How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make

There are over 298,000 employed journeyman carpenters in the United States. A journeyman carpenter is a more experienced carpenter with multiple years of experience or has completed an apprenticeship program. Do you want to knowhow much do journeyman carpenters make? The average journeyman carpenter earns around $30 an hour, which translates to $61,941 in annual pay. This article will look at different income metrics and the best carpenter insurance policy to protect that income.

What is a Journeyman Carpenter?

A journeyman carpenter is a trade professional primarily using natural materials like wood for construction and building projects. A carpenter has skills in constructing buildings, bridges, furniture, fixtures, and more from wood. Depending on the industry, a carpenter might need a certification to be allowed to work.

A carpenter also repairs older structures and renovates buildings to add sections or strengthen the existing system. A carpenter must be skilled at cutting and shaping wood to fit design specifications that leave little room for error. As a carpenter, you will need physical strength and dexterity to achieve satisfactory results. You will also need to have a mastery of basic math skills and the ability to perform accurate measurements.

Journeyman carpenters are those who have more experience. Typically, a carpenter must complete an apprenticeship program to be considered to have reached the journeyman level. An apprenticeship program normally takes three years or more to complete.

This is because carpentry apprenticeship programs require at least 144 hours of training and over 2,000 work hours a year. In your apprenticeship program, you work under the supervision of a highly experienced carpenter who can ensure you are applying techniques properly. As a journeyman carpenter, you will need at least a high school level education and will likely need to have obtained a license in the state you work in.

How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make Per Year?

Are you wondering how much money does a journeyman carpenter make in a year? As a journeyman carpenter, you will earn $61,941 on average annually. The typical salary range is between the 25th and 75th percentiles. This means most journeyman carpenters earn between $50,500 and $68,000 annually. Here’s a table showing a further idea on how much do journeyman carpenters make per year:

Annual Salary RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make Per Month?

The average journeyman carpenter will earn around $5,161 per month. As a journeyman carpenter, your typical salary range will be between $4,208 and $5,666 monthly. Top earners at the 90th percentile will make around $6,875 per month. Factors like your work experience, area of employment, and industry you cater to will all affect your likely monthly wage as a journeyman carpenter. Here’s a table showing a further idea on how much do journeyman carpenters make per month:

Monthly Wage RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make Per Week?

The average weekly wage for journeyman carpenters in the United States is $1,191 per week. If you are at the 25th percentile, you will earn $952 per week. Conversely, earners at the 75th percentile will make $1,307 per week. Most journeyman carpenters will earn a weekly wage between those two numbers. At the 90th percentile, you can expect to make $1,586 per week as a journeyman carpenter. Here’s a table showing a further idea on how much do journeyman carpenters make per week.

Weekly RangePercent of Jobs

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How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make Per Day?

As a journeyman carpenter, you can earn around $238 daily on average. The typical daily pay for journeyman carpenters ranges between $194 and $261. These figures assume that an average 5-day work week throughout the year. What you actually make day to day can differ based on the type of work you do and the frequency at which you get quality paying work as a journeyman carpenter. Journeyman carpenters at the high-end earners make $317 or more daily. Here’s a table further showing how much do journeyman carpenters make per day:

Daily Wage RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Does a Journeyman Carpenter Make an Hour?

Your hourly wage as a journeyman carpenter will be around $30 an hour on average. If you are a 25th percentile earner, this number will be around $24.28. A 75th percentile earner will make $32.69 per hour. Most journeyman carpenters will make between $24.28 and $32.69 hourly. Top earners in this job can earn $40 an hour or more. Here’s a table further showing how much does a journeyman carpenter make an hour:

Hourly Rate RangePercent of Jobs

How Much Do Journeyman Carpenters Make in Each State?

Your income as a journeyman carpenter will vary because of several factors, one of them being location. The average salaries for journeyman carpenters can vary drastically between states. For example, the highest-paying state for journeyman carpenters, Nevada, pays $68,612 annually. Compare this to Florida, where journeyman carpenters only make an average of $45,881 annually. The chart below compares wages for journeyman carpenters between states:

StateAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
New Hampshire$53,247$4,437$1,023$25.60
New Jersey$57,410$4,784$1,104$27.60
New Mexico$52,185$4,348$1,003$25.09
New York$63,837$5,319$1,227$30.69
North Carolina$50,621$4,218$973$24.34
North Dakota$63,581$5,298$1,222$30.57
Rhode Island$63,891$5,324$1,228$30.72
South Carolina$55,442$4,620$1,066$26.66
South Dakota$63,628$5,302$1,223$30.59
West Virginia$46,025$3,835$885$22.13

What are the Top Cities for Journeyman Carpenters?

Even areas between states can have drastically different salaries for journeyman carpenters. Despite the highest-paying state for journeyman carpenters being Nevada on average, the highest-paying city is New York City. In New York City, you will earn $74,143 per year on average as a journeyman carpenter. This average is 16.4% higher than the national average salary for journeyman carpenters, which is $61,941. See the top 10 cities for journeyman carpenters below:

CityAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly Rate
New York City, New York$74,143$6,178$1,425$35.65
Berkeley, California$73,614$6,134$1,415$35.39
Bend, Oregon$71,913$5,992$1,382$34.57
Renton, Washington$71,847$5,987$1,381$34.54
Merced, California$71,502$5,958$1,375$34.38
Santa Monica, California$71,462$5,955$1,374$34.36
Daly City, California$71,173$5,931$1,368$34.22
San Mateo, California$71,004$5,917$1,365$34.14
Boston, Massachusetts$70,274$5,856$1,351$33.79
Clovis, New Mexico$69,965$5,830$1,345$33.64

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Salaries for Similar Jobs to Journeyman Carpenters

As you plan for your business as a journeyman carpenter, it is helpful to look at the highest-paying job titles that are similar to you. The highest-paying carpenter-type job is a senior carpenter. Senior carpenters make $84,000 annually on average, which is 35% more than the average journeyman carpenter. You could also be a carpenter supervisor. You could make $80,357 annually on average as a carpenter supervisor. This is an increase of 29% over your earnings as a journeyman carpenter.

Two other journeyman-level jobs similar to journeyman carpenters are engineers and electricians. Both of these jobs out-earn carpenters at the journeyman level. On average, journeyman engineers earn $76,311 annually, and journeyman electricians earn $68,578. This does not mean every journeyman electrician or engineer will be out-earning you. However, it does mean these jobs tend to pay more to the average worker. The average journeyman engineer earns 18% more than the average journeyman carpenter. Similarly, journeyman electricians earn 10% more than journeyman carpenters on average.

JobAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Hourly RatePercent Increase over Journeyman Carpenters
Senior Carpenter$84,000$7,000$1,615$40.38+35.6%
Carpenter Supervisor$80,357$6,696$1,545$38.63+29.7%
Journeyman Engineer$76,311$6,359$1,467$36.69+18.8%
Journeyman Electrician$68,578$5,714$1,318$32.97+10.7%

How Much Does a Union Journeyman Carpenter Make?

Typically, unions require prospective candidates to have reached the journeyman level before joining. If you wish to join a union, you must have completed an apprenticeship or have enough work experience with other journeymen to be considered. So how much does a union journeyman carpenter make? A union journeyman carpenter typically earns between $68,0000 and $104,000 annually.

The amount you make depends on your years of experience, what kind of work you do, and the area you work in. Union journeyman carpenters earn a base pay between $60,000 and $89,000 annually, while the additional pay ranges between $8,000 and $15,000 annually. Pay for union journeyman carpenters tends to be trending higher over time. Unions are effective advocates for raising worker wages, and these efforts' results have pushed salaries higher in recent years.

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Why You Need a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) as a Journeyman Carpenter

Now that you know different income angles for journeyman carpenters, let’s look at a critical aspect of protecting your income: insurance. Insurance for your business will protect you from a variety of events, many of which have the potential to bankrupt you.

A costly lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars or more, enough to bring a new business to its knees. You may also experience an event like a fire or vandalism that puts your equipment out of commission. Events like these can severely hinder your earning potential and cost you thousands for repairs. Consider

What Does a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Cover?

Purchase a business owner’s policy from NEXT. A business owner’s policy is an excellent choice for a journeyman carpenter because it can have various coverages. Business owner’s policies are highly customizable, so the coverage may vary between businesses. Some typical components of coverage for a business owner’s policy include:

  • General liability insurance: This policy, sometimes called business liability insurance, protects your business from third-party claims. Typically, it covers property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury claims. In the event of a lawsuit, this coverage will help you pay for your lawyer, court fees, and other legal bills.

  • Professional liability insurance: With professional liability insurance, you are protected from the costs of business errors and mistakes. This policy protects you from negligence in your professional duties, copyright infringement, libel, and slander.

  • Commercial property insurance: As the name suggests, commercial property insurance directly protects your business property from damage. Any tools, equipment, materials, or other property in a radius of your business premises shares this protection. Typically, this policy protects your business against fires, theft, vandalism, and more.

  • Business interruption insurance: You will need business interruption insurance to pay for the non-physical damage to your business during a damaging event. For example, you will lose income when recovering from a fire in your workshop. You cannot work on projects during this time but still have bills like loans, rent, or employee wages. Business interruption insurance helps you recover your projected income and can help you make payments on essential business debts like loans. If your business property is too damaged for work, this policy can also help you with relocation costs. While getting back on your feet, business interruption insurance can supplement business income if it has not recovered to pre-incident levels.

  • Tools and equipment coverage: While commercial property insurance covers equipment on your business property, you may also need tools and equipment insurance as a journeyman carpenter. This will help you recover damage to lost, stolen, or broken tools you take to a work site that is outside the range of your business premises.

Advantages Of Choosing a Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy offers several advantages over a single policy. First, since you combine all your coverage into one policy, you enjoy the benefits of simplicity. You only have one insurer you need to deal with and file claims with. This will save you time when putting the pieces back together after an event that might lead to financial loss.

Another advantage of a business owner’s policy is that it is cost-effective and likely to save you more money than other insurance policies over the long run. While a business owner’s policy is generally more expensive than a general liability or commercial property insurance policy on its own, it is cheaper than buying the two types of insurance coverage separately. Insurers often give customers discounts when bundling multiple types of coverage together.

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