How Much Do Carpenters Make

Carpenters play a pivotal role in constructing and shaping our world, contributing to creating structures ranging from humble abodes to grand skyscrapers. Our user-friendly guide aims to shed light on the earning potential of carpenters, exploring their hourly rates, annual incomes, and other factors that influence their compensation. Read this guide on how much do carpenters make and learn about carpenter insurance policies that boost income.

Who is a Carpenter

A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in working with wood and other building materials to construct, repair, and install structures and fixtures. Carpenters are essential to the construction industry, bringing their craftsmanship to a wide range of projects, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and even intricate woodworking designs. Their work involves precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of various tools and techniques.

Carpenters are not limited to working solely with wood; they also work with other materials like steel, concrete, and various composite materials. Their expertise encompasses structural and aesthetic aspects, as they often contribute to a project’s overall design and functionality. From framing structures to crafting fine finish work, carpenters are involved in multiple stages of construction.

Now, before you learn how much do carpenters make, you need to explore their critical responsibilities which include:

  • Measuring and cutting: Carpenters are adept at taking accurate measurements and using various tools to cut materials with precision. Whether it’s framing lumber or creating intricate designs, their ability to cut materials to the right size is crucial.

  • Framing and construction: Carpenters are involved in the construction of frameworks for buildings, including walls, floors, and roofs. They ensure that structures are sturdy, level, and properly aligned.

  • Installation: Carpenters install doors, windows, cabinets, and other fixtures in buildings. They ensure that these components are fitted securely and function correctly.

  • Finishing work: Carpenters are responsible for the final touches that enhance the aesthetics of a project. This includes installing trim, molding, and other decorative elements.

  • Repair and maintenance: Carpenters are often called upon to repair and renovate existing structures. They assess damages, replace worn-out parts, and restore the functionality of buildings.

  • Specialized carpentry: Some carpenters specialize in certain areas, such as trim carpentry (focusing on decorative finishes), cabinetmaking, or furniture crafting. These specializations can demand a higher level of skill and expertise.

  • Reading blueprints: Carpenters must be proficient in reading and interpreting construction blueprints and plans to execute projects according to design specifications accurately.

  • Safety and compliance: Carpenters prioritize safety on job sites, adhering to safety guidelines and regulations. They use personal protective equipment and ensure that their work meets building codes.


How Much Does a Journeyman Carpenter Make

As journeyman carpenters progress beyond their apprenticeship and become proficient in their craft, their earnings increase. When it comes to how much does a journeyman carpenter make, on average, a journeyman carpenter’s annual salary can range from $50,000 to $60,000. Here’s a table showing how much journeyman carpenters make in top paying cities:

Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
New York City, NY $75,143 $6,261.92 $1,565.48
Berkeley, CA $74,614 $6,217.83 $1,554.46
Bend, OR $72,913 $6,076.08 $1,519.02
Renton, WA $72,847 $6,070.58 $1,517.65
Merced, CA $72,502 $6,041.83 $1,510.46
Santa Monica, CA $72,462 $6,038.50 $1,509.63
Daly City, CA $72,173 $6,014.42 $1,503.60
San Mateo, CA $72,004 $6,000.33 $1,500.08
Boston, MA $71,274 $5,939.50 $1,484.88
Clovis, NM $70,965 $5,913.75 $1,478.44

How Much Does an Apprentice Carpenter Make

Starting in the field of carpentry as an apprentice can be an exciting step towards a rewarding career. The question on many minds is, how much do carpenter apprentices make. The compensation for apprentice carpenters varies based on factors like location, skill level, and the type of carpentry work they’re engaged in.

Apprentice carpenters typically earn a percentage of a skilled carpenter’s wage. An apprentice can earn around $15 to $20 per hour. Here’s a table showing apprentice carpenter salary by percentiles:

Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
90th Percentile $52,897 $4,408.08 $1,102.02
75th Percentile $49,193 $4,099.42 $1,024.85
Average $45,126 $3,760.50 $940.13
25th Percentile $40,300 $3,358.33 $839.58
10tth Percentile $35,907 $2,992.25 $748.06

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How Much Do Trim Carpenters Make

The range of how much do trim carpenters make is influenced by multiple factors, including the complexity of projects they handle and whether they work independently or as part of a larger construction company. The average annual income of a trim carpenter can range from $40,000 to $70,000 or more. Trim carpenters who have honed their skills and have a strong portfolio of high-quality work tend to command higher pay rates.

Experienced trim carpenters often have the opportunity to increase their earnings by taking on specialized projects that require intricate woodworking skills. Factors such as union affiliations and certifications can also impact a trim carpenter’s income. In some cases, trim carpenters may be paid hourly, ranging from around $20 to $40 per hour or more, again depending on various factors. The table below provides a more solid foundation on earning potential by showing you annual, monthly, and weekly pay in top paying cities:

Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
Santa Clara, CA $62,636 $5,219.67 $1,304.92
San Francisco, CA $61,734 $5,144.50 $1,286.13
Marysville, WA $59,995 $4,999.58 $1,249.90
San Jose, CA $59,813 $4,984.42 $1,246.10
Fremont, CA $59,711 $4,975.92 $1,243.98
Oakland, CA $59,041 $4,920.08 $1,230.02
Antioch, CA $57,752 $4,812.67 $1,203.17
Lebanon, NH $57,259 $4,771.58 $1,192.90
Hayward, CA $57,204 $4,767.00 $1,191.75
Seattle, WA $57,098 $4,758.17 $1,189.54

How Much Do Union Carpenters Make

Union carpenters, like other carpenters, can have varying earnings based on factors such as location, experience, and specialization. However, union carpenters often benefit from collective bargaining agreements that can provide standardized wages and benefits. On average, union carpenters in the United States can earn around $25 to $40 per hour. 

This hourly wage range can translate to an annual salary of approximately $52,000 to $83,000 based on a full-time work schedule. The table below shows the income of union carpenters in top paying cities:

Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
San Buenaventura, CA $64,313 $5,359.42 $765.63
Millbury, OH $54,407 $4,533.92 $647.70
Sunnyvale, CA $50,873 $4,239.42 $605.63
Redwood City, CA $50,752 $4,229.33 $604.19
Livermore, CA $50,388 $4,199.00 $599.86
San Francisco Metro Area, CA $49,807 $4,150.58 $592.94
Pittsburg, CA $49,365 $4,113.75 $587.68
Vacaville, CA $49,297 $4,108.08 $586.87
Cambridge, MA $48,693 $4,057.75 $579.68
Santa Rosa, CA $48,234 $4,019.50 $574.21

How Much Does a Finish Carpenter Make

Finish carpenters specialize in the final stages of construction, focusing on the intricate details that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a project. Their expertise lies in crafting and installing finish elements such as trim, molding, cabinetry, and other architectural features. Just like other types of carpenters, the earnings of finish carpenters can vary based on several factors.

On average, finish carpenters in the United States can earn between $20 to $35 per hour. This hourly wage range can lead to an annual salary of approximately $41,600 to $72,800 based on a standard full-time work schedule. Here’s a table showing the income of finish carpenters in top paying cities:

Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
Richmond, CA $77,780 $6,481.67 $1,620.42
Bellevue, WA $77,553 $6,462.75 $1,615.69
Federal Way, WA $65,159 $5,429.92 $1,357.48
Stamford, CT $64,733 $5,394.42 $1,348.60
San Francisco, CA $64,208 $5,350.67 $1,337.67
Santa Clara, CA $64,197 $5,349.75 $1,337.44
Pasadena, CA $64,150 $5,345.83 $1,336.46
Portland, OR $63,452 $5,287.67 $1,321.92
Glendale, CA $63,401 $5,283.42 $1,320.85
San Jose, CA $62,709 $5,225.75 $1,306.44

How Much Do Carpenters Make Per Hour?

Carpenters play a key role in constructing and shaping the world around us, transforming raw materials into functional structures. If you’re curious about the financial aspect of this skilled profession, you might be wondering, how much do carpenters make per hour? Well, let’s delve into the details. On average, carpenters in the United States earn around $20 to $30 per hour. However, this range can differ significantly. Let’s break down the potential earnings based on various factors:


Experience plays a crucial role when determining pay and so:

  • Entry-level carpenters typically start at the lower end of the wage scale, averaging around $15 to $20 per hour.

  • Mid-career carpenters with a few years of experience can earn between $20 and $25 per hour.

  • If you are curious about how much does a master carpenter make, highly experienced with a proven track record may command wages of $25 to $30 or more per hour.


Carpenter wages can also vary depending on the state and city. Urban areas with a higher cost of living often offer higher wages. For instance, carpenters in metropolitan areas like New York or San Francisco might earn more compared to those in smaller towns.


Different types of carpenters may have varying earning potentials. For instance, rough carpenters who work on structural elements might earn differently than finish carpenters who focus on fine details and aesthetics.

Union Membership

Union carpenters tend to earn higher wages compared to non-union carpenters. Union membership can provide access to better benefits and negotiated pay rates.

Experience Level Hourly Wage Range Annual Salary Range Notes
Entry-level $15 – $20 $31,200 – $41,600 Starting wages for those new to the field.
Mid-career $20 – $25 $41,600 – $52,000 A few years of experience under the belt.
Experienced $25 – $30+ $52,000 – $62,400+ Significant experience and expertise.
Union Membership Varies Varies Union carpenters often earn higher wages.
Specialization Varies Varies Different types of carpenters earn differently.
Location Varies Varies High-cost-of-living areas may offer higher pay.

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How Much Do Carpenters Make a Day

When it comes to understanding the earnings of carpenters, it’s valuable to break down the numbers on a daily basis. If you’re curious about how much do carpenters make a day, from apprentices to master carpenters, the potential earnings vary based on experience and expertise. Here’s a table that provides an overview of the potential daily earnings of carpenters based on various experience levels:

Experience Level Daily Earnings Range
Apprentice $116.67 – $150.00 per day
Entry-Level $150.00 – $166.67 per day
Mid-Level $183.33 – $200.00 per day
Experienced $200.00 – $216.67 per day
Master Carpenter $200.00 or more per day (varies)

How Much Does a Carpenter Make a Month

If you are keen on how much carpenters make per month, as of August 22, 2023, carpenters in the United States typically receive an average monthly compensation of $4,408. Most carpenter earnings fall within the bracket of $3,583 to $4,875 monthly. To be aware of how much money does a carpenter make, it’s important to note that their salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as education, certifications, and experience. Here’s a table for further reference:

Experience Level Monthly Earnings Range
Apprentice $3,500 – $4,500
Entry-Level $4,500 – $5,000
Mid-Level $5,500 – $6,000
Experienced $6,000 – $6,500
Master Carpenter $6,000 or more

How Much Does a Carpenter Make Per Year

If you’re wondering about the financial aspect and asking how much do carpenters make per year, you’ve come to the right place. On average, carpenters earn a competitive annual salary that reflects their skill and dedication. The annual income of a carpenter can range from around $40,000 to $70,000 or more. To gain insight into the potential earnings of carpenters, let’s take a closer look at the annual earnings range based on different experience levels:

Experience Level Annual Earnings Range
Apprentice $42,000 – $54,000
Entry-Level $54,000 – $60,000
Mid-Level $66,000 – $72,000
Experienced $72,000 – $78,000
Master Carpenter $72,000 or more (varies by tasks)

What is the Average Carpenter Salary by State

When considering a career as a carpenter, it’s essential to take into account how much do carpenters earn based on geographical location. Carpenters’ salaries can vary widely from state to state due to differences in living costs, demand for construction services, and regional economic conditions. Let’s explore the average carpenter’s salary by state to better understand these variations. Below is a table showcasing how much does a carpenter get paid in different U.S. states:

State Annual Pay Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Daily Pay Hourly Pay
Hawaii $68,860 $5,738.33 $1,434.58 $204.94 $25.62
Alaska $65,980 $5,498.33 $1,374.58 $196.37 $24.55
California $64,020 $5,335.00 $1,333.75 $190.54 $23.82
Connecticut $63,720 $5,310.00 $1,327.50 $189.64 $23.71
Massachusetts $63,570 $5,297.50 $1,324.38 $189.20 $23.65
New York $62,150 $5,179.17 $1,294.79 $184.97 $23.12
Illinois $60,440 $5,036.67 $1,259.17 $179.88 $22.49
New Jersey $60,440 $5,036.67 $1,259.17 $179.88 $22.49
Washington $59,600 $4,966.67 $1,241.67 $177.38 $22.17
Maryland $59,230 $4,935.83 $1,233.96 $176.28 $22.03
Rhode Island $58,740 $4,895.00 $1,223.75 $174.82 $21.85
Nevada $58,050 $4,837.50 $1,209.38 $172.77 $21.60
Minnesota $56,340 $4,695.00 $1,173.75 $167.68 $20.96
Delaware $54,920 $4,576.67 $1,144.17 $163.45 $20.43
Oregon $54,560 $4,546.67 $1,136.67 $162.38 $20.30
New Hampshire $54,040 $4,503.33 $1,125.83 $160.83 $20.10
Pennsylvania $52,940 $4,411.67 $1,102.92 $157.56 $19.69
Colorado $52,830 $4,402.50 $1,100.63 $157.23 $19.65
Wisconsin $52,540 $4,378.33 $1,094.58 $156.37 $19.55
Virginia $51,820 $4,318.33 $1,079.58 $154.23 $19.28
Michigan $51,030 $4,252.50 $1,063.13 $151.88 $18.98
Vermont $50,380 $4,198.33 $1,049.58 $149.94 $18.74
Ohio $49,590 $4,132.50 $1,033.13 $147.59 $18.45
North Dakota $49,260 $4,105.00 $1,026.25 $146.61 $18.33
Missouri $49,080 $4,090.00 $1,022.50 $146.07 $18.26
Texas $48,940 $4,078.33 $1,019.58 $145.65 $18.21
Arizona $48,670 $4,055.83 $1,013.96 $144.85 $18.11
Nebraska $48,420 $4,035.00 $1,008.75 $144.11 $18.01
Iowa $48,310 $4,025.83 $1,006.46 $143.78 $17.97
Maine $48,180 $4,015.00 $1,003.75 $143.39 $17.92
Kentucky $47,760 $3,980.00 $995.00 $142.14 $17.77
Utah $47,700 $3,975.00 $993.75 $141.96 $17.75
Louisiana $47,570 $3,964.17 $991.04 $141.58 $17.70
Kansas $47,390 $3,949.17 $987.29 $141.04 $17.63
Wyoming $47,350 $3,945.83 $986.46 $140.92 $17.62
Indiana $47,230 $3,935.83 $983.96 $140.57 $17.57
Georgia $46,880 $3,906.67 $976.67 $139.52 $17.44
Montana $46,620 $3,885.00 $971.25 $138.75 $17.34
Tennessee $46,340 $3,861.67 $965.42 $137.92 $17.24
Oklahoma $46,110 $3,842.50 $960.63 $137.23 $17.15
Florida $45,650 $3,804.17 $951.04 $135.86 $16.98
North Carolina $45,320 $3,776.67 $944.17 $134.88 $16.86
Idaho $45,080 $3,756.67 $939.17 $134.17 $16.77
Alabama $43,870 $3,655.83 $913.96 $130.57 $16.32
South Carolina $43,750 $3,645.83 $911.46 $130.21 $16.28
West Virginia $43,330 $3,610.83 $902.71 $128.96 $16.12
South Dakota $42,970 $3,580.83 $895.21 $127.89 $15.99
New Mexico $42,830 $3,569.17 $892.29 $127.47 $15.93
Arkansas $42,430 $3,535.83 $883.96 $126.28 $15.78
Mississippi $42,360 $3,530.00 $882.50 $126.07 $15.76

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Building Excellence: A BOP Crafted for Carpenters

In the world of carpentry, where craftsmanship meets structure, running a thriving carpentry business involves more than just working with wood—it’s about preserving your skill, securing your livelihood, and protecting against unforeseen challenges. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) meticulously designed for carpenters is like the sturdy framework that ensures your business’s stability and artistry. Let’s explore how this specialized BOP can add unique dimensions to your carpentry enterprise.

A Solid Foundation of Protection for Carpenters

A BOP tailored for carpenters offers a comprehensive range of protections to address the specific challenges you encounter:

  • General Liability Insurance: Just as you meticulously craft wooden structures, this aspect of a BOP ensures your business is safeguarded from third-party claims. It covers incidents like property damage during carpentry projects, accidents on your clients’ properties, or legal claims arising from your work. For instance, if a client’s property sustains damage during a carpentry project, general liability insurance ensures you’re financially protected, including coverage for legal expenses if a client decides to file a lawsuit.

  • Business Property Insurance: Your specialized carpentry tools, equipment, and supplies are the heart of your trade. This insurance acts like a protective barrier, guarding your essential assets against theft, fire, or equipment breakdown. It ensures your business can continue to craft with precision, even when faced with unforeseen challenges.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: Think of it as the framework that sustains your livelihood. In the event of disruptions like workshop damage or equipment failure, this coverage helps you recover lost income and cover ongoing expenses. It ensures your financial stability, allowing your carpentry enterprise to continue building during challenging times.

The Unique Craftsmanship of a Carpenter’s BOP

A BOP for carpenters offers a set of distinctive advantages that cater to your specific profession:

  • Customized Coverage for Carpentry Excellence: Just as you work with wood to create structures, a BOP is customized to address the unique risks faced by carpenters. It provides a comprehensive palette of protection, covering property safeguarding, accidents, and business continuity, all while accommodating the specialized demands of your craft.

  • Cost-Efficient Safeguards for Craftsmanship: BOPs are designed to offer excellent value, often resulting in lower premiums compared to individual policies. This cost-efficiency allows you to allocate your budget efficiently while enjoying robust protection tailored to your carpentry trade.

  • Streamlined Business Operations: With a single policy covering multiple facets of risk, you simplify the administrative complexities of managing your carpentry business. Focus more on perfecting your craft and less on navigating intricate insurance arrangements.

  • Confidence in Your Craftsmanship: Knowing you have a solid protection plan in place allows you to approach your carpentry projects with confidence, free from concerns about unforeseen setbacks. Concentrate on creating structures with precision, knowing your business is well-protected against potential challenges.

A tailored Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for carpenters ensures that your carpentry business thrives and endures. Collaborate with insurance experts specializing in construction businesses to create the perfect coverage that aligns with your unique needs and risks. As you continue to build with excellence and craftsmanship, your business will flourish and endure with the confidence that a BOP provides, ensuring the longevity of both your carpentry enterprise and the beautifully crafted structures you create.

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