How Much Does a Health Coach Make

According to StatNews, there are currently over 128,000 health coaches working in the United States. Health coaches help them form a plan to start achieving health goals to improve their lives. Are you wondering how much does a health coach make on average? You will earn an average annual salary of $41,542 per year as a health coach. Keep reading to learn more about income statistics for health coaches and which health coach insurance policy you need to safeguard your new business.

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a professional who works hard to ensure that clients are setting and reaching health goals to help improve their lives and longevity. Studies have shown four themes of coaching activities are most effective at strengthening the coach-patient relationship and helping encourage behavioral changes. These themes include education, personal support, being a bridge between a client’s clinician, and practical support. Through a strong client relationship based on trust, you can make excellent progress in changing a client’s mindset and helping them embrace a healthier way of living.

How Much Do Health Coaches Charge?

The amount of money you charge clients for your consultation fees will vary widely and is up to your discretion. Typically, health coaches charge between $200 and $500 per month to provide necessary services to a client. You may only charge a small percentage upfront to demonstrate your usefulness to your client, who will be more willing to pay consultation fees in the future. Some health coaches charge clients for each session. An average session charge for your customer will be between $100 to $150. The amount you charge will also vary by area and experience level.

How Much Do Health Coaches Make a Year

First, let’s look at how much does a health coach make a year. Your average annual salary as a health coach will be $41,542. Most health coach salaries fall between $32,000 and $47,000. If you are a top-earning health coach, you will be earning $53,500 or more. The chart below compares how many health coaches fit into different income-earning ranges.

Annual Salary RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Money Does a Health Coach Make per Month

Are you interested in learning how much does a nutrition coach make monthly? As a health coach, your average monthly earnings will be $3,461. Health coaches at the 25th percentile make $2,666 per month. At the 75th percentile, you can expect to earn $3,916 per month. The highest-earning health coaches will make $4,458 or more per month.

Monthly Salary RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Money Does a Health Coach Make per Week

Are you curious how much money does a health coach make per week? When planning your business budget, you will want to factor in your weekly income to know how much weekly expenses you can handle. The average health coach will make $798 per week. Most weekly wages for health coaches range between $615 and $903.

Weekly Wage RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Does a Health Coach Make Per Day

Do you want to know how much money do health coaches make as a daily wage? Your daily earnings as a health coach will be $160 on average. Health coaches will typically earn between $123 and $180 per day. You can earn $204 or more per day at the higher end of the pay scale. These figures assume a 5-day average work week.

Daily Wage RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Does a Health Coach Make Per Hour

A health coach will tend to earn around $20 an hour on average. The typical hourly rate for health coaches is between $15.38 and $22.60 per hour when comparing it to their earnings over a longer period. Higher-earning health coaches earn an effective rate of $25.72 an hour or more.

Hourly Wage RangePercent of Jobs

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What Are the Top States for Health Coaches?

Health Coaches earn the most in New York. As a health coach in New York, you will earn $50,751 on average per year. This translates to $975 per week and $24.40 per hour. See how other state average income for health coaches stacks up below.

StateAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
New Hampshire$42,565$3,547$818$20.46
New Jersey$43,840$3,653$843$21.08
New Mexico$39,462$3,288$758$19.13
New York$50,741$4,228$975$24.40
North Carolina$32,390$2,699$622$15.57
North Dakota$39,800$3,316$765$19.14
Rhode Island$39,920$3,326$767$19.19
South Carolina$35,475$2,956$682$17.06
South Dakota$39,830$3,319$765$19.15
West Virginia$36,566$3,047$703$17.58

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What Cities Pay Health Coaches the Most?

Most of the top-paying cities for health coaches are located in California. The highest-paying city for a health coach is Inverness, California. In Inverness, you can expect to make $58,035 annually. See the chart below to see the rest of the top 10 highest-paying cities for health coaches.

CityAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
Inverness, California$58,035$4,836$1,116$27.90
Captains Cove, Virginia$55,176$4,598$1,061$26.53
Cameron, Arizona$54,722$4,560$1,052$26.31
Deer Park, California$53,020$4,418$1,019$25.49
Jan Jose, California$52,955$4,412$1,018$25.46
Oakland, California$52,230$4,352$1,004$25.11
Antioch, California$51,180$4,265$984$24.61
Hawi, Hawaii$50,995$4,249$980$24.52
San Francisco Bay Area, California$50,940$4,245$979$24.49
Lebanon, New Hampshire$50,898$4,241$978$24.47

What Do Other Coaching Jobs Make Compared to a Health Coach?

Do you have a desire to help others, but being a health coach isn’t quite the right fit? You can still help people by choosing another type of coaching job. Below are the top-earning jobs in the coaching job category.

JobAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly SalaryAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
Product Coach$153,698$12,808$2,955$73.89
Strategic Coach$119,156$9,929$2,291$57,29
Online Relationship Coach$101,249$8,437$1,947$48.68
Digital Coach$83,666$6,972$1,608$40.22
Relationship coach$80,658$6,714$1,549$38.73

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Why You Need a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) as a Health Coach

A business owner’s policy is comprehensive insurance that is an excellent way to protect and boost your business income. This policy covers you in the case of many types of events, including property damage, lawsuits, and more. Without adequate insurance protection, you risk your business's safety and future. Boost your take-home income by purchasing the right policy to safeguard you against lawsuits. One bad lawsuit or incident of damage to your business property could put you out tens of thousands of dollars.

What Does a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Cover?

What makes a business owner’s policy such excellent insurance coverage is that it is highly customizable and allows you to acquire various types of protection. Purchase this from NEXT. Typical components of a business owner’s policy include:

  • General liability insurance: With general liability insurance, your business is protected against various third-party claims. If someone sues you for property damage or bodily injury, you will need this policy. This coverage also protects you against personal and advertising injury claims.

  • Professional liability insurance: Professional liability insurance is what you use to protect your business against errors and other mistakes made during operations. You may not fulfill a client contract or give them inaccurate advice that causes them to sue you. This policy protects you against many types of business mistakes, including advertising and copyright claims. You also gain protection against any libel or defamatory statements made that defame others. You use professional liability insurance to help you pay lawyer fees, court costs, and legal judgments made against your business.

  • Commercial property insurance: Commercial property insurance is the policy that protects damage to your building, equipment, tools, and other materials. You should get this policy if you have a business office where you meet clients. In the case of a fire, theft, or vandalism of your office, this policy helps you pay for the damages. This policy covers events like water damage, lightning, burst pipes, and explosions.

  • Business interruption insurance: A business interruption insurance policy makes an excellent companion for commercial property insurance. While commercial property insurance handles the physical damage, this policy accommodates other causes of financial loss. Your business may lose income due to a fire shuttering your operations while you get back on your feet. With this policy, you can get supplemental income to replace what you lost and get help paying other expenses like employee wages and loan payments.

Advantages Of Choosing a Business Owner’s Policy

Why should you choose a business owner’s policy over a single insurance policy? The main reason is that a business owner’s policy offers excellent value. You will pay less for a business owner’s policy overall for the same coverage you could get by buying separate policies. Having a business owner’s policy is also more convenient to use.

You only need to deal with one insurer when filing most claims. With a business owner’s policy, there is less risk of a particular event being covered by insurance since it covers so many. Many insurers let you tailor your business owner’s policy so you only pay for what you need. Choose an insurance provider that helps you customize insurance and identify the needs of your business.

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