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Bars, pubs, taverns and nightclubs are some the most common places for leisure and entertainment. As a bar, pub, tavern or nightclub owner, you know what works for your customers. You deal with all kinds of people, with many coming in for drinks and to have a good time.

While bars and nightclubs are places of entertainment, you cannot predict what will happen. When things get out of hand, the damage is inevitable. Be it broken tables or damaged chairs, you may count lots of losses. So very similarly to coffee shopsand restaurantsthat require liquor liability as well and hire bartenders , you need insurance for bars and taverns, nightclubs and pubs as well.

Tavern, pub, nightclub and bar insurance policies are very important for your operations as such business owner. To help understand the importance of having pub, nightclub, bar or tavern insurance coverage, we will discuss its policies and what it covers. We will also mention its cost and few of the top restaurant and bar insurance companies that you can get it from.

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Pub, Tavern, Bar and Nightclub Liability Insurance

Bars, nightclubs, and taverns have more to worry about than the demand for foods and beverages. These locations are prone to slip and fall accidents; therefore, as a bar operator, it could cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, you cannot rule out fights between your security personnel and rowdy customers that may result in serious injuries. In such cases, you could face battery and assault claims. Bars also have bull rides and other fun spots; the bull ride might have mechanical problems, tossing people around and causing deadly injuries. 

Therefore, it is important to have bar and nightclub liability insurance, as it is the type of business insurance required for bars, nightclubs, pubs and taverns, covering you from potentially costly claims. Getting reliable liability insurance for bars and nightclubs will go a long way in safeguarding your great business.

Generally, tavern, nightclub, bar or pub liability insurance protects any business that sells, manufactures, or serves alcohol against claims coming from other parties involved. These claims could come from your customers, vendors, business owners or employees, depending on the cause. It is important to note that business insurance companies interpret tavern, bar, nightclub and pub liability insurance policy differently. Some cover host liquor liability, the on-site sale of liquor, on their general liability insurance coverage, while others are restricted to bars and nightclubs. Therefore, you should thoroughly analyze a company's pub, bar, nightclub or tavern liability insurance policy before purchasing it. You also need to know the risks it covers and its policy details. You want to make sure that your policy includes liquor liability. This will help you get the best tavern, pub, nightclub and bar liability insurance coverage. 

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Pub, Tavern, Bar & Nightclub Insurance Cost

Owning an entertainment joint is an exciting venture. Whether it is a bar, nightclub, tavern, or pub, you will generate a good amount of money. While this is a lucrative business, you need to get your business insured. This section discusses the cost of insuring these businesses. 

Pub Insurance Cost

If you own a pub, it is essential to get commercial pub insurance coverage. Pubs are generally busy places, and the risk of damage is high. Luckily, the average cost of pub insurance is $165 per month. Keep in mind that several factors determine the pub insurance average cost. For instance, if your pub is exposed to many risks, your insurance cover could be expensive. Besides, the type of pub business insurance policy you purchase also determines the pub insurance cost. Also familiar as public house insurance, this policy covers injury to your staff and customers, loss of stocks, and other essentials in your pub. Even if you own an insured hotel , you need to make sure that you have hotel and pub insurance coverage included, to be covered from all risks your business may face.

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Tavern Insurance Cost

A tavern is a business place where people gather to enjoy alcoholic beverages and eat food. Taverns also offer lodging services to travelers. If you own a tavern, getting tavern insurance is very important. The average cost of tavern insurance is $155 per month. The cost varies depending on the type of insurance policy you want and the risk your tavern is exposed to. The more comprehensive a policy is, the more expensive it is.

Bar Insurance Cost

Bar insurance cost depends on the unique risks your bar faces, the policies you choose, and your business equipment's value. The cost of bar business insurance policy varies, however the average cost of bar insurance is around $180 per month, depending on the policy you choose. You can also choose to pay for the policy annually and save. Either way, you need to find a reliable bar insurance policy tailored to your bar business needs. 

Nightclub Insurance Cost

Owning and operating a nightclub can be a very lucrative and exciting endeavor. However, these businesses often need high initial investment. With so much at stake, it is essential to protect with nightclub business insurance. The average nightclub insurance cost is $160 per month. Note that the cost varies depending on the type of insurance policy and risks your nightclub faces, as well as how much coverage you require.

bar and nightclub insurance

Here is a summary of how few of the top providers charge monthly and annually on their nightclub, tavern, bar and pub insurance quotes:

Company Monthly Annually
Coverwallet  (quote comparison) $70 $840
El Dorado Insurance $165 $1,650
Next Insurance $105 $1,260
Greenwood Insurance $160 $1,635

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Mobile Bar Insurance

If you own and operate a mobile bar, it is vital to get mobile bar insurance. Mobile bar insurance policy is helpful because it protects your business when things go wrong. Given that you probably earn a living through your mobile bar, things could go wrong in case something happens to it. Unfortunately, the chances of such events happening are substantial due to the many risks associated with a mobile bar. 

Depending on the type of mobile bar business, mobile bar insurance covers different policies. Here are some of the incidences mobile bar insurance covers.

Theft and Loss

A mobile bar is a vehicle with a bar in it. With a mobile bar, you can move from one point to another to offer services to your clients. While it is cost-efficient given that you use a truck, it doesn't rule out the possibility of theft or loss. Thugs can break into your vehicle and steal valuable bar equipment. For instance, they could get away with expensive alcoholic drinks that cost thousands of dollars.

Similarly, you can lose essential equipment that helps you run the mobile bar business. These cases result in severe financial losses that could affect your mobile bar business. Luckily, you can prevent all that with mobile bar insurance. This policy will protect your equipment against theft and other losses.

Damage to the Vehicle

Your mobile bar vehicle is like any other vehicle ; it can be involved in an accident. For instance, you could be driving to another location and accidentally hit a person, causing injuries. In that case, the victim will file a claim against you. This can result in severe financial losses, given that the average personal injury settlement is $50,000. Similarly, when a customer slips and falls due to spilled drinks in your mobile bar, they could file a claim against you. Mobile bar insurance protects you against these claims. Therefore, you must get mobile bar insurance for your business.

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