How Much Do Structural Engineers Make

Did you know there are currently 59,942 structural engineers working in the US? Structural engineers are essential for designing and reviewing buildings and bridges across the country and are compensating well for their efforts. How much do structural engineers make? You will make $99,095 annually and $48 hourly on average as a structural engineer. Keep reading to learn more about these income metrics and which structural engineer insurance policies you need to protect that income.

Who are Structural Engineers?

Structural engineers are responsible for designing and overseeing construction projects across the nation. As a structural engineer, you are trained to analyze structural support systems and make accurate calculations on the safety and reliability of these systems. A structural engineer is consulted to ensure that the design of a project is safe and to check the work of other engineers. Structural engineers will also create designs for construction projects through drawings and modeling programs.

To become a structural engineer, you need a civil or architectural engineering college degree. The courses you take as a college structural engineer must also include ones that emphasize structural engineering concepts. As a structural engineer, you must be skilled in making calculations and mathematical concepts. When you gain more experience in the field, you will develop a repertoire of specialized knowledge about building design.

A skilled structural engineer must also have an in-depth understanding of geology and its relation to the structural integrity of the building they work on. This acquired knowledge makes you a valuable asset for commercial construction projects, evaluating building damage for insurance companies, and making determinations about property for real estate sales.

Demographics of Structural Engineers

The average structural engineer is 40 years old. Around 85% of structural engineers are men, while only 15% are women. Structural engineers are employed mainly by private companies. Around 76% of structural engineers work for private companies, while only 24% work for public companies. The majority of structural engineers are white (64%). The next most common ethnicities for structural engineers are Asian and Hispanic. Around 17% of structural engineers are Asian, and 10% are Hispanic.

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make a Year

The average annual structural engineer salary is $99,095. Most structural engineers will make between $78,500 and $112,000 in the United States. Any salaries above or below this number are considered an outlier figure. The 90th percentile for a structural engineer’s average annual salary is $137,000. Below is a comparison of different structural engineer’s annual salaries and the estimated number of structural engineers at each income level. 

Annual Salary Range Percent of Jobs
$52,000-$62,499 4%
$62,500-$72,999 11%
$73,000-$83,499 16%
$83,500-$93,999 17%
$94,000-$103,999 16%
$104,000-$114,499 13%
$114,500-$124,999 8%
$125,000-$135,499 4%
$135,500-$145,999 3%

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make a Month

Next we will look at how much does the average structural engineer make in a month. The average monthly salary for a structural engineer is $8,257. A monthly salary for a structural engineer will typically range between $6,541 and $9,333. Structural engineers in the 90th percentile will make $11,416 monthly.

Monthly Salary Range Percent of Jobs
$4,333-$5,208 4%
$5,208-$6,083 11%
$6,083-$6,958 16%
$6,958-$7,833 17%
$7,833-$8,667 16%
$8,667-$9,542 13%
$9,542-$10,417 8%
$10,417-$11,292 4%
$11,292-$12,167 3%

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How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make a Bi-Weekly

As a structural engineer, you can expect to make an average wage of $3,810 bi-weekly. Your bi-weekly range will typically be between $3,018 and $4,306. At the upper end of bi-weekly salary ranges, you can expect to make $5,268 at the 90th percentile.

Bi-Weekly Wage Range Percent of Jobs
$2,000-$2,404 4%
$2,404-$2,808 11%
$2,808-$3,212 16%
$3,212-$3,616 17%
$3,616-$4,000 16%
$4,000-$4,404 13%
$4,404-$4,808 8%
$4,808-$5,212 4%
$5,212-$5,616 3%

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make a Week

The answer to how much do structural engineers earn in a week equates to $1,905 on average. If you are a structural engineer, your typical weekly wage ranges between $1,509 and $2,153. At the 90th percentile, you will make $ 2,634 per week as a structural engineer.

Weekly Wage Range Percent of Jobs
$1,000-$1,202 4%
$1,202-1,404 11%
$1,404-$1,606 16%
$1,606-$1,808 17%
$1,808-$2,000 16%
$2,000-$2,202 13%
$2,202-$2,404 8%
$2,404-$2,606 4%
$2,606-$2,808 3%

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make a Day

A structural engineer will make an average wage of $381 per day. At the 25th percentile of structural engineers, you will make $301 per day. As you advance in your career, you will make around $430 daily at the 75th percentile. This means the typical daily wage for most structural engineers ranges between these two numbers. At the 90th percentile, structural engineers make $526 per day.

Daily Wage Range Percent of Jobs
$200-$240 4%
$240-$280 11%
$280-$321 16%
$321-$361 17%
$361-$400 16%
$400-$440 13%
$440-$480 8%
$480-$521 4%
$521-$561 3%


How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make an Hour

Are you researching how much money do structural engineers make? Your hourly rate as a structural engineer will be $48 on average. Structural engineer hourly rates range between $37.74 at the 25th percentile and $53.85 at the 75th percentile. The upper end of the hourly rate range of structural engineers is $65.87 at the 90th percentile.

Hourly Range Percent of Jobs
$25-$30.05 4%
$30.05-$35.10 11%
$35.10-$40.14 16%
$40.14-$45.19 17%
$45.19-$50 16%
$50-$55.05 13%
$55.05-$60.10 8%
$60.10-$65.14 4%
$65.14-$70.19 3%

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What Do Structural Engineers Make in Each State?

The highest average-paying state for structural engineers is New York at $114,559. Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and New Jersey are the next best states for structural engineers. Each of these states pays structural engineers over $100,000 on average.

State Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Rate
Alabama $81,619 $1,569 $39.24
Alaska $95,341 $1,833 $45.84
Arizona $96,581 $1,857 $46.43
Arkansas $75,317 $1,448 $36.21
California $92,574 $1,780 $44.51
Colorado $86,283 $1,659 $41.48
Connecticut $92,574 $1,774 $44.37
Delaware $86,623 $1,665 $41.65
Florida $81,532 $1,567 $39.20
Georgia $94,941 $1,825 $45.64
Hawaii $97,160 $1,868 $46.71
Idaho $76,639 $1,531 $38.29
Illinois $89,583 $1,722 $43.07
Indiana $96,612 $1,857 $46.45
Iowa $93,201 $1,825 $45.64
Kansas $82,438 $1,585 $39.63
Kentucky $76,579 $1,472 $36.82
Louisiana $80,642 $1,550 $38.77
Maine $103,122 $1,983 $49.58
Maryland $87,909 $1,690 $42.26
Massachusetts $100,925 $1,983 $49.52
Michigan $82,549 $1,587 $39.69
Minnesota $96,717 $1,859 $46.50
Mississippi $85,754 $1,649 $41.23
Missouri $82,041 $1,577 $39.44
Montana $92,658 $1,781 $44.55
Nebraska $79,757 $1,533 $38.34
Nevada $100,803 $1,938 $48.46
New Hampshire $95,935 $1,844 $46.12
New Jersey $100,216 $1,927 $48.18
New Mexico $90,485 $1,740 $43.50
New York $114,559 $2,203 $55.08
North Carolina $76,032 $1,462 $36.55
North Dakota $92,699 $1,782 $44.57
Ohio $89,986 $1,730 $43.26
Oklahoma $83,623 $1,608 $40.20
Oregon $93,372 $1,891 $47.29
Pennsylvania $95,825 $1,842 $46.07
Rhode Island $92,916 $1,786 $44.67
South Carolina $83,623 $1,608 $40.04
South Dakota $92,769 $1,784 $44.60
Tennessee $88,078 $1,730 $43.26
Texas $82,021 $1,577 $39.43
Utah $87,983 $1,691 $42.30
Vermont $103,406 $1,988 $49.71
Virginia $88,018 $1,692 $42.32
Washington $99,002 $1,903 $47.60
West Virginia $82,568 $1,587 $39.70
Wisconsin $99,918 $1,921 $48.04
Wyoming $97,669 $1,891 $47.29

What are the Top Cities for Structural Engineers?

Do you want to know which cities in the United States pay structural engineers the most? All of the top 10 highest-paying cities for structural engineers are in the state of California. The highest-paying city for structural engineers is San Francisco, which pays you $124,053 on average annually.

City Average Annual Salary Average Hourly Rate
San Francisco, California $124,053 $59.64
Bolinas, California $122,127 $58.72
San Jose, California $119,865 $57.63
Fremont, California $119,846 $57.62
Oakland, California $118,278 $56.86
Inverness, California $117,272 $56.38
San Francisco Bay Area, California $116,576 $56.05
Orange County, California $115,999 $55.77
Antioch, California $115,702 $55.63
Napa Valley, California $115,647 $55.60

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Why Your Structural Engineering Business Needs a BOP

Running a structural engineering business is a complex endeavor that involves managing various risks. To ensure the longevity and financial security of your firm, it’s crucial to have the right insurance coverage. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), crafted specifically for structural engineers, offers a comprehensive solution designed to address the distinctive challenges you face in your industry.

Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

A BOP is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s customized to meet the specific requirements of your structural engineering business. Here’s what a well-tailored BOP can cover:

  • General Liability Insurance: This safeguard shields your business against claims arising from third-party bodily injury or property damage resulting from your engineering projects. It also handles legal expenses associated with these claims.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, this component provides protection in cases of professional negligence or mistakes in your structural engineering work.

  • Business Property Insurance: Your valuable equipment, office space, and specialized tools are the lifeblood of your business. Business property insurance ensures these assets are protected against unexpected events like fires, theft, or vandalism.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: In the unfortunate event of a covered loss that forces your business to temporarily shut its doors, this coverage steps in to cover ongoing expenses and the income you’d otherwise lose.

The Advantages of a Tailored BOP

A BOP designed for structural engineers offers several unique benefits:

  • Holistic Protection: It provides a comprehensive safety net, addressing the specific risks and challenges faced by structural engineers, from project-related issues to property protection.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: BOPs are structured to be cost-effective, often resulting in lower premiums compared to purchasing individual coverages separately. This helps you manage your business’s budget more efficiently.

  • Streamlined Management: With a single policy that covers multiple areas of risk, you simplify the administrative burden. You can focus more on your engineering projects and less on navigating complex insurance arrangements.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have robust protection in place allows you to approach your structural engineering projects with confidence, free from the worry of unexpected setbacks.

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