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What is and How do you Get Life Insurance Quotes?



When you are looking to get cheap Life Insurance quotes to get covered through the best, most trusted Life Insurance agents, brokers and companies near you, that's where comes in to the picture for your service! (100% free)

We rank the best Life Insurance companies and agents based on customer experiences and feedback to simplify life for Life Insurance shoppers and help you make the easiest and most educated choice from a variety of quality plans and options!

Just enter your zip code and follow a straight forward questionnaire and you will be able to compare free, instant, personalized and cheap Life Insurance quotes and choose the cheapest and best coverage from the best companies, while being able to check out their Score - an overall customer experience score.

This helps you make better and smarter choices that eliminate your own risk, avoid unnecessary pain and maximize your pleasure, rewards, benefits and savings!

Insuranks Score is a customer experience based sum aggregation of the total customer experiences, average scores and rankings that the Life Insurance companies and agents received from insurankers, for the most important components of their service.

Things like:

  • The overall satisfaction of insurankers from the service
  • How is the claims experience. How good they handle and process claims.
  • How good is their customer service: how insurankers ranked their approachability, accessibility, availability, accuracy, courtesy, patience and pleasantfulness displayed when responding to requests. In other words, how delightful is their service, from 1 to 10.
  • The given value for the money paid
  • How fast is their service
  • How fast they write and deliver policies from the moment it was purchased
  • How broad is the coverage that they are providing
  • How personalized is their advice for the individual needs and requirements of their clients
  • Client-First Approach: How well they are putting the customer needs ahead of theirs. E.g - Are they recommending products that pay lower commission because it better fit their clients needs? 
  • The level of added value they are bringing to the table
  • Their level of knowledge and expertise
  • Their level of professionalism
  • Their level of dedication
  • Their level of emotional intelligence and listening skills. How much tactfulness, open heartedness, sensitivity, listening and emphatizing they are on a deeper level to recognize the true needs and wills of their clients
  • Energy Level: What is their level of excitement, passion, enthusiasm and eagerness
  • Trustworthiness, honesty and reliability - How comfortable are customers putting their lives in their hands
  • How much technical Knowledge they have
  • How good they are in financial planning
  • How communicative are they: are they explaining things on a level that every person can understand versus using industry jargon
  • Persistence - how they are dealing with customer rejections
  • How well are customers being treated after their purchases
  • Are they periodically checking on customers to find out about changes that might affect the policy
  • How informing they are on industry updates
  • How good they are at resolving your problems

All of these together determine the Score of every single company and agent, and this score is being served to you, all over the website, when you compare Life Insurance quotes at the marketplace from different Life Insurance companies and agents, when you check the top 10 Life Insurance companies and agents rankings, when you take a look at different insurance professionals and when you communicate, interact and engage with any insurance professional in to simply make your insurance experience AMAZING.


REMEMBER! Cheap Life Insurance quotes aren't always best! Always look for the cheapest Life Insurance quotes that also protect your specific needs best that were given from the best ranked Life Insurance companies and agents!













What Are Life Insurance Quotes? 


Life Insurance quotes are estimates for what your Life Insurance policy would actually cost and cover for you with the given Life Insurance carriers. Life Insurance quotes can be estimated by the Life Insurance carrier itself, by the Life Insurance agent or broker or by an insurance comparison website.

Life Insurance quotes are determined by the information you provide to the Life Insurance quotes giver, be it an agent, a company, a broker or an aggregator. The Life Insurance quotes are mostly tailored and customized to your own specific needs and customer background as described by yourself at the time of requesting Life Insurance quotes and filling out their forms. The more information you provide to the Life Insurance quotes giver, the more accurate your Life Insurance quotes would be.







How Insurance Agents Make Money

Insurance Quotes that are given through insurance agents or brokers often include their own commission that is being paid by the insurance company as a percentage from the premium itself.

While some captive agents receive salaries, most agents and brokers rely on their commissions for their income and this is how they make money.

Their commission can range anywhere from 0-1% for some annuities policies, 8-20% for car insurance and home insurance to 40-100+% for some life insurance policies, on the first year of the policy. They also earn their money every time you renew your policy, mostly from 1-2% for life insurance renewals (zero after three years) to 2-5% (some even receive up to 15%) for car insurance and home insurance renewals. However, going for the cheapest premium is not something that we always recommend.

Sometimes it is better to pay more for a premium that covers you and your exact specific and personal needs, rather than covering more or less than you really need.









Captive vs Independent Insurance Agents


Captive insurance agents only give Life Insurance quotes from the ONE carrier that they work for and represent and they might be encouraged by that company to sell you certain products and policies that meet the carrier needs rather yours.

Independent insurance agents normally represent multiple insurance companies and carriers, selling you products and Life Insurance quotes that best match YOUR needs as their valuable client. They are also usually well trained and very familiar with the insurance industry, law and regulation.

Insuranks lets you enjoy all worlds... serving you Life Insurance quotes by both Life Insurance companies directly as well as through captive and independent Life Insurance agents, brokers and agencies near you that are looking to win on your valuable business and give you the best and cheapest Life Insurance quotes, service, rates, deals, offers, coverage options, coupons and special discounts for your Life Insurance needs and your desired policy.

Be sure to check how other insurankers have ranked the Life Insurance agent and company's service on their pages to get a better sense of who you are giving your valuable business to...

Using Insuranks you can also get covered for shorter periods of time and take your Life Insurance back to the marketplace to shop around a little more and get better Life Insurance quotes, prices, coverage and service!








Do Life Insurance Quotes Affect Your Credit Score?


Life Insurance quotes do not affect your credit score. However, every time Life Insurance companies are accessing your credit report to provide you their Life Insurance quotes an inquiry is being added to it, these inquiries have no effect on your credit score though and you can find them on your personal credit reports.  









How Long Does it Take to Get a Life Insurance Quote?


Generally, getting Life Insurance quotes takes around 10-15 minutes. But it depends on many factors. While getting one Life Insurance quote normally doesn't take more than 1 or 2 minutes, sometimes it depends on the specifications of the Life Insurance quotes application. It is better to be patient with the process, take the time and provide as much information as possible to get the best and most accurate Life Insurance quotes, be able to compare Life Insurance quotes from a wide very of options and have a wholier picture ahead of choosing and buying your Life Insurance.

Using Insuranks, you only fill in your Life Insurance quotes request application once to receive and compare Life Insurance quotes for free from the widest amount of Life Insurance agents, brokers and companies that serve your area and are looking to win your valuable business! 

Our two cents: Take your Life Insurance quotes request to the marketplace and give it a few days for everyone and their mother to place their Life Insurance quotes. Come back later, see all of the Life Insurance quotes and options on your table and choose the best Life Insurance quote with the best coverage for YOUR actual needs and the best rate from the highest ranked insurer and agent. Even if the Life Insurance quotes process takes more time, your patience will be rewarded as the benefit will be all yours in terms of price, value for money and the level of service that you will receive!









Are Insurance Claim Proceeds Taxable? (US)


Generally no, insurance settlements paid out by the policy following claims are not taxable in the United States. Claim settlements, payouts and proceeds are not meant to profit the insured in any way. It is not income nor capital gains, and therefore are not taxable.










Are Insurance Premiums Deductible/Pre-Tax? 


It depends on the specific case and the specific insurance type/policy. It can be deductible or not, pre tax or post tax.










Are Insurance Companies Considered Financial Institutions?


Insurance companies are considered a non-bank type of financial institutions that sell policies that protects their customer from different types of risks.









Are Insurance Companies Open on Weekends?


Most insurance companies are not open for selling insurance on weekends, but are giving service 24/7 in case you need to file a claim or ask a question. However, if you really need to get covered during the weekend, you can always do it online.  












Are Insurance Companies Profitable?


This depeneds on the year and the insurance company. Most of the income of insurance companies comes from underwriting. If, for instance, an insurance company has generated $50,000,000 income in premiums for issued or renewed policies and paid out $25,000,000 in claims through the same year, they've made a $25,000,000 profit. So in this specific example, the insurance company is profitable, yes.










Are Insurance Companies Insured?


Mostly, yes. insurance companies normally insure themselves by setting asides reserve amounts for covering any unexpected expenses, loss or payouts under the policies they provide. Normally insurance companies take all of the risk for underwriting policies, however, in some cases companies get insured partly with a reinsurer to share the risk.














Are Insurance Companies Regulated?


In the U.S, yes. insurance companies are regulated by the states. All states regulate the rates for some insurance types.














Are Insurance Company Underwriters Allowed to Discriminate?


No. However, merely none of the current laws prevent it, which allows insurance companies to give, for example, higher car insurance quotes  for men's policies than women's, because statistically men have a higher risk of accidents.











Are Insurance Claims Public Record?


Yes. While insurance companies do not share claims history with one another, they do have access to track and share information on two databses: one is CLUE, Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, and the less popular one, A-PLUS, Automated Property Loss Underwriting System. 

Subscribing to any of these databases allows insurance companies to look at your claims history in the past years, including dates, claims payout amounts, causes of damage and more. They can even find things you have asked your insurer about without this resulting in a claim.

That way, insurance companies determine your policy price or if you are even worthy of their risk. If they think, based on their findings, that you are too much of a risk for filing claims, they may reject your application. 
















Can Insurance Companies Check & Find Out About Insurance/Penalty Points?

Yes. insurance companies can check and track points of filed claims and driving record. The more points you have on your insurance policy, the higher your insurance premiums will be. There are also different thresholds for different companies in which once certain amount of points are "achieved", your insurance policy or application will be rejected or not renewed, so you do want to keep that in mind at all times.













Can Insurance Companies Share Information?

Yes, they can and they do. Not like you think though. While they do not contact each other to share information about you, they do have access to databases where this information can be accessed from.














Can Insurance Companies Check Previous Claims?

Yes, they can. You can refer to Are Insurance Claims Public Record.














Can Insurance Cover LASIK?

LASIK is a refractive surgery that is mostly not covered by health insurance plans since it is considered cosmetic rather than medical surgery. However, some employers and health insurance plans have arrangements to cover LASIK on discounted rates.










Can Insurance Pay for Formula?

Medicaid normally covers the cost of baby formula. However, eligibility for Medicaid mostly means that you can also be eligible for Women, Infants and Children benefit (WIC) that forces state agencies to cover the pay for specific types of formula for families without a sufficient income.











Can Insurance Companies Drop You?

Insurance companies are in business to make money and profits. The less risk they carry from insured clients, the more profitable they are going to be. If a customer is considered high risk for them, they can technically drop you. But rather than "dropping you", they would mostly simply wait until the end of the policy and either not renew it or raise the premiums significantly.










Can Insurance Cover Therapy?

Yes. Most health insurance plans including ones purchased on the federal insurance marketplace are obligated to cover mental health and substance use disorder services.













Can Insurance Agents Charge Fees?

Of course they can!! that is how they make a living! Some captive agents are salaried, but most agents charge a fee they believe is fair.

Insuranks helps you get a wide variety of Life Insurance quotes from different insurance agents to make sure that you have enough Life Insurance quotes and options to choose from to help you get the best rate, service and coverage for your insurance, no matter what fee the agent chooses to take. Free market. 









Can Insurance be Cancelled?

Yes. However, you will have to pay your full premiums as the cancellation isn't retroactive.








Can Insurance Agents Give Gifts?

No, as long as it is not specified in the policy. Most insurance departments have regulated that and prohibit insurance agents and companies from giving gifts of "any valuable consideration" if it is not specified in the policy.








Can Insurance Cover an Abortion?

Depends of the type of insurance you have. Most health insurance plans cover abortions, which will make it either free or a low expense for you. 









Can Insurance Agents Work From Home?

They definitely can. Insuranks helps agents and brokers operate their businesses and work from home, while making sure they are adding value and are helpful for insurankers. Other than face to face meetings with customers and business partners, most of their job can be done online, through phone calls and video calls. 

To get started as a work from home Life Insurance agent, you first need to get licensed in the states that you would like to serve. Once that is done, sign up as an agent for free and you will be able to start working on your online reputation, sell policies, help people, manage and operate your business fully online!












Can Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

Most health insurance plans cover breast reduction surgeries. It very dependent on the specific case though, so the best way to find out is to get in touch with your health insurance company and ask if the specific procedure is covered.









Can Insurance Pay for Braces?

Dental insurance for braces for children is required in some states. However, it does not cover every single situation and depends on the specific case.  For adults, dental insurance may cover braces for medical and orthodontic reasons, but in most cases not for cosmetic reasons.









How Insurance Works?

In a nutshell, insurance policies are financial contracts that protect someone or something from financial loss (be it people or properties) in case something unexpected happens that causes damage, loss and a financial expense. This contract is between the policyholder and the insurance company. The policy also specifies exactly what type of financial loss is covered by the insurance company when something unexpected happens, so that someone always have your back. 












How Insurance Companies Work

To put it simply, insurance companies sell policies that protect against loss or damage caused to people or properties. This is allowed due to shared risk between a big group of people, which are their customers. The money their customers pay for their own policies goes in to a 'pool'. It is then used to cover for people's loss, paying underwriting costs and as investments.










How Insurance Claims Work

Once an insurance claim is filed, the damage gets investigated by the insurance company. They then determine how much exactly they will pay for the claim. Many times insurance companies will pay an advance out of the total that was determined. Visit III to learn more about this process.












How Insurance Started

The idea of insurance started more than 4000 years ago when Babylonian merchants have built up a system which determined that if a trader receives a loan to fund his merchandise's shipping, he has to pay the lender an extra amount in return for his guarantee to cancel it in case the merchandise got lost, damaged or stolen. In modern days, Lloyd's of London is credited for starting the concept, back in 1688, from a coffee house. You can learn more about the history of insurance on Wikipedia.











How Insurance Companies Invest Their Funds

Insurance companies invest in stocks and other investments like mortgages and some liquid short term investments, but they mainly invest in bonds, from the simple reason that bonds are probably the safest investment to make and they like the low risk this type of investment carries with it.  












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