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As a professional gardener, you are experienced in preparing gardens for any weather, be it mowing lawns in the summer or pruning trees just before winter. Gardening and landscaping come with many risks, and it is important to protect your business against them.

The best way to do so is by getting comprehensive l andscaping or gardening insurance. Considering that lawn care business insurance only caters to lawns, interior designer insurance covers interior design, and snow plow insurance only caters to snow removal risk, landscaping insurance is a crucial policy that covers your business in case of property damage or injuries when working on different projects in different seasons.

To enlighten you on the importance of gardening and landscaping business insurance, this guide discusses it in detail and highlights what does business insurance for landscaping company actually covers. We will also review the average landscaping business insurance cost and the factors that influence it, and finish with reviews of a couple of the best landscaping insurance companies in America.

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Landscaping Liability Insurance

Landscaping general liability insurance covers a wide range of basic risks and landscaping accidents. Your landscaping business will be covered if a third party sustains injuries as a result of your services. This third party could be a member of the public ( public liability ), a vendor, an employee, a business owner or anyone else that comes in contact with your business. Landscaping liability insurance also covers property damage caused by your landscaping or gardening services. Landscaping liability insurance is very important for your business and often requires individual clients, project owners, and licensing agencies. Being the best insurance for landscapers, landscaping liability insurance includes general liability at the very basic, yet professional liability insurance for gardeners and landscapers as well as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance for landscaping business may also be essential for your landscaping and tree service insurance policy. This may help you have coverage from a broad spectrum of risks and cover the costs in case you get in conflict with any party that come in contact with your business.

Error and omissions coverage is crucial for your landscaping business due to the high number of risks involved. You could easily make a mistake when working as a gardener. If you cause property damage due to unprofessional gardening methods, you could be held liable. For example, when you plant the wrong species that affect wildlife, you could be sued for causing damage. Landscaping and gardening insurance help protect against such claims.

Worker's compensation insurance is another important policy under liability insurance. This policy covers all the expenses when one of your employees sustains injuries while at work. Most states need you to have a worker's compensation policy, especially if you have a large team of employees. This is a requirement when getting your landscaper license. Worker's compensation insurance policy covers the medical expenses in case your employee sustains injuries. It also covers their wages in case they can no longer work.

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Do Gardeners & Landscapers Need Insurance?

Commercial landscaping insurance for gardeners and landscapers is incredibly important to have. In your landscaping, gardening business or tree service, you face many risks that landscape gardener insurance or tree service insurance can cover for you, so your business does not carry the associated costs and the insurance does instead. Therefore, it is important to get gardening insurance for small landscaping business and larger landscaping business alike to prevent unnecessary losses due to lawsuits, as your landscaping business could suffer severe financial losses when you get lawsuits.

Such cases are very costly and need legal expertise. Stand alone garden insurance may be helpful for gardeners providing services on their own. For instance, if you don't have a team and offer gardening services as an individual, a stand-alone garden design insurance policy covers you. Sole trader gardener insurance do the same as well.

Landscaping Insurance Cost

The average landscaping business insurance cost is about $48 per month or $567 annually. It is important to note that several factors affect the total landscaping insurance cost. For instance, the type of insurance policy you choose could increase or lower the total cost. Similarly, a landscaping business that only does edging and mowing will have a different gardening business insurance cost than a business specialized in working on hardscapes.

The risks your business faces could increase your garden design insurance costs. The size of your business also plays an important role in determining the total gardening insurance cost. Other factors include the type of policy you choose and what your business specializes in. Other factors like whether you provide additional services like tree removal services also determine your landscaping insurance cost.

Therefore, to give you a better perspective of the market prices, here is a table with the average garden maintenance insurance cost of some of the best landscaping insurance companies in the business for a $1m general liability insurance for landscapers and gardening business.

Company Monthly Yearly Best for
Coverwallet $30 $360 Online landscaping insurance quote comparison
$43 $516 Freelance gardeners and landscapers (from $8 per hour)
Next $33 $400 Fastest gardening liability insurance
Hiscox $35 $420 Larger landscapers
Geico $55 $650 Comprehensive gardening business insurance coverage
State Farm $40 $480 Start-up landscaping business insurance and tailored coverage

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Best Landscaping Insurance Companies

Having known the importance of landscape insurance coverage and its approximate costs, you might feel ready to get your hands on this insurance policy. However, while many insurance companies offer landscaping insurance, not all of them offer the best insurance for landscapers. This is why we have sampled and reviewed some of the best landscaping insurance companies offering this policy below. Read to now their pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage.

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Geico Landscaping Insurance

Geico is one of the top insurance companies in the US. It is known for its robust insurance policies and comprehensive coverage. As a landscaping business, this company has a lot to offer.

Geico Policy Details

Geico offers comprehensive landscaping insurance coverage. With their policy, your landscaping business is protected against property damage, physical injury, as well as defense costs.


  • Available in most states

  • Comprehensive landscaping business insurance coverage

  • Established carrier


  • Could be expensive

  • Not the best customer service reputation

  • Claim responsiveness could be slow at times

Average cost: $55 per month

Best for: Comprehensive gardening business insurance coverage.

State Farm Landscaping Insurance

This is a mutual insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage to its policyholders. State Farm has over 60,000 employees and around 20,000 independent contractor agents that give quality services. The company has tailored landscape gardener insurance policies that are vital for any business. Based in the US, this company has offices in every state, making it easy to access.

State Farm Policy Details

State Farm offers comprehensive gardening business insurance. Its policies protect your landscaping business against a wide range of risks and claims.With its landscape contractors insurance, claims that arise from professional liability and property damage are covered. They also offer landscaping and snow removal insurance that comes in handy, especially in adverse climatic conditions.


  • Affordable

  • Offers tailored gardening insurance

  • 24/7 customer support


  • Claim responsiveness could be slow

Average cost: $40 per month

Best for: Start-up landscaping businesses and tailored gardeners insurance coverage

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