How Much Do Bakers Make

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 205,000 bakers currently work in the United States. The baking industry is responsible for over 2% of America’s total GDP. If you are interested in starting your own bakery, you are likely curious how much do bakers make on average. The average baker will earn $34,140 annually and $16.41 an hour. This article will examine baker income metrics and the baker insurance you need to protect it.

How Much Does a Baker Make a Year

The first income metric we will look at is how much do bakers make a year. Your average annual earnings as a baker will likely be between $28,510 and $37,460. This represents the salary range between the 25th and 75th percentiles. Most baker earnings are between this range.

PercentileAverage Annual Salary

How Much Money Does a Baker Make Per Month?

Next, we will look at the average baker salary earned in a month. You can expect an average monthly salary of $2,845 as a baker. Bakers at the 25th percentile make $2,376, while ones at the 75th percentile make $3,122 monthly. You can expect to make $3,804 per month if you are a top earner.

PercentileAverage Monthly Salary

How Much Do Bakers Make a Week?

Take a look at how much do bakers get paid on a weekly basis. The mean average weekly wage for bakers is $657. You can expect to earn $878 per week if you are at the highest level of earners. However, most bakers earn between $548 and $720 weekly.

PercentileAverage Weekly Wage

How Much Money Does a Baker Make a Day?

When looking at a 5-day work week, how much money do bakers make on average? The average daily wage for a baker is around $131. Most bakers earn between $110 and $144 per day. Daily wages outside this range are considered data outliers. The top-earning bakers will take home around $179 per day.

PercentileAverage Daily Wage

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How Much Do Bakers Make an Hour?

Are you interested in learning how much do bakers get paid an hour? Your hourly pay rate as a baker will be $16.41. If you are earning at the 25th percentile, it will be $13.71. Bakers at the 75th percentile will make $18.01. Hourly rates between $13.71 and $18.01 represent the majority of hourly earnings for bakers. Bakers at the top income level earn at a rate of $21.95 per hour.

PercentileAverage Hourly Rate

What Do Bakers Make in The Most Populated Industries

Another metric to consider is how much do bakers earn in the highest-employed industries. Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing is the top industry for bakers, with over 67,000 bakers employed. If you work in this industry, you can expect to earn $34,560 annually and $16.61 per hour.

IndustryEmploymentAverage Hourly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Annual Salary
Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing67,800$16.61$665$34,560
Restaurants and Other Eating Places55,610$15.58$623$32,400
Food and Beverage Retailers53,350$16.26$650$33,820
Special Food Sevices3,970$16.89$675$35,120
Merchant Wholesalers2,720$15.55$624$32,340

How Much Do Bakers Make in Each State?

Do you want to know how much do professional bakers make in each so you can compare possible locations for your bakery? The average annual salary ranges between $20,920 and $42,040 between states. Bakers make the most in the District of Columbia, but the highest-paying state is Hawaii, with an average annual salary of $42,040.

StateEmploymentAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary10th Percentile25th Percentile50th Percentile75th Percentile90th Percentile
New Hampshire730$16.94$35,240$24,960$30,360$34,910$38,950$46,330
New Jersey6,130$18.31$38,080$27,590$28,830$35,360$43,680$52,890
New Mexico1,040$15.02$31,230$23,920$27,370$28,710$35,030$38,260
New York15,060$18.48$38,430$30,180$31,980$35,770$43,450$47,640
North Carolina6,360$14.14$29,420$18,490$21,350$28,080$35,780$44,190
North Dakota890$16.92$35,190$28,110$29,150$34,070$36,920$46,380
Rhode Island1,220$16.65$34,630$28,290$28,710$32,730$38,460$44,380
South Carolina2,280$14.89$30,970$23,040$25,880$29,630$35,960$39,240
South Dakota300$16.83$35,010$23,830$28,100$29,620$38,380$58,770
West Virginia440$13.88$28,860$20,520$22,280$27,360$35,900$42,310
WyomingData not available$13.74$28,580$22,310$23,020$26,190$29,350$40,730

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Top Paying Metropolitan Areas for Bakers

Now, we will look at how much do bakery workers make in the highest-paying metropolitan areas. These areas tend to be more densely populated than other areas of the country and share many of the same types of industries and infrastructure. See the chart below for a comparison of the metropolitan areas that pay the most to bakers.

Metropolitan AreaStates LocatedEmploymentAverage Hourly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Annual Salary
San Francisco-Oakland-HaywardCalifornia3,600$21.03$841$43,730
Boston-Cambridge-NashuaMassachusetts, New Hampshire3,390$20.09$803$41,780
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa ClaraCalifornia1,490$20.05$802$41,710
Santa RosaCalifornia310$19.65$786$40,860
Urban HonoluluHawaii700$19.44$778$40,430
Washington-Arlington-AlexandriaVirginia, Maryland, West Virginia3,390$19.41$776$40,370
Barnstable TownMassachusetts240$19.36$775$40,280

Top Paying Non Metropolitan Areas for Bakers

You now know what the top-paying metropolitan areas are for bakers. However, if you live outside urban areas, you likely want to know how much can a baker make in the highest-paying nonmetropolitan areas. The highest-earning nonmetropolitan area is located in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, you can earn $42,210 on average annually as a baker.

Nonmetropolitan AreaEmploymentAverage Hourly WageAverage Weekly WageAverage Annual Salary
Nonmetropolitan Massachusetts80$20.29$812$42,210
North Central Tennessee260$20.11$805$41,840
West South Dakota60$18.76$750$39,020
Norwest Colorado150$18.31$732$38,080

How Much Do Panera Bakers Make

Next, we will look at how much does a professional baker make at Panera Bread. Bakers at Panera Bread earn between $14 and $17 an hour. This range represents the 25th and 75th percentile of worker pay. The median average hourly pay for Panera bakers is $15. With an hourly wage of $15, you will earn an average annual salary of $31,200. This salary estimate assumes a 5-day work week and an 8-hour work day.

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Why You Need a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) as a Baker

After understanding how various factors can affect your income as a baker, let’s look at one of the best ways to protect it. An insurance policy for your business is essential to ensure you can pay for unexpected events like a customer lawsuit or incident of property damage. Court and lawyer fees to protect your business from a claim can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. You want a policy with the most comprehensive coverage to give yourself peace of mind. This is why you need a business owner’s policy, which rolls all the necessary coverages into one package. Check out our rankings for the top providers for a business owner’s policy to learn more.

What Does a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Cover?

Your business owner’s policy can be outfitted with various types of coverage. Purchase this 100% online from NEXT. Common inclusions of a business owner’s policy are described in the following sections.

  • General liability insurance: A general liability insurance policy protects your business against third-party claims and lawsuits. This policy will help you pay for court fees and any legal judgments that rule against you. Typically, this policy covers incidents of bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury alleged by third parties like customers or members of the public.

  • Commercial property insurance: Your commercial property coverage will protect your business building and items on the premises from damage. The amount of coverage depends on the value of the property you are insuring. This policy covers events that can include water damage, theft, explosions, wind damage, lightning, vandalism, fires

  • Professional liability insurance: This policy protects you from the results of mistakes you make as a professional baker. For this reason, it is sometimes called errors and omissions insurance or professional indemnity insurance. A customer may accuse you of performing bad service, giving bad advice, being negligent, or not delivering a promised service. If they move to file a claim against you, this insurance policy will help cover legal fees and other expenses to protect your business interests. This policy also covers events like copyright infringement, libel, and slander.

  • Business interruption insurance: Your business interruption insurance benefits kick in when you have to suspend activities due to an event like fire, theft, or other incident of physical damage to your business. While recovering from the damage, you can rely on this policy to help pay employee wages, compensate for lost income, and make rent payments. This policy can also help with relocation costs if your commercial property can no longer sustain your business. A business interruption policy can also help if your business hasn’t completely closed but is experiencing a dip in revenue because of a covered event. You can use this policy to make up the difference for your expected income if this event hadn’t disrupted your business operations.

Advantages Of Choosing a Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy typically costs more than a single policy but is a better long-term choice for your business. You save money with a business owner’s policy compared to the cost of buying multiple separate policies. You also save time since you only need to go to one provider to file a claim for many situations. Also, with a business owner’s policy, you are less likely to have gaps in insurance coverage than relying on a single policy's coverage. A business owner’s policy is a forward-thinking insurance policy you should strongly consider using to protect your business to the greatest capacity.

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