How Much Do Landscapers Make

In the United States today, over 1.3 million people work in the landscaping industry. This industry makes up a sizeable $176 billion of the American economy. But how much do landscapers make on an individual level? On average, a landscaper pulls in an annual salary of $28,952. This article will examine different income metrics for landscapes and cover essential policies of landscaping business insurance, which will help you protect that income.

Who are Landscapers?

A landscaper is a professional worker who transforms and maintains outdoor spaces for businesses, parks, construction sites, and individuals. As a landscaper, you will help customers maintain immaculate lawns and outdoor features, install new systems, and remove unwanted debris. Another important feature of a landscaper’s job is to take ideas from their clients and transform them into designs for aesthetic or functional changes to their property. Some landscaping services you might charge for include:

  • Removing leaves: If your client has a lot of trees, they may require you to remove excess leaves periodically. You typically charge between $155 and $460 for a leaf removal job, depending on the lawn size you are working on.

  • Mowing a lawn: A lawn mowing job requires expertise in using tools like a lawn mower or lawn edger to return the look of a client’s grass to a pristine state. The national average cost customers will pay for a lawn mowing job is $123

  • Killing weeds: As a landscaper, you will charge clients between $65 and $150 per treatment to take care of weeds on their property. The techniques used include applying chemicals to target certain undesired plants and pulling them directly from the ground.

  • Installing a flower bed: Your clients will request you to install certain features like gardens or flower beds on their property. Typically, you will charge between $4 and $17 per square foot to transform a customer’s landscape for this purpose.

Demographics of Landscapers

Landscapers are comprised of 91% males and 9% females. There are over 372,000 landscapers in the United States who are an average age of 41 years old. Over 61% of landscapers are White. The next highest ethnicities for landscapers are Hispanics at 22.4% and Blacks at 9.8%.

How Much Do Landscapers Make a Year?

Do you want to know how much do landscapers make per year? The answer is that landscapers make $28,952 annually on average. Another way to answer the question of how much does a landscaping company make a year is to look at the salary ranges. At the 10th percentile, landscapers make $23,000. The 90th percentile is at the higher end of salary ranges, where you will make be making $36,000.

Percentile Annual Salary
90th $36,000
80th $34,275
70th $32,750
60th $31,125
50th $29,500
40th $28,952
30th $26,250
20th $24,625
10th $23,000

How Much Do Landscapers Make a Month?

If you clicked on this article, you may be wondering how much money do landscapers make on a monthly basis. On average, a landscaper will make $2,412 for a monthly salary. The possible range of monthly salaries for landscapers ranges from $1,916 to $3,000.

Percentile Monthly Salary
90th $3,000
80th $2,856
70th $2,729
60th $2,594
50th $2,458
40th $2,412
30th $2,210
20th $2,052
10th $1,916

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How Much Do Landscapers Make Bi-weekly?

In your research for starting a landscaping business, you should research how much does a landscaping business make bi-weekly. The average bi-weekly wage for landscapers is $1,112. A bi-weekly wage is what you make every two weeks as a landscaper. Landscapers at the 10th percentile make $884 monthly, while ones at the 90th percentile make $1,384.

Percentile Bi-weekly Wage
90th $1,384
80th $1,318
70th $1,258
60th $1,196
50th $1,134
40th $1,112
30th $1,008
20th $946
10th $884

How Much Do Landscapers Make a Week?

As a new business owner, you should account for how much do landscaping business owners make per week. Your landscaping business will make you $556 per week on average. The possible weekly wage ranges for landscapers vary between $442 at the 10th percentile and $692 at the 90th percentile.

Percentile Weekly Wage
90th $692
80th $659
70th $629
60th $598
50th $567
40th $556
30th $504
20th $473
10th $442

How Much Do Landscapers Make a Day?

Are you researching how much can a landscaping business make daily? The answer to this question is that as a landscape, you can expect to earn $111 per day, assuming a 5-day work week. Landscapers in the 10th percentile of earners will make $88, while those in the 90th percentile will make around $138 daily.

Percentile Daily Wage
90th $138
80th $131
70th $125
60th $119
50th $113
40th $111
30th $100
20th $94
10th $88

How Much Do Landscapers Make an Hour?

When planning the budget for your business, you will want to know how much does a landscaper make per hour. On average, you will make $13.92 per hour as a landscaper. This answer to how much does the average landscaper make per hour assumes a 5-day work week and an 8-hour work day. The amount you make as a landscaper will vary based on what work you are undertaking, your area, and your experience level. Landscaper hourly wages range from $11.05 to $17.30.

Percentile Weekly Wage
90th $17
80th $17
70th $16
60th $15
50th $14
40th $14
30th $13
20th $12
10th $11

What are the Highest Paying Cities for Landscapers?

Are you interested in learning how much does the average landscaper make in high-paying cities? The highest-paying city for landscapers is Santa Clara, California. In this city, landscapers make $35,512 on average per year. See the chart below for a comparison of other top cities for landscapers:

City Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Wage
Tampa Florida $24,677 $474 $11.86
Southampton, New York $35,041 $674 $16.85
Santa Clara, California $35,512 $683 $17.07
San Antonio, Texas $27,584 $530 $13.26
Phoenix, Arizona $27,237 $524 $13.09
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $23,353 $449 $11.18
Muskegon, Michigan $29,172 $561 $14.03
Mundelein, Illinois $31,040 $597 $14.92
Minneapolis, Minnesota $33,506 $644 $16.11
Mentor, Ohio $29,491 $567 $14.18
Logan, Utah $29,845 $574 $14.35
Kansas City, Missouri $28,570 $549 $13.74
Jacksonville, North Carolina $26,688 $513 $12.83
Jacksonville, Arkansas $29,442 $566 $14.15
Indianapolis, Indiana $26,372 $507 $12.68
Erie, Pennsylvania $29,258 $563 $14.07
Denver, Colorado $29,176 $561 $14.03
Atlanta, Georgia $27,247 $524 $13.10

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What are the Best States for Landscapers?

Location is an essential factor when considering how much can you make owning a landscaping business. Your average salary as a landscaper will vary partly due to the market forces in different areas. Massachusetts is the highest-paying state for landscapers, where you can earn $39,740 on average. Below is a comparison of the average salaries and hourly wages in different states.

City Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Wage
Santa Clara, California $35,512 $683 $17.07
Southampton, New York $35,041 $674 $16.85
Minneapolis, Minnesota $33,506 $644 $16.11
Mundelein, Illinois $31,040 $597 $14.92
Logan, Utah $29,845 $574 $14.35
Mentor, Ohio $29,491 $567 $14.18
Jacksonville, Arkansas $29,442 $566 $14.15
Erie, Pennsylvania $29,258 $563 $14.07
Denver, Colorado $29,176 $561 $14.03
Muskegon, Michigan $29,172 $561 $14.03
Kansas City, Missouri $28,570 $549 $13.74
San Antonio, Texas $27,584 $530 $13.26
Atlanta, Georgia $27,247 $524 $13.10
Phoenix, Arizona $27,237 $524 $13.09
Jacksonville, North Carolina $26,688 $513 $12.83
Indianapolis, Indiana $26,372 $507 $12.68
Tampa Florida $24,677 $474 $11.86
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $23,353 $449 $11.18

What Do Landscapers Make in Each Industry?

Your landscaper salary will also be different on average depending on what industry you are working in. Below are the top industries for landscapers:

Industry Average Annual Salary Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Wage
Health Care $29,866 $574 $13.43
Manufacturing $29,494 $567 $13.66
Government $29,325 $563 $13.68
Construction $29,017 $558 $13.90
Hospitality $28,908 $555 $13.95
Media $28,449 $547 $14.10
Professional $28,421 $546 $14.18
Retail $27,926 $537 $14.36

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Cultivating Success: A Landscape-Ready BOP

In the world of landscaping, where nature meets design and outdoor spaces flourish, running a thriving landscaping business involves more than just tending to gardens—it’s about nurturing your business’s growth and protecting against unforeseen challenges. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) tailored for landscapers is like the fertile soil that nurtures your business’s stability. Let’s explore how this customized BOP can transform your landscaping enterprise.

A Lush Landscape of Protection

A BOP designed for landscapers offers a lush landscape of coverage, catering to the specific risks you face:

  • General Liability Insurance: Just as you tend to landscapes with care, this component of a BOP ensures your business is safeguarded from third-party claims. It covers instances like property damage during landscaping projects or accidents on your clients’ properties. Imagine a scenario where a tree you’re planting damages a client’s fence. With general liability insurance, you’re financially protected, including coverage for legal expenses if a client decides to file a lawsuit.

  • Business Property Insurance: Your landscaping equipment, tools, and supplies are the essential elements of your trade. This insurance acts like a protective barrier, shielding your vital assets from unexpected events like theft, fire, or equipment breakdown. It ensures your business can continue to bloom even when faced with unexpected challenges, allowing you to maintain your services.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: Think of it as the shade that shelters your livelihood. In case of disruptions like workshop damage or equipment failure, this coverage helps you recover lost income and cover ongoing expenses. It ensures your financial stability even during challenging times, allowing your business to flourish.

The Green Advantages of a Landscaper’s BOP

A BOP for landscapers provides a spectrum of unique advantages:

  • Customized Coverage Palette: Much like your skill in selecting the right plants for a garden, a BOP is tailored to address the specific risks landscapers encounter. It offers a comprehensive palette of protection, covering accidents, property safeguarding, and business continuity.

  • Cost-Effective Growth: BOPs are designed to offer excellent value, often resulting in lower premiums compared to individual policies. This cost-effectiveness allows you to manage your business budget efficiently while enjoying robust protection.

  • Streamlined Business Management: With a single policy covering multiple aspects of risk, you simplify the administrative complexities of your landscaping business. Focus more on creating breathtaking outdoor spaces and less on navigating intricate insurance arrangements.

  • Confidence in Your Landscapes: Knowing you have a solid protection plan in place allows you to approach your landscaping projects with confidence, free from concerns about unforeseen setbacks. Concentrate on designing and maintaining beautiful landscapes, knowing your business is well-protected against potential risks.

Just as landscapers cultivate outdoor spaces to thrive and endure, a tailored Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for landscapers nurtures your landscaping business for growth and prosperity. Collaborate with insurance experts specializing in landscaping businesses to create the perfect coverage that aligns with your unique needs and risks. As you continue to shape breathtaking landscapes, your business will flourish and endure with the confidence that a BOP provides, ensuring the longevity of both your landscaping enterprise and the natural beauty you bring to life.

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