How Much Do Union Welders Make

According to statistics, there are over 402,000 welders currently working in the United States. A portion of these welders are members of a union. These union welders collectively negotiate for higher pay from their employers. Are you curious about how much do union welders make? Read this guide that talks about the earning potential in all angles. Welding insurance policies that boost income are also discussed. 

Who are Union Welders?

A union welder is a specialized trade person who can join different steel objects together and is part of an organization called a union. A union welder often makes repairs to complicated machinery and helps with the construction of steel frames used for construction. 

Usually, a union welder gains the necessary experience and certification to become a welder before joining a union. Welders typically acquire a welding certification from the Ironworkers and American Welding Society. After acquiring this prerequisite certification, you can submit an application that will allow you to join a union and start receiving work. Not every union will have the same requirements, so if you are just starting out, don’t fret. Do your research to find out what experience and certification requirements unions in your area have if you don’t have a lot of experience.

One advantage of being a union welder is that you will tend to earn more than welders who go out on their own. This is because welders who join a union have stronger leverage and negotiating power with companies who request their work. A downside of working as a union welder is that your membership will have fees you must pay. As a union member, you are responsible for paying union fees and dues, which need to be paid periodically to maintain your membership. Another downside is that you may be forced to take jobs you don’t want to do since you have to coordinate all of your work through the union. Non-union welders possess greater freedom to find work.

How Much Do Union Welders Make a Year

A union welders salary in the United States will equal around $44,508 annually on average. Union welders at the 25th percentile make $38,000, and those at the 75th percentile earn $50,000. Salaries outside this range are considered outliers. Top earners are union welders at the 90th percentile, who make $56,000 a year. The chart below compares the percentage of workers in each salary bracket:

Annual Salary Range Percent of Union Welders
$39,000-$41,999 16%
$36,000-$38,999 14%
$42,000-$44,999 14%
$45,000-$47,999 11%
$33,000-$35,999 9%
$48,000-$50,999 9%
$51,000-$53,999 7%
$54,000-$56,999 6%
$30,000-$32,999 3%
$57,000-$60,000 3%
$27,000-$29,999 1%

How Much Do Union Welders Make Per Month

When planning to become a union welder, part of your journey will be figuring out how much do welders make in the union monthly. You will earn $3,709 monthly as a union welder on average. The top union welder earners will make $4,666. However, the typical salary range for union welders will be between  $3,166 and $4,166 monthly.

Monthly Salary Range Percent of Union Welders
$4,750-$5,000 3%
$4,500-$4,750 6%
$4,250-$4,500 7%
$4,000-$4,250 9%
$3,750-$4,000 11%
$3,500-$3,750 14%
$3,250-$3,500 16%
$3,000-$3,250 14%
$2,750-$3,000 9%
$2,500-$2,750 3%
$2,250-$2,500 1%

How Much Do Union Welders Make Bi-weekly?

As a union welder, you can expect to earn an average bi-weekly wage of $1,710. If you are on the lower side of earners at the 25th percentile, your bi-weekly wage will be around $1,460. Union workers at the 75th percentile make around $1,922. The top-earning union workers will make around $2,152 bi-weekly.

Weekly Wage Range Percent of Union Welders
$2,192-$2,308 3%
$2,076-$2,192 6%
$1,962-$2,076 7%
$1,846-$1,962 9%
$1,730-$1,846 11%
$1,616-$1,730 14%
$1,500-$1,616 16%
$1,384-$1,500 14%
$1,270-$1,384 9%
$1,154-$1,270 3%
$1,038-$1,154 1%

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How Much Do Union Welders Make Per Week?

You can expect to earn $855 weekly as a union welder. The amount you make will depend on your location, experience level, and other factors. Union welders in the 25th percentile make $730; if you are in the 75th percentile, you will make $961 weekly. If you earn at the 90th percentile, your weekly wage will be $1,076.

Weekly Wage Range Percent of Union Welders
$981-$1,038 7%
$923-$981 9%
$865-$923 11%
$808-$865 14%
$750-$808 16%
$692-$750 14%
$635-$692 9%
$577-$635 3%
$519-$577 1%
$1,096-$1,154 3%
$1,038-$1,096 6%

How Much Do Union Welders Make Per Day

Your business as a union welder will make you an average daily wage of $171, assuming a 5-day work week. The typical daily wage for union welders is between $146 and $192. If you are a top earner at the 90th percentile of union welders, you will earn $215 daily.

Daily Wage Range Percent of Union Welders
$219-$231 3%
$208-$219 6%
$196-$208 7%
$185-$196 9%
$173-$185 11%
$162-$173 14%
$150-$162 16%
$138-$150 14%
$127-$138 9%
$115-$127 3%
$104-$115 1%

How Much Does a Union Welder Make an Hour

Are you wondering how much do union welders make an hour? The average hourly rate of a union welder is approximately $21. If you earn at the 25th percentile, you will make $18.27. The hourly rate that union welders are paid at the 75th percentile is $24.04. As a union welder at the 90th income percentile, you will earn an hourly rate of $26.92.

Hourly Rate Range Percent of Union Welders
$27.40-$28.85 3%
$25.96-$27.40 6%
$24.52-$25.96 7%
$23.08-$24.52 9%
$21.63-$23.08 11%
$20.19-$21.63 14%
$18.75-$20.19 16%
$17.31-$18.75 14%
$15.86-$17.31 9%
$14.42-$15.86 3%
$12.98-$14.42 1%

What are the Top States For Union Welders?

The highest-earning state for union welders is New York. In New York, you earn an average annual salary of $54,362 as a union welder. You can expect to make $1,045 weekly and $26.14 hourly as a union welder in New York. New York stands above the other states by quite a bit. In the next closest state, New Jersey, the average annual salary is only $46,970. This is an over 15% decrease from New York to New Jersey.

State Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Rate
New York $54,362 $1,045 $26.14
New Jersey $46,970 $903 $22.58
Wisconsin $46,671 $897 $22.44
Nevada $46,276 $899 $22.25
Wyoming $46,269 $889 $22.24
Massachusetts $46,192 $888 $22.21
Indiana $45,648 $877 $21.95
Arizona $45,633 $877 $21.94
New Hampshire $45,604 $877 $21.93
Pennsylvania $45,466 $874 $21.86
Oregon $45,282 $870 $21.77
Minnesota $44,991 $865 $21.63
Washington $44,959 $864 $21.62
Georgia $44,848 $862 $21.57
Hawaii $44,678 $859 $21.48
Montana $43,780 $841 $21.05
Alaska $43,768 $841 $21.04
Iowa $43,232 $831 $20.79
Rhode Island $42,771 $822 $20.56
South Dakota $42,674 $820 $20.52
North Dakota $42,641 $820 $20.50
Connecticut $42,630 $819 $20.50
New Mexico $42,279 $813 $20.33
California $41,986 $807 $20.19
Ohio $41,912 $806 $20.15
Tennessee $41,024 $788 $19.72
Illinois $40,934 $787 $19.68
Utah $40,895 $786 $19.66
Vermont $40,198 $773 $19.33
Virginia $40,116 $771 $19.29
Maryland $40,084 $770 $19.27
Mississippi $39,518 $759 $19.00
Delaware $39,504 $759 $18.99
Colorado $39,404 $757 $18.94
West Virginia $39,177 $753 $18,84
Alabama $38,564 $741 $18.54
Florida $38,522 $740 $18.52
Maine $38,441 $739 $18.48
Oklahoma $38,113 $732 $18.32
South Carolina $38,007 $730 $18.27
Kansas $37,985 $730 $18.26
Michigan $37,693 $724 $18.12
Louisiana $37,513 $721 $18.04
Missouri $37,435 $719 $18.00
Texas $37,227 $715 $17.90
Nebraska $36,351 $699 $17.48
Idaho $36,134 $694 $17.37
Kentucky $35,022 $673 $16.84
North Carolina $34,701 $2,891 $16.68
Arkansas $34,416 $661 $16.55

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Which Cities Pay Union Welders the Most?

Your business’s location is an essential factor to consider when figuring out what you can expect to earn as a union welder. The highest-paying city in the United States for union wedlers is San Jose, California. In San Jose, you will earn an average annual salary of $56,835 and work at an hourly rate of $27.28.

City Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Rate
San Jose, California $56,735 $1,091 $27.28
Oakland, California $55,958 $1,076 $26.90
Antioch, California $54,834 $1,054 $26.36
Lebanon, New Hampshire $54,531 $1,048 $26.22
New York, New York $54,362 $1,045 $26.14
Hayward, California $54,189 $1,042 $26.05
Vallejo, California $54,157 $1,041 $26.04
Seattle, Washington $54,115 $1,040 $26.02
Staten Island, New York $53,876 $1,036 $25.90
Santa Cruz, California $53,286 $1,024 $25.62

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Strengthening Union Welders with a Customized BOP

In the world of welding, where metal fusion shapes structures and precision reigns supreme, union welders hold the torch to building a robust future. Running a successful welding business involves more than just sparks and steel—it’s about preserving your business’s strength and safeguarding against unexpected challenges. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) tailored for union welders acts as the essential welding rod, reinforcing your business’s stability. Let’s delve into the unique benefits of a BOP customized for your union welding enterprise.

Comprehensive Protection for Union Welders

A BOP designed for union welders offers a comprehensive shield that covers various facets of risk:

  • General Liability Insurance: Just as you weld metals together with precision, this component of a BOP adds finesse to your business by safeguarding it from third-party claims. It covers bodily injury, property damage, and even advertising injury claims. Imagine a scenario where an onlooker gets injured at a welding site. With general liability insurance, you’re financially protected, and it also covers legal expenses if someone decides to sue you for welding-related incidents.

  • Business Property Insurance: Your welding equipment, machinery, and tools are the essential elements of your trade. This insurance, like a protective metal casing, shields your vital assets from unexpected events like theft, fire, or equipment breakdown. It ensures your business continues to weld with strength even when faced with challenging conditions, allowing you to keep forging success.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: Consider it the welding mask that shields your livelihood. When unforeseen disruptions, such as equipment malfunctions or workshop damage, threaten to interrupt your welding operations, this coverage ensures you’re financially secure. It covers ongoing expenses and maintains your income stream, even during challenging welds.

Advantages of a Union Welder’s BOP

A BOP for union welders offers several unique advantages:

  • Customized Coverage: It’s like adjusting the welding parameters to the specific metal you’re working with. A BOP is tailored to address the distinct risks faced by union welders, providing a comprehensive protection mix that covers accidents, property protection, and business continuity.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Much like optimizing your welding techniques for efficiency, BOPs are structured to offer excellent value. They often result in lower premiums compared to purchasing individual policies, allowing you to manage your budget efficiently while ensuring robust coverage.

  • Simplified Management: With a single policy covering multiple facets of risk, you simplify the administrative complexities of your welding business. Focus more on welding quality structures and less on navigating intricate insurance arrangements.

  • Confidence in Your Welds: Knowing you have a solid protection plan in place allows you to approach your welding projects with confidence, free from concerns about unforeseen setbacks. You can concentrate on your welding craft, knowing that your business is well-guarded against potential risks.

Just as union welders fuse metals to create lasting structures, a tailored Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for union welders fortifies your welding business to thrive and endure. Collaborate with insurance experts who specialize in welding businesses to create the perfect coverage that aligns with your unique needs and risks. As you continue welding strength and durability into your projects, your business will flourish and endure with the confidence that a BOP provides, ensuring the longevity of both your welding enterprise and the structures you help bring to life.

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