Is Elephant a Good Car Insurance Company?

There is no Elephant in the Room: What Makes Elephant Auto Insurance Better?

Founded in 2009, Elephant Auto Insurance started their company by servicing the United Kingdom and India. In these two high-traffic countries, it can be hard to find simple, affordable, and reliable insurance. The insurer has spent the past decade building a reputation as a high-quality auto insurance company for the people and covers everything from simple accident claims to traffic-related deaths and work claims.

Recently, Elephant Auto Insurance established a headquarters in the United States in Richmond, Virginia. If you’ve been considering signing up for this insurer and you’re unsure of whether or not they’re able to stand up to the other competing insurers on the market, then you need to read this article.

Below, we’ll be breaking down some of the top reasons why drivers sign up with Elephant Auto Insurance, why their auto insurance is so affordable, and their future as a high-quality insurance provider in the U.S.A.

Top Reasons to Get Insured by Elephant Auto Insurance

There are approximately 6,000 different auto insurance companies in the United States. Of course, there are the big ones that everybody knows, like:

We’re all familiar with these insurance giants because they advertise everywhere and mostly have great reputation . They own major sports arenas, advertise on major streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime, and even have multi-million-dollar Superbowl ad placements! 

Aside from “the big five,” however, thousands of other small, locally-based, or international insurance companies also do business in the United States. The reason why you may have never heard of them before is that many times, instead of wasting all of their money on expensive TV ads and billboard placements, they invest their money into their customers. 

While this may hurt Elephant Auto Insurance’s bottom line, it’s also what has allowed them to stay in business for over 12 years by providing high-quality insurance and award-winning customer service to their clients. It also means that their auto insurance policies are going to be significantly more affordable than major brand names. When a big-name brand insures you, you’re almost always going to pay a little bit extra for the advertising. 

So, now that we’ve introduced you to Elephant Auto Insurance, it’s time to discuss some of the top reasons why this insurer could be a better choice than your current insurer. If you’re looking at purchasing a new policy for your automobile, then you’ll also find value in this article! 

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Cheap Car Insurance Rates

If you’re like many of the insurer’s policyholders, then you’ve probably already wondered why they’re named ‘Elephant Auto Insurance.’ Elephants have almost nothing to do with cars, right? 

Well, you’re correct in your assumption that elephants have nothing to do with cars. The name is a play on the age-old saying, “the elephant in the room,” which refers to a topic that’s almost impossible to ignore. 

This insurer’s main goal is to make insurance affordable for everyday drivers. The “elephant in the room” in this case is the fact that most major U.S. insurers are charging an arm and a leg to insure a new vehicle. For example, if you live in Florida or New York, then the average full coverage auto insurance policy is going to cost you close to $2,500 per year or more! 

Elephant Auto Insurance doesn’t have a strong advertising campaign because they would prefer to help their customers save money instead! If that’s not a strong reason to go with an insurer, then we don’t know what is. 

Excellent Reviews and Ratings

As we mentioned, competition in the auto insurance industry is fierce as each provider must compete with thousands of other insurers. The Better Business Bureau (or BBB ) doesn’t just give out high ratings to anybody. They’re typically very strict with their awards, and in order for a business to receive a high ranking, they must exemplify excellent customer service and make a large portion of their policyholders happy. 

As it stands, Elephant Auto Insurance currently has an ‘A+’ ranking from the BBB, meaning that they’re in the top percentile of high-quality, customer service-oriented insurers in the nation! 

Expanding Coverage in the United States and Overseas

As we mentioned, Elephant Auto Insurance is just starting to expand in the United States. While this means that not everybody is eligible for coverage, it also means that Elephant is hyper-focused on providing excellent service so that they can smoothly expand into neighboring states. 

States Where Elephant Auto Insurance Operates

Here is the current list of states where Elephant Auto Insurance provides coverage (updated: 4/10/2021):  

  • Indiana

  • Illinois

  • Maryland

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Ohio (6-month policies only)

Coverage for Modified Cars

Elephant Auto Insurance understands that many people enjoy modifying their vehicles. Whether you’re slamming your car on some rims, installing high-fidelity speakers, turbo/super-charging your engine, or lifting your vehicle, Elephant offers coverage policies for the full value of your vehicle, including any modifications that you may add to your car or truck. 

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Why is Elephant Auto Insurance so Cheap? 

One of the top reasons why Elephant Auto Insurance is so cheap is that they focus almost exclusively on auto insurance. While you can purchase other types of insurance (such as homeowner’s or renter’s insurance ) from them, these deals are underwritten by third-party insurers, and claims are not handled directly by Elephant. 

This focused business method means that the company doesn’t have to employ as many call centres or train employees to deal with multiple types of insurance claims. They’ve chosen to specialize in one area of insurance coverage and are focused on providing top-notch quality within that area. 

Elephant Auto Insurance is cheaper than competing insurers because they don’t offer quite as many discounts. That being said, the insurance itself is a lot cheaper ( around 10% to 40% cheaper ) than major insurers, so the need for even more discounts is somewhat unnecessary. 

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