How Much Do Hot Dog Stands Make

Did you know that over 95% of American households eat hot dogs? It’s not surprising to find hot dog stands and hot dog food trucks everywhere. Are you wondering how much do hot dog stands make? This article will examine the different income metrics and the hot dog business insurance policies you need to protect that income.

What Do Hot Dog Stands Sell?

Hot dog stands to make their income from a small variety of different products. Below are the prices you can expect to sell your hot dog stand products for.

ProductEstimated Price for Customer
Extra toppings$0.50-$1
Bottled Water$1-$2

How Much Do Hot Dog Stands Make?

The estimated profit on each hot dog sale is between $1 and $2. A typical order you might see at your hot dog stand is for two hot dogs and one drink. You have an estimated average profit of $2.75 for your typical hot dog order. While this number may seem small at the individual level, it scales up fairly efficiently.

If you can sell hotdogs at a big event with many people, those $1-$2 of profit add up quickly. Your hot dog stand could work at a baseball stadium or cater a large event. A study found that over 4,000 hot dogs and 18,000 beers are sold at a single baseball game. Running concessions with a hot dog stand at an event like this could make you $4,000-$8,000 of pure hot dog profit every game.

How Many Hot Dogs Do People Eat Every Year?

According to the NHDSC, Americans will purchase and consume 350 million pounds of hot dogs just from retail stores alone. This translates to over 9 billion hot dogs eaten annually in the US. 

However, this number doesn’t tell the full story. It is harder to track the amount of hotdogs Americans eat at fairs, carnivals, street hot dog carts, parks, and other places. The NHDSC estimates that nearly 20 billion hot dogs are consumed yearly. Below is a comparison of how much people in different states consume hotdogs yearly per capita:

StateEstimated Hot Dogs Consumed Per Capita Per Person Every Year
New Hampshire221
New Jersey250
New Mexico192
New York221
North Carolina279
North Dakota183
Rhode Island279
South Carolina279
South Dakota197
West Virginia481

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make Per Year?

During your research, the first question you may ask is how much does a hot dog stand make a year? The total range of annual salaries is between $28,000 and $68,000. The most likely range of salaries is between $34,000 and $55,000. This range is the 25th percentile and 75th percentile of the salary ranges.

Some hot dog vendors also make commissions, like those that sell hotdogs at sports games. Stadium hot dog vendors will deliver food orders to customers so they can avoid leaving their seats and waiting in line, charging them extra for convenience.

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make Per Month?

Do you want to know how much can a hot dog cart make in a month? A hotdog vendor's monthly income from their hot dog cart is $3,602 on average. The range of monthly salaries is between $2,333 and $5,666 for most vendors. The additional pay from tips, commission, and delivery services is $205 monthly.

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make Per Week?

Are you looking for short-term profit? If so, wonder how much can you make with a hot dog cart in a week. The average weekly pay of a hot dog vendor is $831. Most hot dog vendors make between $538 and $1,307 weekly. The likely weekly pay range of the 25th and 75th percentile is between $653 and $1,057. The average weekly base pay for a hot dog vendor without tips is $769: tips, commissions, and other forms of bonus pay account for $46 per week.

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make Per Day?

Do you want to know how much do hot dog vendors make every day they are open for business? Assuming a 5-day work week, a hot dog vendor will make $166 per day on average. Most hot dog vendors will make between $107 and $261 daily. The likely range of daily earnings is between $130 and $211. The average bonus pay from tips and commissions nets you an extra $9 daily.

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make Per Hour?

Are you wondering how much can a hot dog stand make per hour? Assuming a 40-hour workweek, hot dog vendors have an effective hourly rate of $20.78 they make from their hot dog stand. The range of hourly rates for hot dog vendors falls between  $13 and $32 an hour. Looking at the likely range between the 25th and 75th percentile for hourly rates, you can expect to make between $16 and $26 an hour.

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How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 0-1 Years of Experience?

If you are just starting, you might want to know how much do hot dog carts make on average within the first year. The chart below breaks up the average earnings that hot dog vendors make from their hotdog carts.

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$42,214$3,517$811$162$20.29
Base pay$40,469$3,372$778$155$19.45
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$1,745$145$33$6$0.83
Possible pay range$27,000-$66,000$2,250-$5,500$519-$1,269$103-$253$12.98-$31.73
25th and 75th percentile pay range$33,000-$54,000$2,750-$4,500$634-$1,038$126-$207$15.86-$25.96

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 1-3 Years of Experience?

With more experience, hot dog vendors generally earn more pay. Below is a breakdown of earning metrics for hot dog vendors with 1-3 years of experience.

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$43,629$3,385$839$167$20.97
Base pay$41,809$3,484$804$160$20.10
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$1,820$151$35$7$0.87
Possible pay range$27,000-$71,000$2,250-$5,916$519-$1,365$103-$273$12.98-$34.13
25th and 75th percentile pay range$34,000-$56,000$2,833-$4,666$653-$1,076$130-$215$16.34-$26.92

 A hot dog stand open for business on a busy street.

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 4-6 Years of Experience?

Hot dog vendors with 4-6 years of experience make an average annual salary of $46,207. This number is further broken down in the chart below.

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$46,207$3,850$888$177$22.21
Base pay$44,109$3,675$848$169$21.20
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$2,099$174$40$8$1.01
Possible pay range$28,000-$77,000$2,333-$6,416$538-$1,480$107-$296$13.46-$37.01
25th and 75th percentile pay range$35,000-$60,000$2,916-$5,000$673-$1,153$134-$230$16.82-$28.84

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 7-9 Years of Experience?

Hot dog vendors with 7-9 years of experience make $47,974 per year on average. Part of your hot dog vendor earnings come from tips, which account for $2,280 of your annual wages. Here’s a table for more idea. 

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$47,974$3,997$922$184$23.06
Base pay$45,694$3,807$878$175$21.96
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$2,280$190$43$8$1.09
Possible pay range$28,000-$81,000$2,333-$6,750$538-$1,557$107-$311$13.46-$38.94
25th and 75th percentile pay range$36,000-$63,000$3,000-$5,250$692-$1,211$138-$242$17.30-$30.28

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 10-14 Years of Experience?

If you stick it out for 10-14 years as a hot dog vendor, you will make an average of $51,600 annually. Here’s a table giving a further idea. 

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$51,600$4,300$922$198$24.80
Base pay$48,932$4,077$941$188$23.52
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$2,668$222$51$10$1.28
Possible pay range$30,000-$91,000$2,500-$7,583$576-$1,750$115-$350$14.42-$43.75
25th and 75th percentile pay range$39,000-$70,000$3,250-$5,833$750-$1,346$150-$269$18.75-$33.65

How Much Do Hot Dog Vendors Make With 15+ Years of Experience?

Hot dog vendors with over 15 years of experience boast the highest average income. They make an average of $57,575 annually, with $3,423 of that wage coming from tips.

Pay MetricYearlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourly
Total pay$57,575$4,797$1,107$221$27.68
Base pay$54,152$4,512$1,041$208$26.03
Bonus pay from tips and commissions.$3,423$285$65$13$1.64
Possible pay range$33,000-$104,000$2,750-$8,666$634-$2,000$126-$400$15.86-$50
25th and 75th percentile pay range$43,000-$79,000$3,583-$6,583$826-$1,519$165-$303$20.67-$37.98

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Insurance Requirements for Boosting Income

Now that you know how much hot dog stands make, you must learn about the insurance policies that help protect your profits. Without proper insurance protection, all that business income is susceptible to loss from property damage and lawsuits. Below are the recommended insurance policies you should pick up to ensure your hot dog stand’s long-term success.

Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy combines general liability and commercial property coverage into one convenient policy. The price of a business owner’s policy is often lower than buying the policies it combines separately.

NEXT is an excellent choice for a business owner’s policy. The company provides affordable insurance tailored to your business needs. They boast an expedited claims process and promise to respond to claims within 48 hours of submission. NEXT handles its own claims so you get a consistent customer experience. The company has a 4.7/5 rating from its customer reviews. NEXT has an A- score from AM Best. Their gross written premium count exceeds more than $200 million. With NEXT, you can save up to 15% on their already low insurance prices when bundling multiple policies

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects you from certain third-party claims that include:

  • Bodily injury: A claim involving medical treatments after sustaining an injury.

  • Property damage: A property damage claim is brought after a customer or member of the public needs restitution for damage to their property.

  • Personal injury: Personal injury claims come from damage to someone’s reputation by slander, libel, or copyright infringement.

Thimble is our pick for general liability insurance. They let you purchase short-term general liability insurance, so you only pay for what you need. You can set the limits of your policy down to the day, month, or hour. A-rated insurance partners underwrite Thimbles policies. Their simplified buying process means purchasing a policy quickly and being insurance-ready within hours. Thimble has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have been accredited since 2018. They have an impressive 4.52/5 score from their BBB customer reviews.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers you when you make a business mistake or omission that costs a third-party financial loss. If you are negligent in your services or fail to meet a deadline, this policy protects you from those claims. For professional liability insurance, you should choose Hiscox. They are a specialty insurer that provides tailored insurance for small business customers. Their policies include a 14-day refund policy, so you don’t have to feel pressure during buying. They offer flexible payment options with no extra or hidden fees. You can save money when shopping with Hiscox thanks to their discounts when bundling multiple policies.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your commercial property insurance is essential for avoiding the devastating costs of repairing or replacing your hotdog stand if it gets damaged. Commercial property protects your business building and equipment from:

  • Fires

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Wind

  • Lightning

  • Water damage

  • Explosions

CoverWallet is an excellent insurance platform to get your commercial property policy. The company has a selection of over ten top-rated insurance partners. Thanks to their helpful mobile app, you can manage all your policies from different insurers in one convenient place. The mobile app includes a service dashboard that helps you keep track of everything. The Better Business Bureau has awarded CoverWallet an A+ rating.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance protects your business from vehicle accident liability. It will also often help you cover damage to your own vehicles. Compared to personal auto insurance, it has higher limits and covers more events. Personal auto doesn’t cover work-related activities except for your daily work commute. Tivly is our pick for commercial auto insurance. They offer a vast insurance platform with over 200 insurance partners. You can get quotes from multiple partners at once over the phone. They boast a 4-second phone answer rate for customers, so help on your policy is never far away. Tivly helps you find policies from partners like The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Gallagher, and Progressive.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A workers’ compensation policy is required in most states when hiring employees. It provides coverage for injured and ill workers through medical treatments and lost income. Suppose an employee injury makes your employee unable to work. In that case, this policy helps them recover and get back on their feet. 

For an affordable and feature-rich workers comp policy, we recommend The Hartford. This company has over 200 years of insurance experience, starting as a fire insurance company in 1810. They offer policy benefits to AARP members, and their workers' compensation policy gives your employees access to over 65,000 pharmacies. The Hartford has an A- rating from AM Best. They boast a 4.8/5 rating from customer reviews and write over $11 billion of premiums annually. The Hartford ranks high on customer trust and has been named one of the most ethical companies by Ethisphere.

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