Concession Insurance for Stands & Trailers

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Concession stands and trailers make a lot of money not only because customers come flocking for food but also because they enjoy the liberty of selling goods at more expensive rates. The risks involved in running this type of business are liability claims arising from accidents. In this discussion, we'll talk about concession stand insurance and how it can help.

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What Is Concession Insurance?

Concession insurance is a type of insurance policy that best fits the needs of sellers who do business through concessions stands, trucks, trailers, and so on. This can be further categorized into

  • Concession liability insurance
  • Concession stand insurance
  • Concession car insurance
  • Concession trailer insurance
  • Food concession insurance

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Concession Liability Insurance

Most concession owners opt to get general liability insurance because it covers most liability claims arising from customers. In fact, this is the first insurance policy that many opt to get before anything else. For concessions, general liability insurance applies when a customer suffers from injuries.

Liability claims for concessions start at $30,000 in fees and scales depending on the damage the customer suffered. Two of the most common injuries concessions can deal to customers are food poisoning and burns.

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Concession Trailer Insurance

A concession trailer insurance comes as a packaged insurance policy consisting of general liability and commercial auto liability insurance. In concession trailer insurance, the general liability policy applies to accidents caused by the trailer by reason of wrongful parking, poor maintenance, and improper installation of accompanying equipment.

Commercial auto liability insurance, on the other hand, will account for accidents that happen while the trailer is on the road and will cover bodily injuries and property damage. Additional policies can be added such as:

  • collision insurance - provides funds for the repairs of your trailer when it gets involved with an accident.

  • bodily injury liability coverage - Takes care of the hospital bills of people injured in an accident your trailer caused. In case of death, it also covers costs for funeral services.

  • uninsured motorist coverage - provides coverage the moment the other driver, who caused the accident, can’t fully cover you with his auto liability insurance policy.

  • comprehensive physical damage insurance - aside from repairs, this insurance provides coverage for pieces of equipment inside your trailer such as the fridge, dishwasher, sink, boiler system, etc

The Coca-Cola vs Gill case is a perfect example of how can concession trailers cause injuries. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and vendor accusing their concession trailer’s wiring was faulty which resulted in electricity to short on the ground then surge through the claimant’s body. As ridiculous as the claim might be, there are sufficient grounds for the complaint as the court found out the concession trailer's wiring was worn and that any electric surge should’ve been grounded using a metal rod. Though the plaintiff canceled the lawsuit, those operating the concession trailer, indeed, have liability as they failed to employ appropriate measures in preventing electrical hazards from happening, not only to the plaintiff but also to others who might approach their trailer.

Concession trailer causing accidents while running on the road is fairly common. Here are the most recent ones according to reports:

  • In September 2021, a concession trailer and a car collided. The concession trailer ignited in flames afterward which resulted in the person inside being hospitalized for minor wounds.

  • In October 2021, two concession trailers crashed on the road. One got overturned while the other got stuck in a ditch. The drivers didn't suffer from serious injuries. However, their vehicles were damaged beyond recognition

James Kearney, a lawyer working for Fairfax, states in his article that concession trailer accidents happen now and then because of two reasons: First, drivers are more skilled at cooking and running a business than driving. Second, there's a greater blindspot when driving concession trailers and so, it's difficult to see other cars on the highway, especially when changing lanes.

Concession Stand Insurance

General liability and commercial property comprise concession stand insurance. General liability for concession stands applies when a customer suffers from a bodily injury or property damage while in the vicinity. Commercial property insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage for repairs and even for the rebuilding of your concession stand in case of damage.

A fire breakout is the most common scenario why concession stand insurance is essential, and here are some examples:

  • In Wrigley Field, a concession stand burst in flames after debris around the oven caught fire.
  • In Falmouth, a 10x12 concession stand blazed in flames leaving nothing but ashes on the site
  • Just this November, local firemen rushed after it was reported that there was smoke in the concession stand section of Caroll County High School
  • In 2012, Arvin Little League's concession stand ignited in flames and result in a huge loss for the administrators considering that the concession stand generates at least 90% of total income
  • In 2009, a concession stands in Silver Bluff High School started a fire while a football is ongoing. Authorities suspected that a defective fryer was the cause of the fire as employees stated that the oil was hotter than normal.

Authorities cannot pinpoint the cause of fires in concession stands immediately. Nonetheless, by nature, concession stands are flammable because most use propane to cook or heat food

Still, mishandling propane can lead to disastrous results. Thirty liters of propane contains 750 megajoules equivalent to:

  • 140 kilos of PETN
  • the energy released by dropping 9 fully loaded trucks 1 kilometer off the ground
  • energy enough to melt and burn 2.15 tons of plastic

Food Concession Insurance

The most important policy that should be part of food concession insurance is general liability insurance and product liability insurance. Both of these policies work hand in hand to provide comprehensive coverage for situations where expired or spoiled food or drink is given to customers. This works better if your food concession business offers liquor, pizza, and other types of ready-made delicacies.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission Reports that 43,305 thousand people get injured in amusement parks. It is further specified that concession stands food poisoning is one of the causes. If we take a look at how concessions work in real-time, we’ll understand how there’s room for food poisoning to happen.

Cockroaches crawling on soda machines, cold food, and workers failing to wash their hands from time to time or wearing gloves before serving food are common among concessions, especially those found in stadiums. This doesn’t happen because regulation is lax but because there’s an oversight on the part of inspectors. Take Chicago for example, it was once reported there that inspectors conducted checks on concessions stands but on the day there was no food served.

The large volume of customers also gives way for food poisoning to happen. To accommodate buyers, concessions sometimes resort to pre-wrapping food and then reheating it when there’s an order. However, because of how hectic work is, workers sometimes forget to reheat and serve cold food to customers, which may have salmonella, e.coli, or listeria.

Finally, most workers in concession stands are part-time employees. In most cases, they're hired on a seasonal basis and don't have comprehensive food preparation training and kitchen maintenance training before working. As a result, these workers often neglect the safety requirements imposed by the authorities to insure that food doesn't harm customers.

Concession Car Insurance

How about the car you’re using to pull your trailer? An insurance that you must get for it is insurance for mobile food trailers that's comprised of commercial auto liability, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and a comprehensive car insurance policy.

A question that we should answer is if your concession car insurance covers your trailer so that there’s no need for you to get two insurance.

Typically, if you carry comp and collision on your vehicle, a towed trailer should be covered by the same limits. However, if this trailer is used as a business like a food trailer you may have to have it additionally insured with a commercial policy. Please contact your agent or company for the correct information in your state ", says D. Powell, an insurance agent licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

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Concession Insurance Cost

  • Concession stands pay an average of $87 for basic general liability insurance offering $1 million coverage. Those who pay yearly spend $1,044.
  • For concession trailer insurance with $1 million coverage, the cost is $136 a month or $1,632 annually.
  • A business owner's policy for food concessions ( a mix of general liability and commercial auto) is $109 a month or $1,308 annually for $1 million coverage.
  • Concession car insurance offering $1 million coverage costs $48 a month or $576 a year.

Here's a table showing the pricing of the best concession insurance companies:

CompanyCost per monthCost per yearBest for
CoverWallet$ 56.41$ 676.92Concession insurance quotes comparison online
Progressive$ 40.05$ 480.60Mobile concessions using a vehicle

Best Concession Insurance Companies

CoverWallet Concession Insurance


  • Stable rates

  • Compare concession insurance quotes online


  • Doesn’t underwrite its own concession business insurance products

CoverWallet is an insurance broker with a quotes comparison platform you can use to find carriers that offer coverage for concessions. This company also has its own tailored concession insurance available as a general liability only policy, general liability with commercial property policy, BOP, or a custom plan.

Best for: Concession insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $56.41 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 10/10

Progressive Concession Insurance


  • Comprehensive commercial auto insurance for mobile concessions


  • Claims filing isn’t intuitive

Progressive’s concession insurance offers general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance. You can get further protection if you go for the company’s Progressive Advantage program. Choose this one to enjoy higher policy limits and discounted monthly or yearly premiums.

Best for: Mobile concessions using a vehicle

Average cost: $40.05 per month for a $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 10/10

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