents

  • Reduced overhead costs to offer affordable insurance rates


  • General liability coverage may not be available in New York

  • Doesn't provide BOP

  • Not all claims are handled in-house, which extends the claims process

  • Not suitable for employers who prefer traditional paper records

If you're a tech-savvy glazier looking for insurance for your business, NEXT Insurance is the third option. The company offers easy online applications and insurance purchases with up to a 10% discount when you bundle two or more policies.

Unlike other companies, NEXT doesn't provide BOP options. Instead, it provides three insurance packages: Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus, costing $62, $69, and $71 per month, respectively. Each of these plans includes three policies: general liability insurance with tools and equipment coverage, commercial property insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Once you've purchased your insurance, the provider issues insurance certificates online. The advantage is that clients can share their certificates as a text message, email, or social media post at no cost.

The insurance carrier also provides customers with a hassle-free online claims process, but that's a disadvantage for glaziers preferring the traditional paper-laden claims process. Alternatively, you can choose to phone the company claims advocates from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm. NEXT handles most of the claims in-house, but it also partners with a third-party adjudicator at a claims service company.

Best for: Glazier insurance with a live certificate of insurance

Average cost: $67.33 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Glazier Insurance FAQs

What is Glass Contractors E&O Insurance?

Errors and omission insurance (E&O insurance) – also referred to as professional liability insurance – protects you when you're liable for making mistakes or offering lousy advice that causes a client to lose money. For instance, if you overcharge a customer for a glass installation project, you can leverage your E&O coverage to defend yourself.

Do Glaziers Need to Follow Insurance Requirements?

Unlike home inspectors , glaziers don’t need to follow any insurance requirements authorities mandate. But still, in order to bid and satisfy the conditions of contracts, glaziers need to get general liability insurance having $1 million - $2 million coverage for third-party bodily injuries and property damage.

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