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Large commercial truck accidents can cause injuries and fatalities. Insurance help to cover the costs associated with these incidents. You want to approach trucking insurance companies in California to enjoy protection. Commercial truck insurance can help cover the cost of repairing your box truck. You can even use this to cover accidents and fatalities caused by your tractor-trailer. Here’s a guide that tackle all you need to know about California commercial truck insurance. 

What is California Commercial Truck Insurance?

If you are considering venturing into business, investing in a fleet of commercial vehicles is important. However, truck drivers are susceptible to various factors that may compromise road safety, such as blind spots, massive size, and instability. Thus you need a truck insurance in semi truck and other transportation vehicles to mitigate such risks.

The trucking insurance in California is designed to cover liabilities, damages to cargo or property, or any accident. You need to consider the type of business you are operating when securing a trucking insurance in California. The following are the most useful types of coverage included:

  • Commercial auto Insurance

  • Motor truck general liability insurance

  • Non-trucking liability insurance

  • Bobtail insurance

  • Transportation pollution liability insurance

  • Trailer interchange insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements in California

California law requires all vehicles on the roadways to have a valid insurance policy. Here we are going to discuss the needs of some commercial truck insurance requirements of the counties in California:

Commercial Truck Insurance in Los Angeles County

A distinct class of commercial trucks is required to register with the Department of Transportation. If your track falls in any of the following classes, you must obtain a DOT number:

  • Has a weight above 10,000 Ibs

  • Transports 8 passengers and above for compensation

  • Transports hazardous materials

  • Designed to carry more than 15 passengers either for money or not

Before obtaining a DOT number, you must have a commercial truck insurance in los angeles county. Ideally you need to have a liability coverage of $750,000-$1,000,000, cargo insurance of $5,000 and $10,000 for theft or accident. However, the specific amount of your commercial truck insurance in los angeles ca depends on the nature of the products you intend to transport and where you want to take them.

Truck Insurance Fontana, CA

In Fontana, CA, the truck insurance requirements vary depending on the type and use of your truck. But some stipulated minimum insurance requirements exist to operate a commercial vehicle legally. You must have liability, cargo, and physical damage coverage. 

Commercial Truck Insurance Fresno CA

Like any other county in California, you must undertake an insurance policy for your commercial vehicles. The rate you incur depends on the coverage requirements, payment plan, operating radius, fleet’s value, and driver’s CDL experience and age, among others.

Commercial Truck Insurance in Stockton CA

The State of California, in collaboration with The FMCSA, has specific insurance requirements all truckers need to meet. It would be best to have a general liability insurance worth $750,000. To be safe, other coverages, such as general liability, are also great. Other requirements  regarding risks unique to you are as follows: 

  • $5,000,000 hazmat liability insurance

  • $300,000 household goods liability insurance

  • $1,000,000 oil transport liability insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance Sacramento

As for the requirements regarding commercial truck insurance in Sacramento CA,  all trucks used for transportation must conform with the minimum $750,000 general freight liability coverage. Other requirements to be followed regarding risks unique to you are as follows:

  • $5,000,000 hazmat liability insurance

  • $300,000 household goods liability insurance

  • $1,000,000 oil transport liability insurance

Truck insurance in San Francisco

Truck insurance in San Francisco is similar to Los Angeles County. All commercial vehicles should have a minimum coverage of $750,000. Other requirements  regarding risks unique to you are as follows:

  • $5,000,000 hazmat liability insurance

  • $300,000 household goods liability insurance

  • $1,000,000 oil transport liability insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance in San Diego County

Requirements for commercial truck insurance in San Diego state that the minimum liability insurance requirement for commercial vehicles is $750,000. In addition to liability insurance, it is essential to have cargo insurance to secure your goods while in transit and physical damage insurance to cover any damage to your truck. Workers’ compensation insurance is also required for employees who operate or labor around commercial vehicles. It is best to compare various insurance providers to find the best coverage and rates for your particular requirements.

An enormous semi truck roaring across the barren desert.

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Commercial Truck General Liability Insurance in California

Truck general liability insurance protects your business against any claims of personal injury, bodily injury, or property injury that may occur due to your business operations. It also protects your company against lawsuits or legal claims. General Liability insurance can provide coverage in the following circumstances:

  •  A customer slips or falls on your premises

  •  Delivering wrong products that result in damages

  • Slander exposures

  • Any actions of the driver that result to damage of property

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for Commercial Trucks in California?

This insurance covers major perils such as:

  • Bodily injury–If anyone is injured due to a commercial truck accident, the insurance covers lost wages, emotional damage, medical costs, and other related costs

  • Property damage–Your commercial truck can cause damage to third-party property, such as a building or vehicle. The insurance will cover replacement or repair costs. Liability coverage on property damage is compulsory in California

  • Legal fees–Your business or commercial truck driver can be sued after an accident. The policy will compensate for all involved legal fees and settlements. In case you need to appear in court, the insurance will cover lawyer fees and other costs

In What Situations Can You Use General Liability Insurance?

  • A customer came to your premises to request the delivery of their goods. He slipped and fell in the entrance hall, leading to fractures. General liability insurance can cover the customer’s medical bills

  • Your truck caused some structural damage to a store by accident. In this situation, general liability insurance can reimburse the losses of the building owner

Commercial Auto Insurance for Commercial Trucks in California

All vehicles used for business purposes in California must have commercial auto insurance. If your truck is involved in an accident, the insurance will cover all the expenses and bills. It helps cover all injuries and damages the insured driver may cause to pedestrians, other drivers, and passengers.

According to California law, all commercial auto policies must carry a minimum liability limit of $ 30,000 for any bodily injury, $15,000 for each person, and $5,000 for any property damage. Here is a brief breakdown of what is covered in the commercial auto insurance policy:

Medical Payments Insurance

The medical payment insurance will cover all the medical expenses incurred by the passengers and driver in the insured vehicle after the accident. It will cover medical costs regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

Collision Insurance

It covers damage to your insured vehicles as a result of the accident. This truck and semi truck insurance in california will pay for all vehicle repairs except those done in the engine and other very costly parts.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance can offer you compensation for damages due to theft or fire. If any unauthorized party breaks into your vehicle, the insurance will pay for all the repairs. It also covers any loss from falling objects or vandalism.

Non-Owned/ Hired Auto Liability

If you hire a vehicle for business purposes and it is involved in an accident, the hired auto liability will cover the expenses. It covers all rented vehicles or employees’ cars used for work-related errands.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

When running your errands, you can be involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have liability insurance or one who has a limit that is too low to cover your expenses. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will cover the cost the other driver would’ve been obligated to cover using his insurance policy. 

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance offers coverage on the freight or commodities being hauled. It covers liability for lost cargo or cargo damage due to unfortunate events like fire or collision. The insurance will help reimburse the exact value of damaged or lost goods in transit. There are two types of cargo insurance available in the market which include; inland and marine, and you must select depending on your needs.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance and Bobtail Insurance for Commercial Trucks in California

Non-trucking liability insurance covers you from liability when your vehicle is not in use for business purposes. It will cover bodily injury or property damage to third parties when driving your truck for personal reasons, such as driving from home to the business premises. 

Bobtail insurance, on the hand, offers you coverage when you are operating the truck without attaching a trailer. Ideally, it covers your vehicle when the load has already been delivered and you’re on the way to get another load. 

Is Non-Trucking Liability Compulsory for Commercial Truck Drivers in California?

It is optional for your commercial business to have this type of insurance. But it is essential to protect yourself and your assets when driving your truck for personal purposes.

Transportation Pollution Liability Insurance for Commercial Trucks in California

This is a specialty insurance policy that protects commercial truck owners dealing with the transportation, shipment, or delivery of products or materials that may lead to environmental pollution or degradation. This over-the-road policy can also be customized to provide coverage for the loading and unloading of cargo that may result in the creation of a pollution condition. 

This essential insurance policy provides the policyholder with the following coverages: Spill cleanup costs, bodily injuries and property damages, defense expenses, and over-the-road pollution coverage. Important to note is that this insurance policy can only be affected if the claims arise from a pollution condition. The coverage limits under the transportation pollution liability insurance for commercial Trucks in California range between $3,000,000 to $100,000,000.

Trailer Interchange Insurance for Commercial Trucks in California

This is insurance coverage that protects a policyholder from incurring any costs that may arise from physical damage on a hired or borrowed trailer. The insured perils under this policy are fire, theft, collision, explosion, and vandalism. To say that trailers are expensive to buy is an understatement. The cost of buying a cheap and new trailer usually ranges between $10,000 to $35,000. Thus, almost all trailer owners are bound to refuse to lend you their trailer if you do not purchase the trailer interchange insurance policy.

Why Do You Need Trailer Interchange Insurance?

You require this type of insurance if you regularly operate non-owned trailers under interchange agreements. Although not compulsory in California, it will save you from incurring exponential costs and damages. The insurance cost depends on the goods you are hauling, the number of trailers, and the coverage limit you select.

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California Commercial Truck Insurance Cost

Commercial truck insurance in California cost estimates are roughly  $12,094-$16,563 per year on each truck. At these premiums, the policyholder enjoys coverage for things such as physical damages, cargo, and liability. 

Factors that affect the cost of premiums are location, make and model of the vehicle, driving history, and business history. The table below shows a further idea of California commercial truck insurance cost estimates based on the rates of the best companies:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $60 $720 Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for commercial trucks
CoverWallet $75 $900 California commercial truck insurance online quotes comparison
The Hartford $100 $1,200 Best for auto insurance that covers for a fleet of commercial truck owners
Tivly $104 $1,248 Best for matching commercial truck owners with insurance providers over the phone
Thimble $110 $1,320 Providing commercial truck owners with temporary insurance coverage
Hiscox $138 $1,656 Liability insurance for commercial truck owners with automatic renewal
Big Rig Insurance $150 $1,800 California owner-operators and fleets
Network Truck Insurance $170 $2,040 24/7 client center

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Best California Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Several companies offer commercial truck insurance in California. Here are some of the most reputable commercial truck insurance companies in California.



  • Competitive rates and flexible coverage options

  • User-friendly online platform for obtaining quotes and managing policies

  • Specializes in commercial truck insurance in California, providing tailored coverage for the unique needs of trucking businesses


  • Limited coverage options beyond commercial truck insurance

  • May not be suitable for businesses with complex insurance needs or specialized operations

NEXT is one of the digital trucking insurance companies in California that offers a wide range of commercial insurance products, such as commercial auto insurance. They offer tailored coverage options customized to your specific needs. Their competitive pricing and easy-to-use virtual platform make them outstanding.

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for commercial trucks 

Average cost: $60 per month

Our rating: 10/10



  • Provides access to multiple insurance carriers, offering a wide range of coverage options

  • Easy-to-use online platform for comparing quotes and managing policies

  • Offers customizable insurance packages for commercial trucking businesses


  • Limited availability in some states

  • Some customers may find the online platform impersonal compared to traditional insurance brokers

CoverWallet is also another reputable digital insurance company in California. They have multiple coverage options from various insurance providers to guarantee you have the most competitive rates.  Whether you are looking for truck insurance in san jose california, commercial truck insurance in san Diego, or any other county, CoverWallet got your back.

Best for: California commercial truck insurance online quotes comparison 

Average cost: $75 per month

Our rating: 10/10

The Hartford


  • Established insurance company with a long-standing reputation

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for commercial trucking businesses, including specialized options such as motor truck cargo insurance

  • Provides personalized support through a network of agents


  • Premiums may be higher compared to other commercial truck insurance California providers

  • Limited online capabilities for obtaining quotes or managing policies

The Hartford is a well-established insurance company with amazing deals on its auto insurance for trucks in California. They offer coverage for tractor-trailers, dump trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Best for: Best for auto insurance that covers for a fleet of commercial truck owners

Average cost: $100 per month

Our rating: 9/10



  • Innovative digital platform that offers commercial truck insurance coverage with a focus on technology and data-driven solutions

  • Provides real-time visibility into insurance premiums and risk management, allowing businesses to make informed decisions

  • Offers flexible coverage options and personalized service through a team of experienced insurance professionals


  • Limited availability in some states

  • Doesn’t issue online quotes 

Tivly offers comprehensive expertise and experience on their commercial truck insurance in California. They are outstanding due to their competitive rates and exceptional customer service. Call now to compare quotes over the phone. 

Best for: Best for matching commercial truck owners with insurance providers over the phone

Average cost: $104 per month

Our rating: 9/10



  • Offers on-demand, flexible insurance coverage for commercial trucking businesses, allowing businesses to pay for coverage only when they need it

  • Provides digital and streamlined insurance purchasing process through a user-friendly mobile app

  • Offers a range of coverage options, including general liability, commercial auto, and equipment protection


  • Coverage may be more expensive compared to traditional annual policies for businesses with consistent coverage needs

Thimble offers on-demand commercial truck insurance. Their policies are flexible, and you can purchase on a monthly or specific project basis. The company also has comprehensive information on how to cover your vehicle adequately.

Best for: Providing commercial truck owners with temporary insurance coverage

Average cost: $110 per month

Our rating: 8/10



  • Offers customizable coverage options to suit the needs of different trucking businesses

  • Online platform allows for easy policy management and claims filing


  • May not be suitable for large trucking operations or businesses with complex insurance needs

  • Limited availability in some states

Hiscox is another trucking insurance companies in california that offers a wide array of options for businesses. You can discuss your policy with their team about your needs, and they will customize a suitable policy. They offer coverage for multiple vehicles, such as delivery trucks and refrigerated trucks.

Best for: Liability insurance for commercial truck owners with automatic renewal

Average cost: $138 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Big Rig Insurance California


  • Specializes in commercial vehicle insurance in California for owner-operators and fleets

  • Includes liability, physical damage, and cargo insurance among its coverage options

  • Has a team of knowledgeable agents who provide customized customer service


  • Limited online quotation and policy management capabilities

  • Potentially unsuitable for enterprises operating outside of California

Big Rig Insurance California is a commercial vehicle insurance company that caters to California owner-operators and fleets. They provide a variety of coverage options, such as liability, physical damage, and cargo insurance. Their team of seasoned agents provides personalized service to clients, making them an excellent option for businesses requiring customized insurance solutions.

Best for: California owner-operators and fleets

Average cost: $150 per month 

Our rating: 7/10

Network Truck Insurance


  • Offers discounts 

  • Specializes in working with trucking businesses in California

  • Has a 24/7 client center.

  • Online quotes available 


  • Doesn’t issue instant online quotes 

Network Truck Insurance in Roseville CA underwrites trucking insurance for box truck, dump truck, flatbed truck, and other trucking businesses. This company offers physical damage insurance, general liability insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, and more. Discounts are offered for these policies if you hold a commercial driver’s license or have a good business profile. Consider this company if you’re looking for commercial truck insurance for new drivers in California.

Best for: 24/7 client center

Average cost: $170 per month 

Our rating: 7/10


Commercial trucking insurance California accidents might occur when transporting goods and services. This can result in bodily injury, physical damage, or property damage. Any business operating trucks need good insurance coverage in the event of such unfortunate happenings.

As a business owner, you must be cautious and vigilant to mitigate risks. You must have a cover that covers all perils. Ensure you negotiate with the insurance company on the risks you need to insure your trucks and business.

A variety of companies offer different policies, and you need to compare their prices to select the best for your business. California commercial truck insurance is compulsory; you should secure one now.

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