Nissan Altima Car Insurance Cost & Cheap Quotes (2023)

There’s no denying that Nissans are some of the most popular cars on the road right now. Nissan Altima is the manufacturer’s premier sedan and is one of their best-selling models in the United States. The combination of fuel efficiency, intuitive safety features, reliability, fun, and a huge number of dealerships and servicing centers has led to it being one of the most driven cars of all time .

If you’re looking at purchasing a Nissan Altima or you’ve recently purchased one of these cars and you’re looking for car insurance quotes , then we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at Nissan Altima car insurance , the top factors that affect insurance costs and answer some of the most common questions asked by consumers about insuring this vehicle. We will also take a look at the average cost to insure an Altima based on the model year you’re looking at.

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How Much Does It Cost to Insure Nissan Altima?

Auto insurance rates for a Nissan Altima may vary anywhere in the range of $900 per year and $1,500 per year. Overall, the average cost to insure a newer Nissan Altima model is just over $117 per month or $1,404 per year. That’s assuming that you’re a middle-aged male driver with a clean driving record.

How Much Is Insurance on a Nissan Altima by Year?

While rates always vary depending on so many different factors that affect them, here are some average numbers based on our research.

Model  Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Nissan Altima 2008  $92 $1,100
Nissan Altima 2009 $94 $1,124
Nissan Altima 2010 $97 $1,160
Nissan Altima 2011 $98 $1,176
Nissan Altima 2012 $99 $1,193
Nissan Altima 2013 $103 $1,234
Nissan Altima 2014 $107 $1,278
Nissan Altima 2015 $114  $1,363
Nissan Altima 2016 $117 $1,398
Nissan Altima 2017 $114 $1,363
Nissan Altima 2018 $117 $1,398
Nissan Altima 2019 $120 $1,442
Nissan Altima 2020 $122 $1,461 
Nissan Altima 2021 $125 $1,494 
Nissan Altima 2022 $130 $1,560
Nissan Altima 2023 $135 $1,620

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Insuring Your Nissan Altima

Insuring your newly purchased Altima is a relatively straightforward process. As long as you have a clean driving record, a valid license, enough experience on the road, and you’re the registered driver of the car, then you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Unless you’re tuning your car with a bunch of aftermarket parts, then the insurance costs shouldn’t differ too much.

Is a Nissan Altima Expensive to Insure?

Nissan Altimas are, by no means, the most expensive car to insure. However, they’re also not the cheapest cars to insure either. That would place them somewhere in the middle range along with cars like the Volkswagen Jetta and the Chevrolet Cruze . Overall, they’re fairly affordable to insure due to the fact that they have small, efficient engines, loads of safety features, four doors, and don’t come in bright racing colors.

The one factor that pulls the car insurance quotes up is usually the fact that Nissan Altimas theft rate is pretty high and they are frequently stolen. While this isn’t quite as common with the newer Altimas, many car insurance companies will charge extra for the average Nissan Altima that was made prior to 2015 (before all of the security/alarm features became more common with the manufacturer).

Is a Nissan Altima Considered a Sports Car?

No, although the car shares some styling aspects with the popular 370 Z series (also made by Nissan), Altimas are technically considered to be four-door sedans. Although the newer Altima 2.5 S series do have a “sport mode” that you can drive in, this is only designed to stiffen the suspension, not dramatically increase speeds.

The good news about that is it means they’re significantly cheaper to insure than sports cars. Family sedans typically have better safety ratings and are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident.

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What Factors Affect Altima Car Insurance Rates?

If you’re looking to get a fair insurance rate on your Altima, then it’s a good idea to understand some of the top factors that affect the average insurance premiums of these sedans. The more you know about the factors that affect car insurance rates, the better you’ll be able to decide whether or not this car is for you or not.

The Insurance Company 

You should always compare quotes from different insurance companies. This is the best way to see how rates compare. The most straightforward way to figure this out is simply to call different insurance companies and ask for a quote. Many of the more modern insurance providers also allow you to compare quotes online using their own on-site apps or third-party comparison programs.

Your City/Zip Code

Where you live plays a huge factor in your coverage costs. For instance, if you live in New York or Florida, then you’ll pay a lot more than if you live out in Ohio or Nebraska where accidents aren’t quite as common. Within any given state, certain zip codes may be more expensive than other areas as well. Typically, cars used in rural areas of town are less to insure than cars driven closer to the city or other high-traffic areas.

Your Age

The younger you are, the more you’ll have to pay for auto insurance. Even if you have a perfect driving record, you’ll still pay more than an older (35 years old or more) who has more negative marks on their record.

Vehicle Safety Features

The more safety features that come with your Altima, the better of a deal you’ll get on your policy. Whether you’re getting a basic liability or a full coverage policy, having safety features such as the following can decrease costs:

  • Driver and passenger airbags.

  • Anti-Locking (ABS) brakes.

  • Blind spot detector.

  • etc.

How Much Coverage You Want

The amount of coverage that you need also plays a role in your auto insurance costs. For example, if you just want basic liability and personal injury protection coverage, then auto insurance rates should be cheaper. However, if you’re looking for a full coverage policy that includes collision, comprehensive, and GAP insurance , then expect your car insurance quotes to be a bit higher.

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