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Hair will stop growing, and people will always want to make it look beautiful and neat. That’s why it’s safe to say that barber shops or hair stylist shops will stay thriving. You might be reassured knowing this. But it’s best to anticipate the worst to come. And so, opt to get haircut insurance, hair stylist insurance, hair salon insurance or barber insurance coverage, which is also known as hairdressing insurance.

These are designed to provide a form of business insurance that covers any injuries or harm caused to your clients. If you own your own barbershop or hair salon, then the insurance policy you purchase will be very similar to what you'd purchase if you owned a retail store, for instance.

Whether you're interested in opening up your own barber shop or you just plan on freelancing as a personal hair stylist, you've come to the right place! In this article, we're going to talk about how to purchase small business insurance for barbers to ensure that you have the necessary insurance coverage to protect you against any claims that might come your way.

Hair Stylist Liability Insurance

Hair stylist liability insurance is what you need to get to ensure that you don’t end up incurring losses in sticky situations. Various people come through your doors, and you never know which one brings trouble. The coverage of hair stylist liability insurance with an amount payable up to $2 million or even more will help to pay for legal fees and settlements. 

Insurance companies offer hair stylist liability insurance in bundles. Insurance policies that comprise such bundles are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Take time to read further to know what these are. 

Professional Liability Insurance For Hairstylist

If you're a freelance hairstylist or rent a chair, then you'll need a  professional liability insurance  policy to cover you against any personal injury claim. Here are some situations where this applies.

  • You've mistakenly gave a client the wrong haircut
  • You administered a product which the client's scalp is allergic to
  • You accidentally cut the clients cheeck, face, or scalp with a scissor or razor

It's easy to understand which situations professional liability insurance coverage works. All that you need to remember is that it kicks in whenever you're found negligent or careless which eventually leads to injuries for a client. 

General Liability Insurance For Barber Shops and Salons

General liability insurance provides more comprehensive coverage. Not only will it cover claims from customers, but will also account for claims made by employees and third parties. However, this doesn’t cover professional mistakes but only covers day to day accidents that might take place in your shop. 

Commercial Property Insurance for Barber Shops & Hair Salons

A commercial property insurance will cover the building you own (or renting) and it’s equipment.  What this insurance does is pay for replacements and repair of glass panes, swivel chairs, flooring, mirrors, and other faculties you and clients use.   Simply put, this insurance makes sure that you don’t pay much in maintaining the condition of your barber shop. 

Workers' Compensation Insurance

While some barber shops used 1099 independent contractors, others employ stylists who are paid on an hourly basis. If you employ more than four stylists in your shop, then you'll need to purchase a workers' compensation policy to pay for their medical bills or paid time off work if they're injured.

BOP Insurance for Barbers, Hairstylists & Hairdressers

Many times, Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a combination of different types of policies that your business needs.  The way this insurance works is simple, you choose the insurance coverage your barber shop needs (e.g worker’s comp, professional liability, general liability, etc) and then the insurance company will provide you a rate by totalling the discounted rates of the insurance policies you’ve chosen. 

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Barber Insurance FAQs

Before we start explaining the different types of hair stylist liability insurance that you may need, let's take a few minutes to address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding barber insurance coverage, why you need it, and the difference between the smaller and larger policies.

Why Do I Need Barber Insurance?

Many barbers and hairstylist opt to get barber insurance but ended up not using it throughout the course of their careers. However, the very reason why they opt to get this insurance in the first place is that they're wary and aware that accidents do happen.  You need barber insurance, so that you have backup for situations that will deal a big massive blow to your business such as:

Risk Of Injury

The reason why barbers and hair stylists are required to go to school is that they're often working with dangerous tools that can cause serious damage in the wrong hands. Clippers, razor-sharp scissors, straight razors, hair irons, and various dyeing chemicals can all cause cuts, scrapes, burns, or result in hair loss if they're not used properly.

Of course, most barbers know what they're doing. However, what if a client sneezes in the middle of you cutting their hair and you cut their scalp? If they decide to blame it on you, your bodily injury coverage can protect you and pay for their medical bills.

Risk Of Claims

Some people take their hair very seriously. Perhaps they have a wedding or an important event to go to. Often, under these stressful circumstances, clients can become very heated if you don't do their hair the way that they like. They may even try to sue you or the barber shop that you work at. Having a general liability policy or professional liability insurance for hairstylists can protect you against these claims and pay for any related legal fees.

Other Risks

There are so many other risks associated with running a barber shop, hair styling business, hair salon or just running a business in general. Getting business insurance covers you from these risks and makes sure that any unexpected costs that are caused by your hair business operation do not get out of your own pocket.

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What Insurance Does a Barber Need?

If you cut and style hair on your own, then you probably have a sole proprietorship or an LLC. In this case, the most common coverage is independent hair stylist insurance. These policies usually contain a small amount of liability coverage, bodily injury coverage, and may even provide you with coverage if you're injured or unable to work for a period of time.

How Much Does Hair Stylist Insurance Cost?

If you're a hair stylist operating on your own, then you can purchase hair stylist liability insurance for as little as $100 per year. This can either be paid upfront or divided into monthly payments, depending on what's best for you.

How Much Does Hair Salon Insurance Cost?

If you own your own hair salon or barber shop, then you'll need to purchase additional commercial business insurance. Most general liability insurance policies for professional barber shops cost around $700 to $800 per year. However, the cost may vary, depending on your coverage limits and the size of your salon.

Is There Special Insurance for Hairdressers Renting a Chair?

If you're a hairdresser renting a chair, then the shop will typically require you to have a standard hair stylist insurance policy, as we discussed above (which usually costs less than $100 per year).

Do I Need Mobile Barber Insurance?

If you're a mobile barber, then you'll need to have your professional liability insurance to cover you against any bodily injury or claims made by your clients. However, you may also need additional coverage, depending on your setup.

For example, if you operate your mobile barbershop out of a trailer, then you'll also need commercial auto insurance to cover the trailer and any damage that it could incur while you're driving down the highway.

What Insurance Does a Barber Shop/Hair Salon Need?

If you own your own barber shop or hair salon, then you'll need a comprehensive hairdressing insurance policy. This typically includes general liability coverage , property damage insurance , workers' compensation , and possibly other coverages offered by your insurer. It may also come in the form of Business Owners Policy (BOP insurance) .

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