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GAP Insurance Coverage: An Introduction

People buy cars for different reasons –  to commute to work; to make shopping faster; to take kids to school,  and to take the entire family for an out of town vacation.  When a car breaks down, it’s not only problematic for the driver but the entire family too. Losing means for a quick ride all of a sudden brings inconveniences that people takes long to get used to.  

In the event that an insured car is damaged or wrecked or stolen,  an  auto insurance  will greatly help as it will allow you to make a claim and get money  amounting to your car’s actual cash value (ACV).

Since cars depreciate quickly, the possibility of the policyholder’s settlement not covering what they owe for their lease or auto loan is relatively high. This scenario not only leaves the car owner with the painful reality of not having a car to use, but also a bigger bill to pay.

GAP insurance coverage makes sure that car owners have a guaranteed asset (auto) protection. A detailed run-through of GAP insurance and everything it entails will be covered in this page, s o that you are more aware before you decide where to buy gap insurance and from who and can also compare cheap gap insurance quotes in advance.

What Is GAP Insurance?

Car dealers or dealerships will require you to pay for the car even if it’s stolen or utterly damaged. Yes, it hurts to think that you’ll still have to pay for something that you’re not using anymore. But bear with it because this is how things work out. Still, If you have GAP insurance, things might not be that bad.

A GAP insurance is a car insurance policy that will account for the remaining amount you owe to the dealer. The amount you’ll get from GAP insurance is calculated using this formula “ car actual value – amount owed for the financing of the car ”. By the way, GAP is also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance and Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance.

GAP insurance coverage is retailed for both low down payment and high-interest rate loans as well as loans that last for 60 months and sometimes even more.

GAP coverage insures new and used small vehicles (cars and mid-size trucks) and heavy ones. The majority of financing companies usually require it when you purchase a vehicle — an additional policy that becomes very useful and protects vehicle owners from financial loss should a vehicle they have insured gets stolen or wrecked.


GAP insurance covers your vehicle payments in case it gets damaged or stolen in incidents such as:

    • Fire

    • Theft

    • Accidents

    • Tornado

    • Flood

    • Hurricanes

Should these events happen, GAP car insurance will work collaboratively with your basic comprehensive and collision car insurance. Remember, you must first have a basic car insurance policy to get GAP insurance policy as an additional option.


Even with the seemingly wide scope covered by gap insurance, there is still a limit to its breadth. Listed below are some noteworthy exclusions that reveal the instances in which GAP insurance may not be applied.

  • Ongoing car repairs

  • Reimbursement

  • Down payments

  • Settle balances

  • Carry overbalances to your new car

  • Extend warranties for car loans

GAP Insurance Cost

So how much does gap insurance cost on average? Gap insurance policies are normally purchased in one of two places:

  • Car dealerships

  • Car insurance providers

Dealerships offer GAP insurance policies. However, this is expensive and costs $500 to $700.

Standalone gap insurance cost is more expensive than gap insurance from insurers that’s usually an additional option to car insurance , as well as gap insurance that is provided by car loan, lease and refinance companies.

It is better to get GAP insurance from your car insurance company to add.By doing this, the cost is only $50 – $60 a year maximum , which makes a massive difference from the rates offered by car dealerships.

So now you know how much is gap insurance. It depends on who you buy it from, as well as other factors, like your vehicle’s value, your state of residency and your age. But do yourself a favour – compare quotes and do not buy gap insurance coverage at the car dealership!


If you wonder whether a vehicle owner can buy gap insurance for a used car purchase, then the answer is yes.

However, getting gap insurance for a used car isn’t as substantial as getting one for a brand new car purchase since a used vehicle depreciates in value much slower… so keep that in mind.


Stopping gap insurance coverage is an added option provided to its subscribers within the policy, should they decide to no longer be covered for it, or are seeking to sell or trade their vehicle.

The first step one should take to stop gap insurance is finding the initial contract.

The disclosure on the front or back of the contract provides the precise office or contacts who are responsible for cancelling gap insurance.

If such contract is not found, simply call the car dealership from whom you bought the car or the program administrator of your car provider.

A cancellation form will be provided in which you will be able to state your reasons for cancelling your gap coverage.

How to Find the Best GAP Insurance Quote

To find a great deal on a policy, you shouldcompare gap insurance quotes first.

By comparing gap insurance quotes in advance, which you can start doing online through this page, you are able to get a deeper look on companies, coverage offers, plans and rates and decide which deals to go for and which to avoid. So that you can find comprehensive, cheap gap insurance coverage from top companies at the best gap insurance quote possible!

What exactly is a gap insurance quote?

Gap insurance quote is a price estimation for gap insurance coverage, that rests upon the information you have supplied about yourself, your car, home location, other listed drivers, and more.

There is an additional benefit to providing detailed information to the company, as your direct gap insurance quote, in contrast to the estimation, is more likely be closer to the final accurate price of the policy.

Using the gap insurance comparison box in the top of this page you can easily compare and get free gap insurance quotes online through the best car insurance companies. you can also compare quotes and purchase your gap insurance over the phone, directly from your company, from what they call a ‘ captive agent ’ –someone who works for only one company– or either from an insurance broker or independent agent.


Stand alone gap insurance policy is a gap insurance coverage that is bought directly from a company without buying any other product.

For example,buying a car from a dealership along with gap insurance or buying a car insurance policy that has gap insurance included in it as an add-on is NOT considered a stand alone gap insurance.

Stand alone gap insurance coverage is normally purchased online through big and well known companies such as Gap Direct as well as online marketplaces like, for example, AutoPay.

Stand-alone gap insurance cost is normally higher than the cost of gap insurance that was purchased from auto insurance companies as an add-on to a car insurance policy or from car loan providers.

Researching for the best GAP insurance companies will take time. And so, we went ahead and did all the work for you. The next section is a guide that shows the best stand alone gap insurance providers.


Here’s a review of the worst and best stand-alone gap insurance companies based on our research:


EasyCare has been around since 1984, serving over 7 million vehicle owners nationwide. It is a decent choice when it comes to standalone gap insurance, in terms of reliability, reputation and perks. It covers:

  • gaps of up to $50,000 between insurance settlementsand the outstanding vehicle financing balance
  • up to $1,000 in deductibles
  • financing of up to 150% of the vehicle value
  • up to 7 years of protection for your lease/loan term

Cons: Does not provide gap insurance quotes online


AutoPay has been in the auto refinance and loans business since 2007 and has an A+ rating. It is offering standalone gap insurance through partnership with American Assurance Corporation, to help vehicle owners. It covers:

  • Up to 84 months financing term
  • Up to 150% MSRP
  • Vehicles values up to $100,000
  • Losses up to $50,000
  • Deductibles up to $1,000

Cons : Vehicle restrictions


GAP Direct coverage has been around since 1994. Its policies are underwritten by Western General Insurance Company, an insurance company that was founded in 1971. Its gap coverage starts at $185 flat for up to $25,000 of the outstanding financing balance. It does not consider things like vehicle age and is very similar to the gap coverage you might find through a dealership, only at better and more affordable rates. It covers:

  • 2 or 3 year coverage terms

  • Up to $1,000 of your deductibles in most states

Cons :

  • No service over the phone

  • Negative customer reputation online

  • Bad claims processing reputation

Compare Gap Insurance Quotes

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!


One can purchase gap insurance policies from many known major gap insurance providers, with the market robust and flourishing. 

Taking that into account, below is a list of the best gap insurance companies and providers at the cheapest rates. Appended also in this list are the average monthly and yearly gap insurance cost and the strengths and weaknesses of these companies as insurers. 

Company Annual Cost Best for
Progressive $60 Best overall
State Farm $15 to $55 Discounts
Allstate $15 to $55 Claims satisfaction
Nationwide $20 to $50 Customized plans
Carmax $30 Used cars
Assurant $55 Insurance for marine and land vehicles
Toyota $2,150 Customer service
Nissan $50 Gap insurance covering repairs
USAA $269 Active and retired military personnel
ALLY $380 Affordable monthly rates
AAA $299 Commercial vehicles
ZURICH $45 Transferable plans
HONDA $20 Customer service
CAPITAL ONE $50 Personal cars
ESURANCE $100 SR-22 Drivers
FORD $50 Generous coverage
LIBERTY MUTUAL $50 Accident forgiveness option


Progressive is a Mutual Insurance Company, established in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. An initiative that had first started from their yearning to give vehicle owners protection and security, Progressive since then had been growing considerably and is known to be one of the largest insurers in the nation. 

Progressive, among other things, is best known for their car insurance. This insurance powerhouse not only deals with auto insurance, per se, but also renters, homes, and life insurances usually done through third parties. 

Acclaimed as one of the best, customers of the company are entirely in awe of Progressive’s provision of direct models (that do wonders for lowering rates), its road assistance, and significantly faster-claiming process. The cons though, have to do with the company not offering its discounts in all states.

The average Progressive gap insurance cost is only about $5 a month, or $60 a year. A rather inexpensive coverage that promises more value for the money, especially if the aperture between your car’s ACV or actual cash value and what you owe the car is relatively big. 

Average cost per month/year $5/$60
Pros Direct model means lower rates

Faster claiming process

Roadside assistance add-ons

Cons Discounts not available for all the states


State Farm is an insurance company that not only offers auto insurance services but also renters and home insurance. Customers are happy with their stable and comfortable rates, and fear no automatic raise in the event that policies renew. The availability of a local agent, as commented on by customers, assures them greatly should any questions or a need to file a claim may arise. 

If one requests for an insurance quote at State Farm, they will immediately suggest one of three levels of coverage that they provide namely Essential, Expanded or Premium. A customer may also check whether or not they are qualified for discounts and may select add-ons. Several insurance reviewers, like AM to name one, have given State Farm a high rating mainly for their considerable financial strength.

State Farm average auto insurance cost is either $1,548 a year, $744 per-six month policy, or $129 per month. Should one decide to get an insurance quote, State Farm provides an array of them based on individual rating factors. The company boasts of an abundance of online portals that promise easy access, are generous in its offering of multi-policy discounts, and have specially designed discounts for safe and teen drivers alike. The lack of accident forgiveness option is one thing customers continue to complain against, as this is considered a staple in insurance offerings.

State Farm GAP insurance cost $15 to $55 a year
Pros Easy policy access through online portals

Offers multi-policy discounts 

Provides safe driver and teen driver discounts

Cons Absence of accident forgiveness option


Government Employees Insurance company or better known as GEICO is an American automobile insurance company headquartered in the state of Maryland. The company is best known for its low rates, easy to operate online tools and excellent customer service. 

GEICO gap insurance services are currently not offered by the company. 

GEICO GAP insurance cost
Pros of Company Low rates

Easy to operate online tools

Excellent customer service


USAA is an auto insurance company that provides coverage to all active and even retired military personnel. 

Immediate family members of the aforementioned individuals are also able to enjoy their auto insurance offerings. 

USAA is known for their cheap rates, excellent customer service and online experience ratings, which have enabled them to garner mostly positive reviews. 

The average USAA gap insurance cost is $269 flat fee and is sold for vehicles “younger” than 7 years of age and maximal loan amount of $5,000. 

The company is generous in its discounts, especially on unused vehicles by military personnel. 

It also has a very easy to navigate online interface equipped with the necessary tools for flexible management, and offers very affordable rates. 

The only setback lies in the fact that ONLY USAA members and their immediate families are allowed to enjoy the company’s offerings. 

USAA GAP insurance cost $269 Flat Fee
Pros Discount on stored-vehicle for all military personnel

Flexible management of one’s own policy and claims online

Affordable rates for USAA members

Cons Products are only available to USAA members and their immediate families


Allstate is a reputable auto insurance company that has a considerable and large network bustling with local agents. 

The company is offers easy online quotes and provides not only coverage for cars but as well as ATV’s or All-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. 

Customers are allowed to file claims online with the company also providing discounts should different types of insurance policies be bundled. 

Allstate, due to their excellent services, has earned them the title of being the 3rd leading car insurer in the USA auto insurance industry, with services provided on a nationwide scale (50 states). 

The company boasts of an abundance of local agents and a myriad of repair shops–a staggering 3,500 in total. 

Many customers are happy and satisfied with their auto claims services and are always on the lookout for coverage options and discounts provided by the company. 

Allstate is known for their financial strength, which range from good to excellent. 

The average Allstate auto insurance cost is  $129 monthly and $1,550 annually. Below are some of their pros and cons

Allstate GAP insurance cost $15 to $55 a year
Pros High rating on claims satisfaction

Accident forgiveness option is available

Offers discounts for new cars, good students, several policies and more 

Cons Some customers report a sudden increase in premium rates

ALLY insurance company not only provides auto insurance coverage but also renters and other insurances. 

Its well-established presence in the market accounts for its superb product knowledge and has been steadily growing, considering that it has been in the market for so long. 

Ally auto insurance average cost is around $30 per month or $380 per year. 

The company is known for its low down payments and low monthly fees and somewhat smooth response to customer claims, and great support in challenging times when they are needed. 

Ally GAP insurance cost $380 a year
Pros Low Down Payment

Low Monthly Payments

Easy Turnover

Cons No Equity

Extra Costs

Early Termination Penalty

Insurance Shortfall

Rank and Review Insurance Companies

Help others make better decisions

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The Assurant Company not only provides auto insurance for cars but also includes in their offerings coverage for business fleets, boats, motorcycles and even recreational vehicles across the states.

Assurant GAP insurance cost $15 to $55 a year
Pros Financially strong
Cons N/A


Toyota is a well-known Japanese car manufacturer that produces cars, SUV’s, trucks and hybrids. It is less widely known, that Toyota Financial Services (TFS) also offers insurance services through partnership with several insurance companies including Nationwide. 

Toyota gap insurance pays the difference between the remaining amount on your car lease or financing contract and the car insurance settlement. In most U.S. states, Toyota GAP insurance will additionally cover up to $1,000 of your deductible as well.

Toyota’s auto insurance cost is $180 per month or $2,150 annually for all vehicles. 

It is known for its excellent customer services and has acquired a reputation for being a great insurer. Moreover, its low insurance costs have endeared them to potential and loyal customers alike

Toyota GAP insurance cost $2,150 a year
Pros Excellent customer service

Low insurance rates



AAA, or Automobile Association of America, offers  auto insurance services  to all its members across the 50 states. Customers praise the personalized services provided by the company and the availability and flexibility of their local agents. Claims process is normally fast and their insurance rates are very affordable.

An AAA gap insurance waiver costs $299 on a flat fee that can be added to the car loan basic balance or paid on its own as a lump sum. 

The company is well-liked for the excellent roadside services that it proffers, the rental car option and possible add-ons as well as discounts up to 27%. 

Benefits are also only available if one becomes a member.  While discounts are abundant, teen drivers are excepted from availing them. 

Their benefits also are only available once you become a member. AAA membership will cost you $299 a year.


AAA GAP insurance cost $299 flat fee
Pros Excellent roadside services offered

Gap insurance, rental car and other add-ons available

Gives multiple discounts up to 27%

Cons Discount for teen drivers is unavailable

Available only to AAA members


Zurich is a Swiss insurance company that extends vehicle services and auto warranties that ensures protection for customers from plausible vehicle repair costs. Their services are available in the US and Canada and can be shroud for cost of parts and labor costs to repair any damages on your auto components.  

Zurich GAP insurance cost ranges between $15 and $45 a year in %99.9 of the cases. 

To get an accurate Zurich GAP insurance quote, the best way is to speak to either Zurich insurance company representative directly or a local agent or dealership that represents them.

Zurich coverages are mostly very broad, they cover motorcycles, powersports and also provides an array of coverage options . They also allow transferable plans and are quick on providing roadside assistance should your situation necessitate. 

One major setback with Zurich is that gap insurances are only available at certain dealerships, meaning potential customers are given the additional slack of searching meticulously as well as the usual high prices involved with buying GAP insurance through a dealership. 

Zurich’s basic plan also has low reimbursements, which may only be of little help for bigger costs on your vehicle.

Zurich GAP insurance cost $15-$45 a year
Pros Transferrable plans

Motorcycle and powersports insurance coverage

Myriad of coverage options

Offers roadside assistance

Cons Only offered by certain dealerships

Low reimbursement for basic plan


If a vehicle is purchased through Carmax, a well-known used car seller, a customer is automatically granted a 4,000-mile/90-day limited warranty. Nonetheless, customers are still permitted to purchase the more recommended and robust MaxCare warranty. This type of warranty only offered by MaxCare provides gap insurance for used car. It is a coverage of high level and a horde of benefits that their customers enjoy. It is worth noting that this benefit is only available at the point of sale.

Carmax GAP insurance cost when purchased directly from the company is approximately $30 a year only.  It also offers a car insurance cost calculator that will also give you exact  rates for your GAP insurance per month and annually. 

You can access the calculator here: .

CarMax GAP insurance cost Approximately $30 a year
Provides a car insurance cost calculator:  
Pros Transferable

Coverage for used cars

Great coverage

Cons Only obtainable through a subscription at CarMax


Nationwide Insurance is a mutual insurance company that offers basic, standard and premium coverages and provides a range of discounts and add-ons that customers may enjoy. The company is owned by its policyholders, meaning that the focus will solely be on their policyholders and none to worry for investors who, most of the time, have demands of varying degrees. 

Nationwide also offers gap insurance policies. Nationwide GAP insurance cost in most cases will range between $20 to $50 a year. The company allows for customized plans, and has a vanishing deductible program. With total assets amounting to $2 billion, the company’ financial strength is significantly superior. Claims are also strongly supported by the claims center. Nationwide also provides classic car insurance. 

Unfortunately, the company does not provide rideshare insurance and collects higher rates for drivers that have bad driving records.

Nationwide GAP insurance cost $20-$50 a year
Pros Vanishing deductible program

Customized plans

Strong claims support by claims center

$2 billion in assets

SmartRide offers discount up to 40 percent for safe driving

Provides classic car insurance as well

Cons No rideshare insurance available

Higher rates for drivers with bad driving records


Nissan Finance is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that offers GAP insurance.  The company provides competitive rates and is best known for its dependable customer service and responsiveness. 

Nissan promises several car insurance features for which its customers are sure to enjoy, such as approved repairs by the company handled by its own skilled technicians and use of authentic car parts provided by Nissan itself.

Nissan GAP insurance cost $15-$50 per year
Pros  Approved repairs by the company
Nissan certified and approved technicians

Authentic car parts by Nissan

Guaranteed repair for three years

Cons N/A


Honda is a Japanese automobile corporation known as a steady manufacturer of cars, motorcycles and even power equipment. It has been around since 1946 and enjoys mostly positive reviews from customers.

The average Honda gap insurance cost is up to $2 a month or $20 a year; that is for direct purchases from the company along with comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Honda GAP insurance cost $2 per month or $20 per year
Pros Good customer service

Low rates

Cons N/A

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Compare Gap Insurance Quotes

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Capital One is an insurance company that has been around since 1988 and provides mortgage, investments, auto financing and services payable through credit cards. The company had been included, on more than one occasion, on Forbes “Most Reputable Companies” list. This insurance powerhouse is currently based at McLean, Virginia and has more than a thousand locations across the nation.

The company offers a range of interest rates, payment options and term lengths. The available options will likely make it considerably easier for lenders to find options that best suit their individual needs. Capital One’s GAP insurance coverage affixes financial protection. 

The company boasts of low rates, an auto loan calculator, a significantly wide network that ensures easy and flexible access for customers and an array of loan options. While the company is packed with delectable offerings, they only strictly for personal cars only. The approval time is also notorious for taking too long. 

Capital One GAP insurance cost $20-$50 a year
Pros Low rates

Wide network

Variety of loan options

Auto loan calculator

Cons Only for personal cars 

Approval time is slow


Esurance is an online based insurance provider. 

Esurance gap insurance coverage covers 25% of the value of your vehicle. 

Esurance GAP insurance cost $20-$100 per year
Pros Provides SR-22 for drivers with high-risk insurance policies

Covers 25% of your car value

Accessible mobile app

Cons Prices may be relatively higher than other competitors 


Ford Motor company is an American automaker that is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford GAP insurance covers the difference of your financing balance and your auto insurance settlement, in addition to up to $1,000 deductible coverage.

Ford GAP insurance cost  $15-$50 a year
Pros Good GAP coverage

Covers up to $1,000 of your auto insurance deductible 

Cons N/A


Liberty Mutual is an American global insurer that offers cutthroat priced car insurance products to its customers along with their special discounts and coverage options. Customers find the easy switching from any other provider to Liberty Manual very convenient. The company has also an easy online platform wherein quotes are freely given and an available sign up if a customer would like to subscribe to a new policy. The company not only offers auto insurance precisely formulated for teachers as well as a unique deductible-reducing policy. Their RightTrack program, keenly monitors driving and is swift in qualifying customers for additional discounts. 

The average Liberty Mutual auto insurance cost may vary, but for someone in their 50’s, a set fee of $150 will be paid per month. The company also offers accident forgiveness and may allow for new car replacement. 

Liberty Mutual GAP insurance cost  $15-$50 a year
Pros  RightTrack good driving feature

Liberty Mutual unique deductible-reducing policy

Offers accident forgiveness option

New car replacement

Cons Increased rates 

Discounts not available in all states

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