How Much Does a Lawn Care Business Make

According to Zippia, the average household in the United States spends $500 per year on lawn care and gardening expenses. Lawn care businesses help save customers time and energy on essential yard projects like mowing, seeding, eliminating pests, and trimming excess plant growth. If you want to get into the industry, you will be wondering how much does a lawn care business make? On average, you will make $109,437 as a lawn care business owner. Keep reading to discover other income metrics for lawn care businesses and which lawn care insurance policies you need to boost your take-home income.

What is a Lawn Care Business?

A lawn care business provides critical services to customers that help manage out-of-control or otherwise time-consuming lawns. A customer may enlist your services to help maintain a huge lawn that requires specialized equipment to look nice. Other customers may be interested in fixing a decaying lawn that refuses to support natural plant growth. As a lawn care business, you need to have a wide variety of different skills to handle whatever challenge a customer’s lawn will throw your way. This includes a master of machines like lawnmowers, trimmers, edgers, power blowers, and more.

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Make?

To answer the question of how much can lawn care business make for the services they provide, you must remember that the cost of services you offer will differ based on your location and the complexity of the job. Some typical services you will offer as a lawn care business owner include:

  • Tree trimming: The average cost of a tree trimming job is between $200 and $760. Tree trimming is useful to remove overgrown branches in someone’s yard that may hang over their home and potentially cause them problems down the line.

  • Pest extermination: The price you will charge to control pests in someone’s yard is between $150 and $500. If pests in a yard become out of control, they can spread nasty diseases and ruin the health of plants.

  • Mowing: On average, you will charge between $50 and $200 when mowing a customer’s lawn. Mowing ensures that the grass does not grow too high, where animals feel invited to move in. Many homeowners associations require grass in a lawn to be kept at a certain height to maintain a clean atmosphere in the neighborhood. 

  • Weed extermination: Weeds are pesky plants that deprive the other flora in your yard of necessary nutrients to grow. You typically charge your customers between $60 and $150 per weed extermination treatment.

  • Lawn fertilization: As a lawn care business, you can offer services to help a customer’s grass become healthy and grow. One service that helps with this process is lawn fertilization. Using a spreader device, you can evenly distribute nutrients to a client’s lawn to ensure it can grow to fruition. As a professional lawn care business, you typically charge between $100 and $500 for lawn fertilization services.

  • Mulching: A customer sometimes wants you to mulch certain areas of their yard, like a garden. Mulching an area hinders the growth of weeds and helps retain water. A mulching job typically costs between $45 and $130 per cubic yard.

How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make a Year?

When researching your lawn care business, you will want to figure out how much does a lawn care business make a year. On average, you will make an annual salary of $109,437 as a lawn care owner. The 25th percentile for lawncare owner salaries is $88,000, while the 75th percentile is $140,000. Most lawn care owners will make a salary in that range. At the higher end of wages, lawn care owners will make $162,500 at the 90th percentile. Below is a count of the percentage of law care owners at which income brackets.

Annual Salary RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

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How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make a Month?

Next, let’s cover how much do lawn care owners make on a monthly basis. As a lawn care owner, you will earn an average monthly salary of $9.119. The typical lawn care owner's monthly salary range is between $7,333 and $11,666. The 90th percentile for lawn care owner monthly salaries is $13,541.

Monthly Salary RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make Bi-Weekly?

In your journey of becoming a lawn care owner, you are likely wondering how much does the average lawn care business make bi-weekly. The bi-weekly wage of a lawn care owner is typically  $4,208 on average. As a law care owner, you will likely earn between $3,384 and $5,384 bi-weekly.

Bi-Weekly Wage RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make a Week?

Are you trying to discover how much do lawn care businesses make every week? As a lawn care owner, you can count on making $2,104 weekly on average. Your weekly wage will likely range between $1,692 and $2,692.

Weekly Wage RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make Per Day?

The daily wage you can expect to earn as a lawn care owner is $420, assuming a 5-day workweek. The 25th percentile for daily lawn care owner wages is $388, and the 75th percentile is $538. Most daily wages for lawn care owners fall within this range. At the 90th percentile, you will earn $625 daily.

Daily Wage RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

How Much Do Lawn Care Owners Make per Hour?

Through your research, you are likely to ask yourself how much do lawn care owners make per hour. Lawn care owners earn $53 an hour on average. As a lawn care owner, you can expect to make $78 an hour at the 90th percentile.

Hourly Wage RangePercent of Lawn Care Owners

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How Much Does a Lawn Care Manager Make?

If you are wondering how much can a lawn care business make, it is helpful to know how much a lawn care manager will earn. A lawn care manager earns an average annual salary of $55,102. A lawn care manager will work on average for $26 an hour and make $1,059 weekly. See the chart below for a comparison of lawncare managers' average earnings in each state.

StateAverage Annual SalaryAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
New Hampshire$50,099$963$24.09
New Jersey$53,198$1,023$25.58
New Mexico$48,201$926$23.17
New York$59,947$1,152$28.82
North Carolina$41,564$799$19.98
North Dakota$50,246$966$24.16
Rhode Island$50,326$967$24.20
South Carolina$45,523$875$21.89
South Dakota$50,284$967$24.18
West Virginia$43,214$831$20.78

What are the Top Cities For Lawn Care Businesses?

When researching how to start a lawn care business, you will want to know how much money does a lawn care business make in the highest-earning cities. When considering where to start your lawn care business, you will want to settle for a place with a high-income level. However, be careful to factor in the cost of living in that area to see if setting up shop there is worth it. Below is a comparison of the highest-earning cities for lawn care businesses.

CityAnnual SalaryWeekly WageHourly Wage
Santa Cruz, California$135,139$2,598$64.97
Sunnyvale, California$132,074$2,539$63.50
Livermore, California$130,508$2,509$62.74
Barnstable Town, Massachusetts$128,353$2,468$61.71
Kent, Washington$127,138$2,444$61.12
Vacaville, California$126,983$2,441$61.05
Cambridge, Massachusetts$125,029$2,404$60.11
Berkely, California$125,029$2,404$60.11
Hillsboro, Oregon$124,986$2,403$60.09
Manhattan, New York$124,474$2,393$59.84

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Why Your Lawn Care Services Deserve the Protection of a Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

Imagine your lawn care services business as a thriving garden, with each customer's trust and satisfaction as a vibrant blossom. To nurture this garden and ensure its flourishing future, you need the right insurance coverage, just like the best soil and sunlight for your plants. This is where a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) comes into play, tailored specifically for businesses like yours.

Cultivating Comprehensive Coverage

A BOP is like a protective shield designed to cater to your unique needs as a lawn care services provider. It covers a spectrum of risks that your business might encounter, ensuring a healthy and resilient foundation:

  • General Liability Insurance: Think of it as the sturdy fence around your garden. This coverage safeguards you from third-party claims, such as accidents or property damage that could occur while you're tending to lawns. It also takes care of any legal expenses that may sprout from such incidents.

  • Business Property Insurance: Just as you protect your gardening equipment, this insurance protects your vital assets, including mowers, trimmers, and other tools, against unexpected events like theft, fires, or natural disasters.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: This is your safety net in case unforeseen events temporarily halt your operations. It covers ongoing expenses and ensures your income continues to flow even during disruptions, like a sudden rainstorm in your gardening schedule.

The Beauty of a Tailored BOP

A BOP tailored to lawn care services offers a bouquet of benefits:

  • Holistic Protection: It provides a full-circle safeguard, addressing the unique risks you face in the lawn care industry. From potential accidents to property protection, it's a comprehensive coverage solution.

  • Budget-Friendly: BOPs are designed to be cost-effective, often resulting in more manageable premiums compared to purchasing individual policies. It allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

  • Simplified Management: With a single policy covering multiple aspects of risk, you simplify the administrative tasks of your business. Spend more time growing your business, and less time navigating complex insurance arrangements.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have robust protection in place allows you to focus on nurturing your clients' lawns with confidence, free from worries about unforeseen setbacks.

Nurture Your Lawn Care Business with a BOP

Your lawn care services business is like a garden in need of nurturing. Give it the protection it deserves with a tailored Business Owner's Policy (BOP). Consult with insurance experts who specialize in lawn care services to cultivate the perfect coverage that matches your unique needs and risks. Just as a well-cared-for garden thrives, your business too will flourish and bloom with the peace of mind that a BOP provides.

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