Geico RV Insurance Review, Pros & Cons

Traveling in an RV is exciting, but sometimes the journey can have unexpected challenges. When you think of recreational vehicle insurance, Geico RV insurance stands out as a prominent player, offering coverage for various RV types. Whether you’re considering coverage for your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer, this review aims to provide valuable insights to make an informed decision on specifics of Geico RV insurance coverage, evaluating its cost and customer service. 

Founded in 1936, Geico has evolved to become the nation’s second-largest insurer, with a broad clientele base. Originally catering exclusively to federal government employees, Geico now extends its services to the general public.

What Types of Coverages Does Geico RV Insurance Offer? 

Geico offers a range of coverage options for RV insurance to help protect owners from various risks. The specific types of Geico RV insurance coverage can vary depending on your location and the type of RV trailer you own. Here are some common types of coverage that Geico may offer for RV insurance:

  • Liability Coverage: Protects against accidents, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage liability.

  • Collision Coverage: Assists in paying for RV repairs after a collision with another vehicle or object.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Guards against non-collision events like theft, vandalism, fires, and natural disasters.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Covers medical expenses and damages in accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers.

  • Medical Payments Coverage: Helps pay medical expenses for you and passengers, regardless of fault.

  • Personal Belongings Coverage (Optional): Protects personal items inside the RV, offering peace of mind for valuables.

  • Emergency Expense Coverage: Aids with expenses like lodging, meals, and transportation during covered losses away from home.

  • Roadside Assistance (Optional): Provides essential support such as towing, fuel delivery, and tire changes for added convenience and peace of mind during travels.

Geico RV Insurance Cost

The cost of the insurance is influenced by various factors, including the type and value of the RV, location, driving history, and coverage options chosen. Geico provides certain features with comprehensive and collision coverage, such as replacement cost personal effects coverage (automatically including $1,000 or $5,000, with options up to $100,000 for an additional premium), vacation liability coverage ($10,000 included at no extra cost), and emergency expense coverage ($1,000 included at no extra cost). The special windshield deductible charges nothing for RV windshield repair and $50 for replacement. The overall premium will depend on a combination of these factors, and for an accurate estimate, it’s recommended to request a personalized quote from Geico based on individual circumstances.

Here’s a simplified table summarizing the key features of Geico camper insurance and their potential impact on the overall premium:

Coverage Feature Included Amount/Details
Replacement Cost Personal Effects $1,000 or $5,000 (options up to $100,000 for an additional premium)
Vacation Liability Coverage $10,000 included at no extra cost
Emergency Expense Coverage $1,000 included at no extra cost
Special Windshield Deductible Nothing for RV windshield repair, $50 for replacement

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How Do I Get The Best Geico RV Insurance Rates?

To get the best Geico RV insurance rates, consider the following tips:

  • Bundle Policies: Combine your insurance policies, like Geico motorhome insurance, for potential discounts. Compare bundled rates with those from other insurers to ensure overall savings.

  • Maintain a Good Driving Record: A clean driving history earns lower premiums. Geico rewards safe driving, so avoid accidents and violations to showcase your responsibility on the road.

  • Choose Higher Deductibles: Opt for a higher deductible to lower your premium, but ensure it aligns with your budget and coverage needs.

  • Safety and Security Features: Install anti-theft devices and safety features on your RV for potential premium discounts. Check Geico’s specific requirements for security-related discounts.

  • RV Safety Courses: Complete recognized RV safety courses to demonstrate responsible driving and qualify for potential discounts.

  • Pay in Full: Pay your RV insurance premium annually to receive discounts from Geico.

  • Review and Adjust Coverage: Periodically reassess your coverage to ensure it suits your current needs and adjust accordingly.

  • Ask About Discounts: Inquire with Geico about discounts, including those for safe driving, military service, or membership in specific organizations.

  • Maintain a Good Credit Score: like other insurers, Geico considers your credit score. Maintain good credit to secure more favorable insurance terms potentially.

  • RV Storage: Store your RV securely in a designated storage facility to qualify for discounts. Confirm Geico’s criteria for RV storage discounts.

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Geico RV Insurance Pros & Cons

Like any other insurance provider, Geico recreational vehicle insurance has advantages and considerations that prospective policyholders should weigh carefully.


  • Wide Coverage Options: Geico offers a range of coverage options for RV owners, including comprehensive and collision coverage, replacement cost personal effects coverage, vacation liability coverage, and emergency expense coverage.

  • Discount Opportunities: Geico provides various discount opportunities, such as bundling policies, safe driver discounts, RV safety course completion discounts, and discounts for particular safety and security features.

  • Reputable Company: Geico is a well-established and reputable insurance company with a strong financial standing. This can give policyholders confidence in the company’s ability to fulfill claims.

  • Online Services: Geico’s online platform makes it convenient for RV owners to manage their policies, file claims, and access customer support. The digital interface enhances accessibility and ease of use.


  • State-Dependent Coverage Options: As coverage options are contingent on state regulations, Geico travel trailer insurance presents a challenge, resulting in disparities across locations. This lack of consistency may prove inconvenient for RV owners seeking uniform coverage, particularly if they frequently change residence or travel between states.

  • Exclusion of RVs Valued Over $500,000: Geico RV insurance is restricted by not providing coverage for RVs valued at more than $500,000. This limitation could be problematic for owners of high-end or luxury RVs, necessitating the exploration of alternative insurers specializing in offering tailored coverage for these premium vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I review my Geico RV insurance coverage?

It’s advisable to review your Geico RV insurance coverage periodically, especially if there are changes in the value of your RV or your personal circumstances. Adjusting coverage based on these changes can help ensure that you have the right level of coverage and may contribute to potential premium savings.

Is taking an RV safety course necessary to qualify for discounts with Geico?

While it’s not mandatory, completing an RV safety course can often make you eligible for discounts on Geico RV insurance. These courses demonstrate a commitment to safe RV operation, and some insurers, including Geico, offer discounts as an incentive for completing recognized safety courses.

What’s the recommended way to obtain an accurate Geico RV insurance quote?

For an accurate Geico RV insurance quote, requesting a personalized quote directly from Geico is recommended. Provide accurate information about your RV, driving history, and coverage needs to ensure the quote reflects your circumstances.

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