How Much Do Window Installers Make

Over 3,200 businesses operate in the US. As a window installer, you will be removing old windows for clients or installing new ones. Are you wondering how much do window installers make? This article will examine the income statistics of window installers and cover the window installer insurance you need to protect that income.

What Do Window Installers Do?

As the name suggests, window installers primarily handle window installation in residential and commercial buildings. Your work may also take place on construction sites. As a window installer, you typically are not responsible for creating the windows yourself. Window installers take already built windows and fit them into openings, sometimes having to remove old existing windows.

Window Installation

To install a window, you must be handy with power tools and able to make precise measurements. Since you will not be designing the window or cutting it yourself, everything things to go perfectly during the installation process. Making a mistake on a window installation will be noticeable to occupants of the building. Poorly fitted windows will let in the outside air. A crack in the glass is also very noticeable because of the transparent properties of the glass. Building owners add windows to buildings to increase the natural light a room gets and improve the look of the building from the street.

Window Replacement

Sometimes you will also need to remove windows from a building. A building owner might need a window removed because it is shattered, no longer opens, or they want to expand the size of a window. Cracked windows can also be dangerous because they leave someone open for theft. A cracked window is also less resistant to weather like rain and fog. Replacing a window can reduce the amount of allergens in the air, like pollen that seeps through cracks and gaps in the window or its frame.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is another service that window installers might provide. Window tinting is often an inexpensive service applied to already existing windows. Window tinting can improve the privacy of your home and help you conserve energy compared to untinted windows. Your house will be cooler in the summer because less sunlight is penetrating. Are you wondering how much do tint installers make? Typically window tint installers charge $2 to $4 per square foot for tinting services, making a majority to 80% of that in profit.

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How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Window

As a window installer, you will charge customers different prices depending on the size and complexity of a window installation job. For a regular residential window, you will make between $100 and $300 per window. Windows can cost $3,000 or more as they get more complicated in design.

Window Cost Estimate
Skylight $900-$2,500
Casement $150-$1,200
Egress $100-$1,000
Picture $65-$1,200
Single-Hung $150-$800
Double-Hung $150-$800

How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Year

How much does a glass installer make per year? The answer is that you can make around $40,179 on average. Window installer salaries range between $28,000 and $56,000 per month.

Percentile Average Annual Salary
10th $28,000
20th $31,500
30th $35,000
40th $40,179
50th $42,000
60th $45,500
70th $49,000
80th $52,500
90th $56,000

How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Month

Are you trying to research how much do glass installers make every month? As a window installer, you can expect to make between $2,333 and $4,666 per month. The average monthly salary of a window installer is $3,348.

Percentile Average Monthly Salary
10th $2,333
20th $2,625
30th $2,916
40th $3,348
50th $3,500
60th $3,791
70th $4,083
80th $4,375
90th $4,666

How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Week

You might be wondering how much does a window installer make per week? On average, you will earn $783 per week for window installation services. Your salary may range between $538 and $1,076.

Percentile Average Weekly Wage
10th $538
20th $605
30th $673
40th $783
50th $807
60th $875
70th $942
80th $1,009
90th $1,076

How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Day

As a window installer, you can expect to make $154 per day on average. Assuming a five-day workweek, your daily wage will range between $107 and $215. An entry-level window installer will make an average of $93 per day, while a senior-level window installer makes a daily average way of $190.

Percentile Average Daily Wage
10th $107
20th $121
30th $134
40th $154
50th $161
60th $175
70th $188
80th $201
90th $215

How Much Do Window Installers Make Per Hour

Do you want to know how much do window installers make per hour on average? The average hourly rate of a window installer is $19.32. You will make between $13.46 and $26.92 an hour as a window installer. Junior-level window installers make an average salary of $15.87 per hour. Once you advance to the senior level as a window installer, you will make $23.08 an hour or more.

Percentile Average Hourly Rate
10th $13.46
20th $15.14
30th $16.82
40th $19.31
50th $20.19
60th $21.88
70th $23.56
80th $25.24
90th $26.92

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How Much Do Window Installers Make in Each State?

The top-paying state for window installers, on average, is New Jersey. In New Jersey, window installers make $50,550 annually and have an average hourly wage of $24.30. See the chart below to determine what window installers make in each state.

State Average Annual Salary Average Hourly Rate
Alabama $30,337 $14.59
Alaska $36,563 $17.58
Arizona $37,847 $18.20
Arkansas $33,919 $16.31
California $41,724 $20.06
Colorado $36,011 $17.31
Connecticut $45,916 $22.07
Delaware $40,248 $19.35
Florida $32,960 $15.85
Georgia $32,950 $15.84
Hawaii $34,752 $16.71
Idaho $30,702 $14.76
Illinois $41,888 $20.14
Indiana $31,488 $15.14
Iowa $36,257 $17.43
Kansas $33,585 $16.15
Kentucky $33,347 $16.03
Louisiana $34,791 $16.73
Maine $40,848 $19.64
Maryland $40,227 $19.34
Massachusetts $48,105 $23.13
Michigan $40,923 $19.67
Minnesota $36,458 $17.53
Mississippi $32,120 $15.44
Missouri $36,603 $17.60
Montana $38,383 $18.45
Nebraska $24,723 $11.89
Nevada $41,726 $20.06
New Hampshire $40,930 $19.68
New Jersey $50,550 $24.30
New Mexico $32,416 $15.58
New York $49,464 $23.78
North Carolina $29,127 $14.00
North Dakota $41,200 $19.81
Ohio $36,722 $17.65
Oklahoma $34,443 $16.56
Oregon $43,414 $20.87
Pennsylvania $42,769 $20.56
Rhode Island $44,669 $21.48
South Carolina $36,415 $17.51
South Dakota $27,195 $13.07
Tennessee $32,027 $15.40
Texas $32,582 $16.63
Utah $30,726 $14.77
Vermont $43,001 $20.67
Virginia $29,198 $14.04
Washington $43,347 $20.84
West Virginia $28,435 $13.67
Wisconsin $35,715 $17.17
Wyoming $38,493 $18.51

How Much Do Window Installers Make in Top Cities?

The top cities for window installers include New York, Boston, and Livermore. The highest-paying city is New York, where you will make an average of $49,478 annually as a window installer. See the other top cities for window installers below.

City Average Annual Salary Average Hourly Rate
New York, New York $49,478 $23.79
Boston, Massachusetts $47,971 $23.06
Livermore, California $43,971 $21.14
Lakewood, Washington $43,671 $21.00
Glendale Heights, Illinois $42,085 $20.23
Las Vegas, Nevada $41,541 $19.97
Fargo, North Dakota $41,249 $19.83
Grand Rapids, Michigan $40,182 $19.32
Monroeville, Pennsylvania $40,176 $18.36
Cleveland, Ohio $38,184 $18.36

How Much Do Entry-Level Window Installers Make?

If you are starting as a window installer, you can make $28,000 per year on average. You can make around $2,333 monthly at the entry-level. Your average hourly rate as an entry-level installer will be $13.46.  To become a window installer, you must typically have a high school education and a job training period. You will want to become a certified window installer to advance in your career. One of the important certifications for window installers comes from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. With more job experience and the right certifications, you can graduate from being an entry-level installer into higher-paying jobs.

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Insurance Requirements for Boosting Income

Now that you know how much window installers make, you must acquire the right insurance coverage to protect that income. Your window-installing business might suffer unexpected events like a lawsuit or a weather event that damages your tools or windows. See some of the essential policies you need as a window installer below.

General Liability Insurance

The first policy you should get is general liability insurance. This policy protects your business against claims from third parties like customers and members of the public. If your window installation service causes someone to cut their arm, this policy protects you. General liability typically covers bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury. For general liability insurance, we recommend choosing Thimble

Thimble has sold over 125,000 policies totaling over $150 billion in coverage. With Thimble, you can purchase short-term general liability insurance if you only want to cover the duration of a project. They have an insurance glossary online to help new buyers learn about insurance concepts related to their policies. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Your professional liability insurance policy covers you if a customer sues you for a business mistake. It will cover court and lawyers fees when a customer sues you for negligence, contract breaching, or copyright infringement. Hiscox is our pick professional liability insurance. This company has a trusted service award from Feefo. They offer specialty insurance policies tailored to the needs of your window installer business. You get benefits like discounts on bundling additional insurance and the ability to refund your policy within 14 days. Hiscox offers worldwide coverage on your professional liability insurance. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your window installation equipment and building from causes that include:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Water damage

  • Lightning

  • Explosions

CoverWallet is an excellent choice for commercial property insurance policies. The company serves tens of thousands of customers per year and has an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. They are a digital marketplace with many partners like Hiscox, Travelers, Chubb, Markel, and Progressive. You can comparison shop with CoverWallet, saving time on the amount of time you spend researching and buying policies.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is necessary if you use vehicles for your business. Personal auto insurance does not cover most business activities and has lower policy coverage. A commercial auto policy protects your business against accidents involving your vehicles, drivers, and passengers. Through collision and comprehensive coverage, it can also help you pay for vehicle damage. 

Tivly offers a vast platform to purchase your commercial auto policy from. You can get coverage from over 200 different insurance partners. Tivly uses flexible targeting to match you with the perfect policy that fits your needs. The company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Your business will need workers’ compensation insurance to cover your employee’s injuries and illnesses. In most states, you must purchase workers’ compensation insurance once you hire employees. A workers’ compensation often includes employer’s liability insurance, which protects your business against employee injury lawsuits. The Hartford is one of the top choices for workers’ compensation insurance. They offer additional benefits for AARP members and over 65,000 pharmacies to fill employee prescriptions. The company has over 200 years of insurance experience and offers local insurance agents you can meet with. The Hartford has an A- rating from AM Best.

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