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Candies are a staple. They’re used to appease or reward children. Parties are never the same without these sweet treats. And surprisingly enough, some adults eat candies to relieve stress. 

A candy store is a good retail business, provided that you operate it well and avoid risks. For one, you need to look out for lawsuits if a child chokes on a candy you’re selling. Slip and fall claims are something you have to be wary of too. Finally, financial losses can happen if the candies you’re about to deliver to bakeries and grocery stores spoil. 

Insurance is important whether you operate your candy business in a stand-alone building or at a rented space in a department store. For the best protection, get candy business insurance. 

Who Needs Candy Business Insurance?

As the name suggests, candy shop insurance is beneficial for anyone operating in the candy industry. That goes for:

  • Candy manufacturers

  • Candy wholesalers

  • Candy distributors

  • Candy dispensing machine operators

  • Anyone selling candy as a home-based business

Why Get Insurance for Your Candy Business?

You may implement all measures to avoid potentially costly occurrences in your candy store and think candy vendor insurance is an additional cost you can bypass. Having insurance coverage provides the following benefits:

  • Solidify your professional standing and customer trust-Having insurance means that your candy business is ready to grant compensation in case something happens to customers. This gives you a trustworthy image, which helps drive sales and growth 

  • Risk mitigation-By having business insurance, your candy business can reduce the factors that will result in closure. Coincidentally, this results in a better business image that can be helpful when taking out loans from government agencies and private organizations

  • Compliance-Your candy business might need to buy specific business insurance policies mandated by law, for example, workers compensation and commercial auto insurance

Candy Business Liability Insurance

General liability, professional liability, and product liability are the three types of candy business liability insurance. These act as your first line of defense against claims that third parties file.

Candy Business General Liability Insurance

CoverWallet  NEXT (Best) Thimble  Hiscox
Per occurrence limit  $1,000,000 $500,000/$1,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000 $300,000/$1,000,000
Aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $500,000/$2,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000 $300,000/$2,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit  $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Tenant’s legal liability coverage limit  $100,000 $100,000 $5,000 $100,000
Waiver of subrogation included? Yes No Included Can be included
Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage included? Yes No Excluded Can be included
Equipment breakdown floater included? No  Yes Yes Can be included

General liability insurance is always included in candy business insurance programs. This covers compensatory payments, legal defense, and court judgments if a customer or any other third party files a claim for:

  • Bodily injuries

  • Property damage

  • Copyright infringement

  • Slander

  • Libel

Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best general liability policy for candy businesses. 

What Are Some Examples of Unfortunate Accidents in a Candy Business That General Liability Insurance Can Cover?

  • A customer ignores the “Wet Floor” sign your employee has posted and they slip and fall, sustaining a concussion and wrist fracture. As a result, the client sues you to receive a reimbursement for medical costs and lost income

  • A visitor came while you were making candies. This visitor was careless and accidentally touched your candy business’s slicing machine. His fingers were cut 

  • A customer gets a shock after using the vending machine of your candy business

I’m Renting a Space. Will General Liability Insurance Grant Coverage If I Accidentally Cause Some Damage?

Yes. General liability insurance will allow you to reimburse the value of a rented space in case it’s damaged. But note that this only applies if the damage is caused by fire. 

My Candy Business Operates a Mobile Confectionery. Do I Need a Separate General Liability Insurance?

Your mobile confectionery is already covered by the general liability policy of your candy business. However, there might be gaps. And so, getting another general liability policy for it is recommended though not a requirement.

Candy Business Professional Liability Insurance 

CoverWallet (Best) NEXT  Thimble  Hiscox
Per occurrence limit  $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000 $1,000,000
Aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000 $1,000,000
Name additional insureds? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waiver of subrogation included? Yes No Yes Can be included
Deductible  $500 $500 $500 $50/$10,000

Your candy business can leverage professional liability insurance if its revenues come from the manufacture and distribution of sweet treats. Professional liability insurance will provide protection if customers have qualms with your services and business operations in general. Use the table above to see which company offers the best professional liability insurance. 

In Which Situations Can Your Candy Business Use Professional Liability Insurance?

Here are some situations where professional liability insurance can help your candy business sort things out:

  • A convenience store that made an order accuses your candy business of underfilling the boxes

  • A client filed a claim after your candy store failed to deliver supplies on time

  • Your candy store was negligent in inspecting the quality of its products, which is important for consumer safety

Inspectors From the Sanitation Board Have Filed an Inquiry Against My Candy Business. Can Professional Liability Insurance Help With This?

Most likely not. However, consider asking the insurance company if they have an endorsement to professional liability insurance that covers violations of the health code as a result of negligence or lack of experience.

Product Liability Insurance for Candy Businesses

This business insurance policy is designed to protect your business if one of your customers claims that your candy harmed him. Product liability insurance will shield you from incurring the expenses of your legal defense and any settlements or compensation that the court may award the plaintiff.  Extra expenses for product recall can be also covered by this policy. 

In What Situations Can Your Candy Business Use Product Liability Insurance?

Your candy business can use product liability insurance in the following situations:

  • A customer chokes on a candy sold and made by your candy business

  • The products of your candy business were haphazardly packaged 

  • The boxes for your products has incorrect labeling

  • Heavy metals and other harmful substances were found mixed in your candy business’s sweet treats

Compare Cheap Candy Business Insurance Quotes Online

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Commercial Property Insurance for Candy Businesses 

CoverWallet NEXT (Best) Thimble Hiscox
Building coverage limit (minimum) $50,000 $340,000 $25,000/$500,000 $25,000
Contents coverage limit (minimum) $50,000 $45,000 $25,000/$500,000 $15,000
Outdoor signs Excluded $2,500 Excluded Included
Accounts receivable  Excluded Excluded $5,000/$10,000 Included
Money and securities Excluded $2,500 $1,000 Included
Lock and keys  Excluded $2,500 Excluded Included
Business interruption floater Excluded Included Included Included
Equipment breakdown floater Excluded Included Excluded Included
Inland marine insurance floater Excluded Excluded $10,000 Excluded
Employee dishonesty floater Excluded $5,000 $2,500 Excluded

Commercial property insurance reimburses financial losses if your building and inventory is damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, vandalism, weather, lightning, and other covered perils. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best commercial property insurance for candy businesses.

I Run a Candy Manufacturing Business. Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover the Breakdown of Slicers, Mixers, Drop Rollers, and Other Equipment?

You can add equipment breakdown coverage. A commercial property policy that has this endorsement will cover the repair or replacement of candy-making equipment that broke down due to operator error, upset, and other covered perils.

Will Commercial Property Insurance Cover the Spoilage and Contamination of Ingredients and Finished Sweets?

No. Contamination and spoilage are not included as covered perils in the terms of commercial property insurance. What you can do to solve this problem is to avail a contamination and food spoilage endorsement. 

With this, you can recover the value of spoiled and contaminated ingredients and finished products. This will also pay for cleanup costs. Note that coverage applies if contamination or spoilage is caused by mishandling, vermin, equipment breakdown, and prolonged power outage. 

Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Inventory in Transit?

No. Supplies that are on their way to your candy shop aren’t covered. However, you can solve this gap by introducing an inland marine endorsement to commercial property insurance. 

Business Owner’s Policy for Candy Businesses

CoverWallet NEXT (Best) Thimble  Hiscox
General liability aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $500,000/$2,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000 $300,000/$2,000,000
Commercial property coverage limit  $50,000 $100,000 $25,000/$500,000 $25,000
Optional policies can be added? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Name additional insureds for free? Yes Yes Yes Yes
BOP discount? Yes Yes Yes Yes

Your candy business can combine general liability and commercial property insurance into a business owner’s policy. By doing this, you enjoy a 10% discount on premiums. 

Furthermore, policies that you can’t get by purchasing general liability and commercial property insurance separately become available. Common add-ons to a business owner’s policy are cyber liability, non-owned/hired auto liability coverage, and business interruption insurance. 

Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best business owner’s policy for candy businesses.


Tools and Equipment Insurance for Candy Businesses

NEXT  Thimble Hiscox
Aggregate limit $3,000/$10,000 $2,500/$5,000 $15,000/$25,000
Covers hired and borrowed equipment? $3,000/$10,000 $2,500/$5,000 No
Miscellaneous equipment also covered? $5,000/$10,000 No Yes
Offered as an endorsement to general liability insurance? Yes Yes Yes
Deductible $500 $500 $0

Tools and equipment insurance allows you to recover the estimated value of the equipment for making candies. Coverage applies if your mixers, drop rollers, cooling drums, and wrapping machines got damaged or destroyed due to fire, theft, vandalism, upset, operator error, electrical surge, and other covered perils. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best tools and equipment insurance for candy business. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Candy Businesses

Most states and local authorities require businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance if they have one or more employees. This insurance policy covers the medical costs, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, disability benefits, and other employee benefits if a staff member suffers work-related injuries or sickness. The coverage also shows that you comply with local business laws. 

Commercial Auto Insurance for Candy Businesses 

If your candy business owns a vehicle exclusively used for business purposes, it’s critical to have a commercial auto insurance policy in place. This does a lot. Commercial auto insurance can:

  • Pay the medical treatment of pedestrians who got injured in a vehicular accident your candy business’s commercial vehicle caused

  • Shoulder the repair or replacement expenses if your commercial vehicle’s parts got damaged or destroyed due to theft, vandalism, weather, and other covered perils

  • Pay the treatment of the driver and passengers if your commercial vehicle is rammed by an uninsured/underinsured driver

My Candy Business is Using a Trailer to Haul Supplies and Deliver Finished Goods to Clients. Is This Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

Yes. Any accidents involving your trailer can be covered by commercial auto insurance, so long as it’s attached to the covered commercial vehicle. That said, coverage doesn’t apply if it’s detached. And so, we suggest you purchase a commercial auto policy specifically designed for the trailer you own. 

Other Business Insurance Policies that Candy Businesses Need

As a candy business owner, it’s crucial to have comprehensive insurance coverage for all-rounded protection. The policies we mentioned above are the most important. Nonetheless, we suggest you also consider the following:

  • Employee dishonesty insurance-Employee dishonesty insurance will take care of costs if a manager misuses funds, a clerk misrepresents sales records, a cashier steals money, or any other employee commits a dishonest act against your candy business

  • Employer’s liability insurance-Usually offered as an add-on to workers’ compensation insurance, employer’s liability insurance will cover legal defense costs if your employee files a claim for negligence after a work-related accident happened

  • Business interruption insurance-Business interruption insurance will shoulder operational costs if your candy business needs to close in order to renovate, relocate, upgrade old equipment, install new equipment, or wait for an economic crisis to pass. This is offered as an automatic add-on in commercial property insurance

  • Umbrella liability insurance-This supplements your professional liability or general liability insurance in case either can’t grant adequate coverage because limits have been exhausted or the claim is too costly

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Candy Business Insurance Cost

Cost per Month Cost per Year Deductible
General liability insurance $37 $444 $0-$500
Professional liability insurance $45 $540 $500-$1,000
Commercial property insurance $75 $900 $1,000-$2,000
Business owner’s policy $90 $1,080 $1,500
Employee dishonesty insurance $98 $1,176 $1,000
Commercial auto insurance $80 $960 $500-$1,000
Workers compensation insurance $112 $1,344 $1,000-$2,500
Tools and equipment insurance Depends on the value of candy making equipment to be covered Depends on the value of candy making equipment to be covered $500-$1,000

The average candy business insurance cost is $37 per month or $444 per year for a $1 million general liability policy. This estimate is based on the following factors:

  • Policy limits

  • Deductibles

  • Annual revenue

  • Number of employees

  • Location

  • Claims history

You can further get an idea of how much premiums cost by taking a look at this table that shows the cost of the $1 million general liability insurance from the recommended companies:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $28 $336 Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for candy businesses
CoverWallet $29 $348 Comparing candy business insurance quotes online
Tivly $31 $372 Comparing candy business insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $33 $396 On-demand coverage for candy shops
Hiscox $35 $420 Candy store insurance with automatic renewal
Insurance Advisor $39 $468 Candy shop owners looking for a provider offering traditional and digital insurance services
Business Insurance USA $43 $516 Candy shops looking for highly personalized insurance services

Compare Cheap Candy Business Insurance Quotes Online

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Best Candy Business Insurance Companies

Several companies stand out for their industry-specific coverage options and customer service. Here are the best candy business insurance companies to consider. Read some of the reviews below to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability policy.

NEXT Candy Business Insurance


  • Best overall

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Fastest general liability insurance for candy businesses

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Excellent rates

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Get a 10% discount if you buy two or more policies 


  • Couldn’t find any

NEXT caters to the needs of candy stores and candy manufacturing businesses. This company allows you to get insured online within minutes. The best thing is that NEXT simplifies the process, so there’s no need to talk with an agent. These are the policies offered by NEXT’s candy business insurance package:

  • $500,000-$2 million general liability insurance

  • $340,000 commercial property insurance

  • $500,000-$2 million product liability insurance

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Business owner’s policy

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for candy businesses

Average cost: $28 per month

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Candy Business Insurance


  • Compare candy business insurance quotes online

  • Cancel your coverage anytime

  • Easy online policy management

  • Waiver of subrogation can be included in general liability insurance


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 

CoverWallet covers candy businesses involved with the manufacture, wholesale, or retail of sweet treats. This company has a wide underwriting appetite because it curates the quotes of partners to cater the needs of customers. CoverWallet allows you to avail the following policies:

  • $1 million-$2 million general liability insurance

  • $1 million professional liability insurance

  • $50,000 commercial property insurance

  • Business owner’s policy

  • Workers compensation insurance

To get insured, you have to use CoverWallet’s online quotes comparison platform. This will allow you to see which insurance company underwrites the above policies best. 

Best for: Comparing candy business insurance quotes online

Average cost: $29 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Candy Business Insurance


  • Compare candy business insurance quotes over the phone

  • A partner of many reputable insurance companies

  • Responsive customer service


  • You need to call to get a quote

Tivly covers candy stores and candy manufacturing businesses. Policies you can avail are general liability, equipment breakdown, professional liability, commercial property, and others. You need to call a Tivly representative to compare quotes and see the policy limits of a chosen coverage. 

Best for: Comparing candy business insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $31 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Candy Business Insurance


  • Quick to issue an estimate of your rates

  • On-demand coverage

  • Sells a short-term general liability policy

  • Offers numerous types of endorsements


  • Business owner’s policy isn’t available if your candy shop is renting or leasing its space 

Thimble only covers candy shops. Candy shops can avail a business owner’s policy, general liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Thimble’s general liability insurance has a $1 million-$2 million per occurrence and aggregate limit. On the other hand, the business owner’s policy grants a $1 million-$2 million general liability coverage and $25,000-$500,000 commercial property coverage. This company offers endorsements that can be added to its general liability policy or business owner’s policy. 

Best for: On-demand coverage for candy shops

Average cost: $33 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Hiscox Candy Business Insurance


  • Worldwide coverage

  • Automatic policy renewal

  • You can include upgrades to your policies

  • Policy limits can be easily customized


  • Low limits on its business owner’s policy

Hiscox covers candy stores and prefers startups. As a policyholder, what you can get from this company are $300,000-$2 million general liability insurance, business owner’s policy with a $300,000 general liability coverage and $25,000 commercial property coverage, and $250,000 cyber liability insurance. You can include upgrades to your policies for a more comprehensive protection. Another good thing about Hiscox, is that it renews your policy annually. 

Best for: Candy store insurance with automatic renewal

Average cost: $35 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Insurance Advisor Candy Business Insurance


  • A nationwide team of insurance agents

  • Combines both traditional and digital services

  • Online quotes available


  • Insurance underwritten by a third party 

Insurance Advisor has a unique approach to selling its products and services, combining the personal touch of a traditional insurance agent with the convenience of online insurance services. That offers customers access to expert agents and the flexibility of online services, making the insurance process easier and more efficient.

The company provides a wide range of candy business insurance policies, including general liability insurance that covers premises liability, product liability, and personal injury liability. Additionally, Insurance Advisor provides commercial property insurance, business interruption policy, workers’ compensation, inland marine insurance, and commercial umbrella insurance. 

The company is known for providing insurance policies with high integrity, dependability, and perseverance. You’ll get recommendations for coverage when necessary, as well as the ones you don’t need and why. You can trust their transparency and honesty throughout the insurance purchasing process. It’s a relationship-based approach to insurance, especially when purchases are made remotely. That said, the company guarantees its availability to answer questions, handle claims timely and transparently, and make changes to coverage whenever needed.

Best for: Candy shop owners looking for a provider offering traditional and digital insurance services

Average cost: $39 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Business Insurance USA for Candy Shops


  • Excellent customer service

  • Online quotes available 

  • A wide range of business insurance policies


  • Some policies are sourced from partners

Business Insurance USA is an insurance provider based in Burbank, CA. It specializes in providing insurance policies to a wide range of businesses across various industries, including operators in the candy sector. The company has an excellent track record of delivering highly personalized insurance products and services designed to save money and time. 

The insurer provides every insurance policy your confectionery store may need: general liability (that covers product liability, premises liability, and completed operations), business auto, workers’ compensation, and commercial umbrella coverage. With Business Insurance USA, you can save money with a tailored BOP, covering buildings and contents, electronic data coverage, employee dishonesty insurance, business interruption coverage, and newly acquired/constructed buildings insurance. 

Best for: Candy shops looking for highly personalized insurance services

Average cost: $43 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

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