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B&B, restaurant, coffee shop or a grocery store have their fair share of risks that an owner should be aware of and cover with insurance.  Running a catering business is no exception to this rule. In this guide, we’re going to explore the different kinds and forms of catering insurance for events of different types,  take a look at the average catering insurance cost, take a look at some of the best catering insurance companies and help you compare catering business insurance quotes online from them and other great providers of business insurance for caterers.

Catering Insurance for One Day

Catering insurance one day coverage provides coverage for a limited number of days. This insurance policy is useful for caterers who want to get an insurance policy to get permission to operate at an event. Nonetheless, catering insurance for a day isn’t a very trusty armor against risks. This is because it only provides protection from third-party and customer claims. 

Also it’s important to understand that even though it only offers general liability coverage, catering insurance for one day is expensive. Typically,  the cost of this insurance starts at $99 and will need to be paid daily so long as it's in effect.

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Catering Insurance Cost

This section provides catering insurance cost according to the type of catering business and the number of employees. On average, caterers pay $47 a month or $564 a year for a basic general liability coverage. 

At the table below, you can take a look at the different cost of insurance for catering business based on the type of catering  and assuming the policies to be paid are general liability, professional liability, and equipment breakdown coverage:

Cost of Insurance for Party Catering Business

Number of Employees Average Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium

Cost of Insurance for Event Catering Business

Number of Employees Average Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium

Cost of Insurance for Food Catering Business

Number of Employees Average Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium

Cost of Insurance for Corporate Catering Business

Number of Employees Average Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium

Liability Insurance for Catering Business

Bruises and contusions are some of the most common injuries customers sustain while on the premises of catering businesses that have their own venues  Additionally, these injuries result from slip and fall accidents.

The caterer has liability over injuries a customer sustains. This is particularly true if the accident resulted from the failure to eliminate safety hazards by maintaining and cleaning the premises well and using well-conditioned equipment.

Personal injury claims resulting from a slip and fall accident a customer experienced can be very costly.  The price can start at $5,000 and scale up to $1 million depending on the severity of the injury. 

For this reason , it’s very important for catering businesses to get a general liability insurance policy. Why? It’s because this component of small business insurance policy provides $1 million up to $2 million basic coverage for lawsuits and settlements. 

Even with liability insurance for catering business in place, catering establishments might still face the negative consequences of personal injury claims. And so, experts recommend doing the following:

  • Proactive cleaning - caterers should always clean after dirt, as this greatly eliminates the risk of slip and fall accidents

  • Efficient floor plan arrangement - messy floor plan arrangement contributes a lot to slip and falls. And so, it’s important to place tables, chairs, and other related objects in a manner that allows the crowd to move easily and safely

A sudden fire breakout is also another reason for personal injury claims customers file against catering establishments. In most cases, the source of fire is faulty electronic equipment such as a sound system or lighting.  The most common injury resulting from a fire breakout is burns. Without insurance,  catering businesses might have to pay $4,700 to the complainants. 

Catering liability insurance protects catering businesses from customer personal injury claims. However, it doesn’t provide protection from community lawsuits and road accidents. Other insurance policies shoulder these problems, and we’ll discuss what they are below. 

Mobile Catering Public Liability Insurance

A mobile catering public liability insurance will take care of the costs associated with lawsuits the community raises against a mobile catering business. The public can file a lawsuit when:

  • A mobile catering business fails to manage garbage and ends up littering the neighborhood

  • Cause discomfort to the members of the community while doing business

  • Sells a product that the community isn’t keen on (e.g. selling pork dishes within a community dominated by Muslims)

  • Fails to follow protocols that safeguard the safety of the community (e.g. putting placing a fuel tank outside of the mobile catering and near to crowded areas)

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Liability Insurance for Catering Van

Catering businesses depend on their vehicles to transport equipment and goods to the client’s venue. In connection, the use of vehicles opens the possibilities of vehicular accidents happening.

Injuries resulting from road crashes are very costly to deal with. If held liable for the  accident, catering businesses can face million-dollar lawsuits. 

Commercial auto liability insurance provides $1 million up to more than $2 million coverage. Simply put, it provides more than enough funds to cover attorney fees and reimbursement to the medical bills of concerned parties. With that said, it's a liability insurance for catering van that’s great for starting caterers. 

On the other hand, caterers who have been in business for long, should opt to get a commercial auto insurance that’s paired with general liability. Business owners’ policies usually offer these two in bundles. 

As an additional note, commercial auto insurance does not cover theft and vandalism of catering businesses' cars.  Protection from such incidents is only possible if catering businesses decide to get comprehensive insurance coverage. 

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Catering Insurance Quote

Catering insurance quote comparison online is the best way for catering businesses to find the fairest and most useful policies. You can do so on this website by clicking the “Get Quotes” button. Upon filling up the form, you’ll get the quotes from the best catering insurance companies. 

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Single Event Catering Insurance

This is insurance for catering company that provides its service to only one specific event.

For example, if the catering company only takes charge of weddings, its single event catering insurance will only apply to the accidents and other problems associated with that wedding. 

Event catering insurance is a practical option. Through this policy, the policyholder can use an insurance with terms that absolutely apply to the risks of the specific event their catering business is currently servicing.

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Home Catering Insurance

Home catering insurance provides coverage to home caterers. This policy is practically useful for those who are new to providing catering services and don't have employees yet. The terms of this policy mostly applies to product liability claims customers file. 

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Best Catering Insurance Companies

The Hartford Catering Insurance

The Hartford tends to offer their catering insurance policies as more general business owner policies (BOPs). These insurance policies tend to offer general liability coverage, commercial property insurance, and business income insurance, each of which will keep you protected in case of some of the most common crises that caterers face.


  • Comprehensive BOP coverage
  • Known to process claims fast
  • Transparent catering insurance quotes


  • Doesn't easily provide insurance to small businesses

Best for: BOP catering insurance

Our rating: 5/5

Progressive Catering Insurance

Progressive offers a specific catering insurance policy that includes general liability coverage that will protect you from both property damage and medical expenses incurred by your customers because of your service. This policy will also include commercial auto insurance for your catering vehicle. 


  • Offers general liability insurance for small caterers
  • Generous commercial auto insurance coverage


  • Progressive underwriting is very strict and you have to prepare lengthy talks

Thimble Catering Insurance

Thimble offers a single event and one-day insurance for food caterers, corporate caterers, and party caterers. Also, it implements an online application process so that  customers, who are in dire need of coverage, can quickly avail the policies they want. 


  • Single event and one-day catering insurance

  • Online insurance application


  • Rates are somehow expensive

Best for: Single event and one-day catering insurance

Our rating: 4/5

Next Catering Insurance

Next works the same way as Thimble. However, compared to the company above, Next offers a lot of discount options to customers. And so, we think that it's a better choice for small time catering business and home catering insurance. 


  • Online application process

  • Allows you to add additional insureds to your policy

  • Online claims filing

  • Allows you to track your policy with the Next website

  • Numerous discount options


  • Doesn’t have a single event or one day insurance coverage

Best for: Small business catering insurance

Our rating: 5/5

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