Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $83/mo

A pollution legal liability insurance policy (PLL) is one of the best ways for your company to combat the growing challenges of pollution liability in the current landscape, especially if it’s involved with waste hauling activities or waste treatment activities. Air pollution alone can be linked to seven million premature deaths yearly.

Going further, air pollution has contributed to 12% of deaths yearly. Human exposure to pollution is one of the most contributing factors to disease. It’s estimated that more than 9 million premature deaths occur yearly when accounting for all forms of pollution.

It’s troublesome if you own a business that handles hazardous waste such as a water treatment plant or a garbage collection business. If your company is found to be liable for the pollution, you may have to suffer the costs of third-party injury or property damage. This article will examine the details around common queries and comparisons surrounding PLL insurance, including:

  • Definition of pollution legal liability insurance

  • Pollution legal liability vs contractor’s pollution insurance

  • Target business lines for PLL insurance

  • Why you need pollution legal liability insurance

What is Pollution Legal Liability Insurance?

Pollution legal liability policy is a type of insurance that grants protection against claims when business operations result in accidental chemical spills, chemical discharge, debris exposure, and environmental risks.. Many policies also cover cleanup costs from pollution spills on work sites or facilities.

PLL insurance policy covers environmental risk for owners, operators, and developers in virtually every industry. It covers those that own, lease, acquire, or divest real estate where hazardous storage, generators, or materials are used. PLL environmental insurance terms vary between five and ten years for operational coverage, while the coverage for healthcare risks generally has an average term of three years.

Pollution Legal Liability Insurance vs Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution legal liability insurance is separate from another type of similar insurance called contractors’ pollution liability insurance (CPL). The differences in Contractors’ pollution liability insurance include things like:

  • Contractors need extra coverage from general liability policies, leading to them needing their own separate coverage to cover the liability.

  • CPL covers pollution conditions resulting directly from contractors’ work and work performed by subcontractors

  • Chemical spills at job sites

  • Transporting hazardous materials

  • Collision in transit of transportation

  • Inappropriate disposal of hazardous material

What Costs Does Pollution Legal Liability Insurance Cover?

Pll insurance covers various costs from pollution events or conditions that occur from a covered location. It covers liability for things like:

  • Indoor air quality

  • Fire

  • Chemical spills

  • Onsite hazardous materials

  • Third-party injury or illness

  • Property damage

  • Cleanup costs

What Are the Target Business Lines?

The target business lines for pollution legal liability coverage are those in every industry. Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Power plants

  • Construction companies

  • Hotels 

  • Farms 

  • Mining

Why Would You Need a Pollution Legal Liability Insurance Policy?

You will want pll insurance if you need protection from cleanup costs and tort liability from any pollution on the site of your business. The coverage extends to any current operations or operations that occurred before or after you started doing business.

It is a good idea to purchase a pollution legal liability insurance policy because it gives you extra protection that general liability policies may not cover. The coverage limits for pollution legal liability are typically much higher and more inclusive.

What is an Example of a Pollution Liability?

A situation where you might use pollution liability is if an industrial machine malfunction, causing excessive air or water pollution. If the air or water quality is greatly affected, it might cause sickness in others and need to be cleaned. Pll coverage would really save you by helping cover costs from things like medical bills from those affected, as well as cleanup costs.

A factory with smoke coming out of it.

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What Are the Usual Coverage Limits of Contractor’s Pollution Legal Liability Insurance?

PLL insurance coverage limits will vary based on a company’s annual revenue. Here is a breakdown of how much coverage a company needs based on its annual revenue:

Revenue of Company Coverage Limit
Less than $10 million $1 million
Between $10 and $25 million $2 million
Between $25 and $50 million $2-5 million
Between $50 and $100 million $5 million
Between $100 and $250 million $5-10 million
Between $250 and $500 million $10-25 million
Between $500 million and $1 billion $25 million
Over $1 billion $25 million+

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Cost of Pollution Legal Liability Insurance

The average pollution legal liability insurance cost is $103 per month or $1,236 per year for a $1 million worth of coverage. Your actual rates might be the same or different based on location, coverage limits, deductibles, and other factors. See the table below to find out how the top PLL insurance companies stack up against each other:

Company Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
The Hartford $83 $996 Policy options
Tivly $83 $996 Comparison shopping
Berry Insurance $85 $1,020 Resources
Marsh $104 $1,248 Claim management

Compare Pollution Legal Liability Insurance Quotes Online

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Best Companies for Pollution Legal Liability Insurance 

The best companies for PLL insurance coverage offer ways to ensure that pollution doesn’t drain your business’s expense account through the legal risks of operating or owning a facility or work site. See our rankings below to find the best insurance policy for you!

The Hartford Pollution Legal Liability Insurance


  • File online

  • Excellent customer ratings

  • Different policy options


  • The quote process could be quicker

The Hartford offers an excellent variety of pll insurance options. They have contractors’ pollution liability, site pollution liability, and integrated casualty liability that allow you to combine policy options to get a full suite of pollution coverage. These policies will cover things like environmental damage, property damage, and bodily injury from incidents on, under, or migrating the insured site.

The Hartford as an impeccable reputation, having an A+ rating from AM Best for their financials. They wrote over $11 billion in direct premiums in 2022 and have served over one million small businesses. Their experience in the insurance industry allows them to offer insurance policies that cover all the bases.

Best for: Policy options

Average cost: $83 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Pollution Legal Liability Insurance


  • Over 200 partners

  • Quick quotes to compare rates


  • Not an insurance provider

Tivly is one of the premier insurance marketplaces for a range of different industries. They have over 200 partners to choose coverage from. One of their partners is The Hartford, so you are guaranteed to get a competitive PLL insurance policy. Call now and talk with a representative to get quotes. 

This company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, having been accredited since 2010. Tivly brings 20 years of experience to the table and can offer policies that cover cleanup costs, legal defense, property transfer, and completed operations.

Best for: Comparison shopping 

Average cost: $83 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Marsh Pollution Legal Liability Insurance


  • High claim clear rate

  • Risk-management focused


  • PLL coverage isn’t very flexible

Marsh has a lot of experience dealing with insurance claims and has dedicated teams to getting yours resolved. They handle more than 500 claims annually and have helped with more than 2,500 claims in the past few years.

Their PLL policy boasts legal defense and environmental consulting costs, liability for improperly disposed of waste material, and business interruption caused by pollution as well.

Best for: Claim management

Average cost: $104 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

Berry Insurance Pollution Legal Liability Insurance


  • Learning Center for new policyholders

  • Nice policy options


  • No online quotes

Berry Insurance has an excellent selection of different PLl insurance policies. They offer standard PLL, as well as contractor environmental liability, transporter insurance, and storage tank pollution liability insurance. Between all these options, you have plenty of opportunities to cover the cost gap that other types of insurance won’t cover for pollutants.

This company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. And has been rated since 2008. Berry has over 63 years of experience and delivers protection with a small business touch. They offer personalized service and have many different industry and insurance options in one place.

Best for: Resources 

Average cost: $85 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

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