How Much Do Heavy Haulers Make?

A heavy hauler moves materials and heavy equipment for construction contractors and logistics companies. Moving heavy objects is no easy feat. And so, heavy hauler business can demand a good sum of money for their services. 

Are you thinking about becoming an owner-operator, a driver, or a contractor? Then it’s important to know how much do heavy haulers make and ways to earn more.

What is a Heavy Hauler?

Before we discuss how much does a heavy hauler make, let’s first discuss what this is. A heavy hauler is a specialized truck used to move oversized loads such as cranes, frontloaders, and tanks. Heavy haulers are used in the construction and logistics industry. 

What Do Heavy Haulers Do?

A heavy hauler is in charge of carrying large or oversized roads. You’ll need to have your commercial driver’s license (CDL) to become a heavy hauler in your state. You also need to have a good driving record to be qualified to take on this role. You may be in charge of transporting items such as:

  • Farm equipment

  • Industrial machinery

  • Construction materials

  • Military equipment

In all cases, it’s a job that requires knowing optimized routing, using special handling, and having additional permits. If you want to get into the business and work as a heavy hauler  then a good first step is to get your CDL and gain experience driving oversized loads.

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How Much Do Heavy Haul Owner Operators Make?

You’re probably wondering how much do heavy equipment haulers make per hour and year. Generally speaking, you’re going to make around $30 per hour working as a heavy hauler owner-operator in the US. 

This is the average pay rate and it may vary depending on your job tasks, experience, and job location. How much you make as an owner-operator can also be influenced by what type of load you’re in charge of moving. For example, you can earn more by transporting dangerous chemicals or flat-bed loads.

The reason you have the potential to make good money in trucking is that you may be required to move tough and oversized loads and work very long hours and days. It can be a stressful job , and there are times you may need truck repair services or roadside assistance.