California Final and Burial Expense Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $30/month

Funerals can attract significantly high costs, which can create unexpected financial problems for the family. The most appropriate way to safeguard your loved ones from these high costs is to have final expense insurance. Having life insurance ensures your family can cater to the funeral expenses without any problem. One of the types of life insurance to get is final expense and burial insurance. 

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance, also known as burial insurance, helps to cover burial expenses such as a headstone, cremation, or burial costs. It can also cover any outstanding legal, credit card, or medical costs. Your beneficiaries can use the money for other purposes, such as settling property taxes or even going on a vacation. Your beneficiary will get a death benefit averaging $2,000-$35,000. There is no restriction on how they can use the money after your death.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is also known as final expense insurance, which is designed to cater for your final expenses. If you want to put your family at ease after your death, you need this kind of insurance. It is a type of whole-life insurance that has small death benefits and will take care of funeral costs and other expenses.

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What Are the Main Types of Burial Insurance?

Primarily there are three types of burial insurance. These are:

Simplified Issue

If you are looking for a quick insurance policy, consider the simplified issue policy. The insurance company will approve the policy after answering a few health-related questions. It is the best for people looking to secure burial insurance as fast as possible. The insurer will also not demand a medical exam. Ideally, you will have coverage after a few days, and your beneficiaries can get a death benefit from $5,000-$100,000. The only drawback is that the premiums are high since it is considered a high-risk type of insurance.

Guaranteed Issue

In the guaranteed issue insurance, your insurer will not require you to undergo medical evaluation or even ask health questions. The policy is considered a high-risk one and will attract higher premiums. Also, the death benefits will not be available to the beneficiaries before the lapse of a specific period. In case you pass away before the lapse of that period (usually 26-36 months), your beneficiary will receive a limited benefit payout. But if accidental death occurs, your loved ones will receive full benefits.

Pre-Need Insurance

This is a special type of insurance. You will need to make a contract with your preferred funeral service provider. The policy requires you to select several services and products that your funeral provider will offer during your funeral. In this policy, your beneficiaries will not receive any death benefit, but the payout is paid directly to the funeral provider.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a California Funeral Insurance?

Below are some of the advantages conferred to an individual who purchases the California final expense program:

It’s Inflation-Protected

Funeral insurance is inflation-protected. If the funeral expenses have shot up when you die, your loved ones will not have to pay the extra amount.

It’s Not Subjected to Inheritance Tax

Life insurance’s death benefits are not subject to income or estate tax. Thus your loved ones will receive benefits that are tax-free.

It Has Low Premiums Rates

You are required to pay from $30 depending on the insurer you choose. This insurance cover is the most affordable available in the market. You don’t have to worry about making large contributions to your insurer.

Its Payout is Faster

Funeral policies payout is much faster compared to other insurance policies. The payout will cater to the funeral expenses and even pay any debts that are outstanding. Your family will not have to shoulder high debts for your burial.

Minimum Wait Period

The waiting period for the death benefits is significantly low, from 30-180 days. This offers so much convenience for the policyholders.

How Much Coverage Can You Get from Final Expense Insurance in California?

The final expense insurance California is mostly designed for people who are 50 years and older and have minimum coverage amounts. Most insurers offer an average of $1,000-$25,000, but some can offer more than that.

What Expenses/Costs Does the California burial insurance Cover?

Below are some of the expenses catered for by this life-enhancing insurance policy:

  • Memorial service

  • Casket

  • Cremation

  • Embalming

  • Vault

  • Hearse

  • Service vehicle

  • Printing for your memorial

Do You Need to Undergo a Medical Exam to Avail of Final Expense Insurance in California?

Applying for California final expense program is quite straightforward, and you will not require to undergo a medical exam. If you opt for guaranteed life insurance, the insurance company will not even ask any medical questions. Since you don’t require any medical exam, you can qualify for this insurance regardless of your health.

How Are the Death Benefits Paid?

Level Benefit Policies

In the level benefit policy, your beneficiaries will get the same payout whether you die immediately or several years later. For instance, in case you die, your beneficiaries will receive a fixed amount of benefits.

Modified Benefit Policies

The modified benefit policy is the best to obtain a high amount of death benefits. In this policy, the beneficiary will receive a lower amount in the first 3-5 years, while in the subsequent years, the premiums will be higher.

Return of Premium Benefits

In return of premium benefits (ROP), you will receive a refund of your premiums if you don’t die during a stipulated term. In the ROP death benefit, you will get 100% of all of your premiums, while other insurers will offer a partial return.

Can You Name Beneficiaries?

Yes, you can. After you purchase final expense insurance California, the insurer requires you to designate beneficiaries who will receive the death benefits after your demise. You are free to select one or multiple beneficiaries; there are no rules that restrict the people you can choose.

You can also change beneficiaries with time, for instance, after a divorce. If you decide to choose minors as your beneficiaries, you will also need to select a legal guardian or trust who will provide them with the benefits after you pass away.

How to Choose a Beneficiary for This Insurance Policy?

You can choose anyone as your beneficiary. Remember, a beneficiary can either be a trust, charity, business, or person. If you decide to select a person, it can be either a spouse, friend, child, or any associate.

Remember, there are two main types of beneficiaries;

  • A primary beneficiary–This is your first choice, who will receive your benefits after you pass away.

  • A contingent beneficiary–This is your secondary beneficiary, who will only receive the mortality benefits if your primary beneficiary passes away. You can, for instance, name your spouse as the primary beneficiary. But in the event, you pass away together, the contingent one will receive the death benefits

Choosing Your Estate

Choosing your estate as a beneficiary should be your least priority, as there is need of probate to decide who will benefit. The process will take time and can also attract huge tax consequences. Thus it will take long for your loved ones to get the benefits.

Naming a Trust

You can either use a revocable or irrevocable trust as a beneficiary for your insurance. A revocable trust will offer protection to your assets as you age, and you can choose to change them at any time. An irrevocable one cannot be changed, and you will require a court order to make the change. A trust is ideal when you want to protect your benefits and preserve for your kids, especially minors.

Choosing your Spouse

Most opt to choose their spouse as the primary beneficiary of their death benefits. But in case you divorce, you can always change that and name another person.

Choosing Your Child

If your child is still a minor, some insurance companies will not allow you to name them as beneficiaries. In this case, you could:

  • Name the child’s legal guardian

  • Select a custodian

  • Create trust for your child

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What is the Cost of Final Expense Insurance in California?

Securing final expense insurance requires you to pay very low premiums. The premiums can start from $30-$53 per month. The premiums you pay depend on your age, law, gender, and the insurance company you select. Some of the benefits of the final expense insurance include:

  • Will help your family pay for burial expenses after your death

  • Quite affordable as it has a low coverage amount

  • Build a certain cash value; thus, you can borrow from it

  • Coverage is certain

  • The death benefits can help to pay for mortgage or credit card debt

  • Premiums are standard

Below is an easy-to-understand table on the recent monthly and annual cost as provided by some of the best insurance companies in California. This table also provides you with a brief detail on what each of the mentioned company is best at when it comes to its provision of the final expense insurance California coverage.

Insurance Company Cost per Month Cost per Year Best For
Ethos $13-$30 $156-$360 Customers who want affordable and easily accessible California burial insurance
AARP $38-$53 $456-$636 People who are over 50 years old and looking for a reputable company that offers competitive prices for their life insurance policies
Fabric $10-$20 $120-$240 Individuals that are looking for final expense insurance that are affordable and does not require you to undergo a medical exam
USAA $15-$25 $180-$300 Military members looking for affordable types of final expense insurance coverage from a reputable company


Compare California Final & Burial Expense Insurance Quotes Online

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

Best Companies for Final Expense Insurance in California

A final expense insurance is crucial for you and your loved ones. But you need to be careful when selecting an insurance company. You need one that is licensed, reputable, and guarantees death benefits. There are multiple available in the market. Here, we discuss some of the best available:



  • You can conveniently purchase insurance covers online

  • A straightforward application process

  • No need for a medical exam

  •  Have outstanding customer service


  •  Offers limited policy insurance

Ethos was established in 2016 to offer whole life and term life insurance policies. Applying for their insurance policies only takes 10 minutes, and you will qualify without having to undergo any medical exam. The company makes use of information such as your drug prescription or your family medical history to check your rates and eligibility.

Best for: Customers who want affordable and easily accessible California burial insurance.

Average cost: $13-$30 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Provides a variety of insurance goods

  • Offers regular member discounts

  • It is a reputable company


  • Limited to individuals who are 50 years and above

AARP offers a wide range of insurance policies. The company most targets senior adults and has over 37 million members. Their life insurance policies are only available to people who are 50 years and above. The company offers competitive prices for all its customers.

Best for: People who are over 50 years old and looking for a reputable company that offers competitive prices for their life insurance policies.

Average cost: $38-$53 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  •  A straightforward application processes

  • Cost-effective pricing

  • No medical exam is needed

  • Wide range of insurance policy options


  •  Only offers online

The Fabric insurance company was launched in 2017 and sells life insurance policies through a mobile app or its online site. The process of applying an insurance coverage is simple and will only take 10 minutes. They have a wide array of term lengths, and you don’t have to undergo a medical exam.

Best for: Individuals that are looking for final expense insurance that are affordable and does not require you to undergo a medical exam.

Average cost: $10-$20 per month

Our rating: 8/10



  • Outstanding customer service

  • Affordable premium rates

  • Military insurance products

  • You can apply online for the insurance policy online


  • It may not be the best fit for non-military members

USAA is designed specifically for military members and their families, but other people can also access insurance policies. You can get either whole or term life policies from this insurance company. It is a reputable insurance company with lower premiums and a great customer satisfaction rating compared to its competitors.

Best for: Military members looking for affordable types of final expense insurance coverage from a reputable company.

Average cost: $15-$25 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Key Takeaways

If you are worried about how your family will handle your burial expenses in the event that you pass on, it is important to have final expense insurance coverage. A good insurance cover will give your family peace of mind about how the funeral costs will be catered for. It is important to choose an insurer carefully to get the best death benefits and coverage. You should also check for the payout method that is most appropriate for you.

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