Delaware Workers Compensation Insurance: Quotes From $35/mo

Workers Compensation Insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding businesses and employees. In Delaware, it is a legal requirement for employers to provide this coverage, ensuring the protection of workers in cases of work-related injuries or illnesses. Understanding the intricacies of workers compensation insurance in Delaware is crucial for employers and employees. 

This comprehensive guide will delve into the critical aspects of Delaware workers compensation insurance. They include its importance, the government agency overseeing it, exemptions, benefits, waiting periods, penalties, and the best insurance companies offering coverage. By gaining a deeper understanding of Delaware workers compensation insurance, businesses can effectively protect their employees and mitigate risks. In contrast, employees can ensure they receive the necessary support during challenging times.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation Insurance is a crucial coverage for employees in Delaware, providing medical benefits and wage replacement for work-related injuries or illnesses. It protects employers and employees by ensuring necessary medical care and financial support. This insurance is mandatory for most employers in Delaware and helps cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. It aims to facilitate a smoother recovery while mitigating the financial burden on injured workers. Failure to comply with Delaware workers compensation requirements can result in penalties and legal consequences for employers, making it essential for them to understand their obligations and provide appropriate coverage.

Delaware workers’ compensation law prioritizes the rights and well-being of workers, whether they work on-site or remotely from home. This ensures a fair and efficient system for handling workplace injuries and illnesses, including those that may occur while working from home. Workers’ compensation insurance is a safety net, providing employees with the necessary assistance and medical benefits while protecting employers from potential lawsuits.

When Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance in Delaware?

In Delaware, businesses with employees are required by law to have workers compensation insurance. This includes both full-time and part-time employees. Obtaining workers comp Delaware coverage within ten days of hiring the first employee is crucial to comply with Delaware regulations. Workers compensation insurance in Delaware is essential to protect employees’ welfare and provide necessary medical care and financial assistance in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. Moreover, it safeguards businesses from potential legal battles and financial burdens associated with workplace accidents. By fulfilling the obligation of workers compensation insurance, employers demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ well-being and create a safer work environment.

What Government Agency Oversees Workers Compensation in Delaware?

The Delaware Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation is the designated government agency overseeing Delaware workers compensation. It serves as the regulatory authority, ensuring compliance with workers compensation laws and regulations in the state. The Office of Workers’ Compensation is vital in administering and enforcing the necessary provisions to protect employees and employers in Delaware.

With its expertise and authority, the Office of Workers’ Compensation in Delaware closely monitors the implementation of workers compensation laws. It ensures that employers adhere to the mandatory requirement of providing workers compensation insurance for their employees. By upholding the regulations, this agency aims to safeguard the well-being of workers and mitigate potential legal disputes.

As the governing body, the Delaware Department of Labor Workers Compensation is dedicated to resolving issues and disputes related to workers compensation. It provides resources, guidance, and support to employers and employees throughout the claims process. By overseeing the administration of workers compensation. This agency strives to create a fair and equitable system that protects the rights and interests of all parties involved.

Which Businesses Are Exempt from Getting Workers Compensation Insurance in Delaware?

Under the Delaware Workers’ Compensation Act, specific categories of businesses may be exempt from the obligation to acquire workers’ compensation insurance. It is essential to familiarize yourself with Delaware workmans comp laws to determine if your business qualifies for an exemption. Here are some examples of businesses that may be exempt from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance in Delaware:

  • Sole Proprietors: If you are a sole proprietor with no employees, you may be exempt from obtaining workers compensation insurance in Delaware.

  • Partnerships: Similar to sole proprietors, partnerships with no employees may be exempt from obtaining workers compensation coverage.

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): If you operate an LLC with no employees, you may be exempt from the requirement of the state of Delaware workers compensation cover.

  • Independent Contractors: Individuals classified as independent contractors rather than employees are generally not covered by workers compensation insurance. However, it’s crucial to properly determine the employment relationship to ensure compliance with the law.

  • Agricultural Employers: In some cases, agricultural employers may be exempt from workers compensation insurance requirements. However, these employers can provide coverage if they choose to do so.

It is important to note that exemptions may vary based on specific circumstances and the nature of the business. It is recommended to consult the Delaware workers compensation law or contact the Delaware Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation for precise information regarding exemptions.

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How Much Money Does Delaware’s Workers Compensation Insurance Give?

The amount of benefits provided by Delaware workers compensation insurance depends on various factors, including the nature and extent of the injury or disability. Here are the specific benefit amounts for different types of disabilities under workers compensation insurance in Delaware:

  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits: The benefits (reduced wages) are payable to employees who have returned to work part-time or at a lower wage rate due to their partial disability. These benefits amount to ⅔ the difference between the employee’s pre-injury wage and their current wage. These benefits are payable for a maximum duration of 300 weeks.

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits: These benefits are provided to employees who are entirely unable to work as a result of their work-related injury or disability. These benefits are calculated as 66 2/3% of the worker’s wage, with a minimum weekly payment of 22 2/9% of the actual wage, the State Average Weekly Wage, or $201.72, and a maximum weekly payment of 66 2/3% or $605.15. The duration of the payments extends for the entire period of disability.

  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits: These benefits are provided to employees with a permanent impairment but can still work to some extent. The amount of benefits for permanent partial disability is determined based on the specific impairment rating assigned to the employee’s disability by medical professionals. In Delaware, the benefit amounts are calculated using a formula considering the worker’s actual wage or the State Average Weekly Wage. The weekly payments range from a minimum of 22 2/9% of the worker’s wage or State Average Weekly Wage, approximately $201.72, to a maximum of 66 2/3% or $605.15. The duration of these payments extends for the entire period of the disability, as specified by Delaware’s workers compensation laws.

  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits: These benefits are provided to employees who have suffered a total and permanent disability, rendering them unable to perform any work due to their work-related injury or disability. The benefit amount for permanent total disability is 66 2/3% of the worker’s wage in Delaware. Weekly payments for permanent total disability are calculated based on a minimum of 22 2/9% of the actual worker’s wage or the State Average Weekly Wage, which is approximately $201.72, up to a maximum of 66 2/3% or $605.15. These payments continue for the disability as specified by Delaware workers comp laws.

How Long Will an Employee Wait Before Receiving Benefits?

In Delaware, there is a waiting period of seven calendar days before an employee can receive workers compensation benefits. This waiting period serves as a means to ensure that the injury or illness is significant enough to warrant compensation. By requiring a waiting period, the system aims to filter out minor injuries or illnesses that may resolve quickly and do not substantially impact the employee’s ability to work. This helps ensure that benefits are directed towards those with more substantial conditions that significantly impact their work capabilities.

It is crucial for employees to properly file for the one-week waiting period, meet all the eligibility requirements, and avoid excessive earnings during that week. It’s essential to note that benefits are not paid for the waiting period. However, if the disability extends beyond 21 days, the employee may become eligible to receive benefits retroactively from the first day of disability, provided they meet the requirements outlined in the Delaware workers compensation requirements.

Penalties for Not Getting Workers Compensation in Delaware

Employers in Delaware are required to secure workers compensation insurance, and failure to do so can result in various penalties and consequences. These penalties are outlined in the Delaware Department of Labor workers compensation regulations and can have severe implications for non-compliant employers. Here are some of the penalties that employers may face:

  • Civil Penalties: Non-compliant employers may be subject to civil penalties imposed by the Delaware Department of Labor. These penalties typically involve fines and monetary sanctions, the exact amount of which depends on the severity of the violation and the number of employees affected.

  • Stop-Work Orders: The Delaware Department of Labor has the authority to issue stop-work orders to employers who do not have workers compensation insurance. A stop-work order requires the employer to halt all business operations until they obtain insurance coverage. Violating a stop-work order can lead to further penalties and legal consequences.

  • Criminal Penalties: In some instances of intentional non-compliance or willful failure to secure workers compensation insurance, employers may face criminal charges. If convicted, they could be subject to imprisonment and additional fines.

  • Legal Liability: Failing to provide workers compensation insurance exposes employers in Delaware to significant legal liabilities. Without proper workmans comp in Delaware coverage, an employer may be held responsible for all medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages resulting from work-related injuries or illnesses. This can lead to substantial financial burdens and potential lawsuits from injured employees.

To avoid these penalties and protect their employees and their business, employers must comply with the requirements set forth by the Delaware Department of Labor. By obtaining the necessary insurance coverage, employers can ensure the well-being of their workforce and mitigate the potential risks associated with non-compliance.

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Delaware Workers Compensation Insurance Cost

The cost of workers compensation insurance in Delaware varies based on several factors specific to your business. However, the median rate for workers compensation insurance in Delaware is approximately $47 per month or $564 per year. Insurance providers consider factors such as:

  • Number of Staff: The price of workers’ compensation insurance is influenced by the total number of employees in your company. Generally, the premium may also increase when the number of employees rises.

  • Industry and Risk Factors: When considering workers’ compensation insurance, the industry in which your business operates and the associated risk factors are crucial. These factors, including the level of risk involved, influence the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. Self-insurance is also an option that some businesses may consider, allowing them to assume the responsibility of covering their workers’ compensation claims.

  • Claims Frequency: The price of workers compensation coverage may vary depending on your company’s claims history, including the frequency and severity of prior claims. Due to the perceived risk connected with their activities, businesses having a higher history of claims may have to pay higher rates.

  • Location: When calculating the price of workers compensation insurance, your company’s geographic location is considered. Rates may change according to regional laws, business trends, and past claim information.

  • Coverage Limits: Although they may result in higher rates, greater coverage limits offer good protection and significant employee benefits. To discover the most appropriate coverage, it’s crucial to investigate all choices, including the potential for a ghost policy.

  • Annual Payroll: Your company’s overall payroll plays a big role in determining how much workers compensation insurance will cost. A higher payroll amount may result in a higher premium since the premium sometimes depends on a percentage of your payroll.

Considering these factors, the cost of workers compensation insurance in Delaware can vary significantly. To obtain accurate quotes tailored to your business, it is recommended to consult with reputable Delaware workers compensation certified providers.

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $19 $228 Small to medium-sized businesses in various industries
The Hartford $22 $264 Established businesses with higher coverage needs
CoverWallet $25 $300 Startups and small businesses looking for customizable coverage
Tivly $29 $348 Businesses with unique risk factors and specific coverage requirements
Thimble $31 $372 Freelancers, gig workers, and businesses with fluctuating workforce
Hiscox $33 $396 Professional service firms and businesses in high-risk industries

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Best Delaware Workers Compensation Insurance Companies

When it comes to workers compensation insurance in Delaware, it’s crucial to choose from a list of certified providers who offer reliable coverage and excellent service. Here is an overview of some top Delaware workers compensation certified providers:



  • Quick and convenient quote process within 10 minutes

  • Monthly payment option with no additional charge

  • Online policy purchase, claim filing, and instant proof of insurance

  • 24/7 access portal for easy policy management


  • Industry coverage limitations in certain states (e.g., construction)

  • No Business Owners Policy (BOP) available

NEXT is a trusted provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Delaware. They have developed a solid reputation for providing specialized coverage options that are catered to the unique requirements of businesses in the state. With a proven track record of success, NEXT has garnered the trust of numerous clients, offering comprehensive protection for work-related injuries and illnesses. Their commitment to excellent customer service, competitive rates, and efficient coverage procedures has made them a preferred choice among businesses in Delaware.

Best for: Best overall: Fastest workers compensation insurance

Average cost: $19 per month

Our rating: 10/10

The Hartford


  • Convenient online insurance quotes

  • Wide range of policy options

  • Coverage available in all states, including Delaware

  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance


  • Limited availability of local agents in some regions

When it comes to businesses in Delaware, The Hartford stands out as a trusted insurance company with a remarkable legacy of over 200 years. Their extensive experience and industry knowledge make them a go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable workers’ compensation coverage. The Hartford’s reputation for expertise and its wide range of insurance products make them a reliable partner for businesses in Delaware, ensuring they receive top-notch protection and support. 

Best for: Broad workers comp coverage for all class codes

Average cost: $25 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Comprehensive coverage options, including workers’ compensation insurance

  • Convenient online quote comparison

  • Premium discounts for paying the whole year


  • It operates as an insurance broker rather than an insurance company, limiting businesses’ direct control over policy customization.

CoverWallet is a trusted insurer that offers reliable workers’ compensation insurance solutions in Delaware. With a strong industry reputation, they provide dependable coverage options tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. CoverWallet’s extensive experience and expertise in workers’ compensation insurance make them a reliable choice for businesses in Delaware.

Best for: Comparing workers comp insurance quotes online

Average cost: $25 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Streamlined quote process

  • Partnerships with over 200 providers

  • Effective matching with suitable coverage options


  • Lack of a mobile app

  • Limited tools for managing policies from multiple providers

Tivly is a well-regarded insurance company that focuses on providing workers’ compensation insurance in Delaware. With a strong market presence, Tivly has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering comprehensive coverage for occupational diseases and injuries. Their well-managed solutions prioritize the protection of workers and employers, making them a trusted choice for businesses operating in Delaware. Call now to compare quotes over the phone. 

Best for: Comparing workers comp insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $29 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Easy and quick quote process through the Thimble website or app

  • Comprehensive coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses

  • Dedicated customer service to assist throughout the insurance process

  • Reputable provider with expertise in workers’ compensation insurance


  • Customer service can only be reached through online channels, no phone support available

Thimble is a top-rated provider of workers’ compensation insurance, offering comprehensive coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses in Delaware. With their expertise in the workers’ compensation insurance industry, Thimble ensures that businesses have the necessary protection. They prioritize a quick and easy quote process, allowing businesses to obtain coverage efficiently.

Best for: Flexible workers comp coverage

Average cost: $31 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Hiscox offers a comprehensive selection of policies and coverages, including workers’ compensation insurance.

  • The company provides online quotes, making it convenient for businesses to obtain insurance information.

  • Access to agents or brokers is available for those who prefer personalized assistance in selecting workers’ compensation coverage.


  • Hiscox does not offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Alaska.

  • Some policy changes may require direct communication with the company.

Hiscox is a reputable specialty insurer that excels in offering workers’ compensation insurance and other tailored policies for businesses. With its wide range of coverages and policies, Hiscox ensures that businesses in Delaware can find the necessary protection for their employees. The company’s online quote system allows quick and convenient access to insurance information.

Best for: Workers comp insurance with upgrades

Average cost: $33 per month

Our rating: 10/10

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