Good Sam RV Insurance Review, Pros & Cons

As an RV owner, you know getting great coverage on your vehicle can be tricky. Many traditional forms of auto insurance won’t cover some types of RVs. You also have to deal with prohibitive policy rules like restrictive mileage limits. With a conventional auto insurance policy on your RV, you will likely have to pay a higher premium price to get adequate coverage. You should investigate a specialized RV insurance policy to save money and get better coverage.

What is Good Sam Insurance Agency?

The insurance Agency connects customers with its network of highly-rated insurance companies. They work with you to narrow your choices and pick a policy that covers your needs and offers a competitive rate. In addition, they offer specialized RV insurance as their primary product, but you can also get quotes for auto, home, condo, boat, renters, and motorcycle insurance.

They employ licensed insurance agents with experience in these different forms of coverage. Instead of navigating multiple insurance policies from other companies, Good Sam Insurance coverage allows you to compare prices and options from a single place. Through this insurance, you can also get multiple vehicles covered on a single policy. 

Their quote and buying processes are reasonably straightforward. You can search for quotes in different insurance categories based on your zip code. After providing some basic information, you can easily find accurate quotes through their website. They offer the option to buy your policy online as well. If you prefer to speak to an agent, they have flexible calling windows Monday through Saturday. Before you call, you will need to provide the following information so they can give you the most accurate quote:

  • Driver’s license number

  • Any existing RV insurance policy details

  • A lienholder of your RV if it is under lease or has been financed

  • Credit or debit card from a major company

  • A detailed description of your RV

  • Your RV’s vehicle identification number

Good Sam RV Insurance Coverage Options

You can get policies from partners like National General, Progressive, Safeco Insurance, and Foremost Insurance Group through Good Sam RV Insurance. Their agents will help negotiate to get the best prices from these partners. The coverage they offer specialized for RVs is not commercial auto insurance. You will need Good Sam’s commercial vehicle insurance if you intend to use your vehicle for work purposes. You can purchase commercial vehicle insurance for 15 types of vehicles.

Their commercial vehicle coverage has options for collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorist coverage. You can also purchase roadside assistance as a separate policy with no milage or dollar limitations. For being so RV-focused, they have a surprising amount of coverage options and considerations.

Good Sam Camper Insurance Features

It has features that set it apart from a typical auto insurance policy. These features vary based on the policy you select but may include:

  • Personal Belongings Coverage: They offer $3,000 of personal coverage as part of their vehicle insurance plans. This covers damage to items in your vehicle like cell phones, watches, wallets, etc.

  • RV Specialization: Because the insurance is focused on RV policy, the people they hire are familiar with the specifics of RV claims. They have dedicated claims experts whose knowledge helps expedite your insurance claims.

  • Full Replacement Options: In the event your covered RV is stolen, a Good Sam Camper policy will help you replace your RV with another one within five model years. This replacement coverage also applies if your RV is totaled in a covered road accident or other event.

  • Emergency Expenses Allowance: While traveling in an RV, you may encounter an incident that disables or damages it. While filing the claim for your vehicle, you may need to purchase lodging, buy food, or incur other expenses due to the incident. With an emergency expense allowance, you are covered for those additional costs as long as your claim is approved. This allowance is not typically offered on standard auto policies.

  • Full-Time Coverage: They will cover full-time RV owners who regularly use their vehicles, including as a place of residence.

  • Coverage Suspension: If you need to store your vehicle for a while, suspending coverage during that period is straightforward. You won’t have to pay premiums for time that you are not using your vehicle. This will translate into additional savings for your policy over time.

  • Automatic Coverage for RV Attachments: Your RV is automatically covered up to the full replacement cost for damage to permanent attachments like an awning or antenna.

  • Combined Coverage: They will combine your RV coverage and your regular auto insurance into a single policy. This makes filing and keeping track of claims much easier. They offer discount savings when combining your policy for multiple vehicles.

  • Additional Discounts: This insurance agency offers several ways to reduce your insurance premium through discounts. If you join their Club as a member, you can save on your insurance premium. Your Good Sam Club insurance policy will also be reduced if you pay your premium in full and if you can demonstrate you are a good driver.

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Good Sam Insurance Pros & Cons

Next, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using Good Sam Insurance for your RV vehicle.


  • The Insurance boasts that their average customer saves up to $530 by leveraging the advantage of their specialty RV insurance coverage.

  • Additional features on your policy that are harder to find with traditional auto insurance.

  • Covers full-time RV use

  • Save up to 20% when bundling RV and auto insurance.

  • Offers coverage for other vehicles, including boats.

  • Fewer mileage restrictions compared to traditional auto policies

  • Discounts for safe drivers

  • Guaranteed claims satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with your claims service, they will waive your deductible up to $250.


  • Despite having Better Business Bureau accreditation, they only have a 1.14/5 rating from customer reviews on the BBB website.

  • Service Limitation capacity of $500 per disablement event, depending on the policy.

  • Must place disablement assistance request within 24 hours of disablement

  • The deductible waiver for the claims satisfaction guarantee is unavailable in Washington state.

Good Sam Insurance Final Rating

This Insurance Agency is an excellent choice for an RV owner needing help finding the right coverage in the traditional insurance market. You can connect with experts who are experienced in the unique challenges that come with RV ownership. They offer an outstanding host of features that are very useful for long RV trips. One standout feature is the $3,000 personal belongings coverage, which will go a long way to protecting yourself financially if there is an unexpected event.

Our final rating for Good Sam RV Insurance is a 4/5.

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