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Even though a bookshop is a lucrative business, it faces several risks that could result in heavy losses. Situations that endanger a bookshop are customer complaines, commercial vehicle accidents, fire breakouts, flooding, and pest infestation. This is why it is essential to secure it with book shop insurance. 

The policy protects your business against a wide range of liabilities, helping you save money. To enlighten you on the importance of this insurance policy, this guide discusses it in detail. We will mention what it covers and why you should consider getting it.

Book Store Insurance

Like any business, book stores face a wide range of liabilities that must be accounted for. While a book reader might not think of a bookstore as a place where people get hurt, it’s still where costly incidents can occur. Each day presents a unique risk to your book store business; from accusations of libel, customers suffering injuries, to property damage. 

Thankfully, with the right insurance cover, you can protect your business from all of these risks. This will help you focus on delivering and promoting services to your customers. Therefore, to protect your business correctly, you need a comprehensive book store insurance policy covering a wide range of claims. There are different policies under bookshop insurance. Some of them include;

General Liability Insurance for Book Shops

Many businesses, including book stores, face risks from third parties. This means the main risk to your book store business comes from your customers and staff. For example, when customers sustain serious injuries at your shop, they could file a lawsuit against you. In that case, you will have to cover their medical expenses and pay them for damages. Similarly, your employees can accidentally damage a customer's valuable property or that of a third party. 

In some cases, book store businesses find themselves in trouble due to lawsuits claiming slander or libel. General liability insurance covers such situations. Keep in mind that any of these lawsuits could result to losing money. 

Court settlements for injuries and other damages are mostly in hundreds of thousands of dollars, something that could hurt your finances significantly. This is why it is important to get the right insurance policy.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Running a book shop by yourself can be tedious. This is why you might want to employee people for help. As a business owner, get worker's compensation insurance for them.  Common situations where this applies in bookstores are when an employee falls from a high location while trying to retrieve a book or suffers from allergies as caused by dust commonly found in bookshelves.

When an employee sustains severe injuries while working, you are responsible for their medical expenses. This insurance policy helps cover such expenses and could compensate them if the injuries and lost income. 

Business Owner's Insurance Policy

Your book store business could qualify for reduced rates when combining commercial property insurance and general liability insurance through business owner's policy. A good example of this is NEXT insurance, which offers 5% discount.

Keep in mind that commercial property insurance option in BOP covers any damage to your business's property, including the building, if you own it. 

BOP covers damages to your inventory. This insurance policy is valuable to book shop owners because it allows you to replace damaged property without hassle. Therefore, getting this insurance policy is very important because it helps your business recover damaged and lost stocks. 

Cyber Liability Insurance

This type of insurance policy has become very popular given the significant rise of cybercrimes. As much as you put in considerable effort guarding your customer's valuable data, it is vulnerable to cybercriminals who can illegally exploit it. 

If a customer sues your book store business for compromising their personal data, a cyber liability cover will help limit the damage. This goes a long way in saving your business money. It also keeps your business image intact.

One thing to remember before getting cyber insurance is that it is only useful if your bookstore utilizes a website or similar tools to sell products and ensure customer satisfaction. With that said, this insurance is just optional. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your book store business owns several vehicles, it is essential to get commercial auto insurance. This is important because your vehicles could get involved in an accident that causes severe injuries to the victimd. In that case, they could sue your business for damages. 

This insurance policy covers the medical expenses and legal fees if the matter goes to court. It also covers your vehicle repair costs. By doing so, this policy saves your book store business a lot of money. You could spend thousands of dollars if an accident victim successfully files a claim against you. This is why it is important to get this insurance policy.

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Book Club Insurance

A book club is simply a reading group. It mostly consists of several members who read and talk about a book’s theme or suggested reading list. Book club members often choose a specific book to discuss and share ideas. If you operate a book club business, you must secure it.

This is because it's a type of business facing a wide range of liabilities. For instance, a member of your book club could sustain severe injuries through a fall accident.

Therefore, there are several other cases where book club insurance comes in handy. For example, if your business has several vehicles used to pick book club members and it gets involved in an accident, you have less to worry about with book club insurance prepared.

In addition, book club insurance also protects against customer complaints. For instance, when a book club complains of poor services and decides to file a lawsuit against you, this insurance policy helps cover it.

However, if you operate your book club in a library or at home, you need to confirm whether the library or home-based business insurance policy covers you and your clients against risks.


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Book Shop Insurance Cost

The average book shop insurance cost is about $52 a month or $624 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance policy. The cost varies depending on different business-specific factors, from location to business size and individual history and risks. To get a better idea of your precise cost, click the 'Get Quotes' button, complete the questionnaire and compare quotes online from the best book shop and book club insurance companies.

All in all, book shop / club insurance are extremely important for you to get as a book store or book club owner. So, what are you waiting for? Click the 'Get Quotes' button, complete the questionnaire, compare quotes online or consult an online insurance agent through their live chat now to know which policies you need and save more.

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