Insuranks Announces 2020's Best Bobtail Insurance Companies is proud to announce 2020's best bobtail insurance companies on a comprehensive guide about bobtail and non trucking liability insurance., the educational insurance marketplace leader, is happy to announce 2020’s best bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance companies on a comprehensive guide that has been recently released.

The guide serves as a bobtail insurance vs non-trucking liability insurance 101, comparing both, explaining it in great depth, providing average costs and ranking the best bobtail insurance companies of 2020. Below you are able to find’s picks for best bobtail insurance companies of 2020:

1. Progressive: 5/5

The guide ranks Progressive as 2020’s best picks for bobtail insurance thanks to its great range (over 30) of commercial truck insurance policies that are very tailored to the precise needs of each, its excellent discounts, its flexibility and its great reputation among its policyholders!

2. State Farm: 4.5/5

Ranking as the second best bobtail insurance company is State Farm, emphasizing its excellent rates and discounts, customer friendliness, user experience, claim experience and financial strength.

3. OOIDA: 4.1/5

Coming up on the 3rd place on Insuranks best bobtail insurance company ranking is OOIDA, mentioning their wide variety of commercial truck insurance coverages, professional customer service, competitive rates and flexibility. is a leading online educational insurance marketplace, that ranks insurance companies, services and products based on both expert and customer ratings nationwide. It was founded in 2019.

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