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Comprehensive auto insurance coverage, also referred to as other than collision insurance coverage, covers, upon paying a deductible, damages caused to vehicles in events which are not considered a collision. Some examples to such events that are considered comprehensive losses are fire, weather conditions, vandalism, theft or damage caused by animals.


  • How safe is your neighbourhood? 
  • Is crime abundant? 
  • Looters or vandals? 
  • Or maybe there are weather concerns like tornadoes or flooding. 

If any of these apply to you, you might want to look into comprehensive car insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance policy will alleviate the burden of worrying about something happening to your car while you are not around and assist in paying for your auto repair or replacement in case your vehicle was damaged or stolen in an occasion which is not a car accident on the road.

Why having comprehensive car insurance coverage is cost-effective

When acquiring  car insurance  coverages, drivers will be able to reduce their car repair costs. Take this as an example. As stated by  Allstate , if a driver was to get in to an event that is not a collision and the vehicle was damaged or stolen, utilizing comprehensive insurance assist the policyholder by covering the repair costs of the vehicle. This can involve the costs  of car engines repair, car paint jobs and other auto repair costs that result from car damage or theft. Costs, that otherwise, can get much higher than the average costs of buying cheap comprehensive insurance coverage.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Guide

Comprehensive Cover age Explained - Definition

Comprehensive car insurance coverage, also known as "other than collision " coverage, is a type of insurance coverage that focuses on the damage caused to vehicles that does not involve a collision. This can be car theft, vandalism or damage to the vehicle from weather or environmental conditions, like hail, fire or falling trees

Collision coverage, contrary to comprehensive automobile insurance, protects the policyholder from car accidents where two or more vehicles collide, whether it is on the highway or in a parking lot. 

Comprehensive auto coverage, on the other hand, deals with incidents that involve external materials or activities that have nothing to do with another vehicle or collision of any kind.

Comprehensive car insurance covers different kinds of damage that can be caused to the policyholder's vehicle, other than collision with another vehicle. Such damages include the  vandalism on a car’s exterior areas, destruction of a vehicle due to objects falling on it , theft of the vehicle , damage inflicted by calamities and natural conditions and disasters such as typhoons, tornados, hail, earthquakes,  fire incidents  that damaged the covered vehicle, damage imposed to cars by civil disarrays such as active riots and persistent strikes, and damage done by animals to a covered vehicle under the comprehensive insurance policy.

Does comprehensive insurance cover theft?

Yes, it does in most cases as that's its purpose. Comprehensive coverage pays the costs of repairing damage or theft of any vehicle that's included in the coverage.


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Comprehensive Insurance vs Full Coverage

Basically comp car insurance is one out of three parts of full coverage. 

Full coverage is a combination of three types of auto insurance coverages:  

  1. Minimum liability
  2. Comprehensive coverage 
  3. Collision insurance coverage  

Having full coverage auto insurance will grant a car owner all the coverage that all these three types of car insurance provide a driver and policyholder.

In contrast to full coverage, comp car insurance is solely focused on the non-collision area of vehicular damage, covering for damage that was inflicted by calamities, animals, etc.

Minimum L iability vs  vs Full Coverage by State: Average Cost Comparison

Please take a look at the average yearly cost comparison table of minimum liability vs full coverage in all states of the U.S.:  

State  Minimum Liability Full coverage
AK $450 $1,550
AL $600 $1,700
AR $500 $1,750
AZ $513 $1,800
CA $574 $1,700
CO $553 $1,950
CT $821 $2,050
DC $623 $2,200
DE $843 $1,900
FL $828 $2,150
GA $684 $1,850
HI $485 $1,600
ID $606 $1,300
IA $357 $1,350
IL $878 $1,550
IN $498 $1,250
KS $654 $1,700
KY $1,062 $2,350
LA $971 $2,600
ME $416 $1,100
MA $484 $1,450
MD $853 $1,800
MI $1,850 $3,150
MN $472 $1,600
MO $432 $1,800
MS $603 $1,700
MT $381 $1,950
NE $599 $1,500
NC $351 $1,425
ND $528 $1,600
NH $492 $1,100
NJ $644 $2,000
NM $609 $1,600
NV $722 $2,400
NY $887 $2,050
OH $429 $1,200
OK $418 $1,800
OR $639 $1,500
PA $502 $1,700
RI $808 $2,050
SC $596 $1,650
SD $281 $1,650
TN $408 $1,500
TX $538 $1,800
UT $502 $1,500
VA $385 $1,200
VT $552 $1,400
WA $662 $1,600
WV $604 $1,650
WI $364 $1,350
WY $485 $1,800

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Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Companies

When choosing the best comprehensive car insurance, one must always remember what he/she wants in an auto insurance company. Does the car owner want deductibles that are offered to him in divided amounts? What exclusive benefits does the insurance firm give out to its clients? These are a few questions that one must take into account when selecting the right car insurance company for him/her. Below are seven insurance companies that specialize in comprehensive coverage.

GEICO Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Government Employees Insurance Company, better known as GEICO , is evidently an American insurance company that started out by offering insurance packages to workers of the US government and military men back in 1936. From there, the company expanded to many kinds of insurance coverages, including auto.

This firm offers a wide variety of auto insurance coverages: body injury coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical insurance, collision, property damage, assistance for road emergencies. GEICO comprehensive coverage, for instance, covers for the damage dealt to a vehicle concerning fire, calamities, vandalism, and theft. This company also gives various exclusive benefits to its clients, giving discounts to student and senior drivers, federal employees, and military men. Moreover, GEICO has released a mobile application in which clients can pay their insurance bills online and utilize digital cards. 

Progressive Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Progressive Corporation focuses on collaboration in its ambition to share ambition and to abide in its essential core values: the golden rule, excellence, integrity, profit, and objectives. It is dedicated to providing auto insurance coverages for all its clients.

Some of the auto insurance coverages that this corporation provides are liability, uninsured motorists (or drivers), and collision and comprehensive. Progressive comprehensive coverage, for that matter, is a highly regarded asset of this company because they also cover damage on the glass windows of a vehicle such as the windshields, back glass, and the door windows.

State Farm Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Since its startup in 1922, State Farm has been supplying insurance services to its clients and customers with the utmost value in mind. Its official website stated four essential coverage options that the company specializes: rideshare, comprehensive, collision, and rental. State Farm comprehensive coverage, to be exact, is one of its greatest assets, offering help to those who have been affected by tragic accidents such as calamities, fires, hitting an animal, and the like.

Additionally, State Farm offers many perks to its valued clients and customers. These would include discounts for teen drivers, discounts for cautious drivers, and the merging of an auto and home insurance coverage.

Allstate Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Allstate has been in constant operation since its launch in 1931. It offers many types of insurance coverages: home, business, condominium, life, auto, and many more. Moreover, it established many types of car insurance coverages: liability, PIP, roadside, comprehensive, sound system, collision, uninsured motorist and more. Allstate comprehensive coverage is one of the greatest auto insurance options that it has to offer its clients, its deductibles starting out with a range between $0 and $1000. This insurance company also extends a copious amount of benefits and discounts for students aged 25 and below and for responsible payers and early policy signers.

USAA Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

USAA has been in the insurance industry for almost a century now, functioning for military men since 1922. The company believes that the service of American soldiers to protect and secure the safety of U.S. citizens is so great that the insurance options that this firm highly prioritizes its clients that are in the military. It also gives out a broad selection of car insurance options: collision, comprehensive, PIP, liability, and uninsured motorist coverages. USAA comprehensive insurance coverage is, essentially, one of its greatest assets. Moreover, it provides people who are always on the go a mobile app (USAA Mobile) that is dedicated to assisting people in need of car insurance.

AAA Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

For more than a hundred years, AAA helps people in need of insurance, whether it be for personal or property coverages. It provides its clients with a vast array of auto insurance options such as pet protection, collision, liability, comprehensive, and the like. AAA comprehensive insurance coverage is one of the company’s commendable auto insurance options. In addition to this, the company gives out discounts and benefits to its customers and clients, including discounts based on one’s job and education and for students.

Nationwide Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Nationwide is a highly esteemed American insurance company located in Columbus, Ohio, serving its clients high-quality insurance services since 1926. This firm offers six insurance coverages: roadside assistance, gap coverage, collision, body injury, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive. Nationwide comprehensive coverage, to be specific, is one of the company’s most specialized options, adjusting to the needs of its clients with this certain policy. It has a wide range of perks and discounts in which clients can avail of should they choose to acquire Nationwide’s services. A couple of these include anti-theft and SmartRide discounts.


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Average Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost

There has been a specific underlying question in the car insurance industry: how much is comprehensive insurance? how much does it cost? a uto insurance companies normally provide deductible amounts that gradually increase as time goes by. This can start off with an initial amount of $500 and, from there, one can work their way up to $1000 (eventually increasing in amount). 

When one goes for deductible amounts that are of higher value, the premiums that he/she will receive are essentially lower. This way, more money is saved by the vehicle owner when the need for the auto insurance coverage arises. Consequently, this would mean that the one availing of this kind of service will be paying a higher amount of funds for the comp car insurance. This can also go the opposite way as well. T he average of comprehensive car insurance cost in the U.S. is between $136 and $266 per-year. 

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