Bobtail Insurance vs Non Trucking Liability: Quotes & More

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Created: 02/10/20
Modified: 25/06/21

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Bobtail Insurance VS Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: Introduction

While insurance is a protection from financial loss and a type of risk management that is used to refrain from unwanted or uncertain losses, there are different types of insurance that you can find information about on this site, such as life, health, long-term disability, home insurance, and auto insurance. Here we will cover bobtail insurance, help you compare and find a cheap bobtail insurance quote from the best providers, and examine the differences between commercial truck bobtail insurance and non trucking liability insurance, which are often thought to be the same thing and are not.

What is Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance coverage is a liability only insurance that provides coverage for driving trucks without a trailer for commercial purposes. Be it bobtail truck insurance or semi truck bobtail insurance, your bobtail insurance policy will cover your business from financial loss when a commercial truck driver gets in to an accident, without a trailer or load, on someone else's trucking authority. It also applies for commercial tractor drivers.

Bobtail insurance policy is essential for commercial trucks because car insurance companies and trucker's liability insurance don't cover these type of claims. Bobtail insurance covers you financially from any accident related costs, including lawsuits, and motor carriers require truck drivers to carry bobtail insurance coverage.

How Much Does Bobtail Insurance Cost?

Bobtail insurance cost is approximately $30 per month or $360 a year on average for up to $1 million dollar coverage limit. Of course, as always, bobtail truck insurance cost varies from business to business, so this has to be taken in to consideration. To get the cheapest bobtail insurance quotes and best bobtail insurance coverage from leading bobtail insurers, just hit the get quotes button at this page and follow the process and you will get a handful of accurate and customized offers  and be able to purchase and manage the policy online with ease.

Different risk factors affect the cost of bobtail liability insurance, these can be factors like driving history, coverage limits, the extent of trailer-less use during the contracting process, business size, years in business, annual revenues, location, number of trucks owned and operated by the business, claims history, drivers history, number of employees, and so much more. These risk factors are taken in to consideration by commercial insurers when determining your bobtail liability insurance quotes.

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Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non trucking liability insurance is a liability insurance coverage for your commercial truck, for occasions in which it is used for personal matters, such as personal errands. When you are not driving your truck for commercial purposes, you are not covered by your commercial auto insurance policy or truckers liability insurance. 

Non-trucking liability insurance covers financial loss that may be caused by damages to third parties, be it an individual or a business. But non trucking insurance coverage is only applicable when driving for personal matters rather than commercial purposes.

There are limits to a non-trucking liability policy. These limits allow the insurance carrier to pay for the excess amount of damage expenses once the policy has reached its maximum limit. It includes medical expenses and any auto repair costs involved.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Cost

Non-trucking liability insurance cost is $29 to $49 per month on average. 

By clicking 'get quotes' at the top of this page, you can compare non-trucking liability insurance quotes as well as cheap bobtail insurance quote that will best fit your needs from top business insurers and have your back covered from commercial uncertainties.

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Bobtail and Physical Damage Insurance

Having bobtail physical damage insurance will provide you a complete coverage not only for property damage, but also for any physical damage. Combining both a bobtail policy and physical damage insurance can also help pay the damage caused to another person by your truck. You could be spending thousands of dollars in the event of a faultless accident without auto repair expenses. This helps you so that you do not have to deal with insane damage costs if an accident occurs. 

Physical damage is a term used for specific commercial auto insurance coverages that will protect your vehicle with collision, comprehensive insurance, and events like fire or robbery with combined additional coverage. 

Physical damage and bobtail insurance are essential because you will not have coverage for a non-commercial purpose without it whenever you use your truck without a trailer. Days off are as critical as your working days, and your truck should be well covered regardless of the day.

Trucking Liability Insurance

Trucking Liability Insurance does not cover your own vehicle's damages. It does not protect you in case of fire, burglary, vandalism and other events that involve your truck. Even your trailer or freight damages will not be covered.

Trucking Liability Insurance generally applies a "scheduled vehicle" approach. It means that each truck that is operated under your authority should be scheduled or listed on the insurance policy for a specific time frame. If your vehicle is not on schedule, then the insurance company will not provide any coverage for your vehicle.

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Is Owner-Operator Bobtail Insurance Important?

Owner-operator bobtail insurance is essential, and it is advisable to consult with your carrier the leasing agreement to determine the type of coverage you should maintain. Remember to understand bobtail liability and make sure to get the right commercial bobtail liability insurance to avoid unexpected damage costs coming out of your own pocket.

Bobtail and Deadhead Insurance

Deadhead insurance is much like bobtailing in a way, since with both bobtail insurance and deadhead insurance the cargo has been delivered to its destination. 

However, with deadhead, the trailer is still on, only empty from any cargo. 

Most large businesses own their trailers and therefore have a deadhead coverage.

Independent owner operators, however, that are also the trailer owners, should definitely take deadhead insurance coverage in to consideration.

Best Bobtail Insurance Companies

There are many bobtail insurance companies that can provide you with top-quality coverage proven by their excellent reviews from policyholders. If you are looking to find excellent commercial bobtail insurance near you, your best bet will be to compare bobtail insurance quotes by hitting the get quotes button on this page from our best bobtail insurance companies, as well as more leading bobtail insurance providers - and find the policy that best fits your commercial needs, expectations and budget.

  • Bobtail Insurance GEICO: 5/5
  • GEICO is considered to be the second-largest auto insurance company in the state. They are widely known for the low rates to the customers either online or over the phone. Suppose you are searching for an affordable auto insurance policy and are willing to manage your accounts online. This Company is for you. 

    Geico offers a discount for tracking your driving over the phone through the DriveEasy app, which can measure speeding, hard braking, and use of the phone while driving. It is the best feature for the owners when their trucks are on dispatch by the operators. 

    There are common complaints with the insurance claims and above-average customer satisfaction with a rating of 5/5 stars. Their website and mobile app are reviewed to be very useful. However, some coverages are limitedly available through partners and reviewed not to offer gap insurance with a limited local agents network. 

    Our Rating: 5/5

  • Progressive Bobtail Insurance: 5/5
  • progressive bobtail insurance

    Progressive bobtail insurance is offered among various protections, including motor truck cargo, total liability for motor trucks, non-trucking insurance, downtime rental reimbursements, trailer interchange, etc. There are also over 30 different commercial truck insurance policies to ensure that you are most satisfied.

    There are several benefits to progressive bobtail insurance. These include multiple sorts of discounts, the types of insured vehicles vary, and the company provides other kinds of coverages outside of the basics. You can also change your deductibles so that your policy is even more flexible and tailored to your current needs.

    Progressive does not protect double-decker buses, emergency vehicles, military vehicles, non-licensed road vehicles, and monster trucks. There are also several different types of commercial vehicles that are not covered.

    Progressive has one of the highest reputations among customers when it comes to bobtail insurance as well. It is a main reason why we have ranked it as the #1 best bobtail insurance company along with GEICO.

    Our Rating: 5/5

  • State Farm Bobtail Insurance: 4.5/5
  • State Farm Bobtail Insurance earned an overall 4.5 stars out of 5. The Company is commended for its bobtail policy pricing and discounts, smoothness of every transaction, ease of filing claims, website transparency, and financial strength. State farm bobtail insurance offers accident-free deals, driver's safety course discounts, vehicle safety discounts, etc. 

    There are pros for availing state farm bobtail insurance, such as the numerous discounts for different programs such as safe driving. They give great rental and travel expenses coverage and are among the highest-rated insurance companies by J.D. Power. However, there are average ratings for car insurance and insurance claims from the customers.

    Our Rating: 4.5/5

  • OOIDA Bobtail Insurance: 4.1/5
  • There are different forms of truck insurance coverage, and OOIDA has them. The forms of insurance offered by the Company include primary liability, general commercial liability, cargo for motor vehicles, accident coverage, coverage of physical damages, and there are various optional insurance forms for commercial insurers, which have physical damages insurance.

    There are several truck insurance choices, and the OOIDA officers and staff are very familiar with their jobs. Their knowledge about trucking companies makes many drivers more comfortable, trusting OOIDA. You can avail of competitive rates on policies that suit your needs, and there are flexibilities with a vast number of commercial truck insurance options.

    Some brokers do not work with OOIDA, as the truck insurance is not listed as AAA. It means you have less access to loads, and for certain people, they do not find this very beneficial for them. Regardless, OOIDA has a very satisfactory rating of 4.1/5 and has gained its trust for commercial insurance plans.

    Our Rating: 4.1/5

    Compare Bobtail & Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Quotes

    Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

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