Washington Commercial Auto Insurance: Quotes From $45/mo

Washington is among the states experiencing rapid economic growth in the nation. Due to the massive growth, it is slowly becoming an attractive business hub. If you are meditating on setting up your business in this busy state, you need commercial vehicles to run your operations smoothly. Alternatively, you can use your personal vehicle to deliver products to customers.

Commercial auto insurance can help with all aftermath of an accident involving your vehicle. Even a minor accident, without adequate coverage, can cause your business to incur substantial expenses. Before looking for insurance companies, familiarize yourself with commercial auto insurance Washington State. After reading this article, you can make more informed decisions.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Whether you have a vehicle or a fleet of trucks, you need tailored commercial auto insurance Vancouver WA, to suit your needs. This coverage typically acts as a safety net for trailers, cars, vans, or trucks that you use to run your business operations. With this policy, you can safeguard your business from property damages or third-party liabilities after an accident. It will typically cover an employee you give to drive your commercial vehicle. Also, it covers passengers in the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Some of the incidents covered under commercial auto insurance include:

  •  Any accident involving your commercial vehicle can include a collision with an object or car.

  •  Damage to your cars caused by theft, fire, or vandalism

  •  Bodily injury to your passengers or driver during an accident

  • When you destroy third party’s properties

Auto Accident Statistics in Washington

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reported that the state saw a large number of fatal accidents in 2021.  It was rather worrisome that 634 persons lost their lives in various auto accidents. Accidents involving alcohol, speed, and pedestrians accounted for the majority of events. Another National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) report noted that 121 pedestrians lost their lives in various accidents.

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Washington Commercial Auto Insurance Requirements

Washington commercial auto insurance is compulsory for all businesses that use commercial vehicles. Here are some of the requirements you must adhere:

  • Every business must carry liability insurance for their commercial vehicles and should have specific limits for adequate coverage. Your commercial auto insurance must have $25,000 (bodily injury) for a single person involved in an accident, $50,000 (bodily injury) for a single accident, and $10,000 to cover property damage during an accident. These are just the minimum requirements; you can select higher limits for better coverage.

  • Other coverages such as personal injury protection or uninsured motorist are not compulsory, but you can add them to cushion your business from incurring massive losses after an accident. Ensure you tailor your commercial auto insurance Seattle WA, to meet the needs of your business.

Components of Washington Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Third-party liabilities: If you are the faulty driver and cause property damage, bodily injuries, or kill other drivers or pedestrians, this policy will cover all damages.

  • Medical payment: This policy covers medical and rehabilitation costs if you or an employee is harmed in a car accident.

  • Uninsured auto: In some cases, you can be involved in an accident with a hit-and-run motorist or one who does not have insurance coverage; your coverage will pay for all damages.

  • Collision coverage: Will help cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident. But this coverage will not pay other costs, such as hospital bills for your driver and passenger.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers damages due to vandalism, theft, or natural disasters. This coverage exempts collision events.

Coverage Limits for Washington Commercial Auto Insurance

The coverage limits your business receives depend on the value of your vehicles, the number of vehicles, and insured risks. An insurance carrier can pay up to $1 million after the occurrence of an accident. Collision coverage will compensate you even though you are responsible for the accident.

Add-Ons to Washington Commercial Auto Insurance

In addition to your standard commercial auto insurance, you can include other coverage options to address unique risks. Here are some of the add-ons you can consider for your policy:

Cargo Insurance

When your cargo is in transit, whether from the manufacturer or to the consumer, it is exposed to many unpredictable events. If the cargo is stolen or damaged, your standard commercial auto insurance might not be able to compensate you for the loss. It covers perils such as theft or accidental damage to your goods.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

This coverage is crucial and will assist in paying for transportation expenses, whether public fare transportation or dental care if your vehicle is damaged and is being repaired after a covered event.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance extends the limits of your commercial auto insurance. It complements your standard policies if you have exhausted the coverage limit issued by your insurance company.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

This add-on covers the expenses of all services you require if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. It can cover tire changes, fuel delivery, towing, or transportation assistance.

Loss of Income Coverage

This add-on covers any lost income or incurred expenses if your commercial vehicle cannot operate due to a covered incident. This is particularly helpful for courier businesses that may incur losses if their vehicle is involved in an accident.

Zero Depreciation

This add-on will help your business recover replacement or repair costs on depreciated parts of your commercial truck or car. It will ensure you recover the total costs of the vehicle’s parts without considering depreciation.

Consumables Cover

Your vehicle has specific parts such as the screws, brake field, or bolts known as consumables. A standard insurance cover may not cover these parts; you need consumables coverage. This add-on is essential for high-value cars where the costs of replacing the consumables can be extremely high.

A photo of a truck on a highway.

Events Not Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance Washington

An insurance company must review the nature of the accident before making a payment. If they find out that the accident is intentional or a criminal activity they will refuse to offer coverage. Here are some situations you might not get covered:

  • Medical expenses not directly linked to an accident: If your employee is injured while working or performing their activities, this policy will not pay for the medical costs. Typically, it only covers hospital bills or ambulance costs after an accident involving your automobile.

  • Contents in your vehicle: If you are transporting goods such as equipment or inventory, you need additional insurance for these contents. Commercial auto insurance does not cover any cargo in your vehicle.

  • Accidents involving personal vehicles: This policy will not offer coverage when driving your vehicles for your activities. Your personal vehicles require personal auto coverage.

  • Intentional acts: if you knowingly vandalize your vehicle, this policy will not compensate you. It is strictly reserved for unforeseen accidents that you have no control over.

Who Requires Commercial Auto Insurance Washington

Commercial auto insurance Washington is fundamental for any business, despite its size, that uses cars or trucks for business operations. Some of the businesses that require this policy include:

  • Businesses that offer commercial transportation services: If you operate rideshare services, taxis, or limousines, you need this insurance to protect your passengers, driver, and vehicle. Without appropriate coverage your business might financially cripple due to costly liabilities and claims.

  • Contractors or construction companies: Construction companies that use commercial vehicles to transport construction materials or equipment need this coverage to cover your vehicles, drivers, and passengers.

  • Couriers or delivery services: Businesses offering delivery services such as a package or food delivery. This policy will shelter your business against any accidents while transporting items.

  • Nonprofit organizations: Any charity or nonprofit organization that transports goods may need commercial auto insurance to cushion from unexpected accidents.

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Washington Commercial Auto Insurance Cost

Washington commercial auto insurance is $45 per month or $540 per year for a $1 million auto liability coverage. Factors that affect premiums are claims history, business history, policy limits, deductibles, and more. Here’s a table showing the cost of a $1 million auto liability policy from the best companies:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $26 $312 Best overall; Fastest commercial auto insurance
CoverWallet $29 $348 Comparing commercial auto insurance quotes from different companies
The Hartford $34 $408 Businesses that require specialized commercial auto insurance for their vehicles
Tivly $39 $468 Comparing commercial auto insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $42 $504 On-demand coverage options for small businesses
Hiscox $44 $528 Businesses looking for insurance agents who can assist them in obtaining adequate coverage

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Best Washington Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

Consider working with these companies. Read some of the reviews below to know their pros, cons, and average rate for a $1 million general liability coverage. 



  • NEXT makes the processing of obtaining commercial auto insurance easy

  • Acquire your commercial auto insurance within 10 minutes

  • Flexible coverage options and convenient monthly payments

  • Apply for your license online, or you can opt to talk to an advisor for assistance


  • Couldn’t find any

NEXT is a digital insurance firm that lets you download their mobile app and obtain your certificate of insurance within minutes. On their virtual platform, you fill out important information about your business, such as the number of vehicles you own, your claims history, your expected revenue, and the number of drivers. The company analyzes your information and gives access to their online quotes. You have total freedom to adjust the limits to suit your business.

Best for: Best overall; Fastest commercial auto insurance

Average cost: $26 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Obtain optimized coverage for your business

  • Interact with the best insurance companies

  • Budget-friendly prices, even for startups and small businesses

  • Get assistance from a CoverWallet consultant


  • It is a brokerage firm and relies on products offered by third parties

CoverWallet helps businesses understand commercial auto insurance and manage it properly. You can get coverage within minutes on their virtual platform. This company is part of Aon, a renowned health and retirement solutions leader. They have consultants who recommend ensuring your business has adequate coverage. You can also acquire other policies to complement your commercial auto insurance, such as tools and equipment, BOP, product liability coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, and more.

Best for: Comparing commercial auto insurance quotes from different companies

Average cost: $29 per month

Our rating: 10/10

The Hartford


  • Obtain commercial auto insurance instantly

  • Customized coverage options to suit the needs of your business

  • Specialized coverage options available for medium and large businesses

  • The process of making claims is fast

  • You get access to several insurance resources and tools


  • There have been a few complaints about their auto insurance policies

The Hartford makes the process of obtaining free quotes easy. This company has more than 200 years’ experience in offering insurance policies, making them a provider you can rely on. In their years of operation, they have assisted more than 1 million businesses to get ideal coverage for their needs. You purchase other essential policies such as tools and equipment, commercial property, cyber liability, workers’ compensation insurance, etc.

Best for: Businesses that require specialized commercial auto insurance for their vehicles

Average cost: $34 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Affordable quotes for your commercial vehicles

  • You can choose your most-preferred insurance provider from over 200 providers.

  • Customize your commercial auto insurance to meet the specific needs of your company

  • Get commercial auto insurance quotes within seconds on their online platform


  • Does not underwrite their policies

Tivly is an insurance products marketplace where you can easily connect with your preferred provider. They make the process of finding insurance brokers or agents streamlined. With their modern technology, you can easily manage your policy and make claims. In addition to commercial auto insurance, you can purchase tools and equipment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and more. Call now to compare quotes over the phone. 

Best for: Comparing commercial auto insurance quotes over the phone 

Average cost: $39 per month

Our rating: 9/10



  • Obtain insurance coverage promptly on their website

  • Accredited business by the BBB, guarantees you are dealing with a reputable insurance firm

  • It is an A-rated insurance provider

  • Can conveniently manage your policy on their mobile app

  • You can purchase insurance on their app, website, or phone.


  • Some of their policies are limited to some states

Thimble doesn’t provide insurance for business vehicles. To obtain the coverage, however, clients are directed to Tivly.  However, you can purchase other insurance products such as general liability, tools and equipment, commercial property insurance, cyber liability insurance, and more.

Best for: On-demand coverage options for small businesses

Average cost: $42 per month

Our rating: 9/10



  • Offers vast insurance coverage options

  • A renowned insurance company for small businesses

  • Provides worldwide coverage for international businesses

  • Have brokers and commercial agents who can assist you when purchasing a policy


  • Couldn’t find any

Hiscox allows businesses to obtain commercial auto coverage simply by visiting their website. You get insurance quotes instantly. After receiving the quotes, you can pay for your policy. Their agents can also assist in obtaining an insurance quote and creating a policy that best suits your needs. In addition to commercial auto insurance, you can find other products such as commercial property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, tools and equipment, cyber liability coverage, and more.

Best for: Businesses looking for insurance agents who can assist them in obtaining adequate coverage

Average cost: $44 per month

Our rating: 9/10

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