Brewery Insurance for Craft & Microbreweries

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It might sound straightforward to run a brewery business. However, in reality, this business requires a lot of work. Protecting your supply chain, training staff on liquor liability, and understanding advertising risks are some of the things that you should do. As a brewery business owner, having solid knowledge of these tasks is vital for success. 

Also, given the many risks that come with brewing, you must get brewery insurance. To enlighten you on the importance of this insurance, we will discuss what it covers and why it is vital to get it. We will also mention its cost. 

Craft Brewery Insurance

A craft brewery business can be very lucrative. However, this venture has several risks. Business insurance for breweries helps cover claims from customers, product defects, repair costs, and many more. One that we recommend you try to get is craft brewery insurance. 

Craft brewery insurance is a type of insurance that’s tailored for brewers who are just starting, have started, or have established their business. It comprises:

Worker's Compensation Insurance for Breweries

As a craft brewery business owner, you must ensure that your employees, even if not numerous, get the necessary help whenever they need it. And so,  see to it that you have worker's compensation insurance.  It might even be better if you get bartender's insurance because you will need it eventually. 

Brewery accidents come in different forms such as amputations, electrocutions, chemical exposure, and carbon monoxide poisoning. When workers sustain severe injuries that permanently affect their lives, they could sue your business for damages. A court could order you to pay hefty settlements.Thankfully, the worker's compensation policy covers this.

Property Damage

Brewery insurance also covers property damage. Any damages to your business property are covered under this policy. However, it is essential that you clearly define what should be covered. 

This is because the policy could cover things other than your production area and building. Being specific prevents covering items not prone to damages. By doing this, you don’t only get comprehensive insurance but also save costs for premiums. 

For instance, if you have a liquor store on the site, you need to make sure that it is covered under your policy or take liquor store insurance .

Liquor Liability Insurance for Breweries

You can't talk about a brewery without including liquor in the topic. > Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for injuries and damages caused by alcohol intoxication. Even though you are not responsible for your customer's alcohol consumption, you could still be held liable if the damage is caused. 

For example, if a customer drinks too much and ends up causing an accident, the victim could file a claim against your business. > Liquor store insurance will cover the medical expenses and legal fees.

It is important to note that liquor liability claims could be very costly. Your brewery business could lose a lot of money if you don't have comprehensive insurance.

Tank Collapse and Leakage

This is a brewery insurance program vital for your brewery business. Generally, tanks are one of the most significant investments when running a brewery. Tanks keep brews from spoiling, an incident that will cost your brewery it’s reputation and money. 

This is why you should get an insurance policy that protects them. In case one gets severely damaged or collapses, it can result in a lot of losses. Besides, if the tanks have a leakage that you don't discover immediately, you could fail to deliver products to clients and consumers. Getting those tanks replaced or repaired right away is vital to keep operations going. An insurance that covers tank collapse and leakage will help you do so.

Equipment Breakdown

Brewery, winery, and other wine businesses require costly equipment to operate. Any damage to this equipment could hurt your business operations significantly. If you have just started and haven't raised enough money to replace the equipment, operations can get delayed resulting in major losses. This is why getting comprehensive winery insurance or equipment breakdown insurance is vital. 

The equipment breakdown policy covers such cases and will fund all the repair costs. This helps your brewery or wine business get back on track no matter how dire situations might seem. Therefore, an equipment breakdown insurance policy should always be among top priorities aside  from getting wine business insurance .

Commercial Auto Insurance for Breweries

If your brewery business owns vehicles, it is important to insure them. The commercial auto insurance policy covers your business vehicles in case of accidents and other damages. A company vehicle knocking down a pedestrian when making deliveries could result in lawsuits. Such cases often result in hefty court settlements that could hurt your brewery business financially. 

Product Contamination and Spoilage Insurance Policy

Product contamination and spoilage insurance policy are also vital for your business. As a brewery business owner, one of the biggest headaches is discovering that your product has gone bad. All expired products have to be discarded, meaning all your investment goes to waste. This can result in significant losses. However, with this insurance policy, your business can recover from losses and improve errors. 

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Microbrewery Insurance

You may have a micro-brewery in your bar. In such a case, you need to know that your microbrewery's reputation mainly depends on the quality of its products. Produce poor quality products and you’ll lose customers and decrease sales.

While running a microbrewery business can be profitable, know the various risks it faces. One example is that you might not have the capacity to store all brews on site. 

This increases the risk of liquor going bad and causing losses. All these factors point to the need of getting microbrewery insurance coverage for your business. Various microbrewery insurance programs have policies that cover these claims. 

Getting comprehensive bar insurance coverage for your business will go a long way in preventing losses. Cases of work-related injuries and property damage are also covered by micro brewery insurance. >

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Brewery Insurance Cost

  • The average brewery insurance cost is $93.33 per month or about $1,116 annually for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • The average microbrewery insurance cost is $67 a month or $804 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance policy

It is important to note that different factors influence the cost of brewery insurance.

For example, the size of your brewery business could influence the total insurance cost. If you are an established brewery business with many employees, you could spend more on insurance. The location of your brewery also impacts the insurance cost. This is why it is essential to consider these factors when choosing an insurance.

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Brewery is one of the most profitable business yet also one of the easiest to fail.  An insurance policy doesn't necessarily insure sucess but it will help your business stay resilient during unfavorable times. It's not a question if you recently started or have already established a reputation. Get brewery business insurance because it's the smart thing to do. 

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